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1363 Andlex How to Format Stories for Easy Reading 38 10-Feb-17 07:31
8351 enclaved Post Requests in /req/ 1 19-Dec-16 03:20
9022 Anonymous Looking for a story... 1 20-Feb-17 22:22
5921 Anonymous Mule (Drugs, Snuff, Disembowelment, F/f) 11 20-Feb-17 17:36
8993 Onouwu Cardiophile musings (Heart fetish-always f/f) 4 20-Feb-17 14:47
2143 Kami-sama Basement (kidnap, drugged, mutilating, debreasting, cutting, uterus, torture) 90 20-Feb-17 07:34
8131 Regis Kate's Early Development (pre-teen, teen, castration, spaying, snuff) 13 19-Feb-17 17:58
8497 TheVisitorBlack Liselle offers Aria her life (Mass Effect, Aria T'Loak, Liselle, Tevos, Snuff, Amputation, Body Mod) 3 19-Feb-17 17:42
3827 Andlex Summermount (m/f, f/f, storyline, gore, murder, some cons, mostly noncons) 45 19-Feb-17 14:18
5417 Lord of Pancakes Heads (loli, shota, hanging, cons) 68 19-Feb-17 13:31
9005 Anonymous destroyed daughters 2 19-Feb-17 10:48
7950 TheVisitorBlack Hermione goes for seconds on Girlmeat (F/F, M/F, Deep Frying, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, D/s, willing) 20 19-Feb-17 00:17
5896 Eterya Miscellaneous short(ish) stories (various tags, but expect lots of hanging and f/f) 180 18-Feb-17 18:25
6590 Anonymous Writing prompts/requests thread for everyone. Find or post ideas/suggestions/requests for /lit/ 150 18-Feb-17 16:30
6505 Anonymous Futility; (Evangelion, seppuku/assisted seppuku, consensual, request) 12 18-Feb-17 05:33
8947 Karl Luck From the dungeon of Karl Luck. (Various tags, but expect a lot of shooting.) 6 18-Feb-17 04:43
7666 Anonymous Bacchanal (Gore, Snuff, Consensual, Sibling Incest, M/F/F, Sci-fi-ish.) 17 17-Feb-17 18:19
7764 Anonymous What happened to Outdoor Cinema? 30 17-Feb-17 18:17
8983 Regis LACIE'S GIFT (excerpt from Lami Pi Productions) teen, loli, sad, snuff 2 16-Feb-17 20:33
8980 Shadowstrider Only True Lord of the Sith (tort, asphyx, abortion, mast, mc, humil) 3 16-Feb-17 18:32
8837 Vanthel Missing series with a rich woman, sisters, ans gurl who gets clit removed 15 15-Feb-17 01:33
8867 Nightfall Searching Story from Old Gurochan (debreasting, cons) 3 15-Feb-17 01:29
7824 Aki Cruel and Unusal Deaths (snuff, murder, torture, variety) 7 14-Feb-17 02:23
4334 Loki 925 Calves, Father and Son Ranchers (Mm/gf+, cannibal) 10 14-Feb-17 02:21
6642 47 The emperors acquires new ordinance (female consensual snuff) 12 14-Feb-17 02:20
7935 Anonymous The 1st Branding Punishment Ceremony upon Leah Sarahbalte 20 19-Feb-17 00:10
8889 Anonymous is anyone interested by rich dominating poor stories 7 13-Feb-17 19:40
8950 Anonymous Happy birthday, the girl that lives in the basement 2 13-Feb-17 15:57
8926 Eficient The Locker Room (m/f, non cons, humiliation, anal, first, rape, oral) 3 13-Feb-17 12:35
8587 Regis Three Distinct Points of View of the Short Life of a Birch (loli, best, whip, gore, snuff) 12 12-Feb-17 14:45
8550 M.A.D. Top, or Bottom? (Various tags to be added later. Dub-con, pain, F/f, free use, suff) 17 12-Feb-17 05:39
8908 Schmugelflugel My own town (M/F+, M/f+, M/b+, M/M+, Mdom, ultra-cons, ws, scat, beast, cuck, torture, snuff, etc.) 7 11-Feb-17 19:16
3529 EvilFuzzy9 Cannibal Kunoichi & Other Fuzzy Fetishes (cann ff fm guro vore lact snuff etc.) 71 11-Feb-17 15:42
3380 Anonymous Harry Potter stories 70 10-Feb-17 21:13
8458 Anonymous Stray Dogs Hard Vore 5 10-Feb-17 04:17
8909 Karl Luck Semi-short stories. (101-300 Words) 6 09-Feb-17 23:03
5209 TDO Ultra-Short Stories (100 words or less) 234 09-Feb-17 18:39
8561 Deathstalker CosplayBabes vs. The Legions of the Undead (snuff, zombies) 17 09-Feb-17 12:20
8653 Anonymous School Policy (decap, semi-con, teen) (Reposted) 7 09-Feb-17 10:39
6782 Anonymous Repairs (Vaporization, casual, cons) 46 09-Feb-17 01:48
8864 Eficient Groupie (M/f, rape, oral, snuff) 2 08-Feb-17 22:26
8397 Eficient XXXpresso (MMM+/f, F/f, cons, first, anal, throating, bukkake, lesbian, impalement, snuff) 10 08-Feb-17 16:40
7056 bellydistension Beach Attack (bursting, belly inflation, anal, rape, monster/alien) 12 08-Feb-17 06:48
6453 Rosie Short(er) stories (loli, incest, semi-consensual, snuff, necrophilia, possibly more) 21 07-Feb-17 22:41
7570 Htabdoolb Zookeepers (Snake/woman vore, Frog/woman vore, Consensual, Casual) 7 07-Feb-17 05:53
8636 Jay Deviant Baby Crush - reposted with tags! (baby snuff, abortion, underage, Hard Crush, 7 06-Feb-17 03:10
4866 The Bizarre One The Bizarre One's Brainstorms 6 06-Feb-17 01:17
4276 The Bizarre One The Dissection of Starlight Glimmer (MLP) 62 06-Feb-17 01:17
5666 Otakuist A Hunt ( cannibalism, snuff,debreasting,preteen) 8 05-Feb-17 08:43
6500 Bugo The Ancient hunger (Hard vore, Semi-con, gore, messy, monster, m-f, more tags to come) 11 04-Feb-17 20:00
8804 Anonymous Xeno story (repost, hard pussy vore) 4 03-Feb-17 14:07
8470 Anonymous The psychologist (torture, cons, snuff(?)) 5 03-Feb-17 06:41
8224 Anonymous Werewolves hard vore 3 02-Feb-17 06:04
7655 TheVisitorBlack Hermione browses for girlmeat (F/F, Canni, Snuff, Hermione, Luna, Harry Potter, Cons) 38 31-Jan-17 23:35
5404 Aoi Hikari Aoi Hikari's thread 68 31-Jan-17 13:05
8328 Htabdoolb Pep (M/f, Foodplay, Cannibalism, Objectification, Casual, Coercion, Consensual, Addiction) 32 31-Jan-17 01:20
8595 Blackraven2 All the way through (teen M/F, breat mutilation, piercing, impalement, some blood, consensual) 15 30-Jan-17 16:46
1903 Anonymous Car Fight (m/f, loli, vivisection) 77 30-Jan-17 14:54
2883 bloodlust Julie tortured (snuff, non-cons, disembowelment) 15 30-Jan-17 12:51
8773 Ellie Ritual Dessicration (Loli, torture, rape, cannibalism, oral, anal, snuff) 4 29-Jan-17 11:36
8041 AbbotTar School Festival (Cons/Semicons, Watersports, Drowning, hopefully more to come) 16 29-Jan-17 04:47
7368 NewGuy Christening the Lab (gore, torture, anticipation, dismemberment) 10 27-Jan-17 15:16
8745 masterchaos gfmk 011 The Sister and the other Sister. (soft vore/ cannibalism) 1 24-Jan-17 22:40
7177 CuteAndHurting Bad Magic: Petrification, Transformation, Immortality (human statue, human onahole, mid schoolers..) 11 24-Jan-17 21:32
5073 Eficient Lynched (M/f, no cons, rape, hanged, snuff) 7 24-Jan-17 04:32
7635 Blau Sturm Final Fantasy Snuff Story 35 23-Jan-17 23:01
8713 PusKiller The Pussy Killers Ch. 2 Part 2 (Genital mutilation, teen, snuff, hard-vore, rape, violence) 1 23-Jan-17 01:37
8712 masterchaos Amy's quest for Sonic heart. (soft vore, cannibalism, fuury) 1 22-Jan-17 20:09
8700 PusKiller The Pussy Killers Ch. 2 Part 1 (Genital mutilation, snuff, hard-vore, rape, violence) 6 22-Jan-17 13:59
1310 blue.beard School Selection 74 22-Jan-17 13:12
4239 gromyko "Letters Home" (mf, ff, cons, snuff) 22 22-Jan-17 07:03
8673 PusKiller The Pussy Killers Ch. 1 (Genital mutilation, teen, snuff, hard-vore, rape, violence) 4 21-Jan-17 14:27
2295 tSade Dolcett Girls (ff cann magic sn nc tort viol) 246 30-Jan-17 09:24
6778 CuteAndHurting Turning to Stone, Random Petrification Stories 4 21-Jan-17 14:05
6296 CuteAndHurting Sanae and the Life Statues (petrification, turning to stone, progressive cruelty) 12 21-Jan-17 14:05
1150 TheVisitorBlack Ruki at the Snuff Club (Digimon, peril, exhib, posing, public, gun, eventual snuff) 79 21-Jan-17 14:02
3073 CuteAndHurting Death Arts Competition - First Blood 22 21-Jan-17 14:02
4434 Anonymous Land of the rising sun, (f-self, m/f, f/f, gore, consensual) 67 21-Jan-17 14:02
25 ∀x ∃y / x=porn(y) Choke Therapy (hanging, semi-con) and other asphyx stories 37 21-Jan-17 14:02
4923 Anonymous Recycling Rita 14 21-Jan-17 14:02
3686 Dracon Fountains (con, snuff, ff) 30 21-Jan-17 14:02
6220 gromyko The Best Job (F/f, F/F, snuff, cons) 15 21-Jan-17 14:02
3300 Anonymous Three Little Bitches Beheaded (repost due to corrections) 40 21-Jan-17 14:01
7285 Pung The Miraculous Mutilation Machine (mutilation, body modification, animal abuse, amputee, nonlethal) 47 21-Jan-17 14:01
7498 Htabdoolb Hannah goes to the Zoo (Frog/woman vore, Consensual, mild Digestion, mild Asphyxiation) 10 21-Jan-17 14:01
6887 Anonymous looking for a story 25 21-Jan-17 14:01
2522 SexistAliien Freedom to Snuff (loli, free-use, cons, school, piss, snuff) 70 21-Jan-17 14:01
4457 Lil School Exhibition (cons, torture, eventual snuff to come, lesbians) 30 21-Jan-17 14:01
8659 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) From the Killer or Victim prompt in Roleplay 5 07-Feb-17 17:23
5001 JestInPieces Susan: a Girl Apart (f/f, cons, dismemberment, vivisection, non-lethal 25 20-Jan-17 14:01
6873 Jim Sugomi Wendy roasting (gravity falls) cons, live pan roast, debreasting, decunting, cannibalism, huge tits. 30 19-Jan-17 23:35
8398 Regis LIFE & DEATH IN THE D-RING (everything but fur and Sci-Fi) 21 18-Jan-17 19:15
8652 Regis Becky's Private Grad Party (teen, loli, masturbation, snuff) 1 18-Jan-17 14:39
8651 ppolin Kidnapped [non-con, tentacle, snuff] 1 18-Jan-17 14:21
8635 Jay Deviant Baby Crush 2 18-Jan-17 14:04
8643 Anonymous School Policy (decap) 6 18-Jan-17 10:26
8646 TheVisitorBlack April's Soup Selfie (TMNT, April O'Neil, Willing, Exhibitionist, F-Self, Implied snuff) 1 18-Jan-17 00:44
8631 TheVisitorBlack Mary-Jane: Snuff Double (Complete, Spider-man, Spitting, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Cannibalism) 2 16-Jan-17 21:15
6321 WarBlade RWBY Scat And Gore Stories 13 16-Jan-17 18:03
8032 Anonymous Death Therapy (Hanging, Decapitation, Snuff, Consensual) 4 12-Jan-17 08:34
8529 Absol Sanctify the Dark (Loli, snuff, murder, scat, etc.) 3 11-Jan-17 19:56
4175 Regis Repost - Spin the Bottle (nc, rape, torture, group beating, snuff) by request 12 11-Jan-17 04:10
8472 Anonymous The snuff movie enterainment park (cons, snuff) 12 11-Jan-17 00:04
8593 PsychoAiko The Village and the Girl with the Vision (body horror, f/f, f/self, eyes, parasites, tentacles) 1 10-Jan-17 04:56
6704 PsychoAiko The Business Trip (F/F, F/self, amp, armless, feet, sci-fi, debreasting, M/S Topless universe) 9 10-Jan-17 04:51
6554 Darkly Initiation (Consensual, underage, snuff, cannibalism, body-mod, incest, omnisexuality) 22 10-Jan-17 04:00
4634 Poguemahone Fun with a Fairy (mf, size difference, large insertion, semi-con, gore, non-fatal) 86 08-Jan-17 18:10
6889 Eterya 'Reload Save Y/N?' – A /g/-style take on 'Choose your own Adventure' stories; come and play 82 08-Jan-17 07:43
8563 Anonymous Therapy (incest: mother-son, rape, lactation, snuff, m/F) 2 08-Jan-17 06:55
8236 Regis CREATING DAMASCUS STEEL (impalement) 10 07-Jan-17 14:40
8101 Hanneko Applicant for Death - Juan Gotoh tribute (consensual, snuff, videotaping) 14 07-Jan-17 03:31
8551 masterchaos The Live of Number 562. (soft cannibalism) 2 06-Jan-17 16:36
8540 Loke Caroline (mast, F/f, asphyx) 2 05-Jan-17 13:41
8537 Karl Luck Semi-Short Stories (500 words or less) 1 04-Jan-17 19:13
8535 Ninefacedman The Crackle (coercion, autocannibalism, non-sexual, psychological, transformation) 1 04-Jan-17 12:26
8508 Anonymous extreme titgames 16 04-Jan-17 10:47
8504 Regis LAAP Park short story (teens, racy park, lethal rides, snuff) 5 04-Jan-17 00:05
6530 Regis NEWER GREATLY EXPANDED Lami Pi Productions (LOLI, loli scat, loli fights, M/M, anal, snuff) 34 02-Jan-17 18:05
8391 REd Jissouseki Abuse Archive 15 31-Dec-16 16:05
8155 Modus Malleus Consensual Genocide Run - Undertale (cons, gutting, choking, meat grinder, de-limb, crushing) 20 29-Dec-16 22:47
8045 Guilty+Pleasure Star Wars Stories (Snuff, Necro, Piss, Sexism) 13 29-Dec-16 19:48
8463 Regis Testing Lung Capacity - 3 Lethal Asphyxiation Competitions 3 29-Dec-16 16:23
7611 Unknown The Chair. (Electrocution. Pissing oneself. Snuff. Orgasms) 5 29-Dec-16 15:49
7984 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) The War (Advanced-modern Tech, various but realistic torture, various stories) 3 28-Dec-16 02:49
6324 TastyMonk Honor Among Thieves (Gutting,Stabbing, Non-Con) 27 26-Dec-16 20:45
4450 Anonymous Slut-er House (gore, consensual snuff, necrophilia, horror) 11 26-Dec-16 20:45
7933 Shadowstrider Invasion: Diner (M+F, M+f, Mb, Mg, anal, mast, oral, snuff, torture) 3 26-Dec-16 16:39
8097 Eficient Birthday Present (tags inside) 8 26-Dec-16 12:01
8275 Bright A Bandit Bitch Gets the Block (beheading, public execution, public use) 8 22-Dec-16 20:25
7565 Johny Guro An Ongoing Story (Multiple victims, gore, rape, snuff) 4 21-Dec-16 05:39
8327 masterchaos Stella’s gift for Kamilla (cannibalism, soft, yuri) 2 21-Dec-16 02:39
8381 TC Looking to commission a comic script or story 1 20-Dec-16 23:39
8357 Anonymous Gutting (gore, Snuff, disemboweled) 2 20-Dec-16 17:57
8372 Elf Girl A Club Of The Japanese Businessmen (Loli, Humiliation, Torture, Rp) 1 20-Dec-16 00:59
6125 Loke Ben's Day at Work (m/f, f/f, snuff, semi-con, impalement, asphyx, mild scat, cann) 10 19-Dec-16 06:57
7985 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) 3 girls shot in the pussy (a shooting spree, drowning, pregnant, piss, showering) 5 19-Dec-16 06:56
8308 Poisenpen/Lilith Hell Hath no Fury Saga 5 17-Dec-16 08:35
8176 Shadowstrider A Thousand Worlds of Despair: Crimson Comfort (A Higurashi no naku koro ni story) 7 16-Dec-16 03:35
8297 Shadowstrider A Thousand Worlds of Despair: Survivor's Doom (A Higurashi no naku koro ni story) 1 16-Dec-16 01:04
8186 Aki Let's go on an adventure! (Choose your own adventure, bad ends) 23 15-Dec-16 22:41
8293 Magali Looking for a lost story 1 15-Dec-16 22:08
7744 Htabdoolb Cream and Juice (Cum Drinking, Castration, Cannibalism, Consensual) 9 14-Dec-16 23:33
2650 Anonymous Victimology 101 40 14-Dec-16 05:52
8219 masterchaos Third advent special: A coupon for Agatha. 1 11-Dec-16 16:20
7398 Jackalman French Girl Gutted (M/f, torture, murder, disembowelment) 17 11-Dec-16 14:40
7902 masterchaos A Christmas surprise for the best big brother! (soft cannibalism) 2 11-Dec-16 13:23
8175 The_White_Spiral Does anyone have the story Corals End? 2 09-Dec-16 21:10
8154 Rex Canyon Bryan Fury Snuffs Ayane 2 12-Dec-16 09:59
8153 Rex Canyon Bryan Fury Snuffs Ayane 1 08-Dec-16 05:52
5564 Anonymous Goodbye, old friend. (Dark Realm of Polaris, an ASSTR subsite, is down) 29 07-Dec-16 18:40
8123 Kitty Cunt A Breathtaking Meal Part 1 5 07-Dec-16 16:46
8124 Annandale Snuff, Lolita, Debreasting 3 07-Dec-16 06:20
8093 Pussy Shooter The Suicide Hotline ((Snuff, exibitionism, blood, genital mutilation, debreasting, suicide, etc)) 3 06-Dec-16 23:09
6796 Loke My Execution 11 05-Dec-16 03:10
7867 Bright Orcs Execute a Poor Little Elf Girl! (public hanging, loli elf, special surprise execution method) 6 04-Dec-16 22:27
8007 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) Raised for the circus (GrossGod Universe) 6 04-Dec-16 07:00
8076 masterchaos A Julia gift for Dodge! 1 04-Dec-16 05:35
8035 masterchaos Stesspela and the winter cannibals! (cannibalism, soft.) 2 01-Dec-16 23:29
8029 masterchaos Pokedex hunting tactics: “The hunt begins” (001 to 025 to many tags^^) 1 01-Dec-16 18:37
7990 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) Torture of Tracey (Godsent Universe) 3 03-Dec-16 16:58
6328 Anonymous Princesses in Peril (Necro, non-con, snuff, gutting) 10 01-Dec-16 06:03
4902 Dokariss Azula's feast (FF, guro, snuff, exhibition, humiliation, cannibalism) 25 30-Nov-16 15:19
7438 Eficient Lost and Found (M/f, semi-cons, anal, throating, first, rape, bagging, snuff) 6 29-Nov-16 23:05
7224 mississippiman 和式さん: I am Washiki-san 7 29-Nov-16 14:55
7892 Anonymous The War (battle, slavery, surgeries, contrasting tortures, rape, forced chastity) 8 29-Nov-16 06:32
7898 Anonymous 3 girls shot in the pussy (a shooting spree, drowning, pregnant, piss, showering) 14 28-Nov-16 05:03
7829 Anonymous Creating Heavens and Hells 12 09-Feb-17 14:47

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I'd prefer if the /lit/ viewers saw this, so I put it here. Mods, please move it to /dis/ if you feel it belongs there.

Gurochan isn't exactly Word when it comes to formatting options, but you've got a lot of basic tools at your disposal to make your story not a pain to read.


Each new paragraph should be on a new line with a blank space in between.

Like so.

It might look like you have a lot of blank space at first, but it's much easier to read in the long run. This helps mitigate walls of text.


You're writing a story, presumably with characters, who presumably speak at some point. Every time a different character speaks, their dialogue gets its own paragraph. Again, it looks like it leaves a lot of space, but it's easy to read (and professional).

Use quotation marks for dialogue, not hyphens, and certainly not nothing at all. You need something in there to differentiate dialogue from narration.


I think I need a hug, said Maya. No worries, said Steve. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:

"I think I need a hug," said Maya. "No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:

-I think I need a hug.

-No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.


"I think I need a hug," said Maya.

"No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."


"I think I need a hug."

"No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Tags and Titles

Let potential readers know what to expect from your story before they dive into it. If accurate tags would potentially spoil the story, at least tag the big ones (/g/, /f/, /s/, /fur/, maybe loli/shota). If you'd rather not deal with tags, at least make your title descriptive (e.g. Ruki at the Snuff Club). Tags are especially helpful in stories with less indicative titles.

Note that titles not indicating the included fetishes are not bad titles. Titles are merely supposed to summarize the story, or symbolize the theme, etc. It's not like "Hunger Games" would have been better titled "Teenagers Murdering Each Other for Rich People's Entertainment," is it?


A general rule of thumb is t…Post truncated. View full.
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>>7881 Or at the very least people should list the tags at the beginning of the story, as they often don't fit in the title very well.
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Any requests posted into /lit/ will be removed.
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Anyone know a series of mind control cannibalism stories featuring a man who uses a hyponotic computer program, or phone app to make women want to be whisked away and eaten by him, complicit in their kidnapping and eventual death.

I remember it pretty well but i just cant seem to find it in the archives.
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Melanie figured that the bag had started leaking inside her belly as the plane was winging its way over Southern California. She even knew when the bag had split. Marco had assured her that each packet of heroin had been compressed within double wrapped condoms and had very little air inside. But as the plane gained altitude after take-off and the cabin pressure decreased, she could feel the packets expanding in her stomach and lower bowel, making her already pregnant looking abdomen swell further. She'd found the sensation quite erotic and had reclined her seat and stroked her belly like any four month pregnant woman would.

Melanie started to feel the effects of the leaking heroin by the time they were over Frisco. It began as a sweet warmth that spread through her core and loins then her thighs and bottom. At first she didn't realize that it was the heroin, thinking that she was just getting an unusually strong case of the hornies from the expanded packets inside her.

Mel had laid back in her seat and squeezed her thighs together as the good feelings began, but soon they grew too strong to be natural she'd felt a cold rush of fear rush through her as she realized that at least one of the bags inside her gut had burst. 'Stay calm', she had told herself as her fear and anxiety started to build. She thought it out and came to the conclusion that the bag couldn't have burst - each packet was thicker than a man's thumb and almost as long. That much pure heroin would have killed her within minutes. The end of one of the double wrapped condoms must have come undone and the inner one must be leaking is all. All she had to do is remain calm until she got to Vancouver and the retrieval could begin. She'd make herself throw up to get rid of anything left inside her.

Melanie had 130 packets of heroin inside her body. Marco had managed to press 80 inside her bowels, one by one, then she had began the arduous task of swallowing the remaining 50 using small shots of olive oil to make them slide down. The result was a rounder midsection and a distinct bulge in her belly that she had passed off as a four month pregnancy. That got her out of the x-ray body scan at the airport and had elicited smiles from most of the security and airline staff she'd encountered.

By the time the plane was winging over Seattle, Melanie felt quite sick despite the slow orgasmic feelings radiating from her abdomen. She'd got her unsteady legs under her and made her …Post truncated. View full.
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This was simpley amazing, the details, the reasons, the feelings. I'm still shivering. You have amazing writing skills! Are there more???
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A+ times a million, amigo. There are never enough overdose stories, and this one was fantastic.
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While I am trying to get back into writing, I thought I'd let y'all see some short stories. Let me know what you think c:
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Terra 5'10 25 soft pale dirty blonde blue eyes DD breasts
Jani 5'9 28 tanned muscular brown eyed D cups
Alicia 5'7 19 pale platinum blonde blue eyes A cups

In a world where wildlife is gone, the tradition of hunting took a turn for the underground. The prey was human and the hunters had to capture their prey. Rare genetic specimens were seen as prime game.-

Terra woke up to find herself lying in the middle of an open field at dawn. the startled woman looked around herself to find nothing but a circle of trees around this oddly deserted area.

"Who the fuck?!" The startled woman yelled out, quickly noticing that her top was missing and covering her bare chest. All she had on was the pajamas and slippers she wore when she went to sleep. She could feel her heart hammering, choking her breaths as she felt vulnerable and watched. She had no idea how she got there but she knew whoever put her there had a plan. Without any clue where she was she decided to take a direction and walk toward the trees. it all looked the same and there were no mountains or distinct features to be seen beyond the tall redwood trees and dense bushes.

As she approached the trees, she started to walk faster and faster, breaking into a full sprint as she open field felt more and more dangerous.

"Shit, shit, shit. What happened?! I hope this is a joke" she let out in labored breaths, sweat starting to bead down her face and body, making her hair stick to her shoulders. However as son as she entertained the thought it left her mind.

A quick snap made her jump as something hit the tree behind her. She looked around and saw something sticking out of the tree, it wasn't natural... it was unmistakably modern. a thin metal shaft connected to the needle lodged into the bark.. This was a dart... She froze for a split second in utter terror as she realized what it was and a sudden thud hit the leaves by her feet.

Without hesitation, Terra ran deep and aimlessly into the forest to lose whatever was shooting at her. she yelled "STOP, STOP" at the top of her lungs before disappearing among bushes, running fast and hard, pushing herself as hard as her body could muster. As she ran out of breath she lie down curled int he fetal position panting and sweating. Her legs were covered in cuts from the brambles. A river caught her eye a little in the distance but the open and uncovered territory was frightening. She couldn't even begin to know who her cap…Post truncated. View full.
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4'11 white haired red winged stocky and toned demon clad in leather. Long thick slick back horns and a crest of a skull with another set of smaller horns. Leather clad. Red eyes
21'3 winged and clawed Kitsune with mossy green hair and a toned body. Her upper chest covered in feathers leaving exposed the bottom half of her chest and the bulbous form of her breasts. red eyes.

In a small world overrun by monsters of all feminine shapes, a peaceful town was awaken. A fair skinned human woman came running into town.

"Everyone, a demon in the woods! There is a demon in the woods, she has awakened! We must stop her!" She yelled into the streets as people and their companions all gathered around her in the village.

"Please, relax, Lillian - We shall send our Guardian, Nauma to find and trap this demon away." The metal clad sword-mistress looked up at a massive yet rather gentle looking 21 foot giant.

"Nauma, please put an end to this. Go into the woods and trap that demon. put her back into the ground!"

The kitsune's wings fluttered happily as she sprang up from sitting and shook the ground as she sprinted dutifully toward the woods from where Lillian has come.

The demon, Furia, had awoken from an unusually long sleep. thousands of years had passed since she had awakened. Unlike the hundred years or so they typically awakened, she had been suppressed, banished from the world successfully by generations of locals who wielded a strong spell to keep her from summoning. However, it could not last forever and she broke through finally. She took a moment to walk around the forest. Nothing, not a peep of life was there to be seen as if even nature had learned to avoid the area where she had been banished.

"Ugh..." Her claw lowered to her stomach. She had an intense hunger. Existing was torture. Looking at the ground again, she wanted to go back and sleep, but she knew she would just come back hungrier. She knew she had to hunt for life. She needed a soul, she needed fear, she needed blood and meat. Her powers and her body was begging for sustenance.

Furia started to walk away from her center of the forest, knowing that something must be alive somewhere. However nothing seemed to move or chirp. The trees themselves were the only things vibrant and full of life. She leaned on one to think, turning her head to rest on it she suddenly heard something... a rhythm.

As she pressed her ear against the tree she …Post truncated. View full.
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Kayla was working at the end of her shift at a small cardiology clinic when her boss came in and asked her to stay late because a patient needed her care for a few extra hours after closing. The request was strange, as the patient in question seemed to be a healthy and athletic woman in her mid twenties who complained of chest pains, she hadn't spoken except to stay since she was admitted and all of her blood work was fine thus far.

"Yeah, sure. I'll do it"

He smiled and walked off "Thanks, she is really adamant about having you take care of her, she a friend of yours?"

"No, I don't recognize her."

He made a bewildered smirk and carried on. Kayla was just as confused but thought it was time to check in on her unusually healthy patient. She waled into the doorway and smiled.

"Can I get you anything?"

The woman just weakly shook her head to say no.

As she walked out her phone buzzed in her coat. She pulled ot out and saw text in all caps from her roommate. "KAY COME HOME NOW!" "EMERGENCY!"

Her heart sank as her suspicions were affirmed



She knew it then. Her roommate was with her in witness protection after they called out a massive drug scandal between a few crime organizations and the last hospital she worked at. She then remembered the knife in the woman's belongings.
Kayla was watching people leave and was walking out the door when her boss called her back.

"What do you think you're doing? Forget your patient?" He said, laughing it off as he was getting ready to leave.

"Oh yeah, sorry about that" she said in a soft, noticeably distraught tone.

She didn't want to raise alarms but she couldn't be int he hospital by herself. She also couldn't be sure the woman was the person after her, or that her leaving wouldn't be just as dangerous. Right now, before the shift was finally gone she had the best chance. She walked in again and had to think quick.

'I touch the knife and she'll know...' she muttered to herself. She had to act like a cardiologist again. She looked at the pillow... but she was barely 100lbs and the woman on the bed could easily overpower her in a struggle. She went bedside, the woman's eyes opened slightly and looked toward the glass door where two nurses were still there waiting for the last minute to head out; the woman just shook her head to say no.

Kay wanted to get the upper hand but didn't want to …Post truncated. View full.
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My first ever work. This might be long so I'll take my time. Enjoy.
Basement (by Kami-sama)

Chapter 1: Party

She needed something to relax; the final exams were finally over. For the past few weeks, she had been cramming day and night, Monster in one hand, a book in the other. Now, she felt the energy drink wearing out and fatigue slowly taking over her body. She was tired, very tired. But she wasn't going to let it end like this. She deserved a good break. She deserved a good time. The dorm was empty, emptier than any other day. She knew the reason: it was Friday. No soul would stick around on Friday especially if it's the last day of finals.

She unbuttoned her coat and threw it on the bed. She has been feeling stuffy all day. She unzipped her skirt and let gravity do the rest. She walked towards the mirror, which was large enough to see her whole body. She stared at it feeling frustrated. It wasn't so long ago that she bought an expensive bra from Victoria Secret: it's jet-black and has delicately sewn frills. Now, her favorite bra was strangling her breasts, limiting the oxgyen her lungs could breathe in. She wasn't disappointed at the size of the bra because it fitted her perfectly when she bought them. Instead, she was upset with her breasts. They have grown considerably again. She's already in her twenties, but her growth hasn't seceded yet. With one thumb, she unhooked her bra. The pent up tensions in her teats were impressive. Like a sling, her bra flew forward, revealing huge yet perfect pair of bosoms. They swung opposite to each other for a few seconds before coming to a still rest. It wasn't just her breasts that were big. Her nipples too adjusted to the size of her chest and budded with a pink glow. They were asleep; if aroused, these pink protrusions could further expand themselves, doubling, no, tripling in size. It wasn't the size of her breasts that envied her roommates, but the perfect alignment her nipples have on them. They weren't drooping too low nor hanging up too high and just jutted out straight towards the horizon as if begging to be sucked immediately.

She wore matching lingerie so her panties were also black. Her chest wasn’t the only thing that grew. This was obvious when her bust jiggled with every slight movement. She slid one finger into the side of her panties and gently tugged it. The thinnest lining of her undies had been resting in the crevice between her legs, the surrounding lips biting…Post truncated. View full.
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At least the story isn't dead. Hopefully you can finish it soon.

Do you have any idea how long until you are done with the chapter? Also, might I suggest doing something with urethral and ovary play.
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LOLOL, I actually have chapter 9 in my computer! When I read chapter 10 after 8 on this post, I was wondering why it didn't make sense. Haha! I've deleted the chapter 10 to reorganize the order of my stories.

This is chapter 9~ It comes before chapter 10.

Chapter 9: Surgeon

The tunnel between her legs couldn’t close; her smoldering tissues kept the shape of the rod. She twitched and trembled in agony, unable to move her legs.

“I invited a special guest, today”

Someone appeared under the light. He was dressed in what looked like scrubs and had a mask covering his face. He sat a roll of cloth on the table.

“This gentleman was kind enough to pay me millions just to operate on your body. For an ordinary person, you’re worth a lot of money. You should always remind yourself of that.”

The surgeon began to unroll the cloth revealing different surgical equipment ranging from scalps to tongs.

“He doesn’t talk. I wish he did though. We would have gotten along so well. I’ll be back later” said the man and disappeared from her vision.

The surgeon wasn’t patient. As soon as the man left, he proceeded to do his thing. Unlike the man, he wasn’t fond of toying with his experiments. He cut loose the ropes holding her legs up and removed the belts. Her thighs hit the cold table, splashing her honey pooling on it. He then parted her legs as far apart as possible. Next, he grabbed a marker and drew measurements on her pubic and abdomen.

Her vagina was still burning. The pain overwhelmed her other senses making her unable to notice the new stranger working on her body, that is, until she felt sharp stings near the most sensitive spot of her female body.

She looked down only to find the surgeon cutting her with a scalpel. He made a circular cut at the base of her protruding pink clitoris, pinched and pulled it. A thin layer of skin covering her clitoris came off easily, revealing the red tissue underneath it. With two fingers, he softly grabbed the tissue and pushed the surrounding skin back. The erect exposed clit peered out into the open, looming in the air like a missile ready to launch. Without wasting a second, the surgeon grabbed this sensitive soft flesh with a surgical pincer.

Post truncated. View full.
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And then this comes:

Chapter 10: The Beast

The surgeon was aware of the critical loss of blood in the girl. Blood seeping out from the newly formed hole was enough to make her unconscious and the surgeon needed her alive and kicking. It was easy for him to buy blood packs because according to the man, the girl was a universal recipient. He hooked the pack to her arm, replenishing the necessary fluid to keep her surviving.

The girl felt a part of her soul missing. Because she had played with herself for a long time, she has evolved to rely on her genital. Now, she could feel the emptiness. Like losing a limb, she couldn’t feel between her legs. The same wailing pain keep playing on repeat, no indication of dissipating any time soon.

Soon, some color came back to her face with the new blood. The surgeon was pleased with this. He didn’t waste a second and picked up the scalpel again. All the girl could do was exhale and pant in fear of what’s about to happen next.

The surgeon gave a single horizontal stroke on her skin just above her missing clit. Any other surgeon could tell that he wasn’t a fledgling in this field. Nothing vital was cut and there was just a trickle of blood, yet he split the skin clean. From the right edge where the cut stop, he started another line north east of her belly. He did something similar to the left edge and proceeded to enclose the vertices forming a cut trapezoid on her belly right above her female legacy.

At this point, she stopped struggling. She no longer has the energy or the will to struggle. All she did was pray for this to be over quickly.

The surgeon sat the scalpel down and picked up a pair of surgical scissors. This equipment was obviously intended to cut open a human being. He dug the bottom piece of the scissor into the cut, piercing the flesh and tissue beneath the skin. He was careful not to add too much force and ruin his million dollars’ merchandise underneath. He didn’t break a sweat because the scissor was sharp just as the manufacturer guaranteed. When he was sure the blade has reached the last layer of flesh covering her organs, he brought the handles of the scissor together, creating a soft squish as it cut her white flesh. She winced, not in pain, but at the sound of her belly…Post truncated. View full.
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Chapter 11: Teased and released

The surgeon came back to his senses as soon as his member stopped twitching. His pipe was empty now, and he has never cummed this much his entire life nor has ever fainted from deep orgasm. He could feel oxytocin rushing in his system, very relaxed and happy. But that bliss suddenly turned into dread when he heard the man shift on his chair. He knew he wasn’t doing his job well and, in this line of business, his life could be forfeited any minute.

He quickly got back up on his feet, zipped his jeans and cleaned his hands with a handkerchief.

With her lower abdomen flesh missing, her bladder, uterus and ovaries had more room to expand. They began to emerge out from her trapezoid. The surgeon, with fantasies about the female anatomy, was very eager to see her woman parts that hid behind her bladder.

He slowly grabbed her fluid sac and pulled it down to take a better view of her seed garden. Yet again he was amazed by how developed this girl is. Her ovaries glistened in deep pink, coated with a light moisture. They were too inviting as if they were seeking to be violated and ruined by enthusiasts like the surgeon. Inside the ovaries are her glorious eggs. One side was ripe and ready, but the other waited for her next cycle.

The surgeon carefully and gently fondled her sacs with his fingers, feeling her flesh with his fingertips. He was looking for the fruitful one. It was of utmost important to him that he save his treasure for the grand finale.

He felt a bump on her left sac.

“Aaha!”, he elated.

He let go of her and, as soon as he did that, her bladder fell back on her uterus in place again. He reached out for a binder clip that was inside the tray. As much as he was eager to dive straight for her eggs, he had to ensure he was putting up a good show.

Without hesitation, he squeezed the clip open, placed it vertically around her urethra and clamped it.

The feeling of a burnt snatch and snapped clit was overpowering her senses. She did not know what the surgeon was doing to her insides. She didn’t know her belly was open, licked by the raw air. She kept gritting her teeth in agony. As external blood filled her system and replenished her with cells for oxygen, her own red fluids splurted slowly from her missing clit.

A few minutes later, even amidst the agony and pain, she very suddenly had the urge to go to the bathroom. She tried to…Post truncated. View full.
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btw, don't mind a few grammar errors. I don't really want to re-read everything and do proofreading so I hope it doesn't effect the reading much.

I've decided to add one more chapter.
The chapter after the next one will be the last.
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Kate And the Family Jewels Club
by Regis

The favorite drink in the bar was called a cuntail, because nude pre-pubescent girls served it, wearing only provocative heels. They were appropriately called cuntail waitresses. There’s no way to know if the drink or the girls were named first. The name came because the very young ladies serving drinks, none yet growing breasts, were far too young to be in a place that served alcohol.

These were not your average grade 6 girls, who never wear such provocative stiletto heels, as these did, and would certainly not in public display so blatantly and aggressively their stimulating hairless little cunts to the appreciative customers.

It was the latest style in an emerging culture that continually pressed the limits of acceptability, and the latest trend, to employ naked little girls in heels to serve drinks proved to be outrageously popular. This was one of the minor changes to what were quite a number of dark activities, undertakings that were not monitored, nor prohibited by a populist and totally permissive new government.

Everyone was comfortably settled and the doors locked. The bar was open, but none of the guests bellied up, because the precocious naked children were serving them. Five nude 8-year-old girls, tall for their age, appeared to be even taller because of the provocative ballet heels they wore.

These shoes forced them to walk on pointe. Instead of clicking like regular heels, these tapped as they walked. These were extreme bizarre shoes with slender spike heels, placed in front because of the acute angle at which their feminine feet were bent in them, heels that provided little balance.

The gorgeous little ladies had either been ‘borrowed’ from their parents, abducted from a park or a birthday party, or had been recruited from a ballet school which was a professional training center, where they had been in residence since the age of 5, brought forward from the National Nursery, and had early along been separated out from the main group to be developed as erotic ballet entertainers.

They depended entirely on their tiptoe skills in walking on their severely arched feet in the skimpy 9-inch ballet heels, a skill only acquired with many hours of practice for weeks, months, years; often with extensive encouragement to their pretty bare bottoms and delicate cuntlets from their trainer’s slashing whip.

The slender young girls were c…Post truncated. View full.
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Absolutely !
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See, I said feedback was important. For example, I find Jokers' demented rant humorous. A little bit, anyway. Well, maybe not.
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you just spend a long time describing long tortures in a dissonant retarded way, and make bad jokes like cuntail, and use preteen characters.


I prefer older bodies and more emotionally mature villains, not idiots who talk and talk without action and describe their deeds in a morally disparaging tone.

Own it. Own the villainy.
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I'll bet there's lots of Joker fans out there. Can you find any of his creative work?
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Do not bother yourself with Joker, just a bored retard. I loved the story, and I'm in love with Kate, very sexy story, thanks for it!
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Right. I sort of backed myself into a corner on naming these things. Technically this is part of my "Offers" universe, but it's a side story with absolutely zero connection to any of the other stories in the series.

Also, technically this is incomplete because I'm planning on adding two or three epilogues. But as far as the story itself goes it's self contained and concluded. So read away, but expect more to be posted later.

Liselle offers Aria her Life

"Do you know why you are here?" Aria asked her daughter, Liselle, from atop her throne from the top of Afterlife. Next to her, restrained at the base of her couch was another Asari, covered in an Asari-leather set of bondage restraints that emphasized her bright blue tits, each one pierced with a set of silver studs through the nipples. The restraints came complete with a full face mask to hide the Asari's identity, with tiny holes for Ara's prized lover to see through, and a ball gag to keep her quiet. Liselle knew it was Councilor Tevos beneath the mask, her other mother; the bright blue skin and piercings gave the game away to those who knew her. But despite Tevos being the Asari counselor, it was hard to fear the powerful politician when her arms were strapped behind her and she was unable to speak the slightest word through the gag stretching her jaw. Liselle herself was naked, her soft purple almost lavender skin shining in the wild lights of the club.

Liselle was nervous. This wasn't the first time that her mother had called her to her seat of power, the older matriarch was incredibly controlling and had taken every opportunity to enforce Liselle's purpose upon her. To Aria, Liselle wasn't just a daughter, or her most effective employee, she was also Aria's prized possession; an absolutely pristine Azure filet that had been aging for nearly three centuries. A filet that as of yesterday was no longer untouched.

“No, mother,” Liselle responded, hesitantly. Her mother was obsessed with the proper care of her Azure, telling her since she was young that her sole purpose in life was to one day have her sex harvested to fuel one of her mother's orgies. The diets her mother put her on since a young age were never designed with her health in mind (though they were hardly unhealthy), but aimed instead at giving her azure extra flavor for Aria to enjoy once she took it from Liselle, killing her in the process. The friends her mother had found for her had been focused on te…Post truncated. View full.
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You write good, really good, kudos! I love the ME universe and extreme fantasies but dislike consensual snuff fantasies, but thanks to your writing skills this was still an amazing story!
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Reposting my first guro story upon request with some grammatical corrections; original 2013 content is untouched in the interest of not George Lucasing myself.

I'll post one chapter every day for the next few weeks so that no one gets overwhelmed. You should have the entire thing by late December/early January. If you want it sooner, email me and I'll send you the PDF.

Obligatory disclaimer: Summermount is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any of the crimes committed in this story--not even the ones committed by the good guys. He does, however, condone the befriending of cats. That is a positive thing.


For Gurochan, by Andlex

Erica and Dani

Bart sat on a roof and observed his target through binoculars. Her name was Erica Winters, a fifteen-year-old sophomore in Summermount High. There was something about her that fascinated him, something that beckoned him. Presently, she sat close to her little sister on the hotel bed, watching TV. From his vantage point, Bart could only see her top half—she wore a tight white T-shirt with no bra, shoulder-length blond hair and tan skin still wet from a dip in the pool. The girls' balcony covered her lower half—the hotel was one of Summermount's tallest buildings, and Bart had to settle for the roof of a far shorter apartment a quarter-mile away.

Dani slid off the bed and walked out of Bart's line of sight. Erica waved at her, then returned her attention to the TV. Bart pocketed his binoculars, picked up his bag, and set out for the hotel.


"You seriously going out in that?" said Erica. Her sister turned looked over her bare shoulder.


"I can see your tummy."

"Yeah, well, I can see your nipples."

"People aren't gonna see me. C'mon, pull your shirt down. You're too young to dress like that."

"I'm fourteen."

"Point in case. Case in point. Whatever."

Dani pulled her shirt down from her ribs to her hips, still revealing a sliver of skin between it and her shorts. "Good?" she said.

Erica gave her a thumbs up. "Not gonna do the whole ponytail thing?"

Dani combed her fingers through long, red hair. She shrugged. "Nah. Takes too long."

"It takes literally five seconds, dude."

Dani held up a finger. "Case in point."

Erica watched her sister slide out the door, taking a room key with her. She waited a full minute, then tur…Post truncated. View full.
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10/10 andlex ^_^ Still a great story
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hello, where can i see children core videos for free?
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Hello all. I've been a lurker here for at least a decade. Anyways I found this story. It's really good but just to short and really not flushed out as I like. So I flushed it out. Like I said it's really not mine I just rewrote it

Heads (loli, shota, hanging, cons)

"Please, can I hang you ?", said 12 year old Johnny to his best friend.

Jenny, being 12 herself, looked at him with wide eyes. "You mean like, all the way?"

"Well yes, I was told girls die very nicely when hanged." He said.

"And I was told boys go even better." Said Jenny with a grin. "I hear they squirt and then they go limp. Tell you what: Why don't we flip a coin?"

"Winner hangs loser all the way?" Johnny smiled.

"Yes! God this is so exciting !" said Jenny.
"You're on!"

Jenny and Johnny were friends for a long time. From time to time they used to play all kinds of games with each other. They were on a bed, wearing casual clothes, doing nothing more than talking. When Johnny popped up that question from nowhere. They both knew they liked the idea of hanging, and they even did some roleplaying that involved air walking with each other, but they made sure nothing went wrong. This time it will be the other way around. Jenny was a tall redhead with nice curves just starting to develop. Her budding tits were just about the size of small oranges and she had nice puffy nipples. The kind that would turn rock hard nicely when hanged. Johnny didn't have to be ashamed either. Tall, a bit tanner, nice slim yet not skinny body, and had an average cock for a boy his age. Both just had the beginings of hair on their sexes. Jenny was already familiar with his cock. If he hanged there would be two limp things dangling, Jenny thought.

"Wow, I can't believe we're doing this. My heart is about to pop out of my chest." Said Jenny while she took a coin from her purse. "But you have to promise me, whatever happens, that we do it, even if it's my head in the noose, and of course ...", and now she had an even bigger grin, "if it's yours."

"Sure, let's get on with it." Said Johnny. "If it is me that has to hang you won't have any problems. I've always wanted to go like this. You'll be doing me a favor. And I wouldn't miss the opportunity to hang you. One thing we leave to the loser - he or she can choose the location and method, but the rest is up to the winner. I have a good idea where I want to hang."

"Done." Said Jenny. "I c…Post truncated. View full.
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Damn, keep hoping Pancakes will come back
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Please come back Pancakes.
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So cruel to get out hope, and never finish.
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His Majesty has informed me to communicate to you that you have been demoted. Henceforth, you are to be known as the Duke of Flapjacks.
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Damn still nothing from Pancakes
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hello, where can i see link for destroyed daughters?
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Post requests in /req/

/lit/ is not the place for that.
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Hermione goes for seconds on Girlmeat
Tags: Harry Potter (Series), F/Self, F/F, M/F, F/M/F, Exhib, Bondage, Consensual, D/s, Deep Frying, Snuff, Cannibalism, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter

Hermione clutched the galleons tight in her hand as she climbed the stairs to the Gryffindor Girls' dorms. Her heart raced in her chest as she thought about what she was about to do. Ginny wasn't just an acquaintance like Luna, Ginny was her friend. She was her only female friend. And Hermione was going to feed her to Harry. Hermione knew Ginny wanted it but she was still second guessing herself. What if she was wrong? What if Luna was wrong about the redhead? The strange thing was, despite her qualms Hermione didn't think she cared. Even if Ginny didn't want to be dinner, Hermione intended to buy her anyway.

The memory of Luna's unique taste on her tongue tempted her, but the chance to end another girl's life, to know that she died to bring her pleasure? That was the real temptation. If everything went well, maybe she and Harry could sample even more of the catalogue. Of course, that meant not only getting Harry to accept Ginny as meat, but also to enjoy himself enough to want to repeat the experience; just like Luna had done for Hermione...

Hermione shook the idea from her head. Now wasn't the time to remember past conquests. If she focused too much on Luna she'd end up playing with herself all night as she hid behind the curtains on her bed from her dormmates while thinking about the blonde. No, she had a job to do now.

A few more steps landed her at Ginny's dorm room, five galleon coins in hand. Hermione opened the door. Ginny was lounging on her bed, still fully dressed, with several of her dormmates in varying states of preparing for bed around her scuttling to and fro.

"Hey Ginny, can I talk to you in private?"

Ginny looked up from the copy of teen witch magazine in her hands, smiling lasciviously when she caught sight of Hermione.

"Sure thing, Hermione," she agreed. "Why? You have some... excess energy you want me to help you burn off after tonight's dinner?" the redhead teased.

"Just... come with me, okay?" Hermione blushed as she asked her friend to follow her.

"Of course," Ginny happily agreed as she languidly slid off her bed and joined Hermione in the doorway.

Hermione led the redhead to an out of the way reading nook she liked to use to study. It was rarely used and no o…Post truncated. View full.
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Don't be a dick. Bumping is fine if you have something to say about the story, but doing it just to be dickish is annoying.

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>>8881 is in response to >>8880

I'm posting "shit" in response to his (her?) anger over shit not being posted. Good luck. Good writing is always worth waiting on, TVB.
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So I wound up writing/starting a few /g/-related stories, might as well share them here. Any feedback and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

General disclaimer: Everything depicted in any of this shit is completely made up, and any resemblance to other real or fictional characters or events is purely coincidental (unless noted otherwise). If you want to, feel free to imagine all characters as being of legal age in their jurisdiction.

So here we go (preemptive apologies if I mess up some formatting the first time around):

No Title [yuri, f-self, hanging, non-con]

With a creaking sound the winch activated, lifting Emily off the ground. The noose cutting into her neck caused the busty girl to start kicking almost immediately, her cries of pain, or for help, or mercy, cut off into ragged gasps.

The winch locked in and Emily came to a halt, her crotch right in front of Laura's face. Following an impulse, the redhead moved without even thinking, leaning forward to start licking the squirming girl's pussy. She was visibly wet, and tasted sweet yet a little salty.

Seeing as Emily didn't have much more time, Laura quickly moved on from her labia and focused on the clit exclusively, licking and sucking it. As soon as Emily understood, she tried to keep her gyrating down to a minimum, and the blonde's thighs wrapped around Laura's head, all but pressing the redhead's face into her crotch.

The overwhelming warmth and smell hit Laura, and she found herself getting dripping wet within seconds. As her mouth continued working the dangling blonde, Laura's hands started on her own pussy, her index and middle finger entering as deep as they could while the other thumb kept rubbing her clit.

As Laura kept going, Emily's cheeks flushed and her strangled gasps of pain became those of pleasure as she approached one final, ultimate orgasm. After what may have been seconds as well as an eternity, Emily came, opening her mouth to what would have been a shriek of absolute ecstasy had she had any air left as she gushed all over Laura's face and clenched her thighs hard enough the redhead almost feared she'd dislocate her jaw.

Only moments later Laura followed suit, her moan muffled by the blonde's pussy still racked by spasms of pleasure. As Emily finished, she let go of Laura and almost seemed to relax, seconds later letting out one final breath more like a sigh as her eyes rolled up and a trick…Post truncated. View full.
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Yes, I'm sorry, but I really do have difficulty deciding on one. The only thing I know is that I'd probably enjoy both Maylene and Janine better than Lyra simply because I'm more familiar with them. But even that's a toss up.

So really, I'm pretty sure I'm happy with whomever you end up going with. And thank you very much. ^^
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Extracurricular Activities [f/f; strangling; non-con]

“Um... Miss Myers?”

“Alexa.” The blonde looked up from her notes from the previous lesson. “I've told you, after lessons are over, 'Karen' will suffice. What is it?”

“Well, you're not only teacher, but counselor too, so maybe you can help me. You see... There's this other girl in my class, and... I think, I might be... attracted to her.” The brunette blushed, stammering the last few words, as Karen just smiled.

“I see, I see. For girls your age, at a school like this, it's perfectly natural, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. In my experience, the best and easiest way is to be upfront with her about your feelings.”

“Maybe, but... It's a bit strange. I- I want to have sex with her, but, but more than that, I keep fantasizing about how it would be to have her and- and... At one point I even dreamed about it. We were in a classroom, and she was sitting in front of me, and I had a rope that I put around her neck and then pulled tight... and when I woke up I was all wet. ...You probably think I'm crazy right now, don't you?”

“Not at all. I understand exactly how you feel. Watching a cord dig into a girl's slender throat as she fights and gasps for air...” Karen shuddered a little “It's nothing short of heavenly. A good move coming to me with this; I think most others wouldn't have been able to relate. But I do, and what's more, I can help you. If you'll just tell me who your secret crush is, we can set something up to fulfill that fantasy of yours.”

“Really?” Alexa's face positively lit up “That's so nice of you Miss My- Karen, thank you! It's Misha. Light brown hair, green eyes, kinda small but with a very cute face.”

“Ah, I know who. You have a good eye. Now, here's what we're gonna do...”

“Come on, Miss Myers, that's not fair!” Misha protested. “Alexa started it!”

“And that's why she's in detention with you. But it takes two to have an argument, so now sit down, young lady.”

Misha shot an icy glare at Alexa who was rummaging through the shelf next to the door, when Karen tapped a finger on her desk to get her attention – and distract her long enough for Alexa to quietly walk up behind her, wrapping a thin rope around her neck and abruptly pulling taut.

Gasping in surprise, Misha reflexively reached for the cord digging in her neck, still trying to comprehend what was just happening as Karen leisurel…Post truncated. View full.
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As per request. I never specifically did neck-focus (or any other this particular fetish for that matter), so I hope it turned out okay. You'll forgive me for leaving off right before the sex scene, but somehow I just couldn't get inspired for that one, and vanilla sex is half besides the point anyways.

Not much more to say, hope you enjoy, something something feedback and criticism.
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So, having asked for that, and knowing exactly who I had in mind for those characters (I think I mentioned that stems from a long-running fantasy from high school), holy shit! That was all kinds of wonderful!

God damn, man, any time you want to play around with Alexa and Misha again.... holy fuck, sign me up lol
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Maybe you're like me and enjoy writing, but just can't come up with ideas for what to write. Or you have a very vague idea and are spotty on the details. Or maybe you do have this idea that would make for a way cool story, but think you can't write for shit (in which case you should totally give it a shot, a lot of people are actually pretty decent with just a little criticism/refinement).

Either way, this thread is gonna be about writing prompts. Leave an idea/request for some writer to pick up. Writers, find ideas or request more detailed ones based on your loose outline. And if you do a story based on a suggestion, do leave a link to that here (but not the story itself, just a link to your thread).

Note that for most people “Kill [character] via [method]” isn't nearly enough to work with, at least without appearing awfully generic. Instead, give one or two sentences with such things as location/setting, motivation (if applicable), or a brief scenario, and whatever details. (And maybe some of the more common tags for reference).

Then let's see how this turns out.
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A rich teenager has a birthday party at the beach, and her father kills and cooks a servant there to celebrate the occasion. Lots of topless girls are running around as she roasts.

Some only come later because their parents didn't want them to see the servant being slaughtered, but only after the cooking starts.

One girl is indignant, telling everyone how wrong it is, but it excites her more than anyone; She's caught masturbating in a hidden spot, and eventually eats some too.

Some are discussing the possibility of becoming a servant of this type, and maybe be eaten themselves one day.

The father gets lucky.

To warn them against committing crime, a school class are taken to prison to witness an execution, and possibly the convict's autopsy afterwards. At least some of them enjoy it.

Sex education now includes instructions on snuff-sex. The teachers may not approve of teenagers doing such things, but they are doing it anyway, and should be taught how to do it right; Which means avoiding unwanted harm, or not causing a slow death when a quick one is desired, or not causing crippling non-lethal injuries when a death is desired. Videos may be shown for illustration. A few options:

General blade handling.

While cutting through the neck of a girl who is currently sucking you, make sure not to hit her brainstem, which could cause her jaws to shut.

Get tested for prions before letting someone eat you.

Severed heads can remain conscious for [certain time], treat them gently unless you have their permission to do otherwise. Remember that they weigh several kilos, enough to break your foot.

Do not leave bodies unrefrigerated for long, especially in warm and humid conditions. Here are some numbers to call for quick disposal. Make sure to clean blood, too.

Procedures on how to report a consensual(or otherwise legal) killing to the authorities.

A rather naive girl has a crash on a manipulative one. The latter convinces her to do an amateur stage play(possibly at school) where she will chop off her head, then give it a good kiss. Manipulative girl could be replaced with attractive famous actor or musician.

The children of criminals and other unfit parents are taken to special orphanages, where they are trained to obediently be executed in a ritualized manner, which…Post truncated. View full.
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Recently done a few RPs with a rather interesting concept - thought I'd throw it up as a prompt, see what people do with it.

A Female Stage Magician (who uses real magic sometimes to spice up the usual sleight of hand) has an ancient magical artifact that helps with a particular trick (All the RPs used a box that allowed for ACTUAL sawing in half, while still allowing the lower half to remain alive, and for what happens to one half to affect the other). However, the artifact requires sacrifices to remain 'fueled', so the Magician decides to work the sacrifice into her performances - the RPs I did involved the magician having herself sawn in half, then hung or decapitated by her apprentice/lover/aide, playing the role of a 'random audience volunteer', but you could change it to the magician actually picking a random female member of the audience and snuffing her.

I look forward to seeing how people work with this. :)
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May I put an idea here of Conan Edogawa stripped, raped, then hung while nude?
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Sure you can, go ahead.
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So let's get this ball rolling with some new prompts, eh?

Lara Croft hosts a cannibalistic banquet with some of her lady friends and maids serving as appetizers--before serving herself as the main course.

(Tags: Cann, cons, feast, f-victims)


Azula willingly locks her head into a guillotine and invites her servants to compete in a challenge--whoever can make her cum the hardest can drop the blade.

(Tags: M+F+/F, cons, decap, f-victim)


Harley Quinn watches a porno of a nude woman teasing a sword before kneeling down and masturbating as she eagerly anticipates her head getting chopped off--Harley isn't impressed, so she thinks that she can do better and have it done for real to boot.

(Tags: decap, cons, f-victims, M/F or F/F, sword-teasing)
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Part 1:

A single message, that's all it was, and yet the recipient, now sat against the fridge in her apartment, about to finish up her 10th can of beer.

"idiot," Misato muttered, with bloodshot eyes, chugging down the contents of her beer can.

She thought she got over him, that she was past these feelings. Rather, that's what she wanted herself to believe. Repeat a lie enough, and it becomes the truth, though it would seem, sadly, in her case, her own feelings betrayed her. Kaji's last message tore open a chasm in her heart and mind, one she never knew existed, one she tried to mask with alcohol.

She looked to her phone again. Asuka was still in school, right? Misato had completely lost track of time, not that it mattered much anyway. With what she and Kaji had dug up, there really was no point in any of what they were doing, with their death being inevitable, whether it was through instrumentality, or the result of a battle with an angel, whichever side won, humanity, or at least what she perceived to be humanity, would lose.

She grasped her phone. 12:07 P.M. Has it really been 3 hours? She stumbled through the contacts list, somehow refraining from calling Asuka directly despite being completely smashed, and instead choosing to call the school.

Asuka quietly worked on a maths problem set her teacher. She was close to finishing it when the classroom door opened. There stood the one of the schools administrative staff.

"Miss Sohryu, could you come with me to the principals office?" The young man said, with a calm, distant expression, seemingly ignorant about interrupting the class.

Asuka quietly stood up, however the man interjected.

"Could you bring your belongings as well please? You may need to return home," He said.

She sighed. Misato probably drunk-dialed the school, or was suffering from a really bad hangover. She grabbed her things and walked out, escorted by the man to the principals office. The administrative clerk opened the door for her, letting her in, before going off to continue doing whatever it was his job entailed.

"Good afternoon, miss Sohryu," The principal said, "Your guardian, Major Katsuragi has called us, saying that there is an emergency. She would not divulge any further…Post truncated. View full.
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Well, this may be the single largest delay I've ever had in something I started. Life happened pretty fucking hard, but I'm back until I either forget to update, or things turn sour again. I'm amazed to see both this and Land of the Rising Sun are still being bumped, (somewhat), regularly.

Rant aside, time for Rei, (or is it?).

"Is there no one inside?" Rei asked.

"I guess not. Strange, I remember locking the door after I -" Shinji said.

He was cut off by an odd sight in the corner of his eye. A dark red liquid slowly spreading from the kitchen. Confused, he quietly set his schoolbag aside, and slowly headed towards the kitchen, making as little noise as possible. He heard sobbing, bawling, to be precise. How did he not hear it when he entered? He darted around the corner, seemingly forgetting about the dark red fluid, as he slipped, hitting his head on the floor, and hard. Everything went silent, and black, as he fainted from the shock.

Rei, confused at first, now rushed to his assistance, not sure whether the blood pooled around him was his or not. Upon reaching him, she was greeted by a grotesque sight. A disemboweled misato, a a bloody Asuka, and an unconscious Shinji. It would have been quite a sensory overload for any person, except Rei. She calmly knelt down to check Shinji's pulse, ignoring the very distressed Asuka, and Misato's corpse. As expected from a relatively minor fall, he would live. He'd have a massive headache and most likely a concussion, but he'd live. With that out of the way, she turned to Asuka.

"What happened?" Rei asked calmly, monotonously even.

Asuka, still holding Misato, stared at Rei blankly. Tears pouring down her cheeks.

"I killed her, I murdered her." Asuka mumbled.

"I... can see that." Rei replied, confused as to why Asuka was stating the obvious. The knife was right next to Asuka's hands after all.

"Why did you murder her?"

"I don't know, I just acted, she told me to, and I didn't realize what I was doing, and Kaji is dead, and now Misato - " Asuka mumbled, but cut herself off.

Asuka let Misato go, as her corpse flopped to the floor, as she darted to get Misato's phone. It wasn't far away, and as she got hold of it, she frantically searched through Misato's messages, trying to find something, anything from Kaji. Maybe he sent something before he died. Maybe Misato's investigatio…Post truncated. View full.
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Not too interested in male stuff myself, but looking forward to seeing Asuka go next, and then Rei.

Also, glad to see this finally get updated after about six months.
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Nice! Feels kinda short though, but maybe it's because of all the waiting. Anyway great to have it continued!
It's funny how Shinji doesn't really question why the girls are killing him, but just glad he gets some sex with it. Rei also seems to take everything quite matter-of-factly, as she should.
So yeah, nice part, and it also helps that it deals with characters that I actually care about. Looking forward for the rest!
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Good job on Shinji's death.
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