“You have been warned.”

On Missing Threads08-Dec-16 09:44

Sudden disappearance of threads was caused by server's clock skew. Please report missing threads in /dis/ or on IRC, I'll restore them.


On the Recent Downtime21-Oct-15 21:39

The recent major downtime, initially started as a brief maintenance downtime by schedule, was a result of three unforeseen issues:

1. Hardware problem: the UPS powering the server depleted its battery and was taken down, which later resulted in the premature death of the server's sole (regrettably non-redundant) power supply. The server's motherboard is old and turned out incompatible with the spare power supply that I had at hand, so it took me some time to obtain a proper replacement one.

2. Software problem: we switched the Linux kernel trunk during the maintenance period, which had broken networking (at least in our setup.) Now that we switched the trunk to the newest 4.* version, everything is fine.

3. Our exit point server provider (an ad-hoc reverse proxy of sorts) terminated service for us on the grounds of GUROchan's content breaching their terms of service. We found a new reverse proxy provider and are in the process of setting up networking with them. The new reverse proxy is expected to enter service within a couple of days from now.

We are really sorry for this mess. In order to prevent reverse proxy problems in future we will set up more exit point servers to achieve fault tolerance through redundancy, and also (coarsely) balance the networking load via a simple DNS round robin. So, we are calling for your help: if anyone can and is willing to provide a reverse proxy service (* see the note below) for us, please contact me (enclaved) or ryonaloli either on IRC or start a thread in /dis/. Your help will be greatly appreciated and will help ensure GUROchan stability and longevity. This resource is very dear for us and all of our users, so we will continue to run it by any means.


* Technical note: in our ad-hoc context, a reverse proxy is composed of a network tunnel connecting the exit point and my border router carrying IPv4 as payload (tunneling options include GRE, MPLS, IPIP, and IPsec; the former two are preferred) and PAT (port address translation, or port forwarding) of ports TCP/80 and TCP/443 from the exit point public IP address to the internal IP address of the server routed through the tunnel. RIPv2 or OSPF routing would come in handy too. As such, an exit point can be run on a router, not requiring a full-fledged server or VDS.

Scheduled Downtime10-Oct-15 03:19

The site will go down during this weekend (approx. 21:00 MSK) for technical maintenance (upgrading server and networking hardware.) Please excuse the inconvenience.

Underage Art Unbanned13-Jun-15 23:17

Underage (lolicon and shotacon) art is hereby unbanned. Enjoy.

Underage Art Banned22-May-15 15:33

Today I (enclaved) was contacted by my ISP: Roskomnadzor (the telecom supervisory agency of Russia) has got a problem with lolicon on GUROchan. All sexually explicit loli/shota art is hereby banned until further notice, and I urge everyone to abide by this rule strictly lest we have our uplink suspended by the ISP. Meanwhile, I'll try to contact the said agency to find out the exact criteria that alerts them.

Donations24-Dec-14 07:59

If you ever thought of making a donation using the previously provided BTC wallet—don’t. We don’t own that wallet anymore.

Downtime16-Dec-14 11:23

We had a minor technical issue which caused the recent downtime. Everything is fixed now. Sorry about that.

Spam Attack20-Nov-14 16:26

We have been hit by a surge of spam. As it lasts, please bear with the interim countermeasure of no direct hyperlinks allowed in posts. If you should, change the schema of “http:” to “hxxp:”, and similarly for https, ftp, et al. I shall hand-edit those legitimate links myself whenever I spot them.