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1363 Andlex How to Format Stories for Easy Reading 37 03-Mar-17 02:20
8351 enclaved Post Requests in /req/ 1 19-Dec-16 03:20
9348 Eficient Inheritance (tags inside) 12 29-Mar-17 01:21
5896 Eterya Miscellaneous short(ish) stories (various tags, but expect lots of hanging and f/f) 206 29-Mar-17 01:18
9333 Anonymous The Story of Jenna (Feet, Torture, Cannibalism) 9 29-Mar-17 00:45
9285 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) A slayer (torture, anal rape, vaginal rape w/metal, inventive execution). 6 28-Mar-17 20:18
9330 Regis Dante story - Deer Hunting - 2 15 yo girls in deep, deep trouble, hunted by archers 5 28-Mar-17 17:52
5209 TDO Ultra-Short Stories (100 words or less) 238 28-Mar-17 09:54
9225 eg2g School Girls (Non-Con, Head Explosion, Decap, Scat, Farting) 5 28-Mar-17 02:02
9224 Bright Interplanetary Log: BX93c2 3 27-Mar-17 18:57
9327 Waysider Batman: Mauled Montoya 4 27-Mar-17 18:02
6590 Anonymous Writing prompts/requests thread for everyone. Find or post ideas/suggestions/requests for /lit/ 157 27-Mar-17 03:23
9237 Frogace55 Sirens' Last Song (MLP:EG, Non-con, Rape, Snuff, Torture) 3 27-Mar-17 01:49
8041 AbbotTar School Festival (Cons/Semicons, Watersports, Drowning, hopefully more to come) 18 26-Mar-17 19:40
3529 EvilFuzzy9 Cannibal Kunoichi & Other Fuzzy Fetishes (cann ff fm guro vore lact snuff etc.) 75 26-Mar-17 13:30
9278 Obedient Doll Praying at the Church of the Lord of Doom 7 25-Mar-17 18:09
9088 Mister Eskuir The Demon Hunters (Prolapse, Womb Abuse, Footplay, etc.) 57 25-Mar-17 12:30
9228 Regis Girl Hunt and Erotic Dinner (Loli, extended kill, debauched entertainment, snuff) 17 25-Mar-17 00:07
9256 ZimbleKimble Here's a story I wrote, read it or don't, I don't give a fuck. 10 24-Mar-17 15:26
8391 REd Jissouseki Abuse Archive 18 24-Mar-17 10:57
8529 Absol Sanctify the Dark (Loli, snuff, murder, scat, etc.) 5 24-Mar-17 09:31
9313 TheVisitorBlack Tali Offers Her Body (Mass Effect, F/M, Exhib, Cannibalism, Snuff) 5 24-Mar-17 01:14
7935 Anonymous The 1st Branding Punishment Ceremony upon Leah Sarahbalte 21 24-Mar-17 00:09
2522 SexistAliien Freedom to Snuff (loli, free-use, cons, school, piss, snuff) 73 23-Mar-17 02:05
7764 Anonymous What happened to Outdoor Cinema? 32 22-Mar-17 17:42
8947 Karl Luck From the dungeon of Karl Luck. (Various tags, but expect a lot of shooting.) 13 21-Mar-17 22:38
6453 Rosie Short(er) stories (loli, incest, semi-consensual, snuff, necrophilia, possibly more) 28 20-Mar-17 07:33
3686 Dracon Fountains (con, snuff, ff) 31 17-Mar-17 00:04
7744 Htabdoolb Cream and Juice (Cum Drinking, Castration, Cannibalism, Consensual) 10 17-Mar-17 00:04
6642 47 The emperors acquires new ordinance (female consensual snuff) 16 12-Mar-17 02:07
9230 CuteAndHurting Nico Nico Energy (torture machinery, lifetime torment, Love Live, no sex) 1 11-Mar-17 23:57
9217 47 Melissa Want To Move Up In The World (M/f, sex, snuff, some gore) 3 11-Mar-17 10:15
9190 Anonymous Mimi & Felicity (cons, gore, werewolf, knotting, regen, f/f + dickgirls) 5 10-Mar-17 18:37
9211 FafnirMech Conversion (cyborg, medical) 1 10-Mar-17 09:26
3380 Anonymous Harry Potter stories 71 10-Mar-17 07:55
9173 Anonymous Amputee fetish 6 09-Mar-17 21:47
9048 Eficient The Boiler Room (M/f, MMM+/f, semi-cons, first, rape, anal, throating, piss, abuse, noose, snuff) 5 09-Mar-17 11:54
8550 M.A.D. Top, or Bottom? (Various tags to be added later. Dub-con, pain, F/f, free use, suff) 19 09-Mar-17 05:55
6530 Regis NEWER GREATLY EXPANDED Lami Pi Productions (LOLI, loli scat, loli fights, M/M, anal, snuff) 36 07-Mar-17 02:02
9107 M A Night at the Amagi Inn (F/M, gore, death, cons, noncon, Persona 4) 5 06-Mar-17 23:52
8328 Htabdoolb Pep (M/f, Foodplay, Cannibalism, Objectification, Casual, Coercion, Consensual, Addiction) 36 06-Mar-17 20:38
9165 Onouwu Heart Hunting (f/f cardiophilia) 1 06-Mar-17 09:37
8653 Anonymous School Policy (decap, semi-con, teen) (Reposted) 9 04-Mar-17 22:06
6782 Anonymous Repairs (Vaporization, casual, cons) 50 04-Mar-17 20:44
8773 Ellie Ritual Dessicration (Loli, torture, rape, cannibalism, oral, anal, snuff) 6 04-Mar-17 03:10
9128 Anonymous [consensual] [FF/mm] [genital cannibalism] [milking] [Nullification] [Penectomy] [Straight] 9 06-Mar-17 05:57
8561 Deathstalker CosplayBabes vs. The Legions of the Undead (snuff, zombies) 18 03-Mar-17 16:47
4634 Poguemahone Fun with a Fairy (mf, size difference, large insertion, semi-con, gore, non-fatal) 99 02-Mar-17 13:57
9056 Htabdoolb Milkmaids (FF/mm, Penis Milking, Cum Drinking, Castration/Penectomy, Cannibal, NonConsensual, Casual 5 01-Mar-17 23:59
9099 Waysider Avatar: End of Korra (gore, death, large insertion, rape) 4 01-Mar-17 17:39
4276 The Bizarre One The Dissection of Starlight Glimmer (MLP) 64 27-Feb-17 11:13
9058 Anonymous The Dogscape (Gore, Death, Body Horror, Freakshow) 9 27-Feb-17 10:45
5417 Lord of Pancakes Heads (loli, shota, hanging, cons) 69 27-Feb-17 07:38
9027 Rabiah Dragon Dinner Date (trans m/m, dragons, cons, regen, love n kisses) 2 27-Feb-17 02:45
5404 Aoi Hikari Aoi Hikari's thread 69 25-Feb-17 22:57
8155 Modus Malleus Consensual Genocide Run - Undertale (cons, gutting, choking, meat grinder, de-limb, crushing) 21 25-Feb-17 22:56
8472 Anonymous The snuff movie enterainment park (cons, snuff) 13 25-Feb-17 22:55
7950 TheVisitorBlack Hermione goes for seconds on Girlmeat (F/F, M/F, Deep Frying, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, D/s, willing) 21 25-Feb-17 17:13
2143 Kami-sama Basement (kidnap, drugged, mutilating, debreasting, cutting, uterus, torture) 93 25-Feb-17 08:07
8497 TheVisitorBlack Liselle offers Aria her life (Mass Effect, Aria T'Loak, Liselle, Tevos, Snuff, Amputation, Body Mod) 6 25-Feb-17 04:29
6505 Anonymous Futility; (Evangelion, seppuku/assisted seppuku, consensual, request) 15 23-Feb-17 06:26
6554 Darkly Initiation (Consensual, underage, snuff, cannibalism, body-mod, incest, omnisexuality) 23 23-Feb-17 03:36
7438 Eficient Lost and Found (M/f, semi-cons, anal, throating, first, rape, bagging, snuff) 7 22-Feb-17 20:43
8463 Regis Testing Lung Capacity - 3 Lethal Asphyxiation Competitions 4 22-Feb-17 20:25
8045 Guilty+Pleasure Star Wars Stories (Snuff, Necro, Piss, Sexism) 14 22-Feb-17 06:45
9031 Anonymous Scrotum Torture 1 21-Feb-17 16:11
4866 The Bizarre One The Bizarre One's Brainstorms 7 21-Feb-17 04:49
9026 Rabiah Dragon Dinner Date (trans m/m, dragons, cons, regen, love n kisses) 1 21-Feb-17 04:23
9025 Rabiah Dragon Dinner Date (trans m/m, dragons, cons, regen, love n kisses) 1 21-Feb-17 04:23
9024 Rabiah Dragon Dinner Date (trans m/m, dragons, cons, regen, love n kisses) 1 21-Feb-17 04:22
9023 masterchaos Lilly, the cutest doll! (dollification, soft) 1 21-Feb-17 00:32
9022 Anonymous Looking for a story... 1 20-Feb-17 22:22
5921 Anonymous Mule (Drugs, Snuff, Disembowelment, F/f) 11 20-Feb-17 17:36
8993 Onouwu Cardiophile musings (Heart fetish-always f/f) 4 20-Feb-17 14:47
8131 Regis Kate's Early Development (pre-teen, teen, castration, spaying, snuff) 13 19-Feb-17 17:58
3827 Andlex Summermount (m/f, f/f, storyline, gore, murder, some cons, mostly noncons) 45 19-Feb-17 14:18
9005 Anonymous destroyed daughters 2 19-Feb-17 10:48
7666 Anonymous Bacchanal (Gore, Snuff, Consensual, Sibling Incest, M/F/F, Sci-fi-ish.) 17 17-Feb-17 18:19
8983 Regis LACIE'S GIFT (excerpt from Lami Pi Productions) teen, loli, sad, snuff 2 16-Feb-17 20:33
8980 Shadowstrider Only True Lord of the Sith (tort, asphyx, abortion, mast, mc, humil) 3 16-Feb-17 18:32
8837 Vanthel Missing series with a rich woman, sisters, ans gurl who gets clit removed 15 15-Feb-17 01:33
8867 Nightfall Searching Story from Old Gurochan (debreasting, cons) 3 15-Feb-17 01:29
7824 Aki Cruel and Unusal Deaths (snuff, murder, torture, variety) 7 14-Feb-17 02:23
4334 Loki 925 Calves, Father and Son Ranchers (Mm/gf+, cannibal) 10 14-Feb-17 02:21
8889 Anonymous is anyone interested by rich dominating poor stories 7 13-Feb-17 19:40
8950 Anonymous Happy birthday, the girl that lives in the basement 2 13-Feb-17 15:57
8926 Eficient The Locker Room (m/f, non cons, humiliation, anal, first, rape, oral) 3 13-Feb-17 12:35
8587 Regis Three Distinct Points of View of the Short Life of a Birch (loli, best, whip, gore, snuff) 12 12-Feb-17 14:45
8908 Schmugelflugel My own town (M/F+, M/f+, M/b+, M/M+, Mdom, ultra-cons, ws, scat, beast, cuck, torture, snuff, etc.) 7 11-Feb-17 19:16
8458 Anonymous Stray Dogs Hard Vore 5 10-Feb-17 04:17
8909 Karl Luck Semi-short stories. (101-300 Words) 6 09-Feb-17 23:03
8864 Eficient Groupie (M/f, rape, oral, snuff) 2 08-Feb-17 22:26
8397 Eficient XXXpresso (MMM+/f, F/f, cons, first, anal, throating, bukkake, lesbian, impalement, snuff) 10 08-Feb-17 16:40
7056 bellydistension Beach Attack (bursting, belly inflation, anal, rape, monster/alien) 12 08-Feb-17 06:48
7570 Htabdoolb Zookeepers (Snake/woman vore, Frog/woman vore, Consensual, Casual) 7 07-Feb-17 05:53
8636 Jay Deviant Baby Crush - reposted with tags! (baby snuff, abortion, underage, Hard Crush, 7 06-Feb-17 03:10
5666 Otakuist A Hunt ( cannibalism, snuff,debreasting,preteen) 8 05-Feb-17 08:43
6500 Bugo The Ancient hunger (Hard vore, Semi-con, gore, messy, monster, m-f, more tags to come) 11 04-Feb-17 20:00
8804 Anonymous Xeno story (repost, hard pussy vore) 4 03-Feb-17 14:07
8470 Anonymous The psychologist (torture, cons, snuff(?)) 5 03-Feb-17 06:41
8224 Anonymous Werewolves hard vore 3 02-Feb-17 06:04
7655 TheVisitorBlack Hermione browses for girlmeat (F/F, Canni, Snuff, Hermione, Luna, Harry Potter, Cons) 38 31-Jan-17 23:35
8595 Blackraven2 All the way through (teen M/F, breat mutilation, piercing, impalement, some blood, consensual) 15 30-Jan-17 16:46
1903 Anonymous Car Fight (m/f, loli, vivisection) 77 30-Jan-17 14:54
2883 bloodlust Julie tortured (snuff, non-cons, disembowelment) 15 30-Jan-17 12:51
7368 NewGuy Christening the Lab (gore, torture, anticipation, dismemberment) 10 27-Jan-17 15:16
8745 masterchaos gfmk 011 The Sister and the other Sister. (soft vore/ cannibalism) 1 24-Jan-17 22:40
7177 CuteAndHurting Bad Magic: Petrification, Transformation, Immortality (human statue, human onahole, mid schoolers..) 11 24-Jan-17 21:32
5073 Eficient Lynched (M/f, no cons, rape, hanged, snuff) 7 24-Jan-17 04:32
7635 Blau Sturm Final Fantasy Snuff Story 35 23-Jan-17 23:01
8713 PusKiller The Pussy Killers Ch. 2 Part 2 (Genital mutilation, teen, snuff, hard-vore, rape, violence) 1 23-Jan-17 01:37
8712 masterchaos Amy's quest for Sonic heart. (soft vore, cannibalism, fuury) 1 22-Jan-17 20:09
8700 PusKiller The Pussy Killers Ch. 2 Part 1 (Genital mutilation, snuff, hard-vore, rape, violence) 6 22-Jan-17 13:59
1310 blue.beard School Selection 74 22-Jan-17 13:12
4239 gromyko "Letters Home" (mf, ff, cons, snuff) 22 22-Jan-17 07:03
8673 PusKiller The Pussy Killers Ch. 1 (Genital mutilation, teen, snuff, hard-vore, rape, violence) 4 21-Jan-17 14:27
2295 tSade Dolcett Girls (ff cann magic sn nc tort viol) 246 30-Jan-17 09:24
6778 CuteAndHurting Turning to Stone, Random Petrification Stories 4 21-Jan-17 14:05
6296 CuteAndHurting Sanae and the Life Statues (petrification, turning to stone, progressive cruelty) 12 21-Jan-17 14:05
1150 TheVisitorBlack Ruki at the Snuff Club (Digimon, peril, exhib, posing, public, gun, eventual snuff) 79 21-Jan-17 14:02
3073 CuteAndHurting Death Arts Competition - First Blood 22 21-Jan-17 14:02
4434 Anonymous Land of the rising sun, (f-self, m/f, f/f, gore, consensual) 67 21-Jan-17 14:02
25 ∀x ∃y / x=porn(y) Choke Therapy (hanging, semi-con) and other asphyx stories 37 21-Jan-17 14:02
4923 Anonymous Recycling Rita 14 21-Jan-17 14:02
6220 gromyko The Best Job (F/f, F/F, snuff, cons) 15 21-Jan-17 14:02
3300 Anonymous Three Little Bitches Beheaded (repost due to corrections) 40 21-Jan-17 14:01
7285 Pung The Miraculous Mutilation Machine (mutilation, body modification, animal abuse, amputee, nonlethal) 47 21-Jan-17 14:01
7498 Htabdoolb Hannah goes to the Zoo (Frog/woman vore, Consensual, mild Digestion, mild Asphyxiation) 10 21-Jan-17 14:01
6887 Anonymous looking for a story 25 21-Jan-17 14:01
4457 Lil School Exhibition (cons, torture, eventual snuff to come, lesbians) 30 21-Jan-17 14:01
8659 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) From the Killer or Victim prompt in Roleplay 5 07-Feb-17 17:23
5001 JestInPieces Susan: a Girl Apart (f/f, cons, dismemberment, vivisection, non-lethal 25 20-Jan-17 14:01
6873 Jim Sugomi Wendy roasting (gravity falls) cons, live pan roast, debreasting, decunting, cannibalism, huge tits. 30 19-Jan-17 23:35
8398 Regis LIFE & DEATH IN THE D-RING (everything but fur and Sci-Fi) 21 18-Jan-17 19:15
8652 Regis Becky's Private Grad Party (teen, loli, masturbation, snuff) 1 18-Jan-17 14:39
8651 ppolin Kidnapped [non-con, tentacle, snuff] 1 18-Jan-17 14:21
8635 Jay Deviant Baby Crush 2 18-Jan-17 14:04
8643 Anonymous School Policy (decap) 6 18-Jan-17 10:26
8646 TheVisitorBlack April's Soup Selfie (TMNT, April O'Neil, Willing, Exhibitionist, F-Self, Implied snuff) 1 18-Jan-17 00:44
8631 TheVisitorBlack Mary-Jane: Snuff Double (Complete, Spider-man, Spitting, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Cannibalism) 2 16-Jan-17 21:15
6321 WarBlade RWBY Scat And Gore Stories 13 16-Jan-17 18:03
8032 Anonymous Death Therapy (Hanging, Decapitation, Snuff, Consensual) 4 12-Jan-17 08:34
4175 Regis Repost - Spin the Bottle (nc, rape, torture, group beating, snuff) by request 12 11-Jan-17 04:10
8593 PsychoAiko The Village and the Girl with the Vision (body horror, f/f, f/self, eyes, parasites, tentacles) 1 10-Jan-17 04:56
6704 PsychoAiko The Business Trip (F/F, F/self, amp, armless, feet, sci-fi, debreasting, M/S Topless universe) 9 10-Jan-17 04:51
6889 Eterya 'Reload Save Y/N?' – A /g/-style take on 'Choose your own Adventure' stories; come and play 82 08-Jan-17 07:43
8563 Anonymous Therapy (incest: mother-son, rape, lactation, snuff, m/F) 2 08-Jan-17 06:55
8236 Regis CREATING DAMASCUS STEEL (impalement) 10 07-Jan-17 14:40
8101 Hanneko Applicant for Death - Juan Gotoh tribute (consensual, snuff, videotaping) 14 07-Jan-17 03:31
8551 masterchaos The Live of Number 562. (soft cannibalism) 2 06-Jan-17 16:36
8540 Loke Caroline (mast, F/f, asphyx) 2 05-Jan-17 13:41
8537 Karl Luck Semi-Short Stories (500 words or less) 1 04-Jan-17 19:13
8535 Ninefacedman The Crackle (coercion, autocannibalism, non-sexual, psychological, transformation) 1 04-Jan-17 12:26
8508 Anonymous extreme titgames 16 04-Jan-17 10:47
8504 Regis LAAP Park short story (teens, racy park, lethal rides, snuff) 5 04-Jan-17 00:05
7611 Unknown The Chair. (Electrocution. Pissing oneself. Snuff. Orgasms) 5 29-Dec-16 15:49
7984 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) The War (Advanced-modern Tech, various but realistic torture, various stories) 3 28-Dec-16 02:49
6324 TastyMonk Honor Among Thieves (Gutting,Stabbing, Non-Con) 27 26-Dec-16 20:45
4450 Anonymous Slut-er House (gore, consensual snuff, necrophilia, horror) 11 26-Dec-16 20:45
7933 Shadowstrider Invasion: Diner (M+F, M+f, Mb, Mg, anal, mast, oral, snuff, torture) 3 26-Dec-16 16:39
8097 Eficient Birthday Present (tags inside) 8 26-Dec-16 12:01
8275 Bright A Bandit Bitch Gets the Block (beheading, public execution, public use) 8 22-Dec-16 20:25
7565 Johny Guro An Ongoing Story (Multiple victims, gore, rape, snuff) 4 21-Dec-16 05:39
8327 masterchaos Stella’s gift for Kamilla (cannibalism, soft, yuri) 2 21-Dec-16 02:39
8381 TC Looking to commission a comic script or story 1 20-Dec-16 23:39
8357 Anonymous Gutting (gore, Snuff, disemboweled) 2 20-Dec-16 17:57
8372 Elf Girl A Club Of The Japanese Businessmen (Loli, Humiliation, Torture, Rp) 1 20-Dec-16 00:59
6125 Loke Ben's Day at Work (m/f, f/f, snuff, semi-con, impalement, asphyx, mild scat, cann) 10 19-Dec-16 06:57
7985 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) 3 girls shot in the pussy (a shooting spree, drowning, pregnant, piss, showering) 5 19-Dec-16 06:56
8308 Poisenpen/Lilith Hell Hath no Fury Saga 5 17-Dec-16 08:35
8176 Shadowstrider A Thousand Worlds of Despair: Crimson Comfort (A Higurashi no naku koro ni story) 7 16-Dec-16 03:35
8297 Shadowstrider A Thousand Worlds of Despair: Survivor's Doom (A Higurashi no naku koro ni story) 1 16-Dec-16 01:04
8186 Aki Let's go on an adventure! (Choose your own adventure, bad ends) 23 15-Dec-16 22:41
8293 Magali Looking for a lost story 1 15-Dec-16 22:08
2650 Anonymous Victimology 101 40 14-Dec-16 05:52
8219 masterchaos Third advent special: A coupon for Agatha. 1 11-Dec-16 16:20
7398 Jackalman French Girl Gutted (M/f, torture, murder, disembowelment) 17 11-Dec-16 14:40
7902 masterchaos A Christmas surprise for the best big brother! (soft cannibalism) 2 11-Dec-16 13:23
8175 The_White_Spiral Does anyone have the story Corals End? 2 09-Dec-16 21:10
8154 Rex Canyon Bryan Fury Snuffs Ayane 2 12-Dec-16 09:59
8153 Rex Canyon Bryan Fury Snuffs Ayane 1 08-Dec-16 05:52
5564 Anonymous Goodbye, old friend. (Dark Realm of Polaris, an ASSTR subsite, is down) 29 07-Dec-16 18:40
8123 Kitty Cunt A Breathtaking Meal Part 1 5 07-Dec-16 16:46
8124 Annandale Snuff, Lolita, Debreasting 3 07-Dec-16 06:20
8093 Pussy Shooter The Suicide Hotline ((Snuff, exibitionism, blood, genital mutilation, debreasting, suicide, etc)) 3 06-Dec-16 23:09
6796 Loke My Execution 11 05-Dec-16 03:10
7867 Bright Orcs Execute a Poor Little Elf Girl! (public hanging, loli elf, special surprise execution method) 6 04-Dec-16 22:27
8007 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) Raised for the circus (GrossGod Universe) 6 04-Dec-16 07:00
8076 masterchaos A Julia gift for Dodge! 1 04-Dec-16 05:35
8035 masterchaos Stesspela and the winter cannibals! (cannibalism, soft.) 2 01-Dec-16 23:29
8029 masterchaos Pokedex hunting tactics: “The hunt begins” (001 to 025 to many tags^^) 1 01-Dec-16 18:37
7990 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) Torture of Tracey (Godsent Universe) 3 03-Dec-16 16:58
6328 Anonymous Princesses in Peril (Necro, non-con, snuff, gutting) 10 01-Dec-16 06:03
4902 Dokariss Azula's feast (FF, guro, snuff, exhibition, humiliation, cannibalism) 25 30-Nov-16 15:19
7224 mississippiman 和式さん: I am Washiki-san 7 29-Nov-16 14:55
7892 Anonymous The War (battle, slavery, surgeries, contrasting tortures, rape, forced chastity) 8 29-Nov-16 06:32
7898 Anonymous 3 girls shot in the pussy (a shooting spree, drowning, pregnant, piss, showering) 14 28-Nov-16 05:03
7829 Anonymous Creating Heavens and Hells 13 28-Feb-17 11:48

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I'd prefer if the /lit/ viewers saw this, so I put it here. Mods, please move it to /dis/ if you feel it belongs there.

Gurochan isn't exactly Word when it comes to formatting options, but you've got a lot of basic tools at your disposal to make your story not a pain to read.


Each new paragraph should be on a new line with a blank space in between.

Like so.

It might look like you have a lot of blank space at first, but it's much easier to read in the long run. This helps mitigate walls of text.


You're writing a story, presumably with characters, who presumably speak at some point. Every time a different character speaks, their dialogue gets its own paragraph. Again, it looks like it leaves a lot of space, but it's easy to read (and professional).

Use quotation marks for dialogue, not hyphens, and certainly not nothing at all. You need something in there to differentiate dialogue from narration.


I think I need a hug, said Maya. No worries, said Steve. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:

"I think I need a hug," said Maya. "No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:

-I think I need a hug.

-No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.


"I think I need a hug," said Maya.

"No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."


"I think I need a hug."

"No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Tags and Titles

Let potential readers know what to expect from your story before they dive into it. If accurate tags would potentially spoil the story, at least tag the big ones (/g/, /f/, /s/, /fur/, maybe loli/shota). If you'd rather not deal with tags, at least make your title descriptive (e.g. Ruki at the Snuff Club). Tags are especially helpful in stories with less indicative titles.

Note that titles not indicating the included fetishes are not bad titles. Titles are merely supposed to summarize the story, or symbolize the theme, etc. It's not like "Hunger Games" would have been better titled "Teenagers Murdering Each Other for Rich People's Entertainment," is it?


A general rule of thumb is t…Post truncated. View full.
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>I can't seem to figure it out, but I thnk 40 of these " - " can make a thick enough separation line, and not leave any "-" after.
Please don't do that. Currently, making such thick lines is only possible because I wrote markup code to understand sequences of exactly four consecutive hyphens ("-") as a horizontal line, so if you put more than four, then the resulting lines will stack up. It wasn't intended to be to this way (my oversight), and maybe I will fix it right away after consulting with other staff members. In the long run, expect any number of consecutive hyphens ≥ 4 to be rendered as a single thin line.

>Or at the very least people should list the tags at the beginning of the story, as they often don't fit in the title very well.
About tags: I personally think it would be cool to have an actual tag system built into the site. But so far I'm yet to come up with a good idea of how to make it foolproof. Perhaps we could allow every anonymous user to submit tags (or tag removal requests) for threads, posts, and images, and have the moderator crew check them to either allow through or dismiss, just like with reports. Or we could collect tag statistics and do math in order to decide which tags are popular and should be attached, and which aren't and should be ignored—self-regulating, but prone to rigging by a clever nut.
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Any requests posted into /lit/ will be removed.
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I finished this one a few days ago, but I wasn't planning in posting it. A few people have already read it, and one of them told me to upload it here, telling me she liked it, so we will see.

Its quiet long, as there is a plot there, but if you just want to go straight into the sex it starts on the second half. As always, let me know what you think if it (good or bad)!

tags: F/f, cons, non-cons, first, lesbian, anal, piss, toys, rape, bagging, snuff

disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, along with all characters and events described in it. Any resemblance with real life is just a coincidence. Harming another human being is wrong and in no way I am trying to convey the opposite. Please, don't do anything like this!

I woke up in the middle of the night, screaming and covered in sweat. It was still raining softly outside and the room was cold and dark. Pulling the duvet under my nose I turned on the lamp I had by the bed.

The dim light was barely enough to fill the room, allowing me to see that I was still alone, through the door that led to the hallway was open, and beyond it there was only darkness.

Whipping the tears from my face, I started sobbing as I tried to remember the nightmare that had woke me up, but it seemed to fade more and more with every second. Cursing myself I grabbed the notepad I kept on the bedside table and I wrote what little I could remember of it.

When I couldn't remember anything else, I pushed the notepad away, and I buried myself under the duvet, trembling in fear. Promising that tomorrow I would finally check the basement, I tried to get back to sleep, but it was a long time before I could.

Almost a year ago I found out my aunt Jennifer had died of a heart attack. She was only 55 years old, and while I haven't seen her in a while, we used to talk on the phone for hours as I told her about the books I was working on. We were the only family we had left.

My parents had died 5 years ago, a few days before my 25th birthday. They were driving back from one of their friends party, and my dad lost control of the car. He skidded out of the road, right into a tree that split the car in two, killing them both. He had been drinking, and while one of his friend had told him not to drive, he insisted, telling him we was just fine.

I took a few days off from my work and I drove all the way back to the town where she lived, remembe…Post truncated. View full.
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Holy shit that ending. Listening to Trilogy while reading this was damn perfect
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Well, I am intrested by those story please. ^^
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Ahhh, I forgot to leave the link. Here you go!

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Wow! And I agree the ending is sad. I have a suggestion for a second version of this story with a lighter ending.

Melanie moves in, her Dad signing away custodyfor a nice check that keeps him drinking for a while. A few days after moving in she finds the disks and is immediately addicted. She meets Natalie and brings her home as a love gift. Then Natalie starts to bitch about and she gets Melanies ending.

As I said just a suggestion lol!
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So I wound up writing/starting a few /g/-related stories, might as well share them here. Any feedback and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

General disclaimer: Everything depicted in any of this shit is completely made up, and any resemblance to other real or fictional characters or events is purely coincidental (unless noted otherwise). If you want to, feel free to imagine all characters as being of legal age in their jurisdiction.

So here we go (preemptive apologies if I mess up some formatting the first time around):

No Title [yuri, f-self, hanging, non-con]

With a creaking sound the winch activated, lifting Emily off the ground. The noose cutting into her neck caused the busty girl to start kicking almost immediately, her cries of pain, or for help, or mercy, cut off into ragged gasps.

The winch locked in and Emily came to a halt, her crotch right in front of Laura's face. Following an impulse, the redhead moved without even thinking, leaning forward to start licking the squirming girl's pussy. She was visibly wet, and tasted sweet yet a little salty.

Seeing as Emily didn't have much more time, Laura quickly moved on from her labia and focused on the clit exclusively, licking and sucking it. As soon as Emily understood, she tried to keep her gyrating down to a minimum, and the blonde's thighs wrapped around Laura's head, all but pressing the redhead's face into her crotch.

The overwhelming warmth and smell hit Laura, and she found herself getting dripping wet within seconds. As her mouth continued working the dangling blonde, Laura's hands started on her own pussy, her index and middle finger entering as deep as they could while the other thumb kept rubbing her clit.

As Laura kept going, Emily's cheeks flushed and her strangled gasps of pain became those of pleasure as she approached one final, ultimate orgasm. After what may have been seconds as well as an eternity, Emily came, opening her mouth to what would have been a shriek of absolute ecstasy had she had any air left as she gushed all over Laura's face and clenched her thighs hard enough the redhead almost feared she'd dislocate her jaw.

Only moments later Laura followed suit, her moan muffled by the blonde's pussy still racked by spasms of pleasure. As Emily finished, she let go of Laura and almost seemed to relax, seconds later letting out one final breath more like a sigh as her eyes rolled up and a trick…Post truncated. View full.
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I dunno, the picture looks casual enough for me. If only I could will myself into writing again...
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I apriciate the consideration either way Eterya. cant and wont force you to write what you are not interested in. simply trying to offer up inspiration in hopes to be a muse for a good writer (or two, or more if i can inspire Aoi Hikari or rosie along the way)

Its totaly fine if the canabalism is not your thing. and yes, the picture mearly dipicts the girls chatting normaly. it was simply my intention to inspire extrapolation and interpolation of the scene... sure its just girls chatting, but chatting could be flirting, the faire they are at may offer plenty other attractions than the food stalls that would get flirting girls into all sorts of adventures or trouble if they were up for it or interested, and as a world creators we can imagine them to be, or in turn write them to be. Not much can be done about the perceived misogyny i'm afraid..

but again. dont take this as my trying to sway or manipulate you back onto doing it. simply atempting to explain my motives and good intentions that paved my road to hell. lol.

You are a fantatstic writer and we of Gurochan are lucky to have you providing us with your awsome works and so often takeing requests. its no trouble at all when you reject a request or two that does not suit your taste. simply hope that you continue to take others, and continue makeing your lovely works.

the same can be said for all the writers in our perverted little comunity here.
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[m/f, loli, hanging, con]

“Excuse me, may I sit down here?”

“It's a free country.” Megan answered before even looking up, and when she did, she found a rather handsome man sit on the bench next to her and give her a brief smile. He had short dark brown hair, was cleanly shaven and wearing a simple yet stylish shirt and trousers.

Megan quickly returned to her newspaper, but she couldn't help but glance over at the man every handful seconds, admiring his physique, and almost chiseled facial features. He seemed to be waiting for someone, as he was just sitting there, idly observing Amber and Shauna, Megan's daughter and her best friend playing in the sand.

“Lovely children, both of them. Are they yours?” The man suddenly asked, and Megan took a moment to reply.

“The blonde, Amber. The other one's Shauna, her best friend.” Also with Shauna's dark skin and dark brown pigtails, precisely how should she be Megan's anyways?

“She clearly got her mother's good looks. How old is she?”

“She's 10. Shauna turned 11 a month ago, so right now Amber is impatiently waiting for her turn, just three more weeks.”

“I see. Children at that age are just precious, aren't they?”

...Damn, he was really attractive, it was downright distracting. And just now Megan's gaze trailed downwards and she noticed that there was a noticeable bulge in the man's pants, so he had to be pretty well hung too, and before she could stop herself she blurted out “It's been ages since I last got laid. ...Oh dear, did I just say that out loud?” Megan immediately caught herself “I'm sorry, that was a little too forward, wasn't it?”

“No, no, it's fine.” The man chuckled “Though normally I at least do introductions first. My name is Benjamin, but I just go by Ben.”

“I'm Megan. Um, it's nice to meet you.”

“The pleasure is mine.”

“So, would you be... interested?”

Ben let out a long breath. “Well, yes and no. It's just that I far prefer younger girls, your daughter is just about the perfect age, in fact.”

“So you're a pedo? Don't get a lot of them around these parts, which is kinda strange with all the single moms living here. I don't suppose you'd be up for a threesome?”

“Again, yes and no. It's not just a preference for me, I'm just about unable to have sex with any girl older than puberty.”

Megan raised an eyebrow. “Sorry, but I find that kind of hard to believe.”

“…Post truncated. View full.
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As per request, or more like two requests (>>9201 and >>9209), merged into one as they were based off the same original idea. This one mostly speaks for itself, I think, except I'm not entirely sure how the batch of initial/expository dialogue turned out, but that's secondary anyways, isn't it? Sorry for the bit of a wait, I was away on vacation for the last ten days, so I didn't get much writing done (that other request I still have is gonna be done soon too).

>>9254 Thank you for your kind words, it's always nice to be appreciated, and I'm glad to be part of this community too :)

As always, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, give me some feedback/criticism/requests.
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beautifully done story. i think the exposition flowed well enough, and the merger of the two ideas worked pleasantly..... of course the ending makes me want to see that teased sequil
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He licked his lips for reasons he couldn't explain. The texture, shape, and color of those two objects made his stomach stir. This couldn't be happening, could it? Brian continued staring down at the two flip-flopped feet in front of him. He became mesmerized when she flashed a glimpse of her young, immaculate sole. It cried out to him, begged him. "No, he thought to myself. What's wrong with me?" He glanced at the perfectly tanned tops and the dark painted toes. There wasn't a single flaw or blemish anywhere on these 21-year-old feet.

Her name was Jenna. She was a conceited, wealthy sorority girl who majored in marketing. She had always treated him like dirt, and used men. She was widely known as "the bitchy one" by her classmates, but she was beautiful. She was slender with tan skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and perfect legs. Typically she rejected all but the best-looking, wealthiest, and most self-centered males. Jenna was the kind of girl who didn't deserve to have such nice feet.

"No, not at all," Brian thought to himself while staring at those two perfect feet propped underneath the chair in front of him. The soft wrinkles of her creamy white soles exposed as she removed her foot from her flip-flop and crunched her cute little toes. He imagined what it'd feel like to be holding those two feet in his hands, freshly severed from their owner, her face crying in pain, sheer shock and disgust. He could do whatever he wanted with them, hell, even eat them. Yes, eat them. Mmmm.

Brian licked his lips and came up with a plan to get those feet off Jenna's legs and onto his dinner plate.

He continued to stare at them, his mind racing. Jenna sat at her desk, her luscious smooth soles bringing odd sexual urges that Brian had never felt before. They really were flawless soles, so creamy white and so soft looking. The pinkish tan line at the sides made them all the more beautiful. Each toe was a work of art, long, but perfectly proportioned and descending in size from big to little. Each ended in a plump, juicy head with a nice dark nail polish from a fresh pedicure. Her arches were high and heels perfectly round, almost like she never walked on them. There wasn't a callous anywhere. How she made it to this age with such unblemished feet was hard to believe. He swallowed hard as Jenna moved her feet back into her flip-flops. The show was over.

After class, Brian went home to his girlfriend, Leah, who happened to be one of Jen…Post truncated. View full.
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Oh yeah, some good ideas.

Doing more torture while the precious feet are still attached to her legs is not a bad idea. Cutting her toes off one by one could be good, and also the idea to cut open the sole to play with the tender meat inside is a great idea. Maybe even eat some of that sole meat raw? The final amputation of the feet for sex toys and meat could come after that.

How about ideas for the type of feet? Jenna is a gorgeous tan brunette with mouthwatering high-arched feet with creamy white soles and long toes. They are Size 8s so about average size. Tan white girls with high arches tend to have the most appetizing feet.

But maybe something different? Maybe a hot blonde with super high arches and creamy white soles? Maybe a taller brunette with bigger feet? Maybe a gorgeous Indian girl with delicious feet? A hot Latina with mouthwatering feet? Or how about a beautiful mixed race half black/half white girl with immaculate soles? Or a half asian/half white girl with the softest feet known to man?
Up to top
Thanks. ^^

For the type of feet... well, I can't decide for you, but...... what about a half asian/half Whit girl. ^^ Soft feet, pink sole. I think that could be very fun. ;)
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Delicious read.
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Half Asian/Half White feet it is! Yummy...
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Thanks. ^^ I can't wait to you the story you prepare now. :)
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She was cute. But scarred. So am I. I'm not a slayer though, I've just been... through a lot. Not as much as a vanguard berzerker or Top Class Assassin, though. She was the latter, and hunted many of my fellows. Just my luck, here I was.

"Have you ever known love?" My question was met with tired contempt.

"I'm saving myself for marriage." Typical of her sort. She was disciplined. I knew her training involved staying in frigid, fetid swamp water, getting frostbite and bug bites for hours. And everything she fought, that they fought for... was to fight against my personal freedom.

"And you think I should too? That I'm evil for being with the girl you murdered? You sick bitch." I saw her eyes go wide.

"Please, I thought she was someone else..." Oh, don't they always.

"You knew she probably wasn't. Just saw a fine girl, dark hair, rebel outfit, wore a symbol you disagreed with. You think 'eh, fuck it. Probably should kill her.'"

"I'm sorry. Just kill me and be done with it, please. If you let me go, I'll make it worth your while. I'll retire, and you can have anything." Killing her was her first suggestion. This meant that she knew where she was and who she was dealing with. At leas the likelihood was enough to scare her into preferring death.
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Still waiting for that inventive execution :P (and the rape too)
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(I'll try to get to this tonight)
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"Why should I just kill you? You did worse to me, you killed someone I love." I saw her eyes slowly drop as I spoke. "You killed her without a 2nd thought. I have to live without her now. And you think she's the sinner."

"No! We're all sinners! She's in a better- AAHHHWWWW!!"

How dare she? I punched her face in... with a hammer.

"Yeah, a better place than you, that's for damn sure."

She only looked at me, wide eyed in fear, and clearly hoped it would be over soon. Her hopes were to be dashed.

I grabbed a rope of strong spiraling intertwined wires and noosed it around he, then threw the othe end over a steel bar overhead and anchored it. I pulled, slowly, again and again, until she was hanging from the floor, still tied to a chair. The legs of it dangled just milimeters in the air, and her tiptoes jumped around on the groun, never quite gaining support. Her ribs and hips burst into the conventional rope keeping her sitting in an Execution Throne.

I left her hanging there for a while, then came back with a chainsaw.

I laughed as her eyes went wide and she shimmied in the chair, giving it a lap dance with her firm bottom.

I walked over as I rev'd it up. She screamed and begged, her hair stuck to her face with sweat. "NO! NO! OH PLEASSE! OH NOOOoogGHHHoh!! no-OHHHH" She cried and whined.

"AHHH HA! AHHHHH HAA! AAAGGHAAAAAAAA!!" As soon as the spinning blades touched her skin, she could no longer speak like a human, instead only screaming like a pig being slaughtered.

I cut off only her ankles, and then her arms just past her elbows. Finally, I cut off all the skin and ropes at her sides, from her armpits to her shins.

The only rope on her now is at her neck, and she's now swinging back and forth, shaking wildly froom the pain and terror and not held down by the ropes of the chair.

I lower the wire rope she hangs on, to relieve her breath a little, and fuck her asshole a lot.My arms under her shoulders, covered in her blood, and it runs down all over my body and splatters on the ground. She's crying in pain that burns the areas of missing skin.

After I'm done raping the crying bitch, I let her hang again, except I come back in just a moment with a hang-up bar she can bite to not die.

"Clench that as I stich skin grafts on you... unless you really would rather be dead." I knew she'd try to live if she was going to be in pain either way, but her body would be able to…Post truncated. View full.
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I liked it but it would be better if you physically described her a bit
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Thank you. I was contemplating how much to describe them but decided I should leave it to people's imagination.
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Loretta was really enjoying the raunchy house party, because everything about it was so mature. Having just turned fifteen she was by far the youngest girl there, of the guests, anyway, and when her blind date Ralph had to leave early, the host, a really rich guy who owned the house, talked her into staying, telling her that some of his musician friends were dropping over after their dance job to entertain them.

She didn't feel any particular attachment to this guy Ralph anyway, because he was a blind date, and had acted like such a nerd all evening, so when he told her he had to get up early the next morning, and pulled this just when the party was warming up, she was glad to see him go.

She had never seen so many ladies with big tits, wearing such expensive gowns. The party was so sexy, with men in tuxes and beautiful women in expensive revealing gowns, and there were even three teenage topless waitresses with really big tits, who were outrageously sexy.

They wore only open lace panties, that only partly covered the most important part, their actual slit, but showed the trimmed hair of their little pubic bushes above the waistband. That was a crazy thing to call it, because these panties were slung so low they didn’t entirely cover the girls’ clit hoods.

They thought they were so cool, because they had on provocative black garter belts, black nylons and red sexy high heel shoes. Most of these waitresses were a couple of years older than Loretta, and they all acted very mature. They had excellent figures, with full round breasts, and they weren't ashamed to have them bare, with everybody staring at them. They also didn’t seem to mind people being able to see the top of their cunts above the tiny abbreviated panties.

The waitresses were really blatant in their outrageous exhibition of their big tits, and they all had large gold rings pierced through their nipples. They were extremely sultry, and Loretta couldn't take her eyes off those daring nipple rings. The party was so mature that the sexy topless waitresses even gave her champagne, without asking her for I.D. This entire thing was totally adult. Loretta felt completely accepted here.

She'd really found the wealthy host, who's name was Rich, to be a much more interesting guy than her blind date Ralph, because besides owning such a beautiful house, he was very handsome and was in control, and he …Post truncated. View full.
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"You're learning fast, bitch, but don't hold your ass so high in the air." She bent her knees more, and found that although it was more difficulty at first, she could move more smoothly this way. When they reached the back of the garage, she was led to a garden area where the soil had been recently dug up.

"Dig a hole with your hands," the boy with the leash said. She did. "Now squat over it and piss into it," he said. The two older boys watched and laughed as she did as she was told, in the fashion of a dog. When the strong stream had reduced to a trickle, he said "Now hump your back like a dog and I need you to take a shit into the hole."

This was completely humiliating. Her need to delicate was so great that she could not possibly resist his command. With tears streaming down her face, she arched her back and strained, watching between her legs to see that she was dropping her feces into the piss-soaked hole in the dirt.

This whole bizarre treatment was completely degrading, worse than anything she had ever seen before, and Loretta sobbed as she strained, fighting constipation, and suddenly and painfully produced a thick twisted knob of her hard packed shit. It stretched her tight anus to the limit, and felt exactly as the violent ass rape had the night before.

She was glad she had dug the hole in the moist soil as wide as she did, because the tight shit ball fell well off center, and rolled down the side to the deepest part of the hole. She adjusted the position of her hips over the hand-scooped depression in the earth to improve her aim, because to miss it completely could bring dire consequences.

Loretta knew from the experience of watching the live performance of rape, merciless genital whipping and deep sex organ piercing that when it came to naked young girls, these powerful boys played hard ball. She saw her firm round boobies dangling as she watched her progress between her spread legs, and was again reminded of her nakedness.

With the odor of her excrement drifting up to her nostrils, she was hit in the face with the reality of her situation, and the gross obscenity of act she was performing for the boys like a trained seal. Her face flushed with shame as she produced a long flexible turd that curled into the fresh hand-dug hole in the soil.

She noticed that in this part of the garden the soil was moist and loose, but dry and firmly packed everywhere else. It had clearly be…Post truncated. View full.
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Loretta showed Lorraine how to move, and her twin sister caught on fast. They moved around, and Loretta noticed that the tail in her asshole moved as she did, and she realized for the first time how much her ass swung when she walked. She found it even more difficult to see in this position, and her neck hurt when she lifted it to see.

Suddenly she saw her image in a large mirror, and she was startled at the incredible effect of the mask and hooves. She turned to see her profile, and the tail was just as authentic. She had once seen a real live deer at the zoo, and she was a good substitute. In fact she was even better, with her naked female body, with her titties swinging from her chest as she moved.

She was also sure that her vagina was clearly visible beneath the tail from the rear. Her rich deep tan matched the color of a deer's coat, as did her sister's. She realized how carefully the two of them had been selected for this incredible role. What did these people have in mind for them? This was very exciting, and at the same time very frightening.

From outside, she heard the sound of horses walking, and coming to a stop just outside the door. Within a few minutes, she was sure there were more than two dozen of the big animals had moved to right outside the door. Suddenly there was the loud blast of a hunting horn: someone was trumpeting the call for the hunt. "Let them go!" came a booming voice, which Loretta recognized as belonging to Rich. If there were anything left in her gut she would have shit. This was really going to happen!

The two women pulled open a door on the other side of the tack room, and told the bizarrely outfitted naked young girls to run. "It's just a game," the women assured them, "But you've got to do it right, or Rich will be very angry with you, and you know what that can mean." To make their point, the women lashed at the girls' rumps with leather belts, smacking them so that they bolted out wide doorway into the bright sun.

"You've got to stay down on all fours as long as you can," the other added, shouting after them as they ran. "Just remember, it will go bad for you when you stand up."

"Now get going, you've got five minutes before they come after you," said the first, and they both slapped the twin teenagers on their naked ass. Loretta and Lorraine burst out of the door, running on all fours, and headed across the open field to the nearest trees.

Loret…Post truncated. View full.
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Thanks for posting this Regis. It is new to me. (Arch)
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I didn´t know you have the whole story. I had only a incomplete one.
Thx for that, Regis.
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Feel free to post your own ultra-short stories here, as long as they are around 100 words. :) Or request a story or two: I'm into non-con, snuff, something involving school girls or the military.


The mayor’s eldest daughter Catherine screamed in utmost despair as the Japanese officer opened up her stomach with a swift slice downwards from his sword, warm intestines and visceral organs poured out in a steaming pile on the ground in front of her. He then reached into her hollow cavity and sliced out the poor girl’s uterus with near surgical precision.

If she managed to stay alive enough, she would have gotten a good taste of her own sex organ and semen of her rapists as the content of her violated womb was forcefully emptied into her gaping mouth.
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"Take off your uniform and close your eyes." Mr. Dorris demanded.

The shy Asian teens did as she was told, timidly removing each article of clothing at a time.

"Do this and I promise that you will never have to worry about your grades again," Dorris grinned as he pulled out his cock.

When the girl dropped her panties to her ankles and kicked them off, she closed her eyes, feeling nervous as she expected the teacher to take her virginity.

Her last sensation was the gun being pressed against the bottom of her chin and then all thoughts ceased.
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Splayed over a large, stubby cannon tilted almost vertically, she pulled on the ropes binding her, but the stakes didn't even move. As the order was given and the fuse lit, he covered his ears.

The cannon fired. For the briefest moment, her torn dress was flying off of her arching, suddenly naked body. Then chunks of torn flesh, shattered bones and exposed organs flew and tumbled within a red mist. Limbs with ragged ends stretched their ropes, as her grimacing head bounced away.

Afterwards, he shoveled her pieces to the grave, sometimes flipping them over for a better look.

My Treat

While the topless girl laughed at his story, he excused himself and stood; A naked, sadly-smiling servant approached, carrying a sword. They hugged, then thanked each other for a wonderful week.

As people gathered, she gave him the sword and knelt, exposing her nape. He then offered it to the wide-eyed topless girl.

After consideration, she accepted it, taking position. The servant furrowed her brow and resisted turning back.

She severed her head, then shakily dropped the sword besides the bleeding body, smiling widely. Smearing the blood that sprayed on her tits, she let out an ecstatic moan...
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John entered the stainless steel walled room. His friends had bought him a snuff bunny for his 18th birthday. She was a cute, petite red head with ample bosoms, dressed barely in a red thong and a bra that molded around her shapely breasts.

"Show me your moves, meat." John commanded.

Ten minutes later he was fucking her holes. All 42 of them that he made with a hunting knife after he was tired of her teasing moves. He particularly enjoyed her belly and soft breasts. He came over her freckled face and blue eyes, stuck the knife in her neck and left.
Best birthday ever.
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Breast Feeding

Jenna was a single mother. Over 4 years she had used her gigantic E cup udders for what they're meant: giving milk to her son. Now he was all grown up and didn't need milk from her anymore.

"Place them over here and count down from 5" the chef told her.

The beautiful blonde milf obliged. Her breasts were guillotined in an instant, then her chest cauterized. The chef took her fat tits over to be prepared. The nipples were cut off and caramelized, the skin peeled from the rest of the teats and the fatty tissue turned into pudding.

Half an hour later, Jenna and her son received their pudding. With her nipples on top.
"Glad I took that weight off my chest" she thought to herself.
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Commission from a buddy of mine. If you want to commission anything from her, send an email: girlwhowritesstuff@gmail.com

Alyssa was, in simple terms, nothing short of eye candy-- and she knew it. Walking into the doors of Oceanside’s All Girls Preparatory Academy, she walked with a bounce in her step, and her boobs.

During school hours it was open warfare of the sexual appeal type. Her uniform, a white collared shirt with the school’s emblem on the left breast, was left unbuttoned and exposing cleavage, and her blue and black plaid skirt was just passing in terms of dress code. One could usually find her staring off absentmindedly in class, twirling a lock of her blonde hair around her finger and smirking to herself.

In fact, this type of arrogant and conceited behavior was one of the many things that caused an upstart in Sara’s hatred for her-- the final nail in the coffin was when her boyfriend confessed to cheating with the Oceanside Princess herself. Sara bitterly wondered if the same situation would have happened had she dressed less modestly, showed some more cleavage, and dyed her neatly styled black hair and side bangs platinum blonde. But even still, Sara could have moved on with her life and turned the other way, if not for what happened next.

At one point, not long after her boyfriend had split with her, in a fit of uncharacteristic rage (much different from her usual shy and calm demeanor) she approached Alyssa after class. It was just the two of them there. A few back and forth remarks to the blonde and Sara felt as if she was coming out on top in the word war.

"Hopefully this bitch’ll go and shoot her brains out if I say the right things," Sara recalled thinking to herself at that moment. But whether it was from the adrenaline of the situation, or the rice and beans she had eaten for lunch, her stomach began to bubble.

It was nothing major, at least not at first, but as the gurgling became audible and the feeling of discomfort grew, Sara felt herself standing more and more upright as she clenched her ass.

“Without those tits, you wouldn’t be a-anything,” Sara had said, her intestines uncomfortably lurching. Alyssa, who was standing beside a desk with a darkening expression, seemed to have had enough, and in an instant she had swiftly reached out to push the other. Off guard and startled, Sara had released all the built up gases from the day in a series of soft bursts as soon as her …Post truncated. View full.
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this was actually very good... cant believe a girl wrote it... she must be chill...
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this was actually very good... cant believe a girl wrote it... she must be chill...
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Love it
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needs more farts :3
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lf. Apr. 22, 2359

- No Unauthorized Access or Distribution -
- Be aware this report has been marked distressing by Cpt. Maria Buchann -

Priority Addendum: This is Buchann. I know many of you view it as disrespectful, but we're keeping a log of what happened to Sarah. We have to follow protocol. I'll mark the file as distressing. Don't forget that we're going to wipe these things out when the orbital squad arrives.

REPORT: Fate of Astronaut and Alien Life Researcher, Lt. Sarah Jules
SUB-REPORT: Reproductive Behavior of Hostile Titan Organism (Exact Species Unknown)

SUMMARY: Drop rescue team deployed 50 seconds from distress signal to Lt. Sarah Jules research vessel, marked 145.66hacc from Titan northpoint. Recorded events simulated by site findings.

Vessel hull was breached by native Titan organism, which entered main corridor behind cockpit, trapping Lt. Jules. Cockpit was sealed, and emergency distress signal sent. Magnetized cockpit security doors were torn through moments later. Sidearm of Sarah Jules discovered in cockpit, unloaded. High durability personal body armor of Sarah Jules discovered in cockpit storage, unworn. Audio-pressure logs (summarized below) indicate Lt. Jules falling to her knees and attempting to reason with the creature, irrationally. Unknown appendage grips Sarah's hair, pulling her up, off of her feet, and finally suspending her, no doubt uncomfortably. Lt. Jules cries, shouting obscenities in a manner our psychological department has described as "panicked." A, organic pop and tear are heard in succession, along with incoherent screaming from Lt. Jules. Pressure logs then indicate the weight of one female arm colliding with the cockpit floor. Each of Sarah's limbs are similarly ripped from her, along with her uniform in its entirety. The Lt. discontinues screaming, now rather howling in pain, but surprisingly (and unfortunately) retaining consciousness. Extended research team believes the creature was removing any potential threats with these actions; suspending and disarming its prey of the arms and legs where it might retain natural weaponry. Following her limbs, by that same logic, the breasts of Lt. Jules were subsequently removed, pulled from her chest individually with great force. It is a testament to the will of Sarah that she was able to beg coherently, after the removal of four limbs and one breast, that the creature not take her second. However, the organism removed her seco…Post truncated. View full.
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pretty good, anymore coming?
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reminds me of the SCP stories <3
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For what felt like the first time in ages, Deadshot was almost afraid. When he had been told that the Suicide Squad would be traveling through the Gotham sewers to reach their next objective, he had tried to talk Amanda Waller out of it. The concern he had before the mission was nothing compared to how he felt when they were actually in the sewers. Even in his secluded cell in Belle Reve he had heard the rumours that Killer Croc had gotten loose, and with Waylon Jones' increasingly slipping into inhumanity, he had less desire than ever to run into the monster.

And now Killer Croc stood before him.

Even before Harley Quinn had suddenly disappeared he had felt that they were being hunted, and by the look of the scene he was staring at he had been right. Harley had been torn to shreds; her cum coated torso looked partially devoured and had been discarded nearby, her head (face locked forever in a silent scream) lay half submerged in some nearby sludge, and one of her shapely, toned legs hung from Waylon's grasp; while what remained of the clown girl's lower body was impaled on the monsters massive cock via her cunt. Deadshot had his gun raised towards the beast in spite of himself, and when he felt the cold, monstrous eyes fall on him, Floyd Lawton did something he never thought he would do.
He dropped the gun and ran.

Detective Renee Montoya hated today. Even with the news that Killer Croc was in the sewers spread all over every media outlet; her perp just had to try to escape in the tunnels. She had been tempted to let the guy go get himself killed, but she had been chasing the bastard for months, and didn't want to risk the off chance that he could escape. The guy had been raping and killing out lesbians all over Gotham city; and as one of them, the case had really hit close to home. Her hatred of the day had worsened when she had heard gunshots echoing from deep in the sewers, and worsened even more when she found herself staring down the Suicide Squad.

The first one to speak was Digger Harkness, the self styled Captain Boomerang.

"You tha' dyke detective ain'tcha? Dent went on an' on 'bout you when I was in Arkham."

"Hands up in the air, before I do the world a favour and take you off of it!" Renee shouted as she thrust her handgun in their direction, her rage boiling at the insulting name and the mention of Two-Face.

Deadshot pushed in front of Harkness, holding his hands up.…Post truncated. View full.
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Waylon Jones looked down at the sobbing detective in front of him. Some distant, still somewhat human part of his twisted and feral brain recognized the woman and tried to put a name to her. When the name and memory of Renee Montoya came to his mind he began to chuckle, although he could not know it, the same lustful thoughts of raping a lesbian that had passed through Digger Harkness' head (when he still had one) now passed through the insane mind of Killer Croc.

The low, wet sound of Croc's laughter brought Renee back to her senses, and slowly, fearfully, she turned to face its source. Killer Croc towered over her; almost 8 feet tall and covered in scales, Montoya was dwarfed not only by his height, but also by the size of the monsters scaly cock; it was nearly two feet long flaccid and about as thick as her thigh. Waylon savoured the look of terror on the Hispanic woman's face as she took the sight of him in. His massive penis growing fully erect as he looked and his prey's sexy body, from her full breasts to her muscular arms and legs, to her toned belly.

"Oh god no, please no." Montoya stammered out under her breath as she watched Croc's devastatingly big member grow as it became erect.

Waylon laughed as the once tough detective wet herself in fear of him, and pounced on the woman with surprising speed for someone of his size. Renee didn't even resist her attacker until she felt his large cockhead slamming into her cunt. Detective Montoya beat Waylon's scaled chest while she screamed in pain and fear as Croc shoved his massive prick into her tight vagina, her screams increasing in volume and urgency as her cunt began to tear from his unnatural girth. Barely past a quarter of his length in and Killer Croc felt his cockhead prod against the entrance to his victims womb.

Meeting his victims tear filled eyes, Waylon pulled his prick back from Renee's cunt, the scales that covered it ripping the inside of her already torn pussy. Renee started to say something; beg for the mutated criminal to stop probably, but Croc slammed his cock back into the woman as hard as possible, his animalistic moan mingling with her screech as his prick destroyed her womb, bashed through her cervix and tore into her guts. Detective Montoya's mouth clamped shut in shock, biting a chunk of her tongue off. Waylon began to pump his cock in and out of Renee in a punishing rhythm, laughing at Renee's increasingly ineffective attempts to fight back aga…Post truncated. View full.
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Nice story. I have to say that although I'm not a fan of this universe, the story was still very enthralling and immersive. You could have detailed the vore part a bit more in my opinion though.
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thanks for the feedback! yeah, I don't do a lot of snuff writing, and even less vore stuff, so im not entirely confident in my skill in writing it.
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Maybe you're like me and enjoy writing, but just can't come up with ideas for what to write. Or you have a very vague idea and are spotty on the details. Or maybe you do have this idea that would make for a way cool story, but think you can't write for shit (in which case you should totally give it a shot, a lot of people are actually pretty decent with just a little criticism/refinement).

Either way, this thread is gonna be about writing prompts. Leave an idea/request for some writer to pick up. Writers, find ideas or request more detailed ones based on your loose outline. And if you do a story based on a suggestion, do leave a link to that here (but not the story itself, just a link to your thread).

Note that for most people “Kill [character] via [method]” isn't nearly enough to work with, at least without appearing awfully generic. Instead, give one or two sentences with such things as location/setting, motivation (if applicable), or a brief scenario, and whatever details. (And maybe some of the more common tags for reference).

Then let's see how this turns out.
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How about a deep poke in the eye with a sharp stick?
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How about Dr Herbert West from Re-Animator, having fun with some reanimated female body parts?
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Here's an idea that I think has a good chance of happening irl (at least above 1%, lol).

In about 4-5 decades from now we reach total mastery of genetics and brain scanning, allowing us to easily craft dispensible clones of real people or just genetically engineered specimens that are perfect in some way or another. This is coupled with the advent of a new brain scanning technique that uses a sort of implant that reads the brain activity of a person for a few months before it's extracted. Afterwards, a sufficiently powerful AI algorithm is used to analyze that recorded data and make a copy of that person's...personality. This is coupled with the human clones to basically create any sort of human one could imagine, in a matter of weeks. Having so much control over the production of such a human would probably also mean being able to suppress his/her primal instincts such as the will to live.

You probably see where this is going. You also probably see that there would be a lot of people debating over the ethics and arriving at the conclusion that it would probably immoral to snuff these manufactured humans... but I believe that a country like North Korea (if it even exists in a few decades, lol) could use this technology to revitalize it's economy (first by slavery)... and also provide the rest of the world with the only place to go and legally snuff 'people'. I think it would be feasible for them to open a dolcett style park there, if this technologies would indeed be developed.

Aah...but then again, this might be just another brainfart. By that time it would probably be way more efficient to create virtual reality programs with 'full dive' experiences that could provide the same snuff entertainment.
What's it sound like? I for one will probably write at least a sketch or two in this possible future.
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Does anyone remember the old universe with the afterlife of Euphoria, where the only way to get to it was to snuff yourself? I want another story from that vein, maybe involving a sensual murder-suicide between partners?
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> By that time it would probably be way more efficient to create virtual reality programs with 'full dive' experiences that could provide the same snuff entertainment.

It's not the same experience when you know it's not real; When it's not a real person you're meeting who is willingly giving up her life for your pleasure. Some would want to feel that connection.

I've had similar ideas; Personally, I'd go with some newly-arisen state in a vague location, rather than a real-life one with a predetermined culture you're probably not very familiar with and emotional baggage readers would associate with it.
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First time actually posting something... Enjoy!

Sirens' Last Song=

Chapter 1: The Last Dazzle

After a month of that song being on top, I'm sick of listening to this no-good hack and her cronies stealing my crowds.... but it would be a crime to just waste her gorgeous body. And since she's the leader, she can go first. Getting her alone was first part, and luckily, it wasn’t the least bit difficult. I found her trying to “sing” alone in an alley close by.

With the element of surprise on my side, I quickly was able to chloroform her without a struggle. I picked her up and brought her to my empty warehouse to enact my revenge. Once there, I strip her carefully, sit her in a chair by a bed, bind her arms and legs with heavy duty rope, duct tape her mouth, and wait for her to wake just out of sight.

I watched her wake and panic. I let her fret for a bit before revealing myself. Her eyes first narrow as she recognizes me, when widen as she sees the knife in my hand. I walk towards her slowly and as intimidating as possible. When I reach her, I give her my ultimatum.

“Your mouth opens, You die. Understand, Adagio.” It wasn’t a question.

I ripped the tape off her mouth quickly. She doesn't make a sound. Good, I thought. Don't want this to be over too quickly. I shallowly cut her along each thigh once, twice, finally a third time. She whimpers, but her mouth doesn't open, so I move to her midriff. A single cut there and she screams.


Before she can realize her mistake, I hilt her face hard. I pounded her face until I hear her choke on my cock, then I pull out. I grab the back of her head and pull it so I can look her in the eyes.

“Now, I take your pride and joy.” I said.

I slit her lovely little throat and watch the light leave her eyes. After I’m sure she’s dead, I untie her and move her to the bed so can enjoy her more thoroughly. I insert my dick into her virgin pussy and start thrusting slowly. As I fuck her corpse, a thought comes to me.

This is a nice fuck. I wonder if the boys at the Mirror Pool can make me a subservient clone of this bitch and her goons. But first, I finish inside and finish cutting her head off.

I gotta finish the set.
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Don't know if anyone liked Ch. 1 but, Gotta finish the set

Chapter 2: Blaze of Glory

I didn’t have to look for the second one on my list, as she literally came to me a week later. She knocked on my warehouse’s door with a single flyer in one hand and concern on her face. I was sitting in my surveillance room at the time, having just rewatched my performance from before yet again. I pushed the button for the intercom at the door.

“Hello, my name is Aria Blaze. I’m looking for my friend, Adagio Dazzle. She sometimes hides around here. She’s been missing for a week and we’re worried.”

“We?” I faked concern. I knew who she was talking about, but I did have one question myself.

“My other friend Sonata and I.”

“And you haven’t gone to the police?”

“We have no legal papers, so they can’t help.”

I open the automatic door. “Come in and maybe I can help you see her again.” I said before turning off the intercom. I watch her walk in before grabbing a couple tools for my meeting: a pistol, fishing wire, rope, and brass knuckles. Adagio may have been the leader, but Aria was the first one I thought of killing. Before ending her, I needed to release all of my stress. I went to "greet” her.

She had her back to me as I entered the front area, seemingly looking for me. I quickly and quietly approached her, taking care not to reveal myself. When I got right behind her, I struck her in the head with the pistol. She fell out cold. Knowing she’d be out for awhile, I got to work stripping her, binding her hands to her with the fishing line and tying the rope into a noose especially for her neck.

I finished securing the noose as she came to. As she couldn’t break the line, I picked her up and placed her on the stool so that she was standing.

“What do you want? I have money.” The purple-haired cunt asked.

“Your life,” I placed the noose around her neck. “Ended brutally.” I pulled out my pistol and blew off both her kneecaps. As she started to hang, I put on the brass knuckles. For a full minute, I treated her body as a punching bag. I didn’t strike her face, but every other part of her body was fair game.

With my fury sated, I removed my pants and fucked her until the only movements were twitches. Then, I cut her body down and finished in her throat. With the second part of my project done, I gently removed a couple hairs for the Mirror Pool and removed her head for later fun times…Post truncated. View full.
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Chapter 3: The Last Siren Song

Three weeks had passed since I relieved myself of the second siren. Now, it was time for the last one: Sonata. I had an anonymous note delivered to her earlier and now I was sitting in the front area waiting for her to arrive. I had both previous recordings on televisions on either side of me.

I watched her knock on the door so timidly, no sound came from it. I opened the door anyway and beckoned her to approach.

“Y-y-you know where my sisters are? Adagio and Aria?”

I nodded and she came in. I closed the door and locked every lock in the building. She would not leave this place still breathing.

I pointed to a second chair, this one facing the TVs. “Sit.”

As she did as instructed, I turned both TVs on and played the first video on one TV. After that one finished, I played the other one on the second TV. Sonata saw everything. Not a single detail did I allow her to miss. After the second video finished, she was in tears.

“You’re going to kill me as well.” She cried.

“Not if you follow my directions to the letter.” I said. Unfortunately, I planned my directions so the last one wouldn’t be doable. “Now, Strip, and do it slowly.”

I watched what would be her last show with excitement, my member jumping to full mast when she got to her undergarments. After she finished, she looked to me and paled and the sight of my now ten-inch dick.

“Come hear.” I said. Reluctantly, she listened. “Suck me off and swallow. No teeth.”

She put her mouth at the tip and eagerly began sucking as if a quick finish would save her. Each bob took her a little farther down my shaft. When she got halfway down my shaft, I grabbed her head and hilted her face and came. She tried to swallow, but there was just so much that it spilled out her nose. I didn’t comment on her early failure, but Instead said, “Now it’s time for your pussy. Go to the bed.”

She swallowed what was still on her lips and laid on the bed face up. When she was in position, I came over to her and stuck my middle finger in her cunt. I fingered her until she came.

“Time for the main event.” I said as I tasted her honey-sweet juices. “Flip over.”

I gently poked my dick on her pussy before roughly shoving it in and fucking her doggy-style. Her virgin moans were like music to my ears. However, as with all good things, it had to come to an end. I felt myself on the verge, so I sat Sonata up …Post truncated. View full.
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School Festival

Chapter One, Intro and Swim Club (Cons/Semi Cons, Watersports, Drowning)

Each year the local high school runs a festival and each year many beautiful and sexy young women meet their end promoting their various clubs and classes. Of course not only do students participate in these events, many attendees either volunteer or are volunteered to join in the festivities.

This year I approached the gate to see a trio of sexy young girls in revealing attire handing out pamphlets to those walking in. One girl, wearing a short tartan skirt, thigh high stockings, a bikini top and a tie (in what appears to be a parody of the schoolgirl uniforms of old), noticed me walking up and handed me a pamphlet.

"Have you been to one of our festivals in the past?" she asks me.

"Yes, I've been to the last three I think, one of the things I look forward to most each year"

"Well welcome back, I'm sure you remember but that pamphlet has a schedule of all the timed events, and a map with all the other events and booths on the back." "If you have something specific you want to do, make sure you plan around it, some of these lines can get a little long to hop in right when the schedule lists"

"Thanks" I said, eying her cleavage as it shifts beneath her top "I'll keep that in mind"

Seeing where I was looking she shifted forward slightly to provide a better view "Also our main event, where we auction off the ten girls with the most attendee votes, starts at 9:00, if you want the chance to do anything you want with these, make sure to vote for me. My name is Corine. And welcome again to our annual festival"

"I'll also keep that in mind" I said, before nodding to her and walking through the gate.

As I wandered the grounds without a set goal I admired the scenery around me. Hundreds of girls wearing various degrees of revealing outfits, some much more daring than what Corine wore at the gate. Many of them were students of the school but there were also plenty of adult women about, some of them teachers, but most were just attendees visiting from around the city and neighboring towns. I could also see several gaggles of girls from the local middle schools wandering about, and the occasional girl of any age being led around by a leash around her neck. Girls young and old wore clothes spanning the whole range, from what would be considered normal in the old world, to being entirely naked. Of…Post truncated. View full.
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Bumping in hopes for more.
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Fantastic Stories, please continue. I loved it.
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Fantastic Stories, please continue. I loved it.
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Chapter Three, Public Service Detention (Non-Cons, Torture, Restrained, Necro)

Leaving the cafe, I once again pulled out my brochure to see what would catch my eye. Looking at the events I saw that the drama club was soon scheduled for one showing of an original short play. I had a bit of time yet before it started, but I decided to begin meandering in that direction.

As I made my way to the theater, I saw a girl with her head and hands locked in a pillory on the side of the path. She looked around sixteen, thin, with medium sized breasts and dyed-black hair, just long enough to cover one eye. She was almost completely naked save a torn stocking and a single black boot on one leg. She had a smattering of piercings, a variety in each ear, one ring in her eyebrow, one in her nose, and one in her lip, a bar through one of her nipples, a jewel dangling from her belly button, and a bar through her clit. Her body had a sheen, semen coating her skin and hair, as well as dripping from her holes. Her dark makeup was smeared and tear-streaked. Her skin was covered in scratches, bruises, and whip marks, a few of the more serious wounds lightly oozing blood. As I neared I could read the sign next to the pillory labeling it "Detention – Public Service" with the line below it "You break it, you buy it. $100". A little bit behind the pillory was a teacher sitting in a chair next to a small table, lightly snoozing with an open book in his lap, the table holding several whips and other implements, presumably the teacher supervising detention.

As the path drew me closer to the pillory I looked at the time and decided I had plenty of time for a go before making it to the theater, but before I got there, an older man in an expensive looking suit and holding a briefcase approached the pillory. I moved to sit on a nearby bench and watch while waiting for the next go.

"So what did you do to land in detention?" The man asked conversationally, as he walked behind her and fished out his cock.

"Fuck off" spat the girl in the pillory.

"Now that’s not very friendly of you" the man said as he fondled one of her dangling tits with one hand. "Public servants need to be more courteous"

The man tugged on her nipple bar, eliciting a small yelp, before he unzipped his pants and took position at the girl's rear. The man then drove his hips forward, forcing his cock hilt-deep into the girl's asshole, unlubricated save for the remnants …Post truncated. View full.
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The pillory scene's not bad. Keep up the good work.
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Easier to post my various fetish junk in one thread than scatter it throughout a bunch of different stories. So, here. Starting with my most recent one:

Cannibal Kunoichi Barbecue

I suppose that starting my account of our trip by remarking on the gorgeous weather there would be a touch cliché, but don't things become clichés in the first place because they're effective? Maybe it's cheap, but people wouldn't use them so much if they didn't have something to them.

So I'll tell you up front that the destination of our vacation was a wonderful place, a gorgeous seaside resort like nothing else I've ever seen. The sand was white, and the water was blue, and the hills were green and full of life. Not once during our sojourn did we suffer from storms or bad weather.

There were hardly any guys around to appreciate our bods, let alone ones cute enough to warrant hitting on, but that was also nice in its own way. It was pretty much just us girls unwinding and having fun.

So much fun...

In hindsight, everything seems like it was uncannily perfect. They never even bothered to check our IDs when we went to buy alcohol. Everyone was just so nice and friendly, but not too friendly.

You know?

Honestly, I have no idea how the nine of us even wound up vacationing there in the first place. It was such a spur of the moment thing... Sakura showed me this brochure, Naruko threw my stuff into a suitcase, and the next thing I knew we were a hundred miles away from home drinking fruity cocktails and walking around in tiny bikinis. It was crazy and impulsive and irresponsible, even if there were adults with us, and we totally shouldn't have done it.

I sincerely wish we hadn't done it.

You have a pretty good idea of why, though, don't you? Me and two others. We were the only survivors. Only a third of us made it back home.

They haven't told you why, have they? Not the truth, at least. I'm sure that whatever they told you, they painted a very sad, tragic picture. Did they say there was an accident? Or maybe they claimed we were attacked? Whatever the story, they've probably convinced you that we were the victims.

I don't blame them for that. Any normal person would want to pretend it was all an unavoidable tragedy, that they had no power to prevent it, and no hand in causing it. But we aren't normal people, and I can't pretend like I didn't have a choice.

Like I didn't make my decision…Post truncated. View full.
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Here's a really unusual one: DBZ ryona and snuff, with not even a mention of vore or cannibalism. Haha, I feel like I'm diluting my "brand".

Though it is a return to form for me as far as the victim's attitude.

Erasing Erasa

[DBZ; ryona, snuff, het, guro, debreasting, fisting, willing victim]

Erasa smiled at her friend. She laid her tube top on the table and then unsnapped her bra, lowering the garment to expose two very large and soft breasts. Her tits were some of the finest around, and few girls could boast a bigger or better rack.

Videl looked at Erasa's tits with a hint of mingled feelings, thoughts and emotions so confused and tumbled that she couldn't have begun to identify them. Was this lust she felt, looking at her friend's naked bosom, two great boobs so shamelessly lewd and corpulent? Was it envy, jealousy that her own bust was of less size and perfect shape, that her own tits were not nearly so coveted or desired?

Or was it cruel delight, gleeful anticipation of the destruction soon to be wrought?

Videl smiled, and she looked at her boyfriend, who stood naked beside her. She was also naked, and her pussy at least seemed to know how it felt about these proceedings, judging by how it moistened and erubesced.

"Are you ready, Erasa?" she asked the blonde lightly, turning to watch as her friend lowered her panties and took them off, completing the process of stripping. "Are you ready to die?"

Erasa shivered blissfully. She blushed and wiggled her hips. Clearly she was only barely restraining herself from masturbating. But she hadn't been told to do that yet, and Videl wasn't sure if they would permit her that final pleasure at all.

She looked at Erasa's curvy, voluptuous form. The other girl was, if less popular than Videl, nonetheless in many ways more vulgarly attractive, more obscenely desirable to the base and sexual mind. This did not necessarily exclude Videl.

"I am not," Erasa answered, her expression betraying the blatant falsehood of her remark. "I don't want to die, Videl~"

Gohan made a snorting sound that might have been a chuckle. Videl took a moment to appreciate his naked body, his rippling musculature, wiry and powerful limbs laden with a deceptive weight of hard and chiseled muscle. A half-saiyan cock, long and thick, stood erect in not-so-secret enjoyment of their current play and impending deeds.

Damn, but Videl was already e…Post truncated. View full.
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It's been a while since I've written a proper vore or dolcett fic, hasn't it? This isn't one of those. Nor is it quite proper snuff, either. It's a Konosuba piece, and it's definitely of a more darkly comic tone. Actually, I wrote it in pretty much one continuous go this morning. Took maybe three or four hours to complete.

As you might be able to tell from the following material, Megumin's probably my favorite one of the Konosuba girls. I don't always lolicon, but when I do...

... ... ... ... ...


[Konosuba; snuff, asphyx, explosion, loli, dubcon, anal, oral]

"Please snuff me, Kazuma!"


Kazuma gave the speaker a disconcerted look. He eyed the heave of her breasts, and the wag of her hips, and the desperate, imploring way she gazed at him. Her face was pink, and she was breathing heavily.

He then turned his head to look at Darkness, who was watching with a faintly envious expression.

"I beg you, Kazuma," Aqua said, reiterating her plea. "Snuff me!"

Kazuma stared more intently at Darkness.

"You put her up to this, didn't you?"

The crusader blushed.

"Wh-Why would you think that?" she asked, twiddling her fingers. "I simply remarked how much I would like to be brutalized and snuffed by you, starved and abused and exploited until I finally died—or how nice it would be to get devoured by a dragon, swallowed whole and left to roast alive and slowly digest inside its fiery belly..."

Kazuma twitched, and he turned to look at Aqua.

"Are you idiots cross-contaminating, now?" he asked. "Is one fool's stupidity spreading to the other fool? Is that what this is?"

Aqua blushed, and tears welled up in her eyes.

"I WANNA DIIIIEE!" she whined. "Please, Kazuma, just kill me!"

Kazuma looked at Megumin, now, wondering if the loli magician was the only remotely sane person left in his party. He met her eyes, silently asking for clarification. It seemed ridiculously unfortunate, but in cases like this the congenitally delusional tween was actually his most reliable companion.

The archwizard shrugged.

"She's going on about how she thinks she's a goddess, again," Megumin said in a tone as of pity for one who was hopelessly out of touch with reality. "I guess she thinks dying will get her sent back to heaven."

Kazuma blinked. Then he lightly pounded a fist into his palm.

"Oh," he said.…Post truncated. View full.
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Exceptionally nice writing. Thank you for sharing, and please keep it up.
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Really great, probably my favorite of yours so far. Hope to see you do more with Konosuba and especially Megumin in the future.
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Agreed with the above comments. Looking forward to your next work, especially if it's also set in the Konosuba-verse.
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