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8351 enclaved Post Requests in /req/ 1 19-Dec-16 03:20
1363 Andlex How to Format Stories for Easy Reading 37 25-Nov-16 17:56
8745 masterchaos gfmk 011 The Sister and the other Sister. (soft vore/ cannibalism) 1 24-Jan-17 22:40
7177 CuteAndHurting Bad Magic: Petrification, Transformation, Immortality (human statue, human onahole, mid schoolers..) 11 24-Jan-17 21:32
8131 Regis Kate's Early Development (pre-teen, teen, castration, spaying, snuff) 9 24-Jan-17 21:31
8550 M.A.D. Top, or Bottom? (Various tags to be added later. Dub-con, pain, F/f, free use, suff) 10 24-Jan-17 16:00
5896 Eterya Miscellaneous short(ish) stories (various tags, but expect lots of hanging and f/f) 144 24-Jan-17 04:41
5073 Eficient Lynched (M/f, no cons, rape, hanged, snuff) 7 24-Jan-17 04:32
7635 Blau Sturm Final Fantasy Snuff Story 35 23-Jan-17 23:01
8713 PusKiller The Pussy Killers Ch. 2 Part 2 (Genital mutilation, teen, snuff, hard-vore, rape, violence) 1 23-Jan-17 01:37
8712 masterchaos Amy's quest for Sonic heart. (soft vore, cannibalism, fuury) 1 22-Jan-17 20:09
8700 PusKiller The Pussy Killers Ch. 2 Part 1 (Genital mutilation, snuff, hard-vore, rape, violence) 6 22-Jan-17 13:59
1310 blue.beard School Selection 74 22-Jan-17 13:12
4239 gromyko "Letters Home" (mf, ff, cons, snuff) 22 22-Jan-17 07:03
8673 PusKiller The Pussy Killers Ch. 1 (Genital mutilation, teen, snuff, hard-vore, rape, violence) 4 21-Jan-17 14:27
2295 tSade Dolcett Girls (ff cann magic sn nc tort viol) 245 21-Jan-17 14:05
6778 CuteAndHurting Turning to Stone, Random Petrification Stories 4 21-Jan-17 14:05
6296 CuteAndHurting Sanae and the Life Statues (petrification, turning to stone, progressive cruelty) 12 21-Jan-17 14:05
1150 TheVisitorBlack Ruki at the Snuff Club (Digimon, peril, exhib, posing, public, gun, eventual snuff) 79 21-Jan-17 14:02
3073 CuteAndHurting Death Arts Competition - First Blood 22 21-Jan-17 14:02
4434 Anonymous Land of the rising sun, (f-self, m/f, f/f, gore, consensual) 67 21-Jan-17 14:02
25 ∀x ∃y / x=porn(y) Choke Therapy (hanging, semi-con) and other asphyx stories 37 21-Jan-17 14:02
4923 Anonymous Recycling Rita 14 21-Jan-17 14:02
3686 Dracon Fountains (con, snuff, ff) 30 21-Jan-17 14:02
6220 gromyko The Best Job (F/f, F/F, snuff, cons) 15 21-Jan-17 14:02
3300 Anonymous Three Little Bitches Beheaded (repost due to corrections) 40 21-Jan-17 14:01
7285 Pung The Miraculous Mutilation Machine (mutilation, body modification, animal abuse, amputee, nonlethal) 47 21-Jan-17 14:01
7570 Htabdoolb Zookeepers (Snake/woman vore, Frog/woman vore, Consensual, Casual) 5 21-Jan-17 14:01
7498 Htabdoolb Hannah goes to the Zoo (Frog/woman vore, Consensual, mild Digestion, mild Asphyxiation) 10 21-Jan-17 14:01
6887 Anonymous looking for a story 25 21-Jan-17 14:01
7368 NewGuy Christening the Lab (gore, torture, anticipation, dismemberment) 9 21-Jan-17 14:01
2522 SexistAliien Freedom to Snuff (loli, free-use, cons, school, piss, snuff) 70 21-Jan-17 14:01
5921 Anonymous Mule (Drugs, Snuff, Disembowelment, F/f) 8 21-Jan-17 14:01
4457 Lil School Exhibition (cons, torture, eventual snuff to come, lesbians) 30 21-Jan-17 14:01
7655 TheVisitorBlack Hermione browses for girlmeat (F/F, Canni, Snuff, Hermione, Luna, Harry Potter, Cons) 36 21-Jan-17 13:27
5209 TDO Ultra-Short Stories (100 words or less) 220 21-Jan-17 06:55
8653 Anonymous School Policy (decap, semi-con, teen) (Reposted) 4 21-Jan-17 04:13
8659 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) From the Killer or Victim prompt in Roleplay 3 20-Jan-17 17:12
5001 JestInPieces Susan: a Girl Apart (f/f, cons, dismemberment, vivisection, non-lethal 25 20-Jan-17 14:01
8595 Blackraven2 All the way through (teen M/F, breat mutilation, piercing, impalement, some blood, consensual) 14 19-Jan-17 23:45
6873 Jim Sugomi Wendy roasting (gravity falls) cons, live pan roast, debreasting, decunting, cannibalism, huge tits. 30 19-Jan-17 23:35
8398 Regis LIFE & DEATH IN THE D-RING (everything but fur and Sci-Fi) 21 18-Jan-17 19:15
8652 Regis Becky's Private Grad Party (teen, loli, masturbation, snuff) 1 18-Jan-17 14:39
8651 ppolin Kidnapped [non-con, tentacle, snuff] 1 18-Jan-17 14:21
8635 Jay Deviant Baby Crush 2 18-Jan-17 14:04
8643 Anonymous School Policy (decap) 6 18-Jan-17 10:26
8646 TheVisitorBlack April's Soup Selfie (TMNT, April O'Neil, Willing, Exhibitionist, F-Self, Implied snuff) 1 18-Jan-17 00:44
8561 Deathstalker CosplayBabes vs. The Legions of the Undead (snuff, zombies) 14 17-Jan-17 19:19
3380 Anonymous Harry Potter stories 66 07-Jan-17 06:52
8631 TheVisitorBlack Mary-Jane: Snuff Double (Complete, Spider-man, Spitting, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Cannibalism) 2 16-Jan-17 21:15
6321 WarBlade RWBY Scat And Gore Stories 13 16-Jan-17 18:03
8636 Jay Deviant Baby Crush - reposted with tags! (baby snuff, abortion, underage, Hard Crush, 1 16-Jan-17 17:41
8587 Regis Three Distinct Points of View of the Short Life of a Birch (loli, best, whip, gore, snuff) 8 16-Jan-17 14:34
7666 Anonymous Bacchanal (Gore, Snuff, Consensual, Sibling Incest, M/F/F, Sci-fi-ish.) 16 14-Jan-17 01:42
7764 Anonymous What happened to Outdoor Cinema? 28 12-Jan-17 17:24
5417 Lord of Pancakes Heads (loli, shota, hanging, cons) 67 12-Jan-17 13:43
8032 Anonymous Death Therapy (Hanging, Decapitation, Snuff, Consensual) 4 12-Jan-17 08:34
8529 Absol Sanctify the Dark (Loli, snuff, murder, scat, etc.) 3 11-Jan-17 19:56
4175 Regis Repost - Spin the Bottle (nc, rape, torture, group beating, snuff) by request 12 11-Jan-17 04:10
8472 Anonymous The snuff movie enterainment park (cons, snuff) 12 11-Jan-17 00:04
8593 PsychoAiko The Village and the Girl with the Vision (body horror, f/f, f/self, eyes, parasites, tentacles) 1 10-Jan-17 04:56
6704 PsychoAiko The Business Trip (F/F, F/self, amp, armless, feet, sci-fi, debreasting, M/S Topless universe) 9 10-Jan-17 04:51
6554 Darkly Initiation (Consensual, underage, snuff, cannibalism, body-mod, incest, omnisexuality) 22 10-Jan-17 04:00
3529 EvilFuzzy9 Cannibal Kunoichi & Other Fuzzy Fetishes (cann ff fm guro vore lact snuff etc.) 70 09-Jan-17 16:42
4634 Poguemahone Fun with a Fairy (mf, size difference, large insertion, semi-con, gore, non-fatal) 86 08-Jan-17 18:10
8328 Htabdoolb Pep (M/f, Foodplay, Cannibalism, Objectification, Casual, Coercion, Consensual, Addiction) 31 08-Jan-17 09:36
6889 Eterya 'Reload Save Y/N?' – A /g/-style take on 'Choose your own Adventure' stories; come and play 82 08-Jan-17 07:43
8563 Anonymous Therapy (incest: mother-son, rape, lactation, snuff, m/F) 2 08-Jan-17 06:55
8236 Regis CREATING DAMASCUS STEEL (impalement) 10 07-Jan-17 14:40
8101 Hanneko Applicant for Death - Juan Gotoh tribute (consensual, snuff, videotaping) 14 07-Jan-17 03:31
8551 masterchaos The Live of Number 562. (soft cannibalism) 2 06-Jan-17 16:36
8540 Loke Caroline (mast, F/f, asphyx) 2 05-Jan-17 13:41
8537 Karl Luck Semi-Short Stories (500 words or less) 1 04-Jan-17 19:13
8535 Ninefacedman The Crackle (coercion, autocannibalism, non-sexual, psychological, transformation) 1 04-Jan-17 12:26
8508 Anonymous extreme titgames 16 04-Jan-17 10:47
8504 Regis LAAP Park short story (teens, racy park, lethal rides, snuff) 5 04-Jan-17 00:05
6530 Regis NEWER GREATLY EXPANDED Lami Pi Productions (LOLI, loli scat, loli fights, M/M, anal, snuff) 34 02-Jan-17 18:05
8391 REd Jissouseki Abuse Archive 15 31-Dec-16 16:05
2143 Kami-sama Basement (kidnap, drugged, mutilating, debreasting, cutting, uterus, torture) 85 31-Dec-16 14:58
8497 TheVisitorBlack Liselle offers Aria her life (Mass Effect, Aria T'Loak, Liselle, Tevos, Snuff, Amputation, Body Mod) 1 30-Dec-16 02:04
8155 Modus Malleus Consensual Genocide Run - Undertale (cons, gutting, choking, meat grinder, de-limb, crushing) 20 29-Dec-16 22:47
8045 Guilty+Pleasure Star Wars Stories (Snuff, Necro, Piss, Sexism) 13 29-Dec-16 19:48
8463 Regis Testing Lung Capacity - 3 Lethal Asphyxiation Competitions 3 29-Dec-16 16:23
8470 Anonymous The psychologist (torture, cons, snuff(?)) 3 29-Dec-16 07:45
7611 Unknown The Chair. (Electrocution. Pissing oneself. Snuff. Orgasms) 5 29-Dec-16 15:49
7984 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) The War (Advanced-modern Tech, various but realistic torture, various stories) 3 28-Dec-16 02:49
6782 Anonymous Repairs (Vaporization, casual, cons) 36 28-Dec-16 02:41
6453 Rosie Short(er) stories (loli, incest, semi-consensual, snuff, necrophilia, possibly more) 10 27-Dec-16 14:52
8458 Anonymous Stray Dogs Hard Vore 2 27-Dec-16 14:27
6324 TastyMonk Honor Among Thieves (Gutting,Stabbing, Non-Con) 27 26-Dec-16 20:45
4450 Anonymous Slut-er House (gore, consensual snuff, necrophilia, horror) 11 26-Dec-16 20:45
7933 Shadowstrider Invasion: Diner (M+F, M+f, Mb, Mg, anal, mast, oral, snuff, torture) 3 26-Dec-16 16:39
8097 Eficient Birthday Present (tags inside) 8 26-Dec-16 12:01
8224 Anonymous Werewolves hard vore 2 26-Dec-16 07:33
6500 Bugo The Ancient hunger (Hard vore, Semi-con, gore, messy, monster, m-f, more tags to come) 9 26-Dec-16 05:06
8397 Eficient XXXpresso (MMM+/f, F/f, cons, first, anal, throating, bukkake, lesbian, impalement, snuff) 7 25-Dec-16 05:58
6590 Anonymous Writing prompts/requests thread for everyone. Find or post ideas/suggestions/requests for /lit/ 145 24-Dec-16 16:27
8275 Bright A Bandit Bitch Gets the Block (beheading, public execution, public use) 8 22-Dec-16 20:25
7056 bellydistension Beach Attack (bursting, belly inflation, anal, rape, monster/alien) 11 21-Dec-16 18:46
7565 Johny Guro An Ongoing Story (Multiple victims, gore, rape, snuff) 4 21-Dec-16 05:39
8327 masterchaos Stella’s gift for Kamilla (cannibalism, soft, yuri) 2 21-Dec-16 02:39
8381 TC Looking to commission a comic script or story 1 20-Dec-16 23:39
8357 Anonymous Gutting (gore, Snuff, disemboweled) 2 20-Dec-16 17:57
2883 bloodlust Julie tortured (snuff, non-cons, disembowelment) 14 20-Dec-16 06:59
8372 Elf Girl A Club Of The Japanese Businessmen (Loli, Humiliation, Torture, Rp) 1 20-Dec-16 00:59
7950 TheVisitorBlack Hermione goes for seconds on Girlmeat (F/F, M/F, Deep Frying, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, D/s, willing) 12 19-Dec-16 12:59
5404 Aoi Hikari Aoi Hikari's thread 67 19-Dec-16 10:16
6125 Loke Ben's Day at Work (m/f, f/f, snuff, semi-con, impalement, asphyx, mild scat, cann) 10 19-Dec-16 06:57
7985 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) 3 girls shot in the pussy (a shooting spree, drowning, pregnant, piss, showering) 5 19-Dec-16 06:56
8308 Poisenpen/Lilith Hell Hath no Fury Saga 5 17-Dec-16 08:35
8176 Shadowstrider A Thousand Worlds of Despair: Crimson Comfort (A Higurashi no naku koro ni story) 7 16-Dec-16 03:35
8297 Shadowstrider A Thousand Worlds of Despair: Survivor's Doom (A Higurashi no naku koro ni story) 1 16-Dec-16 01:04
8186 Aki Let's go on an adventure! (Choose your own adventure, bad ends) 23 15-Dec-16 22:41
8293 Magali Looking for a lost story 1 15-Dec-16 22:08
7744 Htabdoolb Cream and Juice (Cum Drinking, Castration, Cannibalism, Consensual) 9 14-Dec-16 23:33
2650 Anonymous Victimology 101 40 14-Dec-16 05:52
6505 Anonymous Futility; (Evangelion, seppuku/assisted seppuku, consensual, request) 8 13-Dec-16 11:12
8219 masterchaos Third advent special: A coupon for Agatha. 1 11-Dec-16 16:20
7398 Jackalman French Girl Gutted (M/f, torture, murder, disembowelment) 17 11-Dec-16 14:40
7902 masterchaos A Christmas surprise for the best big brother! (soft cannibalism) 2 11-Dec-16 13:23
8175 The_White_Spiral Does anyone have the story Corals End? 2 09-Dec-16 21:10
8154 Rex Canyon Bryan Fury Snuffs Ayane 2 12-Dec-16 09:59
8153 Rex Canyon Bryan Fury Snuffs Ayane 1 08-Dec-16 05:52
5564 Anonymous Goodbye, old friend. (Dark Realm of Polaris, an ASSTR subsite, is down) 29 07-Dec-16 18:40
8041 AbbotTar School Festival (Cons/Semicons, Watersports, Drowning, hopefully more to come) 13 07-Dec-16 17:05
8123 Kitty Cunt A Breathtaking Meal Part 1 5 07-Dec-16 16:46
8124 Annandale Snuff, Lolita, Debreasting 3 07-Dec-16 06:20
8093 Pussy Shooter The Suicide Hotline ((Snuff, exibitionism, blood, genital mutilation, debreasting, suicide, etc)) 3 06-Dec-16 23:09
6796 Loke My Execution 11 05-Dec-16 03:10
7867 Bright Orcs Execute a Poor Little Elf Girl! (public hanging, loli elf, special surprise execution method) 6 04-Dec-16 22:27
8007 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) Raised for the circus (GrossGod Universe) 6 04-Dec-16 07:00
8076 masterchaos A Julia gift for Dodge! 1 04-Dec-16 05:35
4866 The Bizarre One The Bizarre One's Brainstorms 5 03-Dec-16 17:08
4276 The Bizarre One The Dissection of Starlight Glimmer (MLP) 61 03-Dec-16 17:05
8035 masterchaos Stesspela and the winter cannibals! (cannibalism, soft.) 2 01-Dec-16 23:29
7935 Anonymous The 1st Branding Punishment Ceremony upon Leah Sarahbalte 16 08-Dec-16 13:24
8029 masterchaos Pokedex hunting tactics: “The hunt begins” (001 to 025 to many tags^^) 1 01-Dec-16 18:37
7990 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) Torture of Tracey (Godsent Universe) 3 03-Dec-16 16:58
6328 Anonymous Princesses in Peril (Necro, non-con, snuff, gutting) 10 01-Dec-16 06:03
4902 Dokariss Azula's feast (FF, guro, snuff, exhibition, humiliation, cannibalism) 25 30-Nov-16 15:19
7438 Eficient Lost and Found (M/f, semi-cons, anal, throating, first, rape, bagging, snuff) 6 29-Nov-16 23:05
7224 mississippiman 和式さん: I am Washiki-san 7 29-Nov-16 14:55
7824 Aki Cruel and Unusal Deaths (snuff, murder, torture, variety) 6 29-Nov-16 12:00
7892 Anonymous The War (battle, slavery, surgeries, contrasting tortures, rape, forced chastity) 8 29-Nov-16 06:32
7898 Anonymous 3 girls shot in the pussy (a shooting spree, drowning, pregnant, piss, showering) 14 28-Nov-16 05:03
1903 Anonymous Car Fight (m/f, loli, vivisection) 67 27-Nov-16 08:43
3827 Andlex Summermount (m/f, f/f, storyline, gore, murder, some cons, mostly noncons) 43 27-Nov-16 06:45
4334 Loki 925 Calves, Father and Son Ranchers (Mm/gf+, cannibal) 9 27-Nov-16 06:45
6642 47 The emperors acquires new ordinance (female consensual snuff) 10 27-Nov-16 06:42
5666 Otakuist A Hunt ( cannibalism, snuff,debreasting,preteen) 7 26-Nov-16 20:26
7829 Anonymous Creating Heavens and Hells 11 26-Nov-16 06:06

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Any requests posted into /lit/ will be removed.
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I'd prefer if the /lit/ viewers saw this, so I put it here. Mods, please move it to /dis/ if you feel it belongs there.

Gurochan isn't exactly Word when it comes to formatting options, but you've got a lot of basic tools at your disposal to make your story not a pain to read.


Each new paragraph should be on a new line with a blank space in between.

Like so.

It might look like you have a lot of blank space at first, but it's much easier to read in the long run. This helps mitigate walls of text.


You're writing a story, presumably with characters, who presumably speak at some point. Every time a different character speaks, their dialogue gets its own paragraph. Again, it looks like it leaves a lot of space, but it's easy to read (and professional).

Use quotation marks for dialogue, not hyphens, and certainly not nothing at all. You need something in there to differentiate dialogue from narration.


I think I need a hug, said Maya. No worries, said Steve. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:

"I think I need a hug," said Maya. "No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:

-I think I need a hug.

-No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.


"I think I need a hug," said Maya.

"No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."


"I think I need a hug."

"No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Tags and Titles

Let potential readers know what to expect from your story before they dive into it. If accurate tags would potentially spoil the story, at least tag the big ones (/g/, /f/, /s/, /fur/, maybe loli/shota). If you'd rather not deal with tags, at least make your title descriptive (e.g. Ruki at the Snuff Club). Tags are especially helpful in stories with less indicative titles.

Note that titles not indicating the included fetishes are not bad titles. Titles are merely supposed to summarize the story, or symbolize the theme, etc. It's not like "Hunger Games" would have been better titled "Teenagers Murdering Each Other for Rich People's Entertainment," is it?


A general rule of thumb is t…Post truncated. View full.
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>Note that titles not indicating the included fetishes are not bad titles.
Hmmh, yes they are. Some people have fetishes that they dislike. For example, I really don't like reading a story from a prey/sub perspective.
So please, tag!
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I've been letting this down lately... But i had swear to write a story for every grimm fairy tale! This one was more than just well suited for it! I never read a fairy tale with this many vore and dolcett elements like in "brother and sister" :police: //www.grimmstories.com/en/grimm_fairy-tales/the_brother_and_sister . Well i also look forward for Rapunzel;)

Like alwals: The prey is a little bit older as in the original!

011 The Sister and the other Sister.
(You really believe you will see boy meat just because in the fairy tale it’s brother and sister? You are naive!)

The big sister takes her younger sisters hand and said. “We have to run away! Our stepmother beats us every day. She feed us with hart bread and water… even the dog get better food! If our mother knows… We can’t stay! There is a whole world open for us.” The two red heads looked lovely even in the poor garb they had to wear. So, they went out into the big world. It’s not easy to find a new home. The had to walk Barefoot and in torn clothes. But they even endured rain and cold. Because they only had each other. After a very long day, they climb a tree and slept immediately. This difficult their journey was!

The next morning… After the long last day, naturally the sisters got hungry and thirsty. The older sister was braver but not as clever as her younger sister. Still, she always looked after her little sister. That’s why she is determined to found a brook. She wanted to protect her sister, on any way possible. But they not had known, her stepmother was an evil witch! (one of the kind, that doesn’t eat girls! The very evil kind!) She cursed every brook in the woods.

The big Sister fast found a nice brook with clean water. But the little sister heard. "Her a snake will be who drinks of me, who drinks of me a snake will be!" (Yes, the water could rhyme.)
She cries anxiously.: “ Big sis please stop! If you drink this, you will become a Snake and strangle me to death.” This doesn’t sound this bad. Sadly, the big sister decides against it…
(These fairy tales have an educational mission! That is why we must, explain to everyone what could have happened!)
The big sister ignored the call and drink the water. It only takes a few seconds. Than in front of the little sister a hungry big snake arises. “Sister!?” The snake wrapped herself around the body of her little helpless sister. “Please Stop! You don’t really want to eat me!” But well……Post truncated. View full.
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DeviantArt: http://cuteandhurting.deviantart.com/gallery/60162034/Turning-to-Stone-Random-Petrification-Stori

HentaiFoundry: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/CuteAndHurting/21698/Turning-to-Stone-Random-Petrification-Stories

Renamed of Turning to Stone, Random Petrification Stories, so be more generic.

Bunch of stories. Girls getting turned to stone, sex toys, furniture, food... out of system of other stories. Usually results in a bad way to live forever.

Magic Exists and It Can Be Petrifying

Everybody loves magic tricks. Young and old, boys and girls. There was a summer magic event at a Japanese town, where little Amy, or Eimi, had fun watching various magicians doing magic tricks. Unfortunately, she had to be back home until 5 PM, because her parents were worried about her 12 year old daughter. 'This is such a bother...' She thought at 3 PM as she was walking home, which was in another, smaller town. Her parents didn't know she would go to that magic show. She lied about that because they'd never let her go otherwise. 'My friends said they would be there...' But it turned out that they didn’t lie to their parents, so they weren't allowed to go. 'But it was so much fun! There were so many magicians!'

As she was walking through a suburb, nobody was there. They were either in town, or at work, or home having lunch or afternoon nap. But then she stumbled across a girl her age who was happily heading towards the town.

“HiiiI!” The girl greeted Amy. “Were you at the festival?”
“Yes, I was. I wish I could have stayed longer, but it was fun!”
“It would be even more fun if I was around.”
“What? Are you a magician?” Amy said in a surprised tone.
“Of course! Want me to show you some magic?”
“Uh… I would love that, but I already spent all my allowance…” There were magicians on the festival who would do magic individually for a small amount of money. Amy had already spent her money.
“Doesn’t matter! Real wizards and witches do magic for the sake of magic!”
“You are a real magician?” Amy asked, even though she knew magic did not exist.
“Yup! Some of us pose as magician…Post truncated. View full.
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WARNING: No sexual content.

Vacuum Fairy

Vaky is a fairy. She likes to clean people’s homes when they aren’t at home. Many homes have lately been cleaned mysteriously, nobody knowing there’s a good fairy with good intentions doing that to them. Even witches and wizards didn’t know that little Vaky existed!

Vaky would always carry her little vacuum cleaner with her.


“Nina!” Yelled Ana with tears in her eyes. Ana was a 12 year old Bosnian blondie from Sarajevo. She was running away from someone.
“Ana!” Said Nina. Nina was a chin-length brunette and Ana’s classmate.
“Nina, please help me!”
“What’s wrong?! You’re scaring me!”
“Cops are after me…”
“Please, just listen! They caught me trying to smoke. They took a picture of me. They want to take me to my parents!”
“It’s just that? Jesus… You scared me so much…”
“My parents are going to take my new cellphone away from me! Please, Nina, help me! They are looking for me!”
“And what can I do?”

“You…” Ana calmed down and kept her voice quiet. “You do magic… right?”
“Uhh… Be quiet…”
“Please, do something… Turn me into a frog or something…”
“I don’t think you’d like that.”
“I will do anything, just please! They don’t know my name, all I need to do is hide for a day!”

Nina was in a secret family of wizards. Only her best friend Ana knew the secret. Naturally to a magician, when Ana offered to be transformed, Nina could barely resist. Although she knew it could be a bad idea.

Nobody was around, so Nina started chanting. Ana stood still, listening to Nina speaking all those words in a mysterious language, waving her hands around. After 1 minute, Nina was apparently done.
“Umm… That’s it?” Ana asked.
“Yes! You will now turn to dust and flow into this tiny vial.” Nina opened a vial and pointed it towards Ana.
“Huh?” Spoke Ana. That was also the last thing that Ana said. She started flowing, like sand, into the vial.

Ana had been reduced to a vial of dust that was just about 1 inch or 2.5 cm high. A whole human transformed into something so small. Worse yet, into pretty big grans of DUST, which means Ana became a large amount of small particles.

‘HUH?’ Thought Ana, whose sight and hearing was consumed by darkness. She felt weird. ‘I can’t move… Is my body a mush?’ She felt like minced meat. ‘I can’t breathe…’

Nina shut the vial.
“Now each part of your soul is tightly sealed to…Post truncated. View full.
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Watching Filthy Frank, I got an inspiration.

It's just a prank, sis

In magic high schools, including our Academy of Magic of Japan, students are encouraged to do any type of magic to each other. Naturally, there are even pranksters who do magical pranks to people, bringing them discomfort, pain, death or even long term or eternal imprisonment (turning to stone and similar). And then they put it up on their social media for laughs. Why do wizards to bad magic things? Because magic is highly addicting and so is being mean. Just like most of you are good people who eat animal products, wizards are good people who sometimes do bad magic things to others.

Main reason for the encouragement to do bad magic to each other is to motivate magic students to learn protection against magic. After all, “normal” people don’t believe in magic, most of them can’t even do it, and worst yet, they are completely helpless against enormous powers of magic.


A famous YT prankster called Saito has brown spiky hair and does magical pranks. He is mostly known as a magician, and some even say his victims are actually actors. But what do YT people even know? In reality, he really does magic pranks.

It was a rainy spring day in a suburb that was mainly inhabited by magic highschoolers. It was basically a high school dorm, but with houses and apartments instead.

“This prank included a lot of preparation.” Said Saito for a video. “There is this girl called Chika and… I basically had to stalk her to find out what clothes she is wearing most often. So I made a copy of one of her favorite T-shirts, and I enchanted it. Now… She is wearing it today. As she will be coming home from her classes, I will teleport all her clothes away from her, so she will be naked. Then I will teleport THIS T-shirt in place of her real T-shirt. I will also need to teleport her bottom clothes little further away so she takes the T-shirt first, because it’s raining so she will be cold and in hurry. And when she takes on the cursed T-shirt… you will see what it will do to her!”

Then they finally saw Chika, a brunette with straight hair. Camera guy hid in a corner so she wouldn’t see him, and Saito was on the other side of the street, looking at her, waiting for her to get to a desired point where he would be able to do his prank properly. She wore her autumn clothes, including a light jacket.

Then, at one point, all of her clothes suddenly di…Post truncated. View full.
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Do you think you can do a story where a guy gets petrified and feels like he's cumming forever?
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I honestly don't know. I don't have any inspiration on that.
BUT I do have an idea on having those 2 pranksters prank a femboi or a trap into gettin petrified while sucking their dick. I might write that one.
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Petrifying Dental Surgery

Our story starts with several middle schoolers, of a witches and wizards girls’ school, waiting in the dentist waiting room, accompanied by a teacher. A week ago the whole class had to have a dentist check, and 4 of them turned out to have bad teeth. One of them was an anxious cute brunette Nadoka. She was scared of dentists… though they all were. But she was even more scared, so she decided to go last, even though that should have only prolonged her misery.

Of course, she was scared of dentists because she had had a tooth that needed fixing just a year ago. She would still remember the sound, the smell, the taste, the moments of pain… She didn’t want to go through that again.

Worse yet, this clinic had very special ways of calming people. If you would twitch or make a sound, the dental chair would quickly turn you to a stone statue. It’s simple sealing, and just as we described in earlier magical stories – it’s irreversible. Soul, thanks to its special physics, binds to the smallest particles of the statue material. So no one can unbind it anymore, not even by breaking or changing the material.

And when her first classmate went in, she would once again be reminded of the sound cruelly awaiting for her. But there was no screaming, or any type of speaking at all. When she was done, she came out being… normal. Same happened with the second classmate. They both told Nadoka it’s only a little painful, and that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Though it was easy for them to say – they were already finished.

“You see, Nadoka-chan?” Said her friend Nakano quietly to her. “It doesn’t hurt. It will be OK!”

Then Nakano had to go inside. She didn’t make any sound either, and came out as normal as ever.

They it was Nadoka’s turn. She didn’t hesistate because otherwise the teacher would get mad. Her friend Nakano said to her:
“Be strong, Nadoka-chan!”
“What?” Nadoka asked just as the nurse was closing the door after.

“Hi, little Nadoka-san!” said the female dental surgeon. “Sit down here and make yourself comfortable.”

Nadoka looked at the dental chair, but couldn’t help but notice strange markings on it. Yup, those were supposed to turn her to stone in case she made a sound or a move.

“Uhh… Sensei…” She asked the dentist. “So I just sit there or…?”
“It’s safe to sit there right now. I will say when you should keep it still.”

Nadoka laid on the denta…Post truncated. View full.
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Kate And the Family Jewels Club
by Regis

The favorite drink in the bar was called a cuntail, because nude pre-pubescent girls served it, wearing only provocative heels. They were appropriately called cuntail waitresses. There’s no way to know if the drink or the girls were named first. The name came because the very young ladies serving drinks, none yet growing breasts, were far too young to be in a place that served alcohol.

These were not your average grade 6 girls, who never wear such provocative stiletto heels, as these did, and would certainly not in public display so blatantly and aggressively their stimulating hairless little cunts to the appreciative customers.

It was the latest style in an emerging culture that continually pressed the limits of acceptability, and the latest trend, to employ naked little girls in heels to serve drinks proved to be outrageously popular. This was one of the minor changes to what were quite a number of dark activities, undertakings that were not monitored, nor prohibited by a populist and totally permissive new government.

Everyone was comfortably settled and the doors locked. The bar was open, but none of the guests bellied up, because the precocious naked children were serving them. Five nude 8-year-old girls, tall for their age, appeared to be even taller because of the provocative ballet heels they wore.

These shoes forced them to walk on pointe. Instead of clicking like regular heels, these tapped as they walked. These were extreme bizarre shoes with slender spike heels, placed in front because of the acute angle at which their feminine feet were bent in them, heels that provided little balance.

The gorgeous little ladies had either been ‘borrowed’ from their parents, abducted from a park or a birthday party, or had been recruited from a ballet school which was a professional training center, where they had been in residence since the age of 5, brought forward from the National Nursery, and had early along been separated out from the main group to be developed as erotic ballet entertainers.

They depended entirely on their tiptoe skills in walking on their severely arched feet in the skimpy 9-inch ballet heels, a skill only acquired with many hours of practice for weeks, months, years; often with extensive encouragement to their pretty bare bottoms and delicate cuntlets from their trainer’s slashing whip.

The slender young girls were c…Post truncated. View full.
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Of course!
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Please add the follow-up story
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Bla bla bla bla blaaaa/joker
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Absolutely !
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Alright, I'm trying this again. Maybe I'll be able to get myself to write before the thread falls off the list this time.

(Sorry about that.)


“Top or Bottom?” The registration Officer asked unnecessarily, holding out one hand for my identification while he continued typing with the other, a rather impressive feat I had to admit, if only to myself as I passed him my ID card.

“Top.” I replied simply, looking up at the interior of my new High School. It seemed fairly standard, bland walls, bland ceiling, and a janitor just finishing his waxing of the bland floor. I turned for a moment as I heard the doors open behind me, the first of the other students beginning to trickle in. I had arrived early to complete my registration, a responsible person might have done so earlier but well, that would be a responsible person not me.

I noticed a severe lack of clothing among the students who entered, indicating that almost all of these were Bottoms as only Tops were allowed to wear more than a modicum of clothing so that class could be easily identified by sight. Civilised society had learned long ago that humanity was generally divided into Tops and Bottoms, those who had the potential ability and mindset to do great things as well as a much more assertive personality. These were of course the Tops. Then there were the Bottoms, those people who had either little ability, intelligence, personality or drive.

Over the years scientists and various types of psychologists have learned different methods to amplify one's Top or Bottom type of personality, making the segregation that much easier. One took a test when they were young, between five and ten years old depending on where they live, and it was determined which they would grow up to be. There were of course occasional people who registered as neither, but they were shipped off to small colonies at the edge of civilisation to live in the stagnating culture brought on by such people.

I was hardly surprised by the amount of Bottoms here, they were much more plentiful than Tops and tended too procreate a lot more due to a lack of responsibility and increased libido brought on by the chemicals put in their food. Of course two Bottoms would occasionally have a Top for a child, but that was rare and the child was usually moved to another family due to the fact that the power imbalance brought by law could be prove unhealthy for the child, as their parents and Bottom f…Post truncated. View full.
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Thank you. You just made it so that I literally HAVE to keep writing.
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Well, this is one of the best, hottest stories I've read on here recently. Characters are pretty good, surprisingly fleshed out.

Please write more, quickly.
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This is really well done. I hope you write more!
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This story is very well written with nicely fleshed out characters, without even mentioning how... electrifying it is. The point is, I need more~
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Alright, here's part two. Pardon the surely numerous mistakes in spelling and grammar (And missing words my lazy proofreading may have missed.)


The rest of the day was hard to concentrate on for a couple reasons, the foremost being that my mind was occupied trying to decide what I wanted from Beatrice. My first instinct was to simply take her home for one night and send her father a polite apology the next morning along with some piece of her. But I could do that with any of the Bottoms in the school and they'd be happy to do so, also I wouldn't have to send most of their parents an apology, or even any sort of notice. No, this one was too interesting for that, her fear of me sparked against something I only got when killing, and I wasn't going to throw that away for a single night, or even a week. If the fear faded then I might have to do something to bring it back, but until then I'd find a way to enjoy the mix of feelings she obviously had.

The second reason was that Carly was all over me for most of the day. About three minutes before lunch was called, I was pulled into the nurse's main office as she woke up. I was surprised that she remembered how I killed her, I had thought her brain to be too damaged by Locke's kick at that point, but she was happy to explain to me how it felt to be stabbed like that so abruptly. And evidently she enjoyed it so much that she had to drag me everywhere for the rest of the school day, which I was not in all honesty upset about.

Rafe and Locke winked at me almost in tandem when we found out way to their table in the cafeteria. Rafe seemed most amused when Carly took a seat in my lap instead of finding her own. It wasn't that much of an issue, she was small and I was the tallest of the four of us. One thing that Tops and Bottoms aren't segregated in is food, we all choose what to eat from the same menu. Tops get first choice of course, but there isn't exactly any worry of running out, so only the very last Bottoms in line have limitations on what to eat, and that only because there are so many of them.

Rafe and Locke teased me through most of the meal about killing Carly just so I could see some Bottom girl, and not doing anything more to her than talking and breaking the same finger I already had, so I really just killed her for nothing. I responded by telling them if they killed Carly they'd know that was motive enough in itself. This quickly got her on my side, leaving me to eat…Post truncated. View full.
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So I wound up writing/starting a few /g/-related stories, might as well share them here. Any feedback and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

General disclaimer: Everything depicted in any of this shit is completely made up, and any resemblance to other real or fictional characters or events is purely coincidental (unless noted otherwise). If you want to, feel free to imagine all characters as being of legal age in their jurisdiction.

So here we go (preemptive apologies if I mess up some formatting the first time around):

No Title [yuri, f-self, hanging, non-con]

With a creaking sound the winch activated, lifting Emily off the ground. The noose cutting into her neck caused the busty girl to start kicking almost immediately, her cries of pain, or for help, or mercy, cut off into ragged gasps.

The winch locked in and Emily came to a halt, her crotch right in front of Laura's face. Following an impulse, the redhead moved without even thinking, leaning forward to start licking the squirming girl's pussy. She was visibly wet, and tasted sweet yet a little salty.

Seeing as Emily didn't have much more time, Laura quickly moved on from her labia and focused on the clit exclusively, licking and sucking it. As soon as Emily understood, she tried to keep her gyrating down to a minimum, and the blonde's thighs wrapped around Laura's head, all but pressing the redhead's face into her crotch.

The overwhelming warmth and smell hit Laura, and she found herself getting dripping wet within seconds. As her mouth continued working the dangling blonde, Laura's hands started on her own pussy, her index and middle finger entering as deep as they could while the other thumb kept rubbing her clit.

As Laura kept going, Emily's cheeks flushed and her strangled gasps of pain became those of pleasure as she approached one final, ultimate orgasm. After what may have been seconds as well as an eternity, Emily came, opening her mouth to what would have been a shriek of absolute ecstasy had she had any air left as she gushed all over Laura's face and clenched her thighs hard enough the redhead almost feared she'd dislocate her jaw.

Only moments later Laura followed suit, her moan muffled by the blonde's pussy still racked by spasms of pleasure. As Emily finished, she let go of Laura and almost seemed to relax, seconds later letting out one final breath more like a sigh as her eyes rolled up and a trick…Post truncated. View full.
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Hey, Eterya, think we could do another story?

Characters involved would be Vivio Takamachi and Einhart Stratos, and it would be a kinky time gone all the way scenario.

Several years after the deaths of Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Signum, Shamal, Tia, and Subaru from our previous Nanoha story, Vivio, now 18 years old, decides she's ready to join her mamas (Nanoha and Fate) in death, and invites her lover Einhart to join her.

We can set it up a few different ways - either both hang, and they hang at the same time while making love one last time, or one is beheaded and the other hangs, or both disembowel each other and make love, finishing up by either slitting each other's throats or crushing each other's hearts in their hands.

Think we can do that?
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[Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, suicide, hanging, sepukku, con]

At the apartment of Vivio Takamachi, Vivio and her girlfriend, Einhart were preparing for their last acts. 12 years had passed since the mass suicide of Vivio’s adoptive parents, Nanoha and Fate, alongside a number of their friends and comrades. Vivio had grown up, befriended and fell in love with Einhart, and had done her ‘mamas’ proud.

Now she had decided to join them, and Einhart had insisted on not letting her go alone.

“You sure about this, Einhart?” Vivio asked. “You... you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“I am sure, Vivio,” Einhart replied, trying to keep her stoic mask up, but Vivio could see right through it. “I... Klaus died after losing Olivie... I- I won’t let history repeat.”

Vivio nodded. Einhart bore the memories of her ancestor, an ancient ruler, who had died alone after losing his lover in a war – a lover Vivio was an altered clone of – so she didn't want to share that fate.

“Alright, then,” she said as they both turned to the center of the living room, where a stool underneath a noose and a knife on a tray awaited them. “I guess it’s time...”

The two stripped, and after sharing one final deep kiss walked to their deaths, Vivio stepping up onto the stool and placing the noose around her neck, while Einhart knelt before the tray and picked up the knife, keeping her eyes fixed on her lover.

“On the count of three. One... Two... Three...” Vivio stepped off the stool, kicking it to the side with a clattering sound as the noose cut into her neck with a gasp. At the same moment Einhart plunged the knife deep inside her abdomen, pulling it all the way to the other side, completely opening up her abdomen and drawing in a sharp breath at the sudden surge of pain.

Even though she had sworn herself she wouldn't even try to struggle, in short order Vivio couldn't help but ineffectually start kicking her legs as her head began to pound with every heartbeat. But seeing Einhart just sit in front of her, completely composed save for a very slight trembling, made her force her movements down and just gaze at her lover and companion in death with a warm smile, which the older girl of course returned.

Yet the pain kept growing and growing and soon enough her resolve broke for good, and Vivio started wildly thrashing around, flailing…Post truncated. View full.
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I actually finished this a few days ago, but just then gurochan had was down, so I forgot to post it right away. This was written in collaboration with Blau Sturm (again) and is kind of a sequel to that other Nanoha story (>>7557).
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To the author of these fics

You are invited to a discord board for guro and snuff and things like that.

It will help expand the reach of your art.
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Nice! I only wish they didn't wait to turn 18 to kill themselves, but oh well.
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I was in the town square when they arrived. They were silent at first, almost ashamed at the situation, but soon more people started to arrive and the noise grew slowly.

A man was pushing a little girl forwards as she cried desperately. She was naked and pretty beat up. There was a trail of blood between her legs and one of her eyes was closed. Her nose was bleeding and it looked crooked. When she stumbled to the ground, the man kicked her in the ribs before lifting her from the ground by her hair.

As she rose, she tried to scream but it was somehow muffled or broken. I guess her jaw was broken.

At 15 years old, her body hadn't had much time to mature, but she was still very pretty. Dark skinned, slim and tall for her age, with long dark hair and green eyes. The girls around here were always gorgeous, a pity that they turned into hags as they grew older…

When they arrived to the center of the square, the man led the girl to a big tree. She was trembling as they stood there while more people arrived every minute. It wasn't long before a wall of people formed around them.

And of course, there was not a single woman in sight, except for the girl.

After a few minutes, the mob parted and three old men walked forward. They stood to one side, looking at the man with solemn faces. The man took one of her arms and raising it into the air, he addressed the people around them.

‘This is my daughter’, he screamed. ‘And she has shamed my family, I will pay that shame back with her life!’

The girl wailed in desperation but the roar of approval from the mob was deafening. A boy that was next to the old men threw two pieces of rope at the girl feet.

Taking the short one, he tied her arms behind her, pulling her elbows together. Her small breast stood proud in front of her as tears ran down her face. From where I was, I could see many bite marks on her breast.

With the other one, he started forming a loop. I smiled in satisfaction as I saw the rope. If you were going to be hung, your best option would be to pray for a thin rope, as it would dig deeply into your neck cutting the blood flow into your brain and giving you a quick and relatively painless death.

A thick rope, like the one he had, wouldn't be able to do that, and instead she would die of suffocation as her throat was slowly crushed by her own weight, a slower and much more painful death...

Unbelievably, she stood still while …Post truncated. View full.
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Justice been done!
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As it should be.
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There used to be a massive Final Fantasy story here on Gurochan, looked to be an arena-based one. It's dropped off now.

I think the title was Final Fantasy Arena.

Anyone have it saved anywhere?
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The FFXIII Tournament

Serah and Lightning were sitting in Lightning's house. The two had a bit of a reunion after the time Serah spent at the arena, and now were just sitting in her bedroom. They were both naked, but they didn't really have sex yet, as Lightning seemed more reluctant than usual, but they masturbated a lot to the stories she told. Serah didn't try to push, but after just a couple of hours she realized she needed to get on with her job. Just getting the crystal didn't seem right for her, as Lightning finally seemed peaceful now. Apparently all the things that happened changed her, and Serah suspected she won't be willing to go back to the Arena one more time.

"Light, there's something I need to ask you. As you know, I was busy running the arena one last time, but one thing remained. We agreed we had to choose one girl from each of those worlds, and after we're done they are gonna fight each other soon. We also gather all the crystals, as we decided we are going to need their energy. So, I have to ask: Do you want to come back to the arena?"

Lightning looked at her, surprised by the question. She actually wanted to stay here, to keep it just a memory, but she knew it was necessary. People coming back from the dead weren't something that was supposed to happen, and from what Serah said it was happening everywhere, not just because of the crystal magic. Yes, it needed to be stopped. Just as she was opening her mouth to reply, another thing hit her - one of those eight girls was going to become the new Goddess, and she didn't want it.

"Sorry Sis, but I have to refuse. Even though I want to feel the thrill of fighting again, and the pleasure of killing as the victim is being raped, but there's no way I'm gonna agree to a chance of becoming the Goddess. You can take the crystal, but I'm gonna stay here." As she was saying that, she got the crystal from some shelf and handed it to her. Serah looked at her with disbelief, but it was soon replaced by the familiar arousal. She sighed, and then spoke again.

"I didn't want it to come to this, or maybe I secretly hoped for it to happen? I have to bring all four of us to the arena, and since you don't want to come..." Serah jumped at her sister, calling her weapon on the fly. She slammed into her, pushing her down on bed, and cut with the sword at her neck.

Lightning felt a familiar pang of pleasure and pain as her head was cut off, and as her world was g…Post truncated. View full.
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The Final Tournament - Day 1

A few days passed since the fight between Fang and Serah. Serah, Yuna and Terra all agreed to take a few days off, knowing it might as well be their real last few days living. After they’ve all had their free time, they came again back to the arena. Yuna brought Tidus with her, knowing her lover was going to enjoy watching her fight, no matter the outcome. Serah didn’t get Snow there to watch, as she wasn’t going to fight, only oversee and control that everything happens correctly. Terra also didn’t bother bringing Locke with her, as she just considered him a toy she just used for pleasure and didn’t care about him otherwise.

The girls were arriving one by one, as they’d told them to. Rydia arrived with her ninja husband, Edge, who had already been there with her the last time. Lenna arrived alone, and they all noticed she was really apathetic. Rinoa arrived with Squall, and as he looked at the other girls there he actually hoped Rinoa asked him to help her kill one of them again. Garnet came alone, as she didn’t want her husband to get involved in it. Penelo arrived alone too, much for the same reason as Garnet did. Finally, Fang arrived alone as she didn’t have anyone she could take with herself.

When they all gathered, Serah spoke up:

„Okay girls, here’s what’s gonna happen now: we fight in usual battles, but if you die we will just send you back to your world. The girl that wins is getting a really special prize, one we can’t tell you about yet. Let’s start the fights now.”

„For the first fight, Garnet and Terra are going to fight. The weapons are a rod for Garnet and a sword for Terra. Prepare yourselves!”

Both Terra and Garnet suddenly were transported to the arena, looking at each other. Garnet was a bit afraid, fully aware her fighting skills aren’t good enough to let her win in a normal battle.

“Three… Two… One… Fight!” The countdown sounded the same, yet it felt a lot different than usual, having some tone of finality this time. They both shrugged it off and went on to fighting.

Terra immediately started running towards Garnet, who just stood there, waiting. While running, she was slowly transforming into her esper form, as she knew becoming resistant to most spells and being faster could only help her.

Garnet prepared to cast some spells, hoping to overcome Terra’s defense just by sheer amount of them. Then a thought struck her, and she tried to …Post truncated. View full.
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Loose Ends

Lenna opened her eyes and looked around. She was in her bed back at her castle. This place seemed emptied than usual… Then she remembered. She killed her sister, and she wasn’t going to come back this time.

She tried to get up, but the feeling of loss overwhelmed her, and she fell back between the sheets. Then she realized – no one knew she was here! If she sneaked out now, everyone would still think she’s still on the search for Faris she used as an excuse when she went to the Arena. Sneak out, and never return – that seemed like a good plan to her.

She slid out of bed, not caring that she was naked, then soundlessly moved through the castle’s secret passages, going through her home for the last time. Finally, she jumped out through a secret entrance, landing on one of the fields that surrounded her castle.

“What do I do now?” Lenna wondered. “I can go to Bartz and tell him what happened, he will surely help me decide what to do.”

The idea sounded pretty reasonable to her, and she quickly searched for him with some magical spells, transporting herself to him. The first thing she felt was heat – Bartz was currently exploring a volcano!

“Baaaaaartz!” She shouted, and she saw him turn around.
“Lenna? What are you doing here?” He replied, surprised by her sudden appearance.
“I was looking for you. I need your help.” She walked to him, and asked:
“Is there any place to seat nearby? It’s a long story.”

She knew he was staring at her breasts, and only smiled inside – he deserved it for what she was about to ask him. He just pointed to a pair of rocks they both could sit at, and then they walked there.

When they got there, Lenna started describing what happened to her and Faris over the last few months. As she was talking, a solution started to form in her mind – a perfect way to solve all of her problems! She continued with the story finally getting to the last final day.

“Sooo I decided to find you, as you are the person I’ve though would be most likely to help me come up with a solution, but as I talked an idea came to me.” She stopped, and Bartz replied
“That’s great! You told quite a sad story there, but if you think you can still make it better then I’ll be happy to help!” That was Bartz, always helping anyone who asked.
“The solution I’ve came up with is pretty simple.” She drew a deep breath.
“Kill me.”
“What!?” Bartz certainly wasn’t expecting that.…Post truncated. View full.
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The Final Tournament - Day 2

Penelo spent the night with Vaan, but even as she did, she couldn’t stop thinking about the girls she killed, the pleasure it was taking lives, watching the life slip away from the eyes of dying. She never felt it the way she did in the arena even though she killed quite a lot people by herself, so the arena must have triggered something in her. As soon as the night was over, she slipped out of bed, not bothering to get clothed, and went to the arena using a special spell she was taught.

When she got there, she saw the other girls were as eager as she was, waiting for fights to start. Both Yuna and Rydia seemed pretty happy after a night spent here, but Terra was nowhere to be seen. She ran to her spot she watched the fights from yesterday, then turned and looked at the portal just in time to see Terra coming out.

The green haired girl ran to her spot. When she reached it, Serah spoke to them.

“Let’s get it done, shall we? The first fight is going to be between Terra and Yuna. I know you girls have fought already twice, but you both killed each other once, so I’m giving you a chance to settle it once and for all.”

Both girls immediately moved to the arena. Yuna, as if remembering something, moved her hands to her braid and set it on fire, knowing it caused her death once. Her hair started burning, but she didn’t care, waiting for the fight to start with a sword with one hand and her guns in a holster on her hips.

Terra saw what Yuna was doing, and prepared herself. She transformed into the Esper Form, still holding the sword in one hand while her body changed.

“Three… Two… One… Fight!” Serah spoke quietly, knowing both girls knew perfectly when to attack.

Serah's countdown didn't surprise them. Yuna aimed her guns towards Terra and started shooting. Terra was already running at her, and she dodged the shots without problems. Her body was helping her, magic flowing through her.

As she ran, she attacked Yuna back with some spells. They were empowered by her body, and Yuna was forced to stop her attacks. She had to dodge the missiles herself, so she couldn't shoot at the same time.

She discarded her guns. It let her gracefully evade them, her body moving continuously in some kind of a dance, as if she was performing a Sending. While she weren't doing that, she was using the dance as a way to power up her own attack, inspired by the Sending taking energy…Post truncated. View full.
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Things that are coming to this thread soon-ish:

The rewritten final chapter;
A series of short stories similar to >>8735 with FFXV characters;
Possibly something with Edea Lee and Magnolia Arch;
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My name used to be Aaron Morr, but now, I go by the name ‘Cutter’. My body, that was once human, has been completely replaced by a witches curse. I am now all metal, electronics and just the hint of organics that keeps my mind intact. Yet within this mangled mess of wires, screws, bolts and washers is the heart of a real monster. To feed a human heart you eat food, you take in nutrition, you pump blood. To feed a monster’s heart… well, a different kind of sustenance is required altogether. Tonight - I was very hungry.

Three floors up, around sixteen rooms including two living spaces, six bathrooms and eight bedrooms - the Alpha Sigma Phi’s sorority house stood at the edge of a university campus. The sorority was famous for taking in freshmen to bolster their ranks, and it was still true this year. Two first year college students, at the age of seventeen, took up residence at the house. Two upperclassmen at the ages of eighteen and nineteen watched over them. Most of the campus was - what it seemed - on vacation.

Everyone was enjoying some holiday, as surveillance by any sort of law enforcement was low. It was the perfect time to cause a little power outage.

I willed it. Inside me, I felt the gears turn, the soldering flare and the parts come together. After only a minute my right hand had transformed itself into a small array dish. Using my left hand I took my right by the wrist and gave it a quick turn. The device that used to be my right-hand unlatched and I gently put it down on near my feet.

I pointed a finger at the device and a deafening low frequency burst erupted from the EMP device and all the lights went off in the house. Their nearest neighbor was half a mile away, so even if they looked out the windows they couldn’t see if the rest of the area was lit up. Only their house and the lights outside flickered into darkness.

Quietly, I walked to the back door and my right stub of a hand turned into a small antenna. I inserted it through the keyhole and a high pitched beep erupted into the house. Instantly a map of the whole house was made for me, along with its occupants. Three males, and the four girls.

They were all in one of the living areas, all naked, probably having one of their damn orgies. Everyone was trying to get dressed as exclamations of the lights turning off and the beep alerted everyone. Further analytics caught some voices.

“Fucking hell I can’t see anything!” a male’s voice yel…Post truncated. View full.
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Amy's quest for Sonic heart.

Sometimes Amy doubts, if Sonic really loves her… A stupid question! Sonic loves her! He is just a little bit shy with girls. But this doesn’t mean he is uncool! Sonic is the coolest person you can find on this planet, if not even in the universe! But still… Sometimes Amy doubts... After all, Amy tries everything to seduce Sonic. But every time he runs away. She trained to become stronger, cooler and more stylish. Sonic doesn’t care. She wears shorter and more sexy dresses. Sonic not registers. She even tries bondage. Sonic safe her, and this is cool… But, well… Sometimes Amy wish to get a little bit more intimate with her boyfriend and future groom. It looks a little bit like, as if Sonic not even is interested in her. But this can’t be true! Amy doesn’t give up. She will confront him! He will tell her, what he wants!

“Sonic!!!” Amy shouts as lovely, as she can.

“Oh Shit… Amy.” Sonic hasn’t see her coming. He tries to run, but it’s too late.

“Sonic! Don’t run away!” Pooh, he really is a shy hedgehog...

Pooh, she really is an annoying brat… “Hi Amy… I'm busy. Eggman, world saving. The usual.”

Cool as ever! A true hero. This is the biggest reason, Amy loves him. “I know… I just want to ask you some think…”

“Can’t it wait? I have no time.” He tries to find an opening.

Not this time! Amy will ask him… Now! “Stop!!! You have enough time! It’s very important for me!”

She never understands… “Okay. I am the faster hedgehog after all.” He tries to sound cool. “Just ask!”

Amy get a bit shy herself but she needs to ask. “What can I give you, to make you happy? I mean, what do you like about me?”

“I want, that’s you leave me alone! I hate you!” he just thinks… Well, he can’t tell her the truth. “ähm… I like your cooking… I guess.”

“Cooking!?” Okay this is easy! More info she doesn’t need! Amy needy to find a good recipe! She runs back home as fast as she can.

“Yes!” Sonic should with relieve… He hopes this wasn’t a failure. You never know, what this crazy girl is planning.

Sonic likes her cooking! She need to cook him something. But what? She has been thinking for two days… She can’t just cook a meal, it must be something special! She wants to make Sonic proud. She need to think about what he has said. “Amy rose. I love it, when you cook.” (this is how Amy remembers) … “When you cook.” … Wait! Does he mean “when you cook yo…Post truncated. View full.
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My name is Aaron Morr, or at least it used to be. Countless years ago a rip opened in what is now known as the space-time-continuum. I was with my friends Jonas and Lars, and we were pulled into it.

We thought we died because we awoke in a paradise. It was not Earth, but all the common sense rules we knew applied to this new place. We drank fresh water always, all the fruit was completely ripe and always delicious and finally the world was populated by beautiful young women.

So what did we do? What any young men in such a paradise would. We ate everything, drank everything and fucked everyone. The women were absolutely amazing and they seemed to be defenseless and almost infinite. We fucked them whether they wanted to or not.

That was life - fucking the willing and raping the rest. They all ranged from as young as six to as old as twenty. At least, that’s what they seemed like. Life was the best - what could possibly go wrong?

Well, it turns out that world was owned by a trio of powerful witches. The witches came one day, captured us and to punish us for our, what had now been years, of transgressions against their women.

They casted spells on us and turned us into monsters. Helpless monsters. They turned Jonas into a vampire, they turned me into a robot and they turned Lars into a dog. They transformed us into their own personal kinks and for centuries forced us to be their sexual slaves. The witches raped us, and beat us, and treated us like complete tools. We deserved it. But we lost our minds and our will to live,

Centuries later a scientist found their way to the dimension and encountered us. Seeing us something to be pitied he returned our minds and gave us the power to steal the witches powers if we could eat a part of their anatomy.

The next day, the witches ordered us to eat them out. It was our chance. During the sexual session we all, at the same time, ripped into the witches genitals and the moment we tasted their blood the scientist’s power took effect. Jonas got the power to create blades and barbs from any part of his body. Lars got the power to create devouring and stabbing tentacles from his body. And I got the power to create power tools at any point of my robotic body.

We then destroyed the witches with our new powers and went back to the scientist. We felt tired, and worn out. The scientist told us it was because we needed to fuel our power and our fuel type was dictated by …Post truncated. View full.
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Eh... Kind of rushed and rather cringe-worthy.
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Agreed, but its a part of the story that I expect people to skip on.

I just kind of wanted to get it out of the way so we can get to the parts that matter.

I didn't need this to be good, I just need it to exist.
I'm spending much more time and effort on the upcoming parts. :)
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Don't be discouraged, I liked it!
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Don't be discouraged, I liked it!
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Hahaha no worries - I'm not discouraged at all.
I'm very excited that I've covered material that I don't want to talk about while I'm writing about the more "interesting" stuff.

I'll be writing Part 2 tomorrow as I continue working on my usual 3D stuff ;)
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school selection [non cons] (17)
1 . Name: Anonymous @ 2012-09-23 06:17 ID: d46605

disclaimer: just a horror fetish, entirely fictional, don't do anything that will harm somebody in real life.

A loud whistle caught Nina's attention. She stopped her crawl and started to tread in the water. After a few moments Nina saw what was going to happen. As the other students stopped swimming their teacher signaled to get out of the water. “All girls are required to go to a changing booth and wait there for the meat inspector” said the coach, “the boys will continue with 4 laps of the butterfly stroke”

Nervously talking the girls quickly went to the changing booths. Nina sat about halfway down the line. “Shit I hope they don't pick me” thought Nina. A soft crying from her right assured her of a better chance, only 25% was selected from each class. She heard the meat inspector getting closer every few minutes. He was only a few lockers away from her now and she heard him say, “swimsuit straps off your shoulders and stand with your face to the wall”. Nina put the straps off her shoulders, better make it easy for the inspector, she thought. Suddenly she heard another girl crying in the booth next to hers. “Nice” she thought, that was Emily, she never liked her.

“Name” said the inspector as he opened Nina's door. “Nina, ID number 230867” said Nina. “Thank you” said the inspector, I see you already put your straps down, very nice, can you turn your face to the wall” “sure sir” said Nina and she turned her back to the inspector. The inspector checked her butt, “nice and firm” she heard him say. The inspector made her turn around and started peeling her swimsuit down. Softly he took her breasts in his hands and checked them. After a confirming mumble he pulled Nina's swimsuit to her feet. After a quick look on her pussy he said: “I'm not sure can you wait for 10 minutes, keep your swimsuit off” “of course sir” said Nina. The inspector went to the next changing booth.

“Shit” thought Nina, “I might be meat within an hour or I can be free for the rest of my life”. A strange thought occurred to Nina: this was her last chance to have an orgasm. She sat down naked on the little bench and started to rub her pussy. Within a few minutes she reached the point of no return. She took a deep breath and tried to keep quiet as her orgasm took control of her body.

Minutes later the inspector opened her door. “Can you …Post truncated. View full.
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Awesome, keep em coming!
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I'd love to see more use of the mobile termination truck and really enjoy the inclusion of diapers in these stories. Also, I'm curious what happens to meat in this world when its body isn't fit to eat. I've been imagining meat that doesn't make the cut gets thrown out or ground up to make filler.
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I have posted most of these little short pieces elsewhere, but thought those here might enjoy them.

Letters Home

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm really loving Hollywood. You won't believe it, but I've already had an offer for a snuff role, and I haven't even been here a week! I got cast in "Guillotine Gangbang #24", and it was a great scene. There were eight girls arranged in a circle, each with the cord to the next girl's guillotine in her mouth, and eight guys fucking them, taking turns around the circle. There were also eight of us giving the guys rimjobs as they fucked. It was great! You know how I love rimming (thanks for the lessons!), and my last guy came when the girl lost her head. It was a real thrill to feel his ass clenching around my tongue. Then I ate his come out of her pussy. The guys who didn't come right away went to the middle and played with the heads until they shot.

Anyway, the director, Jack Savage, said he loved my enthusiasm, and he wanted me for the next "Facesitting Fatalities" picture. You know how much I love his stuff, and it sounds like a really great way to go. Of course I was thrilled, and I told him so, but I said I wanted to build up my professional credits first. When I go, I want everybody to pay attention, and not just because it's a hot scene.

Love, Jenny
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Id love to see letters from different talented actresses!
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My name is Jonas Eva Von Hearth, and I am a happy man right now. In front of me, at the end of a long hallway cowered a young teenage girl in a beautiful blue dress, with white trim. It flow nicely along her nice maybe… fifteen? Sixteen year old figure? Delicious C cups, smooth white skin, dark long hair draped along her back. But her eyes, yes - her eyes were wide, dark and large with fear as I approached her. It was a big disappointing that as I looked down her dress. I noticed it was spoiled by her own urine. It had traveled out of her, through her now stained panties and all over her dress and legs, to what was now a running puddle on the floor.

“NO! NO! PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!” the girl shrieked seeming to try to move into the wall she was pressed against. I just smiled and bent over down at her.

“Now, why would you think I’d do that?” I asked. Her eyes flickered back and forth between confusion and panic.

“You… you raped my friends and killed them.” she stuttered. I stood straight slowly, growing to my full seven foot height. My own dark brown trench-coat swayed back and forth as I pondered her statement. Tipping my Fedora hat up I smiled down at her.

“Well, not exactly. I killed them by raping them. Though you do have a point, history does predict that I will do the same to you.” I said softly gently putting one of my hands against the back of her head as she whimpered and started to shake.

Without any warning I clutched her hair and yanked her to her tip toes where she screamed out, tears running down her face. “NO! NO! NO! HELP ME! SOMEONE! OH GOD! OH GOD!”

“God won’t help you.” I whispered into her ear and slowly led my other hand to her thigh, along her silky smooth skin, savoring each moment, and tracing the path of her urine to the point between her legs. My fingers slowly nudged aside the cotton white panties and I stroked her soft pussy. Her shrieks increased as she felt my fingers at her most sensitive region.

“Now… scream for me.” I said and felt the extension of several sharp barbs extend along my fingers. I put my pointer finger and middle finger together and forced them between the lips of her vagina. The barbs ripped into her vaginal canal as my fingers invaded her. Her screams erupted in full force as I slammed her into the wall, her legs and arms flailing as I ripped and finger raped her. Blood gushed out from between her legs staining her cute dress and splatting on the floor. I fe…Post truncated. View full.
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reminds me of this scene a bit:
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reminds me of this scene a bit:
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Man, I'm glad they tried to put that scene in the anime as far as they could. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZtlWpkB710&spfreload=5

Please look forward to more of this sort of writing :)
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