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Make new thread
I'm trying to play this game and I hope someone else here can help me with that. It is a 3D game made with Unity and there many spots where pee, poo or masturbate.
I found 5 "maps" in free mode but I'm not sure if have to kill a certain number of monsters to unlock them or If I have to find some codes to use inside tutorial room.
Also I cannot understand how to unlock the achivements with CGs in the initial menu.

This game is a TPS (Third person shooter) with FPS (First person shooter) part if you push F on keyboard; to play you need a good graphic card and at the moment I can play only with 10 frame per second. This game is difficult, due to horrible camera movement and quite invisible viewfinder. Also, the monster are too fast with puzzling AI which allow them to stop near you and do nothing.
Unity itself is a problem when allow monsters to go through closed doors or spawn behind locked doors (outside playable map).

Poo and pee scene are quite good but to see something you have to fight against the two system camera because it clashes on objects and is anchored on the head of our heroine (censored). There are many outfits for her with many options but needs to pay for them with coins gained by killing monsters.

I found this game on hentai-share.
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Cheating bar is in upper part of the game: it is a dark horizontal bar where you write the code. If you are moving character with "WASD" on keyboard you'll read that letters there. :D
It works everywhere even when the game is in pause but if you send the command in pause I'm not sure it works.

Q: Is it me or Kaede (character) moves herself without push buttons? Or is my keyboard...
Still not seeing it, I'm really hoping its not because of the resolution.

When it comes up for you, how far up is it? Is it past the FPS bar?
For me the FPS bar is at the very top of the screen.
I'm using the v1.0.1 version btw.
It's definitely the resolution problem: I have it too.

Speaking of resolution, is there any way to fix it on my laptop? No matter how I mess around with the graphics settings, it stays in that cutoff thing where I can't even see all of the HUD.
Innocent Scat
I've had some scenarios in my head that I've never actually seen depicted as a scat porn or hentai, that I'm wondering if anyone else has seen. This picture is the best kind I could grab that's close to this:

Any scenarios where a shy couple is put into a situation where the girl has no choice but to shit on her bf or gf?

Is there anything where a person kidnaps a couple, then ties them up in such a way where the guy is on the ground and the girl has her ass in his face, or is sitting on him, and the person tells them that he's not going to torture or kill them, he's just going to observe. He'll feed them and everything, but won't remove them from that position.

The scene goes through a mental progression where at first the couple is angry, thinking about how to escape, the guy acting tough and being sympathetic, but then as the hours go by, the realization of the issue where she's going to inevitably shit on him dawns on them.

It would be an almost mindbreak scenario, for the girl mostly, but also possibly the guy depending on how disgusted he is.

Really, looking for any scat situations where the two people are forced to doing it to each other, with a third party getting off on watching it take place.
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I'd like it if the girl were chained to an outhouse-like toilet box, with her boyfriend trapped in the box below, staring up at his girlfriend's butthole. And she's being overfed fiber and laxatives and beans, and she has no choice but to urgently fart and shit all over her boyfriend.
sounds great, but I would like it if it was a lesbian relationship. at this point though... i'd take it either way. wish we had more writers tho... :'(
poop desperation
from anime/manga cartoons, movies, i doesn't matter
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South park farts/poops
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bumping for any good screencaps from "Fractured But Whole" now that the game's officially out
You're looking too far into this dude. I seriously doubt they're considering all the camera angles when a character shits themselves, if anything they're probably considering animation costs and comedic timing. The fact that you're chalking this up to some sort of gender prejudice is fucking retarded. Not everybody else has this fetish and they're under no obligation to fulfill our fuckin weird fantasies. If you really think they're trying to maintain a feminine non-grossness standard, then you should watch the scrotie mcboogerballs episode where they have people of all races and genders violently puking all over the place.
I fucking hate having this fetish and people like you are the reason why.
Wow, calm down dude, why do you hate having a fetish? Isn't the point of having one is so you can like it? Also, why hate it because of people like him? Just because a guy has a different mindset but also happens to have the same fetish, you generalize him.

Him having the same fetish has nothing to do with it, you find people all over that have views and opinions like this, don't generalize.
what are some known artists, or artists that you know, does/did scat/efro art?
bonus points if it's in secret

>Fupoo did a secret scat commission of Annie for someone at Hentai Foundry

>Pochincoff publicly did EFRO porn of Drossel von Flugel, rest is just piss of the two mechs from Virtual-On
>Roymccloud has a private tumblr for hosting scat art (or what he and Pdxyz called "pie")
>Perverted Bunny (or Spazkid during his prime time) did a joke pic of VGcatz, especially with Leo's obsession with chocolate
>Sunibee is heading to fart territory since tumblrettes got triggered over the "gas the chuus" pic, might go all out with Salazzle anytime soon
>at Roy's scat tumblr, Pdxyz recently did a pic of Kammy Koopa eating shit

do tell me your stories, anons. don't be afraid
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I originally put this on gore, but now that I think about it, it belongs here.

Subject explains all, periods. But, you have to be able to tell that she's on her period. The blood has to be showing...
It can be any type, naked, fucking, underwear, pants, etc. It just has to be a period...
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Lolicon Scat Thread
Hello. This is the OP of the previous thread for lolicon/rorikon scat material. I've decided to make this new one for titling reasons (as well as others). Posting in this one is preferred over posting in the old one but do as you will.

This thread is here for users to provide and/or enjoy lolicon scat material, including but not limited to urination, defecation, flatulence, etc. The lolis should not be womanly or appear to be over the age of 18, hence loli or lolita.

Tasteful futanari/trap content is welcome. Oversimplified chibis and shotas are not. (Futa/trap lolis must appear feminine enough to be considered lolis in lieu of shotas.)
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Let's bring back are good old fashioned toilet thread.
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Translation requests
Could someone please translate this?
Forced Coprophagia
I am surprised there is no real tread for this fetish
I bet alot of people here like this since the DNE one is rather populair

I personally prefer forced but hay
If you wanna put normal Copro in here np go ahead
What ever floats your boat

Captions are also allowed.
POV images are allowed like mine.
I love seeing it comming at me thats probably the best thing about this fetish xD

Probably my favorite manga
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May somebody provide me the title to this doujin? I don’t have an account for exhentai but I could look it up online
I think the user is Witch. He is in pixiv
I’ve got the link but I don’t know how to put a link here
Disney Scat Thread
Needs more disney pics
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I apologize to anyone who may like this, but personally the art posted here looks horrible. Especially the Lilo one. Frankly, Western scat art (and toilet art for that matter) sucks 95% of the time, and the pictures posted here are no exception. They look unattractive.
To you it does, your opinion, but to others (Including me) they love both western and anime art, the Lilo ones are the only scat images of her that look very close to how the original art style is.

You're entitled to your opinion and your right to defend it... but don't apologize and THEN proceed with bashing something others like.
Looks like Namiroji is at it again.

Who else is hyped?
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Damn, you're done translating? Fuuuuuuuuuuck.

Something happen, Pepe? You've been a huge boon to all of us to say the least. Would be a shame to see you step down.


Thank you for not only posting this here but also translating it and also possibly tracking down HS9 too. It's much appreciated. If nobody steps forward I don't really mind slapping together a super shitty (no pun intended) typeset.
what happened is that I already get upset when RAWs of stuff that I'm not even interested in don't get uploaded , so I'm just going to quit now instead of some random point in the future for an even less valid reason
At the brink
Pictures of girls "at the brink" (ie: "touching cloth", the point of no return. The transition point between "desperation" and "accident").

Bonus points: picture of girl's anus with the imminent load peaking forth.
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Big ass BBW and SSBBW
shitting, farting, enemas, sitting on the toilet are allowed here.
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RR Rule 34 Scat Works (Mostly Western content!)
At the suggestion of some, I have decided to start a topic here for my scat work. I will try to update occasionally, in the mean time, here are a few new scat-oriented versions of some of my work. If this breaks any rules, go ahead and remove this thread.
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Waiting for random to post since he's back from hiatus