General Rules

  1. Do not upload, post, or link to anything that does not comply with the laws of the United States of America;
  2. Do not post imagery of real life gore, scat, etc; artistic depictions of real life events are allowed, however;
  3. Overly simplistic “toons” are not welcome here;
  4. Do not request artwork on boards other than /req/; refer to the FAQ for more details;
  5. Threads must be given sensible and descriptive topics; topics may be edited by mods if it’s necessary.

/g/ — Gore / Death

A board for gory images, i.e. featuring death, blood, guts, torture, extreme suffering, etc.

/f/ — Freakshow

A board for extreme, weird, or otherwise lurid material that does not involve scat or grievous wounds. Think of it like a more extreme version of 4chan’s /d/ board.

/s/ — Scat

A board themed around defecation, urination, vomit, and related subjects. Although material that only mildly features such things are permitted on other boards, all artwork with this as its main theme belong here.

/fur/ — Furry

A board for guro-related furry artwork. Furry is banned on the other boards.

/art/ — Artwork

A board for uploading your own artwork.

/3dcg/ — 3DCG

A board for 3D computer-generated imagery. Especially if you are posting children, please make sure it is entirely computer generated.

/dis/ — Discussion

A text board meant for suggestions, complaints, ideas and discussion. Feel free to write whatever you want, as long as the subject is one which the GUROchan community would likely be interested in.

/lit/ — Literature

A text board for all kinds of literature in theme with the image boards. If you can, please tag your topic.

/rp/ — Role-playing

A board for role playing with other visitors.

/p2p/ — File Sharing

A board for file sharing via any convenient means (despite the name, it is not limited to peer-to-peer file sharing networking): BitTorrent, DC++, eDonkey/Kad, Share, XDCC/CDCC offerings, etc. Note: we are not within the US DMCA jurisdiction.

/req/ — Requests

A board for guro-related requests. This includes both requesting more of a particular theme if you do not have enough to start your own thread elsewhere, and commisions.