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706 Grimm Looking for RP partner for battles to the death 250 24-Jan-17 05:33
1817 guiltstar Do anything you want to your internet pet 22 21-Jan-17 17:06
1864 Emily Grave Killer and Victim 31 21-Jan-17 15:23
2011 Anonymous KIK Snuff/Necro RP 1 20-Jan-17 19:42
1145 Liontwit Loli Torture rp. 15 19-Jan-17 18:46
1654 Fuuby Guro beach party (OC EDITION) 76 18-Jan-17 02:17
1913 Karl Luck Kill the Love-Makers 9 17-Jan-17 07:17
1954 Ulrich Sombra Gore RP 2 11-Jan-17 04:05
1946 Zebra3 Roleplay For all who are interested 2 10-Jan-17 05:46
1957 Find me on f-list Im on f-list now 1 10-Jan-17 03:27
1955 Anonymous Role play anyone? 1 10-Jan-17 02:19
1953 Ulrich Sombra Gore RP 1 09-Jan-17 15:48
1948 Badtransletor Looking for rp!/ Cercasi per gioco di ruolo! 2 07-Jan-17 23:14
1947 neobyzantium Looking for RP partner whose into necrophilia 1 07-Jan-17 22:46
1932 ulrich Roleplaying Feet 1 06-Jan-17 17:46
1217 Executioner Guro Snuff Skype RP I am up for most things 3 05-Jan-17 23:14
1923 RedheadOli Sub Looking For Dom 2 05-Jan-17 05:29
1918 Nicky Equeen Rp almost No Limit 1 04-Jan-17 17:20
1209 Anonymous RP - Hardcore transformation/Body modification 3 04-Jan-17 03:04
1902 Nick Equeen Willing To RP And Being Dominated 1 31-Dec-16 19:11
1 Perilous.Robin RP Partner Request 222 30-Dec-16 19:35
1584 Lilac Alley Looking for a Roleplay Partner 6 30-Dec-16 17:11
1860 Fuuby Slut slaughter (finish her ripoff) 5 28-Dec-16 15:59
1881 Anonymous Seeking Extreme/Snuff RPs 1 28-Dec-16 15:23
1818 Elf girl Loli elf slave rp request 8 27-Dec-16 19:15
1858 Ki A Game 2 23-Dec-16 11:44
1854 FtMRapemeat Interested in FtMs? 1 22-Dec-16 03:35
1853 Anonymous Looking for a gay RP partner! (Scat, guro etc) 1 22-Dec-16 02:45
423 neobyzantium Having sex with a dead girl or woman 54 22-Dec-16 01:25
3 Aoi Hikari Charity Snuff Challenge 47 18-Dec-16 04:22
1629 Annie Looking for a RP partner! (Straight or lesbian) 3 17-Dec-16 20:06
1829 Dan A rp partner required(private) 1 16-Dec-16 00:01
1733 Anonymous Hypnotized/Drunk/Drugged 6 15-Dec-16 18:17
1816 Anonymous Looking for a Bonnie Clyde RP (Longterm) 1 14-Dec-16 02:08
1610 Okamitsune Looking for RP partner on kik. 7 13-Dec-16 21:43
1477 Anonymous School selections 13 08-Dec-16 03:59
1793 Anonymous Need Seme For YAOI RP // Mentally Ill Uke 1 07-Dec-16 04:06
418 Elf Finish her! 116 03-Dec-16 14:44
1780 Anonymous LoL ERP 2 02-Dec-16 04:11
1767 Pussy Shooter Murder of a pissing loli 5 29-Nov-16 16:36
1749 Anonymous Who wants to fight? 3 22-Nov-16 18:00
1752 Anonymous Loli looking for play 2 21-Nov-16 19:55
1716 Johny Guro 3rd person story (slumber party stalker) 2 19-Nov-16 12:42
1387 Anonymous Snuffing an incestuos mom and her son! 7 10-Nov-16 14:09
1720 LadyHearts Dungeon Crawl RP. 1 10-Nov-16 10:19
1684 QueerSnuffBoy Kinky Queer Boy for RP/chat 3 07-Nov-16 21:27
1460 Well Then. Finish Her. 37 05-Nov-16 04:32
1593 Anonymous Non con forced mpreg 2 03-Nov-16 08:10
1614 Jackalmans Choose your own adventure - Hunt/Stalk/Kill A Girl Edition 12 01-Nov-16 15:44
1178 Anonymous Zako RP Looking for Partner(s) 7 01-Nov-16 04:01
1382 neobyzantium Raping a woman, loli or shota 11 29-Oct-16 12:08
1264 Anonymous Cyber snuff gore guro GAY man facebook group 3 24-Oct-16 07:54
1620 Anonymous finish him 5 24-Oct-16 07:49
1418 Anonymous Can we have a Hyperscat RP? 4 24-Oct-16 06:51
1462 neobyzantium Vore fantasies with dead women and children 19 20-Oct-16 09:08
1279 Boysnuffer Looking for a pleasure slave. 4 16-Oct-16 22:55
1589 Anonymous looking for a gay roleplay partner 1 02-Oct-16 11:59
1585 Anonymous Looking for RP Partners~! Bi, Switch, Noncon 1 29-Sep-16 21:23
1579 BernsHex Looking for submissive Skype RP partner 1 24-Sep-16 00:19
1527 LetharlrevYOUup Let Harley Quinn torture and murder you 5 20-Sep-16 23:31
1577 Anonymous Cuntboy LF noncon/cruel obedience training RP 1 20-Sep-16 19:18
387 Boston RP partner search. 6 20-Sep-16 01:29
767 Disgusting garbage-chan Looking for a private roleplay partner!!! 2 18-Sep-16 01:46
1190 Anonymous Roleplay? 3 18-Sep-16 01:44
1255 Anonymous Skype Chat/RP 2 18-Sep-16 01:44
1479 Well Then. Skype rp partner request 3 18-Sep-16 01:43
1287 LadyHearts Looking for RP 9 18-Sep-16 01:42
1316 Well Then. Seeking an Rp partner 6 18-Sep-16 01:41
1478 Well Then. Rp Partner request 5 18-Sep-16 01:41
382 neobyzantium necrophilia with a loli 30 17-Sep-16 09:08
1532 neobyzantium Your own Necro fantasies 2 14-Sep-16 16:34
541 Executioner Finish Him 38 14-Sep-16 10:05
428 Blau Sturm Willing Victims 29 14-Sep-16 10:04
752 C-boy Sub/slave cuntboy seeking big strong master for forced breeding 2 07-Sep-16 16:11
899 Anonymous Sleeping and unconscious victims 29 05-Sep-16 13:18
88 StabWomb Belly Stab (Yuri) 128 01-Sep-16 00:07
1426 PsychoAiko Marry, Fuck, Kill - All-in-one Variation 5 23-Aug-16 01:01
1427 neobyzantium Women and Children frozen in time 4 10-Aug-16 08:55
1321 Someone here. Seeking Mortal Kombat Rp Partner on Skype 3 28-Jul-16 02:45
972 Anonymous Looking for RP partner to execute 9 25-Jul-16 11:24
1371 Voltiel Seeking long-term/serious sci-fi rper .. 1 21-Jul-16 02:14
1322 Need A War to Frame Seeking Rp Partner for Warframe on Skype 2 15-Jul-16 18:40
1340 Anonymous Three Unconscious and Helpless girls 4 15-Jul-16 16:48
1326 Anonymous Male sub LF male dom for candy TF/Body horror RP. 1 08-Jul-16 18:27
1324 Anonymous Non-Fetish 2 07-Jul-16 16:09
1323 Anonymous Seeking Rp partner interested in mainly Smite stuff 1 07-Jul-16 09:41
1313 Anonymous RP Partner Request 1 06-Jul-16 23:31
481 Blau Sturm DUEL TO THE DEATH!!!! 54 04-Jul-16 04:15
1126 Anonymous chat rp 4 29-Jun-16 04:03
1075 imposterlooker Private RP Search MxM / MxF (Skype) 6 29-Jun-16 04:01
853 BastardTek ARENAWORLD: Guro Trainer Quest! 32 22-Jun-16 19:14
1273 KittenBoy Sub male LF Snuff/Vore RPs 1 21-Jun-16 08:59
1268 Anonymous Slave boy looking for a mitress who likes to detroys him. 1 17-Jun-16 14:01
1265 Nicky Equeen Submissive Horsey Looking For A Queen/King 1 16-Jun-16 12:07
1263 Anonymous GORE/VORE/DEATH ROLEPLAY GROUP 1 15-Jun-16 13:44
1225 TwistedDragon M/M looking for a True sadist... Furries perfered 2 15-Jun-16 13:42
1260 Nick equeen Horsey need a master :3 1 13-Jun-16 10:51
1244 Anonymous Looking for dominant MxM partners for rape RP 4 13-Jun-16 08:49
1252 neobyzantium Necrophilia RP partner request 6 12-Jun-16 06:39
1219 SickandTwistedbutMostlyFun Detailed Roleplay 5 03-Jun-16 09:16


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image.jpeg: 1.04 MiB, 900×1200

So here's what I'm looking for: a partner or partners to roleplay turn by turn guro sex & combat battles:

Here's the outline: we each choose a character to battle with, I'm okay with male on female (more fun with sex this way), or female on female, but no male on male. We will take turns rolling to hit and to damage each other, and then describe the results of our attacks. When you make your character you have 12 points to spend between Speed and Armor; speed is how difficult it actually is to hit your character and armor prevents damage from hits. An example character would look like this:

Age: 25
Hair: Blonde
Weapon: short sword
Speed: 8
Armor: 4 (shield)

We will be rolling 20 sided dice (and you're on scouts honor not to lie). This site works great: https://www.random.org, or just grab a d20 from home.

One character rolls to hit: you only need to score above your opponents speed to hit them, then roll again to damage, their armor is subracted from the damage roll. Other than that their are rules for critical hits and critical wounds: If you roll a 16 or above to hit it's a critical and you may double your damage roll, and if you score over 16 damage (after subtracting armor) it's considered a critical wound and you may choose a severe injury (beyond normal cuts/breaks/bruises)

Here's the list of severe injuries:
1. Amputation: your critical damage severs one of your opponents major limbs, choose between hands/feet, arms/legs, or breast(s)/cock.
2. Disembowelment/organ damage: your critical damage has either split open your opponents gut or punctured one of their major organs (except for their heart)
3. Blinded/facial-disfigurement: your critical damage has taken out one of your opponents eyes or removed their nose/tongue/scalp, feel free to be creative!
4. Knocked out: your strike has temporarily knocked your opponent unconscious! You can have your way with them sexually, or torture/disfigure them in one way!

That's about it, i'm definitely looking for partners who are into m/f f/f sex/gore and I'm not big into scat fetish stuff, so keep that in mind. If we play together your job is write well enough to describe your character's attack, how the damage they've suffered effects them, and to describe in detail the damage they inflict on my character.

If you're interested we can play right here …Post truncated. View full.
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Alright, I'll change my character for the new system
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sergey-kolesov-emily-badas….jpg: 325.2 KiB, 1920×1103

Emily Kaldwin
Body/Armor Type: No armor (Basically just clothes)
Weapons: Defensive Close Combat (Dueling sword) and various magic. Pistol, crossbow.

Who will go first?
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You can go first wolf, if you like you can set the ambien and how our combatants found each other.
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Emily Kaldwin HP: 100
Roll to hit: 9 (Missed!)

Emily was in the Void again. She’d found another portal down beneath Dunwall, in the depths of the sewers. She had grown to like her trips through the void; despite the weird physics and strange feelings she felt when she traveled through the portals. Every trip seemed to change her personality in some way or another, albeit temporarily when she returned to Dunwall, they seemed to last indefinitely when she wasn’t in her native realm.

Ahead of her, atop an onyx-colored monolith, was her goal: A portal to another world, presumably wildly different from her own. She used her trained parkour and magic skills to jump, swing, and pull her way up the surrounding structures, eventually reaching the portal, a whirling mass of concave-yet-convex shapes and amalgamations that phased between the Void, her own perception, and the world beyond.

“Well, here goes nothing,” she whispered to herself.

She walked through the portal, and instantly fell upon lush, green grass. Emily almost had to cover her eyes -- everything was so bright. She twirled around in almost a 360 degree arc, taking in her surroundings.

“It’s… beautiful.” Emily said aloud, not realizing she did.

Whatever world she landed in, it was inverse of the one she had come from. Instead of the stench of sweat, whale oil, and industrial grease, she smelt, tasted the fresh air, and it was wonderful. She turned back around, the portal to the void still whirling behind her. She had to get back to Dunwall somehow.

She heard faint footsteps, impossible for the untrained ear to discern from the ambient noise. It sounded like there was only one, coming from behind a nearby group of trees. She turned, and saw a young, thin elvish-looking woman. She wore what seemed like a mixture of gold and brass armor and decoration, topped off with a tiara which sat atop of a head of long, golden hair tied back into a braid. She seemed to carry herself with a certain dignity and class, mixed with a deadly frailness.

In other words, she was beautiful.

Emily never really had the chance to indulge herself with romantic relationships, with all of the political backstabbing, maneuvering, executions, assassinations, training, and ruling taking up most of her time. Now, however, she did.

A strange, malignant feeling crept up from the depths of her body to meet at the ends of her fingertips. A sick, reviled sadism cr…Post truncated. View full.
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Momo Internet Pet.gif: 877.05 KiB, 6600×6600

Will you help take care of her?


Hunger: 3/5
Health: 5/5
Mood: Content


In this game you decide how you want to take care of a Net Pet and it will happen, no matter what the action.

Leave comments on tumblr or right here and I'll draw any way you interact with her.

Serve yourself, and have fun. :)
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Loosen the collar and rub her belly to make her feel better.
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IMG_2682.JPG: 811.78 KiB, 1800×4263


-Air: 3/5

-Organs: 4/5 *Partially deaf *Hemorrhage.

-Blood: 4/5

Breath: 3/5 *Tight Collar

Hunger: 2/5 * Being fed
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Stab her in her navel and make it a new fuckhole
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Give her diuretics
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lick the ear
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78.jpg: 67.52 KiB, 1280×721

This is a little game I wanna try x3

Each person posts if they are a killer, or a victim, along with some characteristics. You can add a scene as well if you'd like. If you don't, then the next person gets to choose the scene.

If the person before you is a victim, then you write about how you kill them. You write their snuff story. In the story you write about their death, and get to control their actions. They just set up the character and possibly scene, and you do the rest.
So if you decide you want to strangle the victim, you can go ahead and write about how they struggle, if they escape or not (though every victim must die by the end of the story! ), etc. You can also write about what you do to them after their death, such as playing with them, raping them, preparing their funeral, etc. as long as they don't get brought back to life.

If the person above you is a killer, then you write about how they kill you. So you write your own snuff story, based on the information that the killer provides about themselves.

All stories are unrelated, so if you're a killer, and the person above you is a killer, then you still write about how they kill you. Then, the next person to reply will write about how you kill them.

And yes, if you're a victim but the person above you is also a victim, you first have to kill them, but it's okay, because the next person will kill you. ♥

As for scenes, if the person before you posts a scene, the story only needs start there or end there. So if someone posts that they're at a pool, you can choose to do the whole thing at the pool, or you can choose if they start out somewhere else and eventually end up in the pool, or if they start in the pool but end up elsewhere.

So, I'll start.

K/V: Victim
Name: Emily
Age: 22
Sex: F
Characteristics: Long brown hair, green eyes, very tall, wearing black flats, a grey skirt, light white shirt, and grey hair bow.
Scene: In a hotspring that is part of a rural hotel.
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>>K/V: V
>>Name: Jim
>>Age: 8
>>Sex: M
>>Characteristics: Slim, brown hair and eyes, Wears a spiderman shirt and blue >>shorts.

NORMALLY... I don't write for pedo shit but I'm evil anyway and we collided, so I'll handle one more story and then both our victims can get got.


"Hey little boy." The strange lady was tall and beautiful. Her skin was pale and her eyelashes were long and numerous. She wore black clothes, matching her straight silk, which draped over her big perky breasts. Her curvy ass was also large yet firm.

"Hello miss!" He was normally shy but started to grow very interested in her. She was always lurking in alleys and around corners. Sometimes they'd make eye-contact when he was with his oblivious mother in a coffee shop. Today hew wore his spider man t-shirt.

"Come home with me." She smiled. "I love spiderman."

"Oh, uh." He really wanted to, she was his crush. For that day and all eternity, as it would turn out.

"It wouldn't be a bad thing. Your mother and I see each other all the time."

"I guess she does know you. But I'm really supposed to come right home."

"Oh you can come right home alright..." She leaned in, her giant tits swaying in his face. The soft skin of her neck splashing into and over her collar bone and then her shoulders, like a skin waterfall; her veins were like streams of pure sugar in frosting of creamy cake.

"I'll give you a treat." She chirped, then swayed her breasts lightly.

"Oh, well I do love food!" He chirped, "I suppose just for a minute."

What would the harm be? She was beautiful and cool. Cool like his older sister's friend (who had warned him to stay away from her- she was a good Christian social conservative who hated drugs, but she wore dark clothes and argued with the elders a lot), or her other friend's cousin (whom he was also warned against and was far more of a rebel; Her clothes were black with twisted red symbols on them, she did drugs, drank, and fucked, and she had many tattoos and piercing- but she herself also warned him to stay away from this mysterious lady).

She brought him back to the basement she turned into a game room. He enjoyed playing games for some time, as she fed him finely cooked meats and sweet…Post truncated. View full.
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Name: Elizabeth.
Age 18.
Characteristics: Virgin, Christian, good girl, dresses conservatively, really shy and easily embarrassed. Gets crushes but hates herself for it. Hates night time and is very afraid of most things.
Scene: Church!
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The young organist named Elizabeth caught his eye. She's beautiful, softly spoken, and carried an air of serenity and grace with her as her fingers danced on the ivory keys. There's something special about her, something innocent and pure.

He wanted her all to himself, he wanted to defile every orifice on her youthful body before sending her off to meet the almighty one.

*Later that evening*

"Wh-what... Who are you?" Cried Elizabeth as she opened her eyes to pitch blackness. "W-where am I? What's happening?!"

A startled shriek escaped her sensuous lips when she felt a large muscular figure pressed against the exposed skin of her back, pinning her against the cold wooden floor. His hands cupped around her modest breasts, his groin pressed between her slender thighs...

She's naked, and there's a man on top of her.

She desperately attempted to cover her nakedness, but to no avail. The grip around her chest tightened as the man clenched down on her pink nipples, and she could feel the throbbing veins on his fully erect cock pulsing against the exposed lips of her maidenhood.

"S-s-stop. What do you want?" She screamed in a shrill and terrified voice, her body trembled in fear as the man answered her question in a deep baritone voice.

"We are at your church Liz, the time is midnight. I drugged your water earlier today, brought you here and stripped you naked. What do I want? I've always wanted to fuck you ever since I laid my eyes on you, and shoot my load into that tight little body of your's and call you mine."

"Wh-what?! Please... " She whimpered "No no no... I'm saving myself fo-"

Her pleads fell upon deaf ears as he gripped her slender thighs and pushed them apart, and pressed his swollen cock against the tiny slit at the root of her thighs and rubbed it back and forth.

"Nooooo!!!" She screamed. "PLEASE ANYTH-"

Clenching onto her breasts with his sausage-like fingers, he shoved his thick cock into her dry, virgin passage. She cried and screamed as she felt a sharp tearing sensation when his cock ripped her hymen apart, and slid into the depth of her pussy.

"What a tight little snatch you have." He groaned. "I wonder how it'll clench around my cock when I do this..."

He reached into his pocket and produced a rusty screwdriver, all while sliding his bloodstained cock in a…Post truncated. View full.
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1472721816501.jpg: 188.42 KiB, 1000×1000


I kinda went with both options at once, because why the fuck not.


“I got your message, what's up?”

“There you are, Lucie. I just wanted to show you some numbers I got here and-” I lightly nudge the side of my computer and the conveniently loosened power supply falls out, causing the screen to instantly black out. “Oh come on!” I put on a brief show of pressing some more buttons, checking the cables which are of course a-okay and so on, before giving up. “I don't have the time for this, I'll just let IT deal with it on Monday. But I've got the data on my laptop in my car too, will you come with me?”

“Well, sure, as long as this doesn't take too long, I've got a date this evening.” Of course the little whore would, with 'date' being 'be treated to an expensive dinner in exchange for sleeping with someone'.

I do some small talk about nothing important until we get to the garage, my car parked on the far side, right next to a nondescript gray van. Just as we're walking past it, I fumble and drop my keys, briefly distracting Lucie when suddenly the doors of the van open and a hooded man throws a large back over her head, while I get up and push her towards him, and she vanishes inside the van within seconds, without time to struggle or even scream.

As the doors slam shut again, I calmly keep walking to my car as if nothing happened, then drive home and continue my evening, even though I just can't wait for what's about to happen. Later I meet up with some people, making sure I have an alibi, before changing cars a few times and eventually coming to an abandoned warehouse where, just as promised, I find that same van from this afternoon. I'm sure there's also some men nearby keeping guard, but that's not my problem.

I enter the back of the van, and after my eyes get used to the dim light within, I can see Lucie tied to some sort of low table or bench with her arms and legs. She's got a bag over her head, and from the sounds she makes when she hears me enter, she's also gagged.

When I pull the bag off her head, Lucie's eyes widen in surprise, then fear as she recognizes me and makes the connection. “So sorry, but you're not getting out of here alive. You being such a fucking cocktease day after day would almost be enough, but you also put one too many people with powerful friends behind bars. So his 'family' of…Post truncated. View full.
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Dear diary,

Today I killed Yuki.

You see, I've always had a thing for her ever since I moved to this school, she sat next to me in almost every class, and there's something about her boyish physique, something charmingly alluring.

I guess you could imagine the look on my face when she asked me to stay behind to help her out with a film essay that's due tomorrow, apparently she brought 'study snacks' for both of us.

My heart raced at the thought of going on a study date with her, when she took me to a vacant classroom on the top floor and locked the door behind her, I knew things were about to get weird, fast.

She held my hand and leant in, pressing her modest chest against mine, her arms tightly wrapped around my body, the smell of her scent was utterly intoxicating, has she always smelled like fresh cherry blossoms? Her luscious lips were pressed against mine before I could even finish that train of thought.

One thing led to another, she pushed me up against a desk, her hips grinding against mine rhythmically. I could feel a hardness growing in pants, she obviously felt it too as she undid my belt, and pulled the pants down to my knees.

Before you know it, both of us were naked with our clothes littered across the empty classroom. A series of soft moans escaped her lips as I gently caressed her tiny slit between her slender thighs, her fingers curled, and her body convulsed in pleasure. She returned the service by wrapped her sweet little mouth around my fully erect cock, and sucked on it as if it was a lollipop, gone even as far as licking up my pre-cum while staring directly into my eyes.

Her nails dug into my exposed back when I popped her cherry, and they dug deeper as I wrapped my hands around her little neck. Her eyes widened in surprise, mouth gaped open in a stifled scream. I could feel her flat chest trembling beneath me when I clenched down on her larynx, and the way she bucked reminded me of a dying animal in a trap. Eventually, the light in her eyes vanished and was replaced with a lifeless glassy stare into the distance, her struggles soon became erratic spasms, a stream of bloodstained piss seeped down my legs as she lost control of her bladder before going completely stiff.

Some of you might be wondering why I killed her. Well, I've always had a sneaking suspicion that she w…Post truncated. View full.
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IMG_0734.JPG: 100.71 KiB, 1280×919

Hey all. Female, 21, looking for kik RP partners. My two main interests are asphyxiation and necro. Two themes I enjoy the most are spy girls getting snuffed (if you've seen the Angel Corps stuff or PKF's Sentry Showdown, that's pretty much the idea) and amazons.

I'm almost always dominant but will sometimes play submissive depending on my mood. All genders welcome, so long as you are comfortable playing female and futa characters. Limits are scat, bestiality, loli and shota. 3rd person narration preferred. Kik username is emeraldfractal. Mention gurochan in your message so I know where you're from. Thanks!
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th9JMS2BXA.jpg: 10.3 KiB, 300×187

I will be playing a cute little loli. I am looking for someone who will torture and rape me. I will do the roleplay wherever you prefer. Just leave me your skype or kik. Or we can do it here.
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how to post here ?
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Hey I am interested in that idea if you are still up for it
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Hey I am interested in that idea if you are still up for it
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hey im definetely interested karlitos992 is my skype add me
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I'm always late to the party

Insonkall on kik
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323232fdffd 001.png: 258.64 KiB, 1226×2550

You can play as a killer. Or a sea monster able to come on land like a giant mutated crab. Or just your random beach goer looking to get laid.

I have a few original characters to kill off. Or they maybe even wanna fuck on the beach. Lol. But some gory chaos will ensue.

Ok here is one of the girls

Age: 21

A nasty so cal native. She came to the beach to find someone to have a good time withwill she find that someone or will she have to face the horrors of GURO BEACH!!!!!
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Amber walks with Viktor into the woods and begins to talk about college and how she hopes to find a boyfriend.

(I'm not into young girls and I find it repulsive. I don't get along with pedos either. But I'm not going feel bad for kicking that mad guy out good riddance I say.)
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"Boyfriends are overrated," Aiko opines. "If you're anything like me you're never going to find someone who matches you well enough to make it worth the trouble. Better to just be a solo player and take care of your own needs."
Aiko is for the moment oblivious to the hypocritical undertones of her monologue in light of her constant companionship with her twin sister and after her earlier lamentations.
"If it's sex you're after, I'd say you came to the right sort of place. I confess that's why sis and I bother coming to beaches; we're not really into swimming or tanning as you can probably tell."

I hope we can get back to the guro soon xD Sorry but I couldn't come up with anything at the moment.
( >>1944 I liked her too but I'm not in charge, meh.)
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With Akio and aikoko around amber felt safe the girls added a scence of security.
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Dude really? I just wrote a story for someone requesting it, but I changed their ages because I also feel this way.v But acting like "Dude really? Take a hike!" in a thread about murderape on a website about murderape with the occasional loli. wow

And what happened to that Sea Monster?
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*sfffhhhh* His nose sniffed several times. Then his other nose. Each of his many olfactory organs absorbed countless particles. All 240 of his tentacles- 6 from each of his 40 sides- could essentially see, hear, feel, taste, and smell.

And eat. And impregnate. And murder.

He smelled Taliya. She smelled like she was 20, but then looked like she was younger. She was in heat. She was going to drown. She didn't even realize her body was in motion until it was too late.

"eYA" She cried out as soon as her body hit the ground. Looking to her ankle, she gasped at the sight of a tentacle, then screamed in fear and pain as she was dragged across sand and coral, getting sliced up and then absorbed by a gelatinous monster that blended in with the dark ocean. It was translucent, but could provide oxygen within itself, like an expectant mother, and Taliya was its new baby. Or meal.
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Sex0015.jpg: 60.53 KiB, 417×797

This is a new game I came up with thanks to Killer and Victim.

(Image only marginally related.)

It's simple: The person above sets up a scene in which a girl is either masturbating or having sex with someone. You then describe a scene in which a killer stumbles on their love-making session and crashes their party by killing everyone involved. Then set up your own scenario for the next person.

I'll get us started.

Victims: 3

Name: Nicole Perkins
Age: 17
Sex: F
Appearance: Long red hair, green eyes, short, slim, E-cup breasts.
Apparel: Only a bra.

Name: Yuming Xing
Age: 16
Sex: F
Appearance: Long black hair, brown eyes, short, slender, C-cup breasts.
Apparel: Black panties, bra, and glasses.

Name: Amber Perkins
Age: 13
Sex: F
Appearance: Short red hair, green eyes, petite, B-cup breasts.
Apparel: Pokemon t-shirt, short pleated skirt, and pink panties.

Scenario: Nicole is trying to convince her younger sister to have sex with her and her girlfriend, Yuming. Amber is unsure, but very curious.

Here's a blank template for when you create your scenario.



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Name: Kat Millers
Age: 23
Sex: F
Appearance: See picture (top)

Name: Tracy S
Age: 17
Sex: F
Appearance: See picture (bottom)

Scenario: See picture (disregard the stuff on the blackboard; and ignore the fact that they're catgirls if you want to). You just caught the overly horny substitute teacher Ms. Millers in the act with one of her students. It's just too bad for the both of them that according to the new school rules any deviancy on the grounds is punishable by death (can be right then and there, or in a more formalized execution, your call), so obviously they're very desperate to get you to 'forget' what you just saw.
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Weren't you supposed to do mine since I did the first one?
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I got you, Pussy Shooter, though I'm upping their ages to 18 and 16.

"This goes against everything the Lord stands for." Their mother shook her head. "Jesus was TORTURED for you!" She kept yelling, raising her voice with each sentence, making her naked children flinch. "CRUCIFIED! HE WAS CRUCIFIED!"

She was shocked when she came home with their other siblings of various ages and some other townsfolk. There they were, each in a different bathroom, knowing what the other was doing and essentially blackmailing each other to get away with such godless activities.

But here they were, caught up in themselves, and now they were going to pay for it.
"This is you." She held up their birth certificates. "This is what will happen to you." She threw the papers into the fireplace. Their birth records were burned away.

"Waahhaaaghh! Please mommmeeeeee!!" "NooooOOHHOHH!" I DOND'T WANAAH DIIIIE!"

"You're old enough to know better, to know to not beg. To not do this horrible thing. You'll have just gone missing."

((will continue in a second))
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There weren't more than a few dozen people in their rural village. There were a few thousands in the nearest towns, many miles away. Maybe if any of those townspeople knew what was about to happen, they would try to stop it. Not in this tight-knit community.

While being paddled by their vindictive mom, 18 year old Erina and 16 year old James were taken outside and marched naked, with their bright red bottoms on display, to the lumber mill.

"How unfortunate I have to parade you, for God and everyone to look back on for eternity, from your final sin to your final breath. You've brought such shame upon me." Their mother, Mrs. Miles, shook her head in disgust. Her gray hair and blue eyes flowed gently in the wind, and she kept spanking them with her paddle as they hiked.

Every step was a vividly painful reminder that this was the end. Their final moments were anxiously anticipating so much pain and then death, and wondering what lay beyond that.

Everyone they grew up around, everyone older and younger could witness their demise. Every wrinkle on their elders and their judgmental stares, every wide-eyed child wondering why his baby sitter was doomed.

They were brought to crosses.

"No, mommy please, nooohooohhhh!!" Both kids begged their tyrannical matriarch in mortifying desperation.

"You've brought this upon yourselves!" The two youngsters were held down one at a time- first Erina, being older- and their palms were nailed to thick planks of wood. James stood, shivering in the breeze, pondering how much it mattered that his tiny woodpecker was shriveled and visible to his every crush, friend, and rival. He felt great shame, but more than humiliation, he was scared of the physical pain to come. And he was going to die. Erina also felt humiliated and scared, but she was screeching in pain from the constant agony off nails digging into her hands.

They were both nude and dancing around on their feet, the giant flat wooden boards at their backs stretching their arms wide open. Poles measuring over ten feet long were sharpened on one end and buried by the other. Like sharp spears sticking right out from Hell, they inspired terror in the 2 already terrified young Christians who had fallen from grace. They were both hoisted upon these poles and their feet were nailed to flat tires taken from the junk yard nearby. The increased weight accelerated their descent down the pole, and they swayed around in agony. Gasolin…Post truncated. View full.
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In place of putting my own here, just roll with this post.
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>>1954 I recommend asking for RP partners in the existing "RP Partner Request" thread where people go to look for partners ;)
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Hey Dweebs Im a Sub zebra who's looking for someone to roleplay with, Male or Female, im almost into everything (kinks) but i know what i Don't like.

I have my limit but feel free to ask my F-list in private so i can send it to you, don't be afraid to tell me your Craziest kinks cause like i said im really open mind to a lot of things that you may even not be into XD.

I do like One liner or Paragraph Roleplayer, i rather like Qualitie than quantity, i sometimes do only a few lines and sometimes Medium para depending on my imagination, So if you don't mind fews lines or para that's a good point to rp with me ^^

Important point where it's unegociable : i hate 3rd person perspective in roleplay, like when you are talking about youself with "he/she", I only rp with 1rst, 2nd person perspective so if you don't... just ignore my post please.

Have fun in your search and contact me if your are interested by sending me an email, ;)
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Hey man what's your F- list?
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Screenshot_20170109-222350.png: 467.77 KiB, 1440×2560

F-list now
@ Matt beckerino
[ dis / lit ] [ g / f / s / fur / art ] [ 3dcg ] [ p2p / req / rp ]