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2177 enclaved Survey: Dice Rolling 3 14-Mar-17 14:26
1864 Emily Grave Killer and Victim 75 28-Mar-17 12:13
1479 Well Then. Skype rp partner request 13 28-Mar-17 09:11
2147 Ellen snuff bunny 4 28-Mar-17 08:14
2120 Dystopy Snuff/Vore/Cannibalism scene 3 28-Mar-17 04:19
2219 GoreLoverGrace Fucked-Up Fantasy Roleplay 2 26-Mar-17 22:29
481 Blau Sturm DUEL TO THE DEATH!!!! 57 26-Mar-17 07:29
2216 RedheadOli RP with One Way Voice 1 26-Mar-17 02:16
2133 Eliza Lynch Looking for a roleplay partner who is just as messed up as I am 5 25-Mar-17 23:58
1322 Need A War to Frame Seeking Rp Partner for Warframe on Skype 5 25-Mar-17 02:46
2211 Looking for a fart/scat role player Fart/scat rp 1 24-Mar-17 03:30
418 Elf Finish her! 117 23-Mar-17 14:28
2117 pussy shooter The Hunted 10 20-Mar-17 17:44
2202 Karl Luck Photo Kill 2 20-Mar-17 14:12
2169 Anonymous Getting shot / duel / fight etc. 2 18-Mar-17 14:27
2150 Jiko Seiai Lesbian rp anyone? 15 17-Mar-17 05:38
2179 Anonymous Various fight to the death roleplay ideas (no graphic sex/nudity) 9 16-Mar-17 00:29
1527 LetharlrevYOUup Let Harley Quinn torture and murder you 8 15-Mar-17 23:17
2011 Anonymous KIK Snuff/Necro RP 3 13-Mar-17 18:16
1585 Anonymous Looking for RP Partners~! Bi, Switch, Noncon 2 13-Mar-17 12:23
1 Perilous.Robin RP Partner Request 243 12-Mar-17 15:43
706 Grimm Looking for RP partner for battles to the death 255 26-Jan-17 18:10
2050 Fuuby Slaughter my OCs 12 03-Mar-17 16:11
2118 Karl Luck Cons/Semi-Cons Snuffing 1 17-Feb-17 18:22
1817 guiltstar Do anything you want to your internet pet 32 16-Feb-17 10:07
2109 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful) Tentacle Forest 2 14-Feb-17 18:00
1460 Well Then. Finish Her. 41 10-Feb-17 21:36
1923 RedheadOli Sub Looking For Dom 4 10-Feb-17 01:37
1913 Karl Luck Kill the Love-Makers 13 08-Feb-17 20:24
2075 Roleplay Looking For Female Voice chat Snuff / RP 1 06-Feb-17 00:42
2071 Sexy Stallion Anyone To Rp ? 1 04-Feb-17 05:03
2034 BlueButcher Space Pirate Quest - Snuff/Torture/Enslaveme for fun and profit 5 30-Jan-17 01:20
2044 Roleplay Roleplay Everything 2 26-Jan-17 23:55
1946 Zebra3 Roleplay For all who are interested 3 26-Jan-17 17:54
1145 Liontwit Loli Torture rp. 15 19-Jan-17 18:46
1654 Fuuby Guro beach party (OC EDITION) 76 18-Jan-17 02:17
1954 Ulrich Sombra Gore RP 2 11-Jan-17 04:05
1957 Find me on f-list Im on f-list now 1 10-Jan-17 03:27
1955 Anonymous Role play anyone? 1 10-Jan-17 02:19
1953 Ulrich Sombra Gore RP 1 09-Jan-17 15:48
1948 Badtransletor Looking for rp!/ Cercasi per gioco di ruolo! 2 07-Jan-17 23:14
1947 neobyzantium Looking for RP partner whose into necrophilia 1 07-Jan-17 22:46
1932 ulrich Roleplaying Feet 1 06-Jan-17 17:46
1217 Executioner Guro Snuff Skype RP I am up for most things 3 05-Jan-17 23:14
1918 Nicky Equeen Rp almost No Limit 1 04-Jan-17 17:20
1209 Anonymous RP - Hardcore transformation/Body modification 3 04-Jan-17 03:04
1902 Nick Equeen Willing To RP And Being Dominated 1 31-Dec-16 19:11
1584 Lilac Alley Looking for a Roleplay Partner 6 30-Dec-16 17:11
1860 Fuuby Slut slaughter (finish her ripoff) 5 28-Dec-16 15:59
1881 Anonymous Seeking Extreme/Snuff RPs 1 28-Dec-16 15:23
1818 Elf girl Loli elf slave rp request 8 27-Dec-16 19:15
1858 Ki A Game 2 23-Dec-16 11:44
1854 FtMRapemeat Interested in FtMs? 1 22-Dec-16 03:35
1853 Anonymous Looking for a gay RP partner! (Scat, guro etc) 1 22-Dec-16 02:45
423 neobyzantium Having sex with a dead girl or woman 54 22-Dec-16 01:25
3 Aoi Hikari Charity Snuff Challenge 47 18-Dec-16 04:22
1629 Annie Looking for a RP partner! (Straight or lesbian) 3 17-Dec-16 20:06
1829 Dan A rp partner required(private) 1 16-Dec-16 00:01
1733 Anonymous Hypnotized/Drunk/Drugged 6 15-Dec-16 18:17
1816 Anonymous Looking for a Bonnie Clyde RP (Longterm) 1 14-Dec-16 02:08
1610 Okamitsune Looking for RP partner on kik. 6 13-Dec-16 21:43
1477 Anonymous School selections 13 08-Dec-16 03:59
1793 Anonymous Need Seme For YAOI RP // Mentally Ill Uke 1 07-Dec-16 04:06
1780 Anonymous LoL ERP 2 02-Dec-16 04:11
1767 Pussy Shooter Murder of a pissing loli 5 29-Nov-16 16:36
1749 Anonymous Who wants to fight? 3 22-Nov-16 18:00
1752 Anonymous Loli looking for play 2 21-Nov-16 19:55
1716 Johny Guro 3rd person story (slumber party stalker) 2 19-Nov-16 12:42
1387 Anonymous Snuffing an incestuos mom and her son! 7 10-Nov-16 14:09
1720 LadyHearts Dungeon Crawl RP. 1 10-Nov-16 10:19
1684 QueerSnuffBoy Kinky Queer Boy for RP/chat 3 07-Nov-16 21:27
1593 Anonymous Non con forced mpreg 2 03-Nov-16 08:10
1614 Jackalmans Choose your own adventure - Hunt/Stalk/Kill A Girl Edition 12 01-Nov-16 15:44
1178 Anonymous Zako RP Looking for Partner(s) 7 01-Nov-16 04:01
1382 neobyzantium Raping a woman, loli or shota 11 29-Oct-16 12:08
1264 Anonymous Cyber snuff gore guro GAY man facebook group 3 24-Oct-16 07:54
1620 Anonymous finish him 5 24-Oct-16 07:49
1418 Anonymous Can we have a Hyperscat RP? 4 24-Oct-16 06:51
1462 neobyzantium Vore fantasies with dead women and children 19 20-Oct-16 09:08
1279 Boysnuffer Looking for a pleasure slave. 4 16-Oct-16 22:55
1589 Anonymous looking for a gay roleplay partner 1 02-Oct-16 11:59
1579 BernsHex Looking for submissive Skype RP partner 1 24-Sep-16 00:19
1577 Anonymous Cuntboy LF noncon/cruel obedience training RP 1 20-Sep-16 19:18
387 Boston RP partner search. 6 20-Sep-16 01:29
767 Disgusting garbage-chan Looking for a private roleplay partner!!! 2 18-Sep-16 01:46
1190 Anonymous Roleplay? 3 18-Sep-16 01:44
1255 Anonymous Skype Chat/RP 2 18-Sep-16 01:44
1287 LadyHearts Looking for RP 9 18-Sep-16 01:42
1316 Well Then. Seeking an Rp partner 6 18-Sep-16 01:41
1478 Well Then. Rp Partner request 5 18-Sep-16 01:41
382 neobyzantium necrophilia with a loli 30 17-Sep-16 09:08
1532 neobyzantium Your own Necro fantasies 2 14-Sep-16 16:34
541 Executioner Finish Him 38 14-Sep-16 10:05
428 Blau Sturm Willing Victims 29 14-Sep-16 10:04
752 C-boy Sub/slave cuntboy seeking big strong master for forced breeding 2 07-Sep-16 16:11
899 Anonymous Sleeping and unconscious victims 29 05-Sep-16 13:18
88 StabWomb Belly Stab (Yuri) 128 01-Sep-16 00:07
1426 PsychoAiko Marry, Fuck, Kill - All-in-one Variation 5 23-Aug-16 01:01
1427 neobyzantium Women and Children frozen in time 4 10-Aug-16 08:55
1321 Someone here. Seeking Mortal Kombat Rp Partner on Skype 3 28-Jul-16 02:45
972 Anonymous Looking for RP partner to execute 9 25-Jul-16 11:24
1371 Voltiel Seeking long-term/serious sci-fi rper .. 1 21-Jul-16 02:14
1340 Anonymous Three Unconscious and Helpless girls 4 15-Jul-16 16:48
1326 Anonymous Male sub LF male dom for candy TF/Body horror RP. 1 08-Jul-16 18:27
1324 Anonymous Non-Fetish 2 07-Jul-16 16:09
1323 Anonymous Seeking Rp partner interested in mainly Smite stuff 1 07-Jul-16 09:41
1313 Anonymous RP Partner Request 1 06-Jul-16 23:31
1126 Anonymous chat rp 4 29-Jun-16 04:03
1075 imposterlooker Private RP Search MxM / MxF (Skype) 6 29-Jun-16 04:01
853 BastardTek ARENAWORLD: Guro Trainer Quest! 32 22-Jun-16 19:14
1273 KittenBoy Sub male LF Snuff/Vore RPs 1 21-Jun-16 08:59
1268 Anonymous Slave boy looking for a mitress who likes to detroys him. 1 17-Jun-16 14:01
1265 Nicky Equeen Submissive Horsey Looking For A Queen/King 1 16-Jun-16 12:07
1263 Anonymous GORE/VORE/DEATH ROLEPLAY GROUP 1 15-Jun-16 13:44
1225 TwistedDragon M/M looking for a True sadist... Furries perfered 2 15-Jun-16 13:42
1260 Nick equeen Horsey need a master :3 1 13-Jun-16 10:51
1244 Anonymous Looking for dominant MxM partners for rape RP 4 13-Jun-16 08:49
1252 neobyzantium Necrophilia RP partner request 6 12-Jun-16 06:39
1219 SickandTwistedbutMostlyFun Detailed Roleplay 5 03-Jun-16 09:16


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dice.png: 50.07 KiB, 300×300

Hello everyone. I know this board desperately needs dice rolling. The question is, what dice features do you guys want exactly? Do you want to be able to roll multiple dice in one post, e.g. "2d+5 3d-4 5d" in the e-mail field to produce three separate rolls? And what sort of dice algebra would you like to have: just plain XdY±Z (as described in w:Dice notation) or something more elaborate? I'm not familiar with board games, so I wouldn't know. Optionally, we can arrange for alternative syntax for generating random numbers, something like [A,B] to simply define a range. Please share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, spill everything.
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>As long as you can roll multiple dice of the same type in one roll (...)
That goes without saying. I'm asking for any possible extensions to the dice notation that users may want or like.
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78.jpg: 67.52 KiB, 1280×721

This is a little game I wanna try x3

Each person posts if they are a killer, or a victim, along with some characteristics. You can add a scene as well if you'd like. If you don't, then the next person gets to choose the scene.

If the person before you is a victim, then you write about how you kill them. You write their snuff story. In the story you write about their death, and get to control their actions. They just set up the character and possibly scene, and you do the rest.
So if you decide you want to strangle the victim, you can go ahead and write about how they struggle, if they escape or not (though every victim must die by the end of the story! ), etc. You can also write about what you do to them after their death, such as playing with them, raping them, preparing their funeral, etc. as long as they don't get brought back to life.

If the person above you is a killer, then you write about how they kill you. So you write your own snuff story, based on the information that the killer provides about themselves.

All stories are unrelated, so if you're a killer, and the person above you is a killer, then you still write about how they kill you. Then, the next person to reply will write about how you kill them.

And yes, if you're a victim but the person above you is also a victim, you first have to kill them, but it's okay, because the next person will kill you. ♥

As for scenes, if the person before you posts a scene, the story only needs start there or end there. So if someone posts that they're at a pool, you can choose to do the whole thing at the pool, or you can choose if they start out somewhere else and eventually end up in the pool, or if they start in the pool but end up elsewhere.

So, I'll start.

K/V: Victim
Name: Emily
Age: 22
Sex: F
Characteristics: Long brown hair, green eyes, very tall, wearing black flats, a grey skirt, light white shirt, and grey hair bow.
Scene: In a hotspring that is part of a rural hotel.
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zzzz.jpg: 295.82 KiB, 1190×625

K/V: Victim
Name: Lucy
Age: 21
Sex: F
Characteristics: a stunning redhead, wearing a pair of white panties and a transparent undershirt covering her generous heaving breasts.
Scene: Napping after long day of work on her delicious abs and ass. Lucy has a contract for a snuff film on her head. Well, it's just a recorded assassination, but it might as well be a snuff film, you think to yourself.


"Mind if I join?" I say, unzipping my pants, my erect cock blasting out.

Agnes pauses and gazes at my member a bit.
"Hmm, let's see what we can do. Come on over here" she says giggling in a girlish voice filled with lust.

A few minutes later I'm pounding Anne's tight young cunt while she's playing with her tongue in Agne's pussy. We form a triangle on the bed, as I embrace Agnes and kiss her passionately while I fondle her tits. The sex feels good but I get bored rather fast. I take one hand off Agne's ample and nubile flesh orbs and take grab my knife from a backpocket of my jacket that's still on me. I put my other hand over her mouth.

"Darlin, you're divine" I say to Agnes as I slash her throat, her velvety red blood pouring out fast over her delicious tits.

Agnes starts squirming and shivering and tries to scream, but I've put the knife away and am now fully dedicated to concealing her screams as she heaves in her death throes. Anne probably thinks she's doing a very good job, as Agnes's muffled screams sound like moans and her squirming feel to her as if her friend is having an earth shattering orgasm. After about twenty seconds, Agnes doesn't move anymore and she slumps ahead, I embrace her limb, dying body and play with her bloodied tits, yanking them and pulling them with all my force, almost rpping her flesh away from her chest, while pounding more viciously Anne's love cannal.

Anne is now probably past the curiosity part as to what liquid was pouring onto her tummy. She takes her gaze out of Agne's cunt and notices that there are red stains all over the sheets and she's covered in it too. at that point I shove Agnes's corpse over to the side of the bed.
Anne starts to scream, but nobody from the ground floor is going to hear her while there's music blasting at max volume and she's at the second floor. I place my left hand over her neck to restrain her and fuck her unabated. Her pussy is going haywire ov…Post truncated. View full.
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Sorry if it's kinda rushed but I had to do it in under an hour.
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(Since mine was skipped I'll repost it.)

K/V: Victims
Name: Jane and Vanessa
Age: 12(Jane) and 14(Vanessa).
Sex: F
Jane is a petite Asian with ass-length hair dyed purple, a completely flat chest, and a hairless mons the legs. She's only wearing a white shirt and brown skirt, with no bra or panties.
Vanessa is a Hispanic girl with short black hair, an athletic build, and small, firm, breasts. She's wearing a matching outfit to Jane's, including no bra or panties.
Scene: Both girls go to a secluded tunnel near the park to make love. They've hanging out there for six years, and as such don't expect to find anyone. Unfortunately, for them, you have been hiding out there all night after robbing a bank. You wake up to see Vanessa with her head buried under Jane's skirt, eating her pussy.


Lucy is sprawled across the bed napping when I enter her bedroom. The busty redhead is the latest whore I'm being paid to assassinate. This is where I'd normally pull out a pistol and put a few bullets in her head, but my client wants more. I have to film her masturbating before I kill her for a bonus payment, which quite frankly makes things a little more of a hassle.

It doesn't matter, though. She's rather attractive; her huge tits are barely hidden underneath a transparent shirt and her panties were on her thighs, displaying her fire-red bush and her slit. She's very athletic as I can see from her abs and toned legs. So I'll be getting a nice snuff video for myself on top of what I'm getting paid.

I pull a high-resolution camera and turn it on. Instead of shooting her in the head, I pull out a pistol and take aim at her legs. BAM! Her eyes fly open as the bullet tears through her thigh; she jumps up screaming in pain, and instinctively tries to run away, only to collapse to the floor when the pain in her leg is too much for her to stand.

"What the fuck! This hurts! Please make it stop hurting!" She screams, clutching at her wounded leg.

"Do as I say and I'll make the pain stop."

"Who the fuck are you? Why the hell did you shoot me, you sick fucker! What do you want?"

"I want you to die, but first I need you to take off your panties and rub your clit," I reply.

"Why the hell would I masturbate for you if you're just going to kill me regardless?"

I stand over her and aim the gun a…Post truncated. View full.
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If I was into loli I'd probably write up somethin up your alley. I'm into shooting too.
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I guess I'll throw out one for those who don't want to do younger girls. This is a killer, since we haven't had one in awhile.

K/V: Killer
Name: Ashton
Age: 20
Sex: M
Characteristics: Muscular, with black messy hair. He's wearing a camouflage shirt and pants, and a bulletproof vest underneath. He's armed with two Glock 18s, a backpack full of ammo, and a hunting knife.
Scene: A bunch of teenage girls have decided to camp in the forest he's been living in for years. During their third night there, Ashton discovers the group in the middle of the night. What does he do to them?
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3415065.jpg: 17.96 KiB, 100×100

username is Nocrazierthanyou
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Yeah there's a lot of "wolfy" in skype search
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Which wolfs is it because a lot of wolfy's come up
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Also my username on skype is ruby.icemoon
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Laura, there is no ruby.icemoon on skype
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I wouldn't trust Skype so here is a place for more reliable guro RP
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1481845714442.png: 1.63 MiB, 1024×1449


Skype-unfneedsex@gmail.com (GurochanEllen)

Me-Gay girl, but I can play with a guy, early 20's, not quite 5 feet, victim or partner in crime, never primary leader

turn offs- Prolapse, scat, guts, rotting, live cooking, most of freakshow except for non-quad amputees, brains

turn ons- execution, casual snuff, school stuff, hanging, beheading, loli, g/g, open to trying most things not in turn offs

I'm usually around by 23:00 US EST but message me any time :)
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gonna give this a bump, still looking for just the right rp buddy. please don't reach out if you want me to dom, or if the kind/emotional/caring aspect doesn't appeal to you, those are really important to me <3
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Hello, I messaged you on Skype (my name is Redheadoli Oli). I would like to discuss this more with you and see if we're a good match. I hope to talk to you soon.
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Here is a Discord board that has RPERS who can rp
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20220786_p0_master1200.jpg: 669.18 KiB, 1200×1200

(Sorry for my bad English!)

Looking for anyone willing to play in my dystopian setting. I will play as a master, controlling the entire world and the NPCs.

I'm looking for someone willing to play an human, male or female, no age preference.

The setting depicts a twisted future, a little country that is forced to do difficult sacrificies to survive.
I imagine a nuclear war that caused the Earth to be largely not abitable.
The survivors ammassed in the last pieces of habitable land.
With so many people living in a small place, they soon suffered a shortage of food, water, living spaces and basic health. This society was on the brink of collapse.

The rulers were forced to an extreme solution...executing, or better, recycling a part of the population, until they reached a balance.
The elders had been the first to be killed. But it wasn't enough.
The governors were forced to establish a sort of lottery. Each week, a certain number of people(with no preference of age, sex, race, occupation) had been chosed to be forcibly executed.
A such extreme solution wasn't welcome, but the largest part of population accepted it eventually, for the greater good. The dead bodies were going to be used as food and other useful purposes.

Even after the overcoming of the emergency, that little comunity kept living with really little resoruces. So, the cullings never ended. The cyclic executions are now integral part of the culture of this country: being executed and recycled is now a norm. Nobody likes it, but it is necessary for the survival and well being of the last piece of human civilization. A costant and pervasive propaganda made the victims willing and collaborative (execpt, maybe, the youngest ones).

We can play during the emergency(usually unwilling victims), or after it(willing victims). Death is never seen positively, but it is a duty that everyone is required to do, sooner or later.
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That can be intresting.... but in wich position is the player?
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I am very interested and would like to carry out this scenario. Please contact me via email or kik.
Email: Redheadjunkmail@gmail.com
Kik: RedheadOlives
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IMG_6136.JPG: 88.61 KiB, 600×800

Hey everyone!

I'm Grace, and I'm looking for some seriously perverted roleplays! I strongly prefer fantasy elements (medieval, futuristic, or modern AU settings; magic useage; or supernatural characters/characters of other species). Other than that, it would be much appriciated if you have very, very few limits when it comes to toilet play and guro. Some other kinks that I'd very much love to include are harems (I am comfortable playing the harem), futanari, lesbians, and the most essential of all--literacy and the ability to reply with detailed responses of at least a paragraph!

I apologize if any of that was awkward, this is my first time posting anything here. Please email me at gr4c10u5gr4c3@icloud.com or Kik me at GoreLoverGrace to get in touch with me!

I'm looking forward to roleplaying with you!
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I am intresting, I sending you a mail. ^^
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Elesis - Blazing Heart.png: 1.82 MiB, 1886×1995

OK, this is going to be similar to "Finish Her!", but with a MAJOR twist.

Here's how the format works: Person A posts a female character (Character A). Person B, rather than describe what they would do to violate/kill that character, posts a female character of their own (Character B), who they want to see take on Character A in a DUEL TO THE DEATH!!!! Person C then determines how the fight between Character A and Character B would go, writes the fight out, then provides a new female character, either to take on the winner of the previous fight, or to await a brand new challenger.

I'll provide the first combatant:

This is Elesis. Having unlocked the powers of her ancient bloodline, she has become the Blazing Heart, a warrior who uses Elemental Fire in its purest form with similar ease to how she uses her sword. Who shall challenge this mighty warrioress?
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I'll try but my main computer is dead so I am on my phone
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Been a long while since the last one of these.

Anyone want to try one of the remaining matchups?
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Elesis - Blazing Heart (Tr….png: 299.45 KiB, 600×648

OK, been a very long while for this.

However, going to spice things up a little bit to try and stir up some more interest. To match some of the recent releases from Elsword, Elesis has now upgraded from her normal Blazing Heart form to her Blazing Heart Transcendence form (Pic provided here). And in Transcendence form, Elesis can be called on to fight against Rukia again, the only foe she has been bested by in her normal Blazing Heart form (I was considering letting her Transcendence form fight against all her previous foes, but there'd be no point for the ones she already defeated - they'd just be defeated faster the second time around).

So, the new roster is:

Elesis (Blazing Heart [Transcendence]) [Two wins before Transcendence {one against Lucy, one against Ran/Rachel}, one loss before Transcendence {against Rukia}]
Lucy [One loss against Elesis, two wins {one against Jam, one against Ran/Rachael}]
Erza Scarlet [One win against Makoto, one loss against Black Fire]
Rukia Kuchiki [One win against Elesis]
Jam [One loss against Lucy]
Ran Mouri/Rachael Moore [Two losses {one against Lucy, one against Elesis}]
Makoto [One loss against Erza]
Black Fire [One win against Erza]

And the potential matchups are now:

Elesis (Transcendence) vs. Erza
Elesis (Transcendence) vs. Rukia
Elesis (Transcendence) vs. Jam
Elesis (Transcendence) vs. Makoto
Elesis (Transcendence) vs. Black Fire
Lucy vs. Erza
Lucy vs. Rukia
Lucy vs. Makoto
Lucy vs. Black Fire
Erza vs. Lucy
Erza vs. Rukia
Erza vs. Jam
Erza vs. Ran/Rachael
Rukia vs. Jam
Rukia vs. Ran/Rachael
Rukia vs. Makoto
Rukia vs. Black Fire
Jam vs. Ran/Rachael
Jam vs. Makoto
Jam vs. Black Fire
Ran/Rachael vs. Makoto
Ran/Rachael vs. Black Fire
Makoto vs. Black Fire

So... what shall the next fight be?
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For those who use Discord, and are part of the Guro Guro network, there is a new text channel that follows this thread's format, '#the_arena'
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For those who aren't yet here is an invite

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Emergency_20161231_195258.jpg: 440.34 KiB, 3264×1836


I'm a male looking for someone who's okay with one way voice or two way voice (One way voice: I'm talking and you're just typing. Two way voice we are both talking). It's a little hard to explain but if a young male voice doesn't turn you off while we RP we'll get along. Contact me if interested or you have questions. I will most likely not check the replies to this post.

Skype: Redheadjunkmail@gmail.com
Email: Redheadjunkmail@gmail.com
kik: Redheadolives
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IMG_5678.JPG: 77.05 KiB, 600×450

Hey there! I am looking for someone to roleplay with me, someone into all of the same disgusting and horrible stuff I am. More specifically, someone with no limits in the fields of gore/torture, watersports/scat/vomit, and nonhuman girls! I am a female in real life (I think that gets me bonus points?) and hope to play one (or many) in the roleplay! I'd actually prefer to play futa, but that's up to you! I do also have a preference for lesbianism too (I don't mind if you're a guy playing a girl at all, either)! Anywho, if you want to discuss this further, please shoot me an email at AmyLizLyn@icloud.com!

For a full list of my kinks: www.f-list.net/c/eliza%20lynch
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Lrt's do it.
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May I recommend


It is a Discord board full of messed up people friend ;)
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Time to have fun. ^^ I contact you for the detail. ^^
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Email sent
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pusFA6s.jpg: 117.74 KiB, 779×800

Let's have some fun. If anyone is interested ask for Skype name
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Uh? well wont you mind to uh just reveal a bit more likes and dislikes of yourself. Do you wanna play anything kinky or just warframes...fighting like in the game... i cannot imagine that but well. Tell your future Rp partner more pls.
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sounds interesting
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Um yeah sure what's your skype?
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