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607 Caterpillar The Domestic Yapoo (ENGLISH) 4 18-Nov-15 22:14
7 FPZToons3DFan PC Toons and FPZ3D 348 16-Jan-17 18:10
912 Anonymous Carey - The queen of escapes 29 02-Jan-17 14:40
870 AAZ2405 [PRIME n CHOICE] 3d pictures 15 20-Dec-16 16:37
757 47 My Collection 18 15-Dec-16 17:48
873 AAZ2405 [xxxx52] works 3 20-Sep-16 13:46
373 Anonymous Shintaro Kago - Industrial Revolution and World War 4 21-Oct-16 01:28
879 AAZ2405 [demontroll]'s Works 4 09-Oct-16 09:46
330 Anonymous Quad Animation Yuyu 6 12-Sep-16 19:51
877 AAZ2405 [@ばくし]'s Works 2 11-Sep-16 17:03
447 Anonymous Shintaro Kago Thrilling History 112 01-Sep-16 06:35
224 The Ram fpz3d 17 26-Jul-16 01:07
36 Anonymous Hideshi Hino 6 16-Nov-14 15:38
14 Anonymous Kobayashi Shounenmaru - Eccentricities Vol. 1-6 4 30-Nov-14 14:22
88 Anonymous kuso Manga 2 06-Dec-14 17:21
47 Anonymous Koutarou Ohkoshi - The Love that Binds Us to Heaven (ENGLISH) 4 27-Nov-14 22:53
225 Anonymous [Horihone Saizo] Naisho-Yoo 1 31-Dec-14 11:59
92 Anonymous An anime short (slight gore / cannibalism / nudity / weird stuff) 2 09-Dec-14 19:04
23 Anonymous couple more new translated Kago's 4 20-Mar-15 08:56
389 The Ram 3D Art. 9 19-Apr-15 22:20
444 StraitJackit In need of GMOD child models 5 11-Aug-15 13:42
445 StraitJackit Made a Gurochan wallpaper 6 12-Aug-15 05:10
542 tokei Hope jensen 1 29-Aug-15 15:26
529 Anonymous Shintaro Kago - Dementia 21 (complete) 3 17-Sep-15 19:56
30 Anonymous Suehiro Maruo - The Inferno in Bottles (ENGLISH) 3 17-Sep-15 19:57
33 Anonymous Suehiro Maruo - The Dancing Dwarf (ENGLISH) 3 17-Sep-15 19:58
392 Neuro Guro [PDF] 7301pgs from /lit/ as far back as 2006 5 24-Sep-15 02:17
593 Anonymous sailor moon ryona game 2 01-Nov-15 08:25
597 Anonymous Shintaro Kago - Angel 3 18-Nov-15 22:21
621 Anonymous Shampoo from Ranma 1/2 1 23-Nov-15 07:38
456 StraitJackit huge guro collection, mostly boys 3 16-Dec-15 18:00
596 Anonymous Waita Uziga - Sae and Yuki 2 01-Jan-16 22:56
179 Anonymous Shintaro Kago - Paranoia Street 1 - Chapter 9 (ENGLISH) 8 13-Mar-16 21:53
667 Anonymous found this comic dump 3 05-Feb-16 02:55
686 Anigav Sinep Facebook and guro 1 18-Feb-16 22:19
710 BloodyRaccoon Guro games? share it here! 2 25-Feb-16 17:48
678 Anonymous Living Dead! Vol 02 partial translation, + Full RAWs 5 12-Mar-16 20:12
661 Caterpillar Kazuichi Hanawa - Early Works (ENGLISH) 5 12-Mar-16 20:37
1 Anonymous Super Powered Mongolia Invasion 26 12-Mar-16 20:38
725 Anonymous Kago Shintaro raws 12 17-Mar-16 01:57
9 Anonymous Flygirl Throwdown 9 24-Mar-16 22:10
292 Anonymous Mukade Melibe - Kono Sekai niwa Yuuki Ningyou ga Iru 5 30-Mar-16 15:44
589 Anonymous STUDIO S COLLECTION 4 02-Apr-16 17:26
341 Anonymous Shintaro Kago - The 'Can an Accidental Collision on the Way to School Result in a Kiss' Experiment 8 25-May-16 02:16
754 Anonymous Shintaro Kago - 急いで喉を裂け 2 25-May-16 10:11
716 Anonymous There's Something About Dullahan-Chan 2 15-Jun-16 15:46
591 Anonymous gurochan image dump 11 03-Jul-16 00:42
738 Anonymous Bought some Kisirian comics 6 07-Jul-16 06:19
165 Anonymous Waita Uziga - Shoujo Kaibou Gakkai 16 30-Aug-15 13:35
546 llooping comic cherche 2 20-Aug-08 18:23


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000a.jpg: 755.91 KiB, 1504×1300

This is Shotarou "Cyborg 009" Ishinomori's manga adaptation of Shozou Numa's seminal S&M science fiction epic.

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Wow! It's a toss up which is more awesome...the manga or Caterpillar! Thank you!!!
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This was unexpected, thanks.
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>seminal S&M science fiction epic.
Ooooh thank you so much
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pd006.jpg: 259.7 KiB, 1920×1080

So I have a good chunk of stuff from FPZ3D, PCToons, and one or two things from Sexy Sluggers in general.
There's a few things I'd love someone to share from FPZ3D or PCToons if they have but I really hate the whole 'let's trade' stuff but will if I have to. In general I aim to share all I have here in this thread, eventually, and would strongly urge anyone else who has to do the same.
Anyway! I'll probably dump one full set/story a week. If anyone has any requests, please let me know and I'll share if I have. My FPZ3D stuff is mislabeled although I can connect the pictures to the title, it's just I'm too lazy to bother listing them all. If you have something in particular you want, ask and I'll see if I have it.
I'm not sure what a good file hosting service is that doesn't require registration on my part, so until a better suggestion comes along I'll just slap these galleries on Imgur.

I'll start us off with a random FPZ3D offering. After this I'll do one or two dumps a week either taking requests or just dumping from my own collection at random or more likely alphabetically.

FPZ - Parking: http://imgur.com/a/gWy01#0

As for PCToons/Sexy Sluggers here's a list of what I got; http://pastebin.com/gJxNDY46

As for what I want - from PCtoons I'd love Deadline Foxy Boxing, Good Girls, or to a lesser extent Cheerleader Showdown. From FPZ3D I'd love Big, Red Room 1, or either of the Li-Mei fights or the first School fight. But, again, really, anything aynone wants to share here would be just awesome.

Hope you all enjoy.
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Me again i actually have them, what i need is small kill and beach fight night
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I have what your looking for.

Email: potatopealor@yahoo.com.sg
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Danielle's Dead you find for free here
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i have the latest animation by fpz3d

email: potatopealor@yahoo.com.sg
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Thanks by sharing, excellent material.
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cover.jpg: 638.94 KiB, 1200×2031

Formidable 3D series about the escape artist (actress, magician, ...) Carey Carter (and some other girls).

Offers gory bad endings :D

Here an example. Can upload more if anyone is interested.

pw: behe4dthequeen
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Quite a few are not working, mega says the file does not exist
The ones that work are these files:
CtQoE - 28.7z

And please post the missing password

Thank you for sharing this awessome series
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Same op told before



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The one file over 5GB is almost impossible to download in one piece from MEGA - they always state that my transfer volume is used up after 95% of the file downloaded. Would somebody be a very kind soul and split this file so that it can be downloaded in parts? I would really appreciate this.
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Hello good sir. To download of mega use a program called mega downloadeR. Don't forget the R in the end. With it you copy the url, all of it, and the program will do the rest.
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Thank you very much, this worked like a charm :)
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33750019_p0.jpg: 679.37 KiB, 1479×1003

Hey guys. Found this author recently. Hope U enjoy it.
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Hm?.. Where did you find the last picture? I dont find it in the archive!
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A random tumblr blog - bloodnbeauty.tumblr. That was the only one there, though.
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Does anyone have more of this artist? His pictures really do it for me and I'd love to see more. Thanks!
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Aaaand he is back! With new goodies!!!

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This is the best christmas ever aaaaaa
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!One-Three001.jpg: 219.51 KiB, 1200×1007

I've been a long time lurker of gurochan, g.e-hentai.org, deviantart and pixiv (the last 2 a bit more recently) and this is all that I've gathered ( ~900 files)
I've sorted everything and theres a folder for animations, a movie scene collage (which I'm kind of disappointed of) and image folders: 3d, drawn & tits(mixed).

The tits folder: mainly breast mutilations(cuts and tears, no branding or flattening)

3d folder: from a few "normal pics" to peril to executions & comics

Drawn: again, from a few perilous ones to plain ol' guro

I know the source for most of them so you can ask in this thread for source if anything catches the eye.

note: uploaded picture is kinda non-representative of my collection in it's entirety but it shows my love for this community xD
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!One-Three014.jpg: 204.55 KiB, 1200×1695

New, slightly updated collection (quite a few new manips I picked up at TDS/Dolcettish and some movie clips):

General (drawn and 3dcg images)

Manips+Unsorted pics+Vanilla pics

Movie Death Scenes

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On movie death scenes. Are they videoclips or still pictures?
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BTW, all the links are dead now :(
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Clips, from princes-horror-central mostly, but also a few decaps and other scenes from thedarkspot. I don't plan on leaving the links available forever, because I'm also using mega for other stuff. I might make another upload sometime
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tumblr_ns5r3v587p1s8yjg5o1….png: 411.32 KiB, 1280×1317

I hope everybody like this! In this guy'd works almost no blood or guts. Yet there is some fascinating anatomy!)

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password: 1234567890
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How about a couple more sample images? Are all unbirthing? Are there gay/dickgirl images? All bondage?
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000.jpg: 579.56 KiB, 800×1132

A one shot that is going to be released by Hollow-Press at the end of March. This is just the story, 27 pages including unaltered cover read/look at the pictures left to right for this one (no words in this piece.)



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Excellent, many thanks.
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tyvm :)
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Would you please reupload the file? The links are invalid now. Many thanks.
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choice_girl_meat_by_demont….jpg: 1.72 MiB, 3200×2400

Just like this guy:


Pass: 1234567890
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Thanks for the uploads.
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does this post contains any additional images that we can find in his deviantart account?
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WinRar won't open the three files
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1219011086548.jpg: 67.55 KiB, 560×420

3d animation swfs of a limbless girl and her lover having sex. A must-have for quadruple amputee fans!

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Thanks a lot!
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link not work!
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Hope someone can provide a new link, this one is really old and dead
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The 4shared link should be working again. Just in case it goes down and I'm not around, can someone else make a mirror for me?
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56797697_p1.jpg: 264.21 KiB, 750×1000

Guy sure know the drill

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pass: 1234567890
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