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1363Andlex How to Format Stories for Easy Reading 39
11474DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) To Create A Christian Hell (Criminal Scientists) 2
11180FrictionByBill FbB - De-Dicker 01 (Futa, cons, de-dicking) 10
5209TDO Ultra-Short Stories (100 words or less) 259
9817Narra Avlan Cutter 12
10540Buzzard Buzzard's Fire Emblem Fics 37
11468Gan Death 1
10550 Waifu wars 80
10140Htabdoolb Cynophobia (Dog girl, Dog/f, MMF/f, reluctant, non-consensual, pet play, minor scat and urine) 16
11435BBraker Superhero Rivalry (/g/, light-hearted, mild violence, large breasts, debreasting) 18
11462 Sayo-Nara (Doki Doki Literature Club, m/f necro) 1
8508 extreme titgames 17
1310blue.beard School Selection 62
10961Eddyboy The Hive: A Duke Nukem Horror Story 14
7950TheVisitorBlack Hermione goes for seconds on Girlmeat (F/F, M/F, Deep Frying, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, D/s, willing) 77
11369 Peculiar Picqueristic Perversions (Touhou, F/F, Cons, D/s, Blood/Knifeplay, Non-Lethal) 5
8045Guilty+Pleasure Star Wars Stories (Snuff, Necro, Piss, Sexism) 19
11268A Nony Mouse A Nony Mouse Annals 8
10552TheVisitorBlack Korra For Breakfast (F/F, Cooking, Non-Fatal, Romantic, Complete) 12
10155AbbottWarr The Last Field Trip (Tags by chapter, but expect Cons, Non-Cons, Loli, Watersports) 18
10930Anon1442 Experimenting in Bed (cons, sex, gutting, organ play, snuff, beheading) 7
10875tSade Puppy Mill 2: From the Shadows (ungodly number of tags) 31
7984DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) The War (Advanced-modern Tech, various but realistic torture, various stories) 4
11419 necro 1
11399Ducetur Manibus Frat Snuff Party, M+g(12), MF, torture, debreasting, womb removal, incest, snuff 2
11205M Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha SnufferS (F/F, con, snuff, beheading, hanging, impaling, cutting) 15
11176Aoi Hikari Looking for stories thread 44
8391REd Jissouseki Abuse Archive 50
11397BBraker Space Goo (fixed&extended) (/f/, M/F, slime girl, slime penis, penectomy) 3
11398Ducetur Manibus Dick Girl Incest, Impregnation and Snuff, Herm, inc, preg, snuff, implied can 1
6590 Writing prompts/requests thread for everyone. Find or post ideas/suggestions/requests for /lit/ 184
4239gromyko "Letters Home" (mf, ff, cons, snuff) 18
11210 Pussy eating 7
11368DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) secret syndicate suffering 2
11370 Virgin (Straight, Penectomy) 1
8561Deathstalker CosplayBabes vs. The Legions of the Undead (snuff, zombies) 53
9690kira Kids Murder Club (hanging, kids/f, snuff) 13
5896Eterya Miscellaneous short(ish) stories (various tags, but expect lots of hanging and f/f) 270
6782 Repairs (Vaporization, casual, cons) 66
9680Anon1442 Liv's Gutting Experience 9
11300FrictionByBill FbB - Boobfish 2 (Cock Vore, /m, Digestion, Cons) 2
7285Pung The Miraculous Mutilation Machine (mutilation, body modification, animal abuse, amputee, nonlethal) 46
11305griff A Close Shave (decap, m/f, skullfuck) 3
10163Pung Kimmy (Amputee, breeding) 36
11164 Limbless Lissandra (LoL, quad amputee) 7
11244John Doe The Pussycution (part 1?) 6
4457Lil School Exhibition (cons, torture, eventual snuff to come, lesbians) 29
3529EvilFuzzy9 Cannibal Kunoichi & Other Fuzzy Fetishes (cann ff fm guro vore lact snuff etc.) 101
11022Razer Beast The Cull /g/ /fur/ /snuff/ /consentual/ /impale/ 8
7666 Bacchanal (Gore, Snuff, Consensual, Sibling Incest, M/F/F, Sci-fi-ish.) 17
10877tSade Today on Perry Singer (various snuff scenes) 18
11193Htabdoolb Milked and Harvested (FF/m, Penis Milking, Cum Drinking, Castration/Penectomy, Cannibalism, Casual) 5
5404Aoi Hikari Aoi Hikari's thread 82
11172John Doe The Director (M/f, torture) 2
11167FrictionByBill FbB - Evisceration Party 01 (Cons, evisceration, F/fff) 2
10999Netty No-One (Game of thrones) 3
10588d udet The New Nursery (preg, cons, snuff, MF + g-unborn) 3
11163 342 (/f/, threesome, conjoined twins, microphone, audience, kissing, tickle, first time) 1
10591DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) Bomb Girl Infestation 10
11105SailorSnuffScout Sailor Snuff Show 8
9773htabdoolb The Boy Who Lied Thrice (FF/m, CBT, Objectification, Penectomy, Castration, Cannibalism, Casual) 21
11136Omegaxypher Ticket to Ride (snuff, necro, gore) 4
11112Razer Beast Cyber Six /g/ /consentual/ /gangbang/ /fisting/ /asphyxiation/ /stabbing/ /simulated snuff/ 4
11137Everyone's Anonymous requested on 4chan (M/F, amputee, quadriplegic, incest, coercion/rape) 2
11127xnetghost Rebels must die! 2
6453Rosie Short(er) Stories (loli, incest, semi-consensual, snuff, necrophilia, possibly more) 34
4434 Land of the rising sun, (f-self, m/f, f/f, gore, consensual) 67
10651 The Guillotine 14
11056curious Someone somewhere must know something. 14
1051147 47's thread 26
10865Randall J. Nelson My Stories (Tags Inside) 4
11102 Nurse's last day 1
2650 Victimology 101 37
10829Unknown A New and Fun Product! 34
9652Johny Guro Lost Johny Guro Story (Blowjob death) 2
11082Looper Necro-Pedo Feet, a vignette (Mgg, necro,snuff, pedo, foot fetish) 2
10398Robin of Langley Chaos Is A Ladder [Game Of Thrones – Joffrey / Ros] (non-con, human pincushion, torture, victim POV) 21
5564 Goodbye, old friend. (Dark Realm of Polaris, an ASSTR subsite, is down) 29
10973VV Happy Birthday (m/f, consensual, suicide, necrophilia, gore) 10
10501Poguemahone Stretch Goals (Imposible Contortion, Huge Insertions, non-lethal, solo f, f/f, non-guro at first) 24
9906Ellen Nobles and Clones, a World of Decadence and Snuff (snuff, casual, young, more to come) 27
6296CuteAndHurting Sanae and the Life Statues (petrification, turning to stone, progressive cruelty) 10
10908hulang Asphyxia executions with loss of bladder & bowel control 7
3073CuteAndHurting Death Arts Competition - First Blood 16
1150TheVisitorBlack Ruki at the Snuff Club (Digimon, peril, exhib, posing, public, gun, eventual snuff) 72
8563 Therapy (incest: mother-son, rape, lactation, snuff, m/F) 6
9333 The Story of Jenna (Feet, Torture, Cannibalism) 43
9991VV Five Gold Coins (m/f, non-con, snuff, necrophilia) 13
2522SexistAliien Freedom to Snuff (loli, free-use, cons, school, piss, snuff) 68
10949M M's Shorter Stories 1
9088Mister Eskuir The Demon Hunters (Prolapse, Womb Abuse, Footplay, etc.) 93
10922Sarah Carlson Sarah Carlson 1
6500Bugo The Ancient Hunger (Hard vore, Semi-con, gore, messy, monster, m-f, more tags to come) 16
10644 The Empire Strikes Back (penectomy, gay) 2
10862hulang Erotic electric chair stories 8
8864Eficient Groupie (M/f, rape, oral, snuff) 7
3300Azalel Three Little Bitches Beheaded 28
10814B. Z. T Eating monsterwomen- cannibalism, cooking 2
7764 What happened to Outdoor Cinema? 22
8909Karl Luck Semi-short Stories (101-300 Words) 9
8463Regis Testing Lung Capacity - 3 Lethal Asphyxiation Competitions 7
9628DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) What I Saw at the End 4
5417Lord of Pancakes Heads (loli, shota, hanging, cons) 41
9733PsychoAiko Aiko's Short Story Collection 6
9392looper Holiday in the Mountains (Mg, pedo, tort, implied snuff, foot fetish) 12
9527 The Story of Meg (Feet, Torture, Cannibalism) 14
8653 School Policy (decap, semi-con, teen) (Reposted) 13
6554Darkly Initiation (Consensual, underage, snuff, cannibalism, body-mod, incest, omnisexuality) 24
9770Dethl Dethl's Writing (Primarily Scat) 10
1903 Car Fight (m/f, loli, vivisection) 86
10612SexyBlimp How would you all feel about having an actress read gore stories for you? 20
10247Ellen Ellen and Nixon rp stories 5
10637 Daughter removal 10
25∀x ∃y / y=porn(x) Choke Therapy (hanging, semi-con) and other asphyx stories 9
6796Loke My Execution 12
10598M.A.D. The Hunt (F/f, snuff, necro, gutting, con/dub-con, gutting) 2
10622TastyMonk Honor Among Thieves (Remastered) (Tags inside) 8
10616HeroFucker Eraserhead vs The Temptress (Boku no Hero Academia, noncon, snuff, stabbing, piss) 4
10409 Star Wars: The End of the Skywalker Line (castration, violence) 4
10589HeroFucker Endeavor vs The Temptress (Boku no Hero Academia, Endeavor, snuff, noncon, stabbing, necro) 7
8398Regis LIFE & DEATH IN THE D-RING (everything but fur and Sci-Fi) 28
10279Buzzard examples (Fire Emblem, Scarlet, Snuff, non-con, hanging, asphyxiation) 29
10419Buzzard ungrateful brat (Fire Emblem, Delthea, asphyxiation, strangulation, necro, incest, snuff, piss) 17
9728 Deconstructing Amy (cannibalism, semi-cons, meat girls, snuff, vore, dismemberment) 11
1023747 "Damn it, why do they always take the hot ones?" (a Duke Nukem babe slaughterfest) 9
3380 Harry Potter stories 76
10256 (real version) The mobs new chef (cannibalism, extreme incest, cuckolding,torture,snuff,bdsm, WS 8
10430Jim Sugomi Chick breast nuggets (wendy, self debreasting, public, canni, consent) 7
10518JestInPieces The Interview: Unofficial Continuation (f/f, non-lethal, flaying, prolapse, fisting, legging) 7
9977TheVisitorBlack The VisitorBlack's Competed Story Thread 13
10290Guiltstar "I don't want to be a fox." (Loli, Furry, Snuff, Oral, Suicide, Necro) 5
10227M Gekkoukan High School Reunion (F/F, M/F, con, snuff, hanging, Persona 3) 7
10321Buzzard crossing paths (Fire Emblem, Ursula, non-con, asphyxiation, dismemberment, snuff) 5
10249Buzzard attempts at parley (Maribelle, Fire Emblem, snuff, non-con, m/f, necro) 16
10219 silent treatment (Clair, Fire Emblem, strangulation, non-con, snuff, Necro) 23
10367Lilac Alley The Lilac Alley (Assorted Stories. Tags inside) 3
10004Ducetur Manibus Dolcett Incest and Snuff 16
9933Karmandel Rural Law (snuff, loli, casual) 5
8101Hanneko Applicant for Death - Juan Gotoh tribute (consensual, snuff, videotaping) 16
10267 Angelina and Marcus 3
9874M A Heist Gone Wrong (Persona 5, Snuff, M/F, non-con) 7
8131Regis Kate's Early Development (pre-teen, teen, castration, spaying, snuff) 15
10346 looking for story 3
10078E-Sarah Stocking up for Winter (M/f/g, F/f/g, non con, kidnapped, tort, canibal) 10
8773Ellie Ritual Dessicration (Loli, torture, rape, cannibalism, oral, anal, snuff) 7
6505 Futility; (Evangelion, seppuku/assisted seppuku, consensual, request) 15
10268 Sex On The Beach [Bi] [Straight] [Testicles] [TG] [vaginoplasty] 1
10261 The Poker Club 6
10260 Castrating Uncle Jim 1
8983Regis LACIE'S GIFT (excerpt from Lami Pi Productions) teen, loli, sad, snuff 3
8529Absol Sanctify the Dark (Loli, snuff, murder, scat, etc.) 7
98948950 author The second to last floor (F/f, confinement, uriposia, abuse, snuff) 4
6321WarBlade RWBY Scat And Gore Stories 16
9554Bloody_Fox Assassin Chronicles (tags inside) 11
5001JestInPieces Susan: a Girl Apart (f/f, cons, dismemberment, vivisection, non-lethal 24
9027Rabiah Dragon Dinner Date (trans m/m, dragons, cons, regen, love n kisses) 2
8652Regis Becky's Private Grad Party (teen, loli, masturbation, snuff) 5
10179masterchaos wo new anime stories of mine. (debreasting, cannibalism, pussy peril, pain) 2
9678Regis THIRD GRADE KICK FIGHTERS - title says it all - loli violence 9
8595Blackraven2 All the way through (teen M/F, breat mutilation, piercing, impalement, some blood, consensual) 17
10083 Ambitions Cut Short (Fire Emblem, Charlotte, non-con, ryona, snuff) 3
9610Regis Terminal Fist Butt-Fuck - Excerpt from Lami Pi Productions 14
3686Dracon Fountains (con, snuff, ff) 28
10113htabdoolb Testicle Pregnancy: A Miracle of Modern Medicine (FF/m, CBT, castration, penectomy, Mpreg) 5
9878Emily Grave Anna and Aurora's Tragic Love Story (Drowning, Murder, Morgue, f/f) 2
7438Eficient Lost and Found (M/f, semi-cons, anal, throating, first, rape, bagging, snuff) 7
10087Poguemahone Going Through a Rough Patch (non-lethal, gore, solo f, virtual reality kind of? More tags as needed) 8
9959CuteAndHurting Statue and Hell Department (petrification, eternal torment, sex, yuri...) 4
10086Headless_Boy The Flower Garden (beheading, m/f, m/m, young, cons, non-cons) 1
10071Linard RAHUL AND SAPNA (Tags: m/F, bdsm, inc, sad, scat, snuff, tort, ws, cons, rom, humil) 4
8472 The snuff movie enterainment park (cons, snuff) 14
10066DioRama Her Liquid Arms {A fictional autopsy report of an anorexic girl} {repost with fixed 1
7498Htabdoolb Hannah goes to the Zoo (Frog/woman vore, Consensual, mild Digestion, mild Asphyxiation) 9
7570Htabdoolb Zookeepers (Snake/woman vore, Frog/woman vore, Consensual, Casual) 8
8550M.A.D. Top, or Bottom? (Various tags to be added later. Dub-con, pain, F/f, free use, suff) 21
10052Trimoi Love and lion (hard vore) 1
8659DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) From the Killer or Victim prompt in Roleplay 8
10016 Paar, Tittentorture, Klittorture... German 1
9911DoctorRobot1 If I Was a Dictator... 9
10009Ducetur Manibus Young Sex, Incest, And Impregnation 1
10007Ducetur Manibus voluntary Castrationa And Cuckold Impregnation 2
6778CuteAndHurting Turning to Stone, Random Petrification Stories 4
9931TC I'm commissioning a loli/guro comic. Want to write it? 5
9979 Looking for a story 1
9285DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) A slayer (torture, anal rape, vaginal rape w/metal, inventive execution). 15
7056bellydistension Beach Attack (bursting, belly inflation, anal, rape, monster/alien) 13
8093Pussy Shooter The Suicide Hotline ((Snuff, exibitionism, blood, genital mutilation, debreasting, suicide, etc)) 6
9926Poguemahone How Many Apples 2: AJ's Revenge 7
9679 Queen's Blade: Executions 6
9898Randall J. Nelson Randall J. Nelson's Graveyard 1
7224mississippiman 和式さん: I am Washiki-san 8
9856 Deepest darkest Africa (Cannibalism) 1
9853 Forbidden fruits (cannibalism) 1
9760Regis Robin in Bitch Prison by Dante - loli, rape, murder, death fight 12
9474Eficient Weekend Getaway (tags: f/f, M/f, semi-cons, lesbian, toys, throating, anal, noose, beheading, snuff) 10
9820DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) terrible story 4
9107M A Night at the Amagi Inn (F/M, gore, death, cons, noncon, Persona 4) 20
4175Regis Repost - Spin the Bottle (nc, rape, torture, group beating, snuff) by request 15
9720Modus Malleus The Last Ride of the Dragonbride - (cons, fantasy, bestiality, impalement, size difference) 4
9228Regis Girl Hunt and Erotic Dinner (Loli, extended kill, debauched entertainment, snuff) 28
9658masterchaos A cute Fish and the sea Restaurant. (mermaid, loli , cannibalism) 4
9711htabdoolb The Vacuum Incident (FF/m, Penectomy, Castration, Non-Consensual, Trashification) 5
8236Regis CREATING DAMASCUS STEEL (impalement) 11
9426PsychoAiko The True Story of Aiko's Childhood and How I Became a Guro Author 11
9654Noemandy The tortured feet of Tina (Mf, foot, torture, nc, rape, snuff, foot cannibalism) 3
8041AbbotTar School Festival (Cons/Semicons, Watersports, Drowning, hopefully more to come) 19
9589TheVisitorBlack Amy Pond: Sexy Schoolgirl Snuff-o-Gram (Complete, Dr. Who, Prostitution, Dissection, Fisting, Snuff) 7
9224Bright Interplanetary Log: BX93c2 5
9517Dokariss April pays her debts 4
2295tSade Dolcett Girls (ff cann magic sn nc tort viol) 244
8504Regis LAAP Park short story (teens, racy park, lethal rides, snuff) 6
8993Onouwu Cardiophile musings (Heart fetish-always f/f) 5
9237Frogace55 Sirens' Last Song (MLP:EG, Non-con, Rape, Snuff, Torture) 5
9330Regis Dante story - Deer Hunting - 2 15 yo girls in deep, deep trouble, hunted by archers 6
4450 Slut-er House (gore, consensual snuff, necrophilia, horror) 9
9492Karl Luck Snuff Story Prompts 5
8950 Happy birthday, the girl that lives in the basement 5
9313TheVisitorBlack Tali Offers Her Body (Mass Effect, F/M, Exhib, Cannibalism, Snuff) 12
9471DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) A slayer (torture, anal rape, vaginal rape w/metal, inventive execution). 1
7898 3 girls shot in the pussy (a shooting spree, drowning, pregnant, piss, showering) 15
7867Bright Orcs Execute a Poor Little Elf Girl! (public hanging, loli elf, special surprise execution method) 7
6873Jim Sugomi Wendy roasting (gravity falls) cons, live pan roast, debreasting, decunting, cannibalism, huge tits. 35
9278Obedient Doll Praying at the Church of the Lord of Doom 8
9437Waysider First person snuff story 2
4634Poguemahone Fun with a Fairy (mf, size difference, large insertion, semi-con, gore, non-fatal) 99
921747 Melissa Want To Move Up In The World (M/f, sex, snuff, some gore) 5
9348Eficient Inheritance (tags inside) 15
9225eg2g School Girls (Non-Con, Head Explosion, Decap, Scat, Farting) 5
9327Waysider Batman: Mauled Montoya 4
9256ZimbleKimble Here's a story I wrote, read it or don't, I don't give a fuck. 10
7935 The 1st Branding Punishment Ceremony upon Leah Sarahbalte 21
8947Karl Luck From the dungeon of Karl Luck. (Various tags, but expect a lot of shooting.) 13
664247 The emperors acquires new ordinance (female consensual snuff) 13
9230CuteAndHurting Nico Nico Energy (torture machinery, lifetime torment, Love Live, no sex) 1
9190 Mimi & Felicity (cons, gore, werewolf, knotting, regen, f/f + dickgirls) 5
9211FafnirMech Conversion (cyborg, medical) 1
9173 Amputee fetish 6
9048Eficient The Boiler Room (M/f, MMM+/f, semi-cons, first, rape, anal, throating, piss, abuse, noose, snuff) 5
6530Regis NEWER GREATLY EXPANDED Lami Pi Productions (LOLI, loli scat, loli fights, M/M, anal, snuff) 36
8328Htabdoolb Pep (M/f, Foodplay, Cannibalism, Objectification, Casual, Coercion, Consensual, Addiction) 36
9165Onouwu Heart Hunting (f/f cardiophilia) 1
9128 [consensual] [FF/mm] [genital cannibalism] [milking] [Nullification] [Penectomy] [Straight] 9
9056Htabdoolb Milkmaids (FF/mm, Penis Milking, Cum Drinking, Castration/Penectomy, Cannibal, NonConsensual, Casual 5
9099Waysider Avatar: End of Korra (gore, death, large insertion, rape) 4
7829 Creating Heavens and Hells 13
4276The Bizarre One The Dissection of Starlight Glimmer (MLP) 64
9058 The Dogscape (Gore, Death, Body Horror, Freakshow) 9
8155Modus Malleus Consensual Genocide Run - Undertale (cons, gutting, choking, meat grinder, de-limb, crushing) 20
2143Kami-sama Basement (kidnap, drugged, mutilating, debreasting, cutting, uterus, torture) 92
8497TheVisitorBlack Liselle offers Aria her life (Mass Effect, Aria T'Loak, Liselle, Tevos, Snuff, Amputation, Body Mod) 6
9031 Scrotum Torture 1
4866The Bizarre One The Bizarre One's Brainstorms 7
9026Rabiah Dragon Dinner Date (trans m/m, dragons, cons, regen, love n kisses) 1
9023masterchaos Lilly, the cutest doll! (dollification, soft) 1
9022 Looking for a story... 1
5921 Mule (Drugs, Snuff, Disembowelment, F/f) 8
3827Andlex Summermount (m/f, f/f, storyline, gore, murder, some cons, mostly noncons) 41
9005 destroyed daughters 2
8980Shadowstrider Only True Lord of the Sith (tort, asphyx, abortion, mast, mc, humil) 3
8837Vanthel Missing series with a rich woman, sisters, ans gurl who gets clit removed 15
8867Nightfall Searching Story from Old Gurochan (debreasting, cons) 3
7824Aki Cruel and Unusal Deaths (snuff, murder, torture, variety) 7
8889 is anyone interested by rich dominating poor stories 7
8926Eficient The Locker Room (m/f, non cons, humiliation, anal, first, rape, oral) 3
8587Regis Three Distinct Points of View of the Short Life of a Birch (loli, best, whip, gore, snuff) 12
8908Schmugelflugel My own town (M/F+, M/f+, M/b+, M/M+, Mdom, ultra-cons, ws, scat, beast, cuck, torture, snuff, etc.) 7
8458 Stray Dogs Hard Vore 4
8397Eficient XXXpresso (MMM+/f, F/f, cons, first, anal, throating, bukkake, lesbian, impalement, snuff) 10
8636Jay Deviant Baby Crush - reposted with tags! (baby snuff, abortion, underage, Hard Crush, 7
5666Otakuist A Hunt ( cannibalism, snuff,debreasting,preteen) 8
8804 Xeno story (repost, hard pussy vore) 4
8470 The psychologist (torture, cons, snuff(?)) 5
7655TheVisitorBlack Hermione browses for girlmeat (F/F, Canni, Snuff, Hermione, Luna, Harry Potter, Cons) 37
2883bloodlust Julie tortured (snuff, non-cons, disembowelment) 14
7368NewGuy Christening the Lab (gore, torture, anticipation, dismemberment) 9
8745masterchaos gfmk 011 The Sister and the other Sister. (soft vore/ cannibalism) 1
7177CuteAndHurting Bad Magic: Petrification, Transformation, Immortality (human statue, human onahole, mid schoolers..) 11
5073Eficient Lynched (M/f, no cons, rape, hanged, snuff) 4
7635Blau Sturm Final Fantasy Snuff Story 35
8713PusKiller The Pussy Killers Ch. 2 Part 2 (Genital mutilation, teen, snuff, hard-vore, rape, violence) 1
8712masterchaos Amy's quest for Sonic heart. (soft vore, cannibalism, fuury) 1
8700PusKiller The Pussy Killers Ch. 2 Part 1 (Genital mutilation, snuff, hard-vore, rape, violence) 6
8673PusKiller The Pussy Killers Ch. 1 (Genital mutilation, teen, snuff, hard-vore, rape, violence) 4
8651ppolin Kidnapped [non-con, tentacle, snuff] 1
8635Jay Deviant Baby Crush 2
8643 School Policy (decap) 6
8646TheVisitorBlack April's Soup Selfie (TMNT, April O'Neil, Willing, Exhibitionist, F-Self, Implied snuff) 1
8631TheVisitorBlack Mary-Jane: Snuff Double (Complete, Spider-man, Spitting, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Cannibalism) 2
8032 Death Therapy (Hanging, Decapitation, Snuff, Consensual) 4
8593PsychoAiko The Village and the Girl with the Vision (body horror, f/f, f/self, eyes, parasites, tentacles) 1
6704PsychoAiko The Business Trip (F/F, F/self, amp, armless, feet, sci-fi, debreasting, M/S Topless universe) 9
6889Eterya 'Reload Save Y/N?' – A /g/-style take on 'Choose your own Adventure' stories; come and play 82
8551masterchaos The Live of Number 562. (soft cannibalism) 2
8540Loke Caroline (mast, F/f, asphyx) 2
8537Karl Luck Semi-Short Stories (500 words or less) 1
8535Ninefacedman The Crackle (coercion, autocannibalism, non-sexual, psychological, transformation) 1
7611Unknown The Chair. (Electrocution. Pissing oneself. Snuff. Orgasms) 5
7933Shadowstrider Invasion: Diner (M+F, M+f, Mb, Mg, anal, mast, oral, snuff, torture) 3
8097Eficient Birthday Present (tags inside) 8
8224 Werewolves hard vore 2
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How to Format Stories for Easy Reading Pinned
Gurochan isn't exactly Word when it comes to formatting options, but you've got a lot of basic tools at your disposal to make your story not a pain to read.


Each new paragraph should be on a new line with a blank space in between.

Like so.

It might look like you have a lot of blank space at first, but it's much easier to read in the long run. This helps mitigate walls of text.


You're writing a story, presumably with characters, who presumably speak at some point. Every time a different character speaks, their dialogue gets its own paragraph. Again, it looks like it leaves a lot of space, but it's easy to read (and professional).

Use quotation marks for dialogue, not hyphens, and certainly not nothing at all. You need something in there to differentiate dialogue from narration.

I think I need a hug, said Maya. No worries, said Steve. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:
"I think I need a hug," said Maya. "No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:
- I think I need a hug.
- No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.

"I think I need a hug," said Maya.
"No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

"I think I need a hug."
"No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Tags and Titles

Let potential readers know what to expect from your story before they dive into it. If accurate tags would potentially spoil the story, at least tag the big ones (/g/, /f/, /s/, /fur/, maybe loli/shota). If you'd rather not deal with tags, at least make your title descriptive (e.g. Ruki at the Snuff Club). Tags are especially helpful in stories with less indicative titles.

Note that titles not indicating the included fetishes are not bad titles. Titles are merely supposed to summarize the story, or symbolize the theme, etc. It's not like "Hunger Games" would have been better titled "Teenagers Murdering Each Other for Rich People's Entertainment," is it?


A general rule of thumb is that if you get lost while rereading your own story, so will your readers. Check your formatting and grammar; make sure it's not painful to read.

Feel free to add, criticize, comment, etc.
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I think you guys (authors) should agree on the exact format of tags, and maybe a list of the most common ones. If the format is agreed upon and set in stone, then I'll make tags rendered distinctly from the title itself to stand out more.

And if there's an agreed-upon list of common tags so that different authors don't use different synonymous tags for the same thing, I could then hack up a search by tag feature.

So, should the list be exhaustive ?
Personally, I see the problem of having too many tags that go into way too specific stuff, but at the same time I think it might be necessary for some stories that have very specific kinks.
Would a 200 (arbitrary number that I think is big enough to encompass most fetishes) word search space be easily parsed?
What do you mean by "easily parsed"? Technically there's no issue be it 200 or 200,000. I don't think the list should be exhaustive, no. But there should be an informal agreement of sorts on the most common tags. I suggest /lit/ contributors get together in a separate thread in /dis/ to compile a list of canonical tags and their synonyms. Then, when you agree on it, I will use that list for automatic replacement of synonyms with canonical counterparts and add special parsing and decoration for thread subjects. This will be the first step toward introducing proper Web 2.0 tags to GUROchan.
To Create A Christian Hell (Criminal Scientists)
There's no gore in this first post.


"I hate them. I want them to suffer." Aron, my friend and coworker, had just witnessed his lab vandalized.

"You want to kill them?" I poured him more wine.

"Ha! I wish I could! I want to hurt them forever and ever!"

"I know how it is. I've been beaten, violated, lied to and about." I downed another glass. Drunk tongues speak sober thoughts. "Yeah, you're not the only one."

"You boys need to get over yourselves." Eli the redhead cuddled with her raven-haired girlfriend, Shenaa, who was also Aron's girl. Both lean and curvy, with firm asses and big tits.

"Hey, it's not impossible. We've all talked about it before. It's why I came to this field."

"To torture people?" Shenaa had grown very tired of yet used to her boyfriend and I ranting about all the ways it could be done. We were working with stem cells afterall. Shenaa was also well versed in physics, like myself, but all of us focused on biology.

But really, we pushed drugs. We were able to make several times our legal funding, as long as we didn't bite that hands that fed. My 3 coworkers didn't know I had other friends with scarier connections. Without them, I wouldn't have been anyone, and without me, my coworkers wouldn't have made any real progress.

"To make people last forever," I drank and slammed my glass, "for better and worse." I could feel everyone thinking back on my loss, several years ago, that I'll never be over.

The room was quiet. As angry as my innocent friend Aron was, nobody had anything like my hatred. I walked over to the immortal rat,who had grown rather fond of us despite discomfort now and then.

"How long are you going to just stare at him? Tell me again that you'd never hurt him." Eli voiced her concern again.

"No, I won't spell it out for you as I have before. I love this mouse."

"It's a-"


They were quiet. Eli tood up and left. Shenaa sighed and went with her, looking back at me and saying "Really?" before walking out.

"Douchebag!" Eli yelled from outside as she lit cig. I hardly shrugged. Aron just stared at me.

"What was that?" He stood up. "You're going to scream at my girlfriend? dude, you're a-"


"What? No-"

"Follow me." I walked outside. Aron was simply appalled.

"You suck so bad." He said as I passed the ladies. "If I'm dead, he killed me." He told them.

"Where are you guys going?" Shenaa raised an eyebrow.

"Don't go with him." Eli demanded.

"Come with me." I told them. "All of you." I got in the car and neither girl had moved and Aron was standing outside of it. "Or don't." I started driving, and they immediately started shouting and waving. The 3 trio caught up.

"ughhh." Eli sighed. "Where are we going?"

"To see the Illuminati." I half-joked.

The ride was long.

"Are we going to the lab." Shenaa asked as we neared it.

"Not ours." Ten minutes later we passed it.

We approached a large building with armed guards wearing all black. Everything was black except the bright white lights shining at us.

"Darius, I'm scared!" Yes, I know.

"It's OK, Shay." A guard came up to me and I showed him my I.D.

"Darius Perlni, its been some time. Who are they?" the guard recognized me. I had trouble placing him. Not my fault they all worse black everything and blended with the walls.

"A joint operation, I want to speak with Alexander. They can wait here, if you wish."

No way." Aron had questions. "Where are we? What is this place? Who's Alex?"

"Get out of my car." I told them.

"Are you shitting me?"

"Do it." They were all still. "NOW!" Event eh guard was taken aback. They all jumped out.

"Was that really necessary?" The trio looked at the armed doorman speaking in their defense.

"I'm sorry, truly. I'm just short of patience right now." I walked to the gate and was let through. I had no doubt they'd actually get along fine.

Ah, these cold halls. One checkpoint after another. Private ventures were a beautiful thing. And everything here was technically legal. Probably.

Okay, there was occasionally drug use and sodomy or other petty crimes.

While my team was focused on biological improvement, this place was where cybernetics took place. Particle physics, lasers, many other things.

"Darius, what's this about? Do you know the hour?"

"Alexander, happy to see you too my friend!"

"I'm working." The old German immigrant was gruff as always. He had the same hatred I did.

"You're always working." I tucked my hair behind my ears. "I want to know how molecular mastery is coming along. We have rat that won't die."

"You interrupt my research for a rodent? I'm not an exterminator!"

"I'm going to hire kidnappers. I want to keep a lady alive indefinitely. I want to protect her cells from being destroyed too quickly. I have not the hear to torture this mouse."

He was quiet and then sighed. "Those days are behind me."

"Oh, come on friend, remember all those backstabbing wenches we had fun hurting!" I recalled the days we had police departments kidnap rebellious girls who stole my pot, promised to fuck me in exchange for drugs and then ran off.

He stared at me. "Follow me." We went to his darkest, deepest lab.

He flipped a light switch on. There was a giant gun. A big fucking cannon, pointed at a wall. In the entire room was a single button and a dense square about foot wide and half an inch thick.

"Wear these." He handed me some goggles.

After I had them on, he pressed the button and it was, of course, a giant laser. Not the most powerful I'd ever seen, but strong enough to melt almost anything. He slipped it off only after what felt like a year but was only minutes. Hardly a millimeter dent was made.

"If we can find a way to wrap this material around internal organs..."

"You could survive a moment dunked in acid, if your skull is made of it. This is an invincible material. Here..." He brought me to another room, which appeared to be an armory filled with prototypes. "This is similar. Not as strong, but still powerful, and far more flexible. I've pondered its use as clothes." He gave me a skeptical look. "you really think you can pull that off? Inside of a belly?"

"We can only try... Tell them not of my plans, but I have 3 co-"

"Yes I heard. Bringing them unannounced like this... ugh." We stared at each other, me smiling. "Fine."

Aron, Shenaa, and Eli were all escorted. They were red eyed.

"Were you crying? It's okay guys..."

"No the guard smoked us out..."

"Oh good, then you'll be more amiable to what we can do. I want you guys in on this. We're going to do some insane surgery."

And that was the beginning of the end...
FbB - De-Dicker 01 (Futa, cons, de-dicking)
This is one of my recent Futa-centric gory stories that features a lot of dick-removal.

This story is one of my first to use a new device I call a 'De-Dicker'* and that I had Hitori the Artist draw up for me. So, I advise checking that out first to see what it looks like:

Lauren purred as she walked into the pounding atmosphere of the club with her smooth, black, wrench-like De-Dicker in hand. She purred eagerly as, immediately, she had a half-dozen eager eyes on her.

"Welcome to the-Oh!" The blonde babe at the coat check blurted, eyeballing the slick toy in Lauren's hand. "Oh! You've got one?!? Well, you're ready for a fun time now aren't you?" She grinned, one hand absently dropping to stroke the shaft of her 14" cock as it rose up and peeked above the height of the black counter she was sitting behind.

"Eager girl..." Lauren cooed, brandishing the wrench-like device and slipping the metal loop at the end down over the head of the blonde girl's erect cock.

"Oh! Ah! Ummm... Er..." The pretty coat check girl muttered, biting her lip and wriggling uncertainly in her seat even as her cock throbbed eagerly at having the metal loop slid down its length.

"Such an eager bunny aren't you? Or, is it just your cock that wants to play?" Lauren teased as she slid the De-Dicker down to the base of the girl's cock and snugged it up against her hips.

"OHhhh... Ohmygod! Ohh... oh yes! Go on an-"


The blonde girl's blathering stopped short as the De-Dicker hummed and its metal loop began to tighten around the base of her erect cock.

"There we go, like that do we?" Lauren teased, stroking her fingers down the girl's full chest and lean belly as the babe shuddered noiselessly.

Then the De-Dicker emitted a *beep* and a green button lit up.

"Oh! Time for the fun - you ready babe?" Lauren teased, curling one cool hand around the blonde girl's slowly purpling member and giving it a smooth stroke.

The blonde simply groaned, thrusting her cock out hungrily.

"Oh yes, yes you are." Lauren purred, pressing the button with her thumb.

The device made a whirring noise as a blade along the side spun to life and began, slowly, advancing on the base of the blonde's trapped cock. The pretty coat-check blonde had time to gasp, then the blade bit into the base of her erect dick.

"Nngh!" The girl grunted, slim body tensing but making no move to save her full cock from the blade.

Lauren cooed, gently stroking the blonde's bust and tweaking her erect nipples as she watched the razor-sharp blade slowly slice through her rock-hard member until, with a low groan from the pretty girl, her dick tumbled onto the desk in front of her amidst a hip-shuddering orgasm that left her spurting cum and blood onto the desk and all over the impressive meat of her now-severed cock.

"Mmm... All done, did you enjoy that?" Lauren purred, pulling the device away from the blonde's now-dickless crotch.

"Unnnhhh... Ohhh wow, babe, so worth it..." The blonde moaned woozily as she sunk back down into her chair - still bleeding heavily from her new wound.

Smiling, Lauren turned towards the lights and sound of the club proper. As the pulsing music washed over her she spotted a handful of well-hung babes staring at her and the De-Dicker in her hand. Brandishing the de-dicker and striding forward into the midst of the gaggle she cooed in delight as their eyes followed her and their big dicks swelled eagerly.

"Y'all only servicing staff or y'got some time for a party-lovin' filly with a cravin'?"

Lauren found herself staring at a busty blonde cowgirl decked out in an impressive cowboy hat, leather vest open to let her large breasts thrust out, tanned leather chaps and an oversized 16" cock thrusting out in front of her - eagerly bobbing towards Lauren's device.

"I'm equal opportunity." Lauren purred, wrapping one hand around the cowgirl's member and brandishing her device in the other.

"Well don't that make me just the happiest filly on the farm then?" The cowgirl grinned, licking her lips as Lauren eased the metal loop over the bulbous head of her cock.

"I do aim to please..." Lauren smirked, settling the metal loop snug against the base of the cowgirl's great big dick and flicking on her device.

"Nnnhhh... Oh yeah, that's the stuff." The blonde girl moaned as the loop tightened around her thick dick - making the impressive member swell even larger and turn an impressive shade of purple.

"All set, you feeling ready?" Lauren asked as the button on her device lit up.

"I'm feeling fantastic pretty girl," the cowgirl replied with a slow pleasure-laden drawl, "and I'm waiting for you to make me feel even better."


"Ohhh... Oh yeah..." The cowgirl moaned, hips shuddering as an orgasm churned through her at the advance of the merciless blade.

As the spinning steel touched the cowgirl's cock she erupted in an exultant cry and launched a gout of thick, white, cum from her great big cock as the blade cut into the base of the proud member.

"Mmm... Delicious!" Lauren laughed, eagerly stroking the cowgirl's massive shaft as it jerked and spasmed in orgasm even as the blade slowly sliced it off.

"Nnnngh! B-best on the farm!" The cowgirl gasped proudly as she surrendered her massive cock.

Both girls gave a final cry of delight as, with a lurch, the cowgirl's huge cock was sliced free and tumbled to the floor to land with a heavy *thud* amidst a puddle of blood and cum.

"Oh YEEEE-HAW! DAMN Yeah!" The cowgirl cried, eyes wide as she stared down past her great big boobs to where her severed cock lay on the floor.

"Happy little filly?" Lauren asked with a grin.

"The happiest!" The cowgirl replied, shuddering through the last of a massive orgasm. "Oh wow - girls!" She cried, waving at a nearby group of gorgeous girls.

"Ummm..." Lauren muttered as the group sauntered over, a mix of curious and eager looks on their faces.

"These babes are my posse." The cowgirl explained. "Girls, this hot thang has the sweetest toy - y'all have GOT to try it out."

"And lose our dicks?" Asked a buff goth babe with a huge pale rack as she nudged the cowgirl's severed dick with her foot.

"Oh yeah... So good." The cowgirl purred, wriggling her hips and stroking her bloody crotch as she continued to gush blood onto the floor. Meanwhile, a Staffgirl with spiky black hair stepped up behind her, readying to catch the increasingly woozy beauty.

"I think you've got company." Lauren giggled, pointing at the chesty Staffgirl.

"Don't mind me," the Staffgirl smiled, "I'm just here to haul the dead meat to the processing bin."

"That's going to be me isn't it?" The cowgirl asked, woozily gazing at the impressive puddle at her feet.

"Aaany minute now." The Staffgirl nodded, quickly adjusting her footing and deftly catching the cowgirl as she crumpled. "Got her! Carry on with your fun, I'll be here for another few before my shift's over." She smiled as she calmly dragged the cowgirl's fine form to a nearby bin full of gorgeous flesh.

"I'm in - de-dick me!" Spoke up a lean brunette with big boobs and short hair as she stepped forward and thrust out her nice long cock.

"My pleasure!" Lauren grinned, smoothly sliding her device down the brunette's long shaft and setting it firmly against the base of her dick.

"Mmm... Feeling good so far." The brunette muttered, nipples stiffening atop her firm breasts as her long cock rose, eager for whatever may come.


"Ohhh..." The brunette moaned as the metal loop tightened around the base of her cock.

"How about now?" Lauren asked, grinning.

"Nnngh... Oh that's nice." The brunette groaned, hands on her hips as she gazed down at the snug metal loop around the base of her cock.

"Ready?" Lauren asked, thumb on the bright green button.

"Oh, yes please." The brunette nodded, licking her lips as her erect cock slowly reddened.


"Ooohh..." The brunette cooed as she watched the blade spin up and glide towards the base of her cock.

"Here we go..." Lauren purred.

"Unnhhh..." The brunette groaned, biting her lip as the blade bit into her flesh.

"That's it, good girl..." Lauren cooed, gleefully watching the brunette lose her long penis.

"Oh! Ohhh! OHHHH!!!" The brunette gasped, eyes wide, as the blade slowly sliced through the base of her long cock - slicing it free even as she came and sprayed a jet of cum into the air.

*thup* went the brunette's cock as it hit the ground to lay in a puddle of blood.

"Mmm... I love it!" Lauren exclaimed, eyes alight as she turned to the pack of busty babes.

"Ok, wow. That was hot." The stacked goth babe remarked, her own thick, pale, 20" dick rising up at full mast. "Ok, I'm in. Do me." She urged, folding her powerful arms under her large breasts and thrusting her cock out.

"Oh wow, what a beast!" Lauren gushed eagerly as she made to ease her metal loop over the throbbingly huge head of the goth babe's humongous cock, only to realize that the girl's dick was, unbelievably, too big to fit.

"I can help with that." Spoke up the pretty Staffgirl as she tossed Lauren a bottle of lube before quickly catching the falling brunette.

"Now we're talking!" Lauren enthused as she drizzled lube along the goth babe's impressive shaft and began massaging it in with one hand.

"Oh yeah. Mmm... That's good stuff." The goth babe moaned, rocking her hips gently as he huge shaft was stroked. "My dick to big for you to lopp off without some help?" She asked proudly.

"Got that right - you're packing a monster!" Lauren replied as she pumped the goth babe's huge shaft and worked lube along the full 20" length. "Don't worry though, we'll be ready any second now..."

"Ready to chop my cock off, right?" The goth babe asked, glancing down past her looming breasts to where Lauren was stroking her giant, pale, cock. "Mmm... It's going to feel amazing. Are you ready to chop my cock off now?"

"Not yet," Lauren replied as she started working the metal loop over the bulging tip of the goth's huge dick, "but this beast will be a helpless piece of meat as soon as I get this thing on."

"Mmm... Good. I want to feel it and know my nice big cock is doomed." The goth nodded, grunting as the metal loop slipped past the bulging head of her monstrous dick and began sliding down her great pale shaft.

"Here we go - we'll have this in position to carve off your dick aaany second now." Lauren said as she slid the metal loop towards the base of the goth's colossal dick.

"NNnngh... God that's nice and tight - this club is the best!" The goth groaned as the metal loop snugged up to the base of her humongous dick.

"Ready for it?" Lauren cooed.

"Oh yeah, so ready." The goth nodded, grunting as Lauren clicked the button and the metal loop grew even tighter. "Oh CHRIST." She gasped.

"Mmm... Yeah, it's going to be so tight for you." Lauren nodded, grinning as she caressed the goth babe's rock-hard shaft.

"Ggghhh... Good. I want it to hurt so much." The goth babe grunted, fists clenched and cock throbbingly eager.

"Light's on babe, time to de-dick that beast of yours!" Lauren chirped eagerly as she rested her thumb on the bright green button.

"Oh yeah, one click and my dick is done, right? With your thumb on that button my meatstick is completely helpless?" The powerful goth babe asked as she gazed down at the engorged mass of her humongous cock.

"Utterly. It's my plaything now and I'm going to break my toy." Lauren grinned as she pressed the button.


"Hnnngh! Oh yeah, my cock is toast!" The goth babe crowed as the spinning blade bore down on her throbbing shaft.

"No, your cock is meat." Lauren replied, wrapping a hand around the pale shaft. "Ripe, juicy meat!"

Then the goth babe grunted in pain as the blade bit into the base of her thick cock. Her huge 20" shaft lurched upwards eagerly as the blade slowly carved into it and the powerful goth girl roared in pleasure and pain as she slowly surrendered the meat of her great big member.

"Hrnnngh! Oh fuck yeah! Take my cock right the fuck OFF!" The goth babe snarled, huge breasts thrust out and nipples hard as rocks as she surrendered her prized cock to the spinning blade.

Blood spurted from the base of the goth's massive cock as the spinning blade slowly sliced through the thick shaft until, with a grunt from the pale beauty, a mix of thick white cum joined the blood and spurted from the engorged head of her doomed cock.

"OHhhh! YES! Take it!!!" The goth babe roared, hips rocking and huge cock bobbing as an orgasm ripped through her.


*thup* Went the goth's huge cock as it tumbled to the floor to land in a puddle of blood & cum.

"...done!" Lauren cried exultantly, beaming as she rose up to face the pale goth babe.

"Ohhhh... That was AMAZING!" The goth babe moaned, hands caressing her huge globes and stroking down her rippling six-pack abs to tease at the patch where her cock had been, even as rich blood continued to pump from the wound.

"Worth it?" Asked a nearby club beauty.

"Mmhmmm." The goth nodded. "Every damn inch." She moaned, licking her lips and shuddering as she pumped blood onto the club floor.

"Oooh..." The pretty girl cooed as she watched the goth beauty sway, stumble and collapse into the arms of the waiting club staffgirl.

"Have I mentioned I love my job?" The staffgirl grinned as she groped the goth babe all the way to the floor. "It is getting a bit messy by the entry though..." She muttered, looking at the bloody mess so close to the club entrance.

"My fault." Lauren grinned, brandishing her De-Dicker.

"Maybe you and your 'fault' could have fun a little more out of the way?" The club staffgirl asked.

"Like over at my table with my friends?" The brunette club beauty asked, brushing her long hair back from her impressive breasts as she not-so-subtly presented her hips and the large bulge she was sporting. "Maybe I could help you show how your 'fault' works to my friends." She asked, offering her hand.

Lauren grinned, taking the girl's hand and letting herself get lead onwards.

"I think, this is going to be an awesome evening..." She purred.

Thoughts? Comments? Recipes for quiche? Fire away!

Also, this story, plus a few others like it, are lurking at my FrictionByBill blogspot blog.

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MORE OF THIS PLEASE! I'd love to see a girl beg to be fucked while she's bleeding out.
Actually, survival is pretty likely if your dick was cut off. The fact that the ones in this are ridiculously large and erect at the same make it less likely, but people cut survive worse dismemberment's without medical treatment.
In fact, thinking further, these overly-hung futa's would likely be less likely to die, as the mechanisms used to get and hold an erection are largely the same as the ones to prevent bloodloss. The fact that they can have and maintain such large erections means that said mechanisms would be stronger as well.
Ultra-Short Stories (100 words or less)
Feel free to post your own ultra-short stories here, as long as they are around 100 words. :) Or request a story or two: I'm into non-con, snuff, something involving school girls or the military.


The mayor’s eldest daughter Catherine screamed in utmost despair as the Japanese officer opened up her stomach with a swift slice downwards from his sword, warm intestines and visceral organs poured out in a steaming pile on the ground in front of her. He then reached into her hollow cavity and sliced out the poor girl’s uterus with near surgical precision.

If she managed to stay alive enough, she would have gotten a good taste of her own sex organ and semen of her rapists as the content of her violated womb was forcefully emptied into her gaping mouth.
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The 15 year old brother and sister heard about Pink Mist. As in, during an explosion, there is nothing left of a person but a pink mist. They didn't know if that was possible though.

They got a few sticks of dynamite, and had their friends tie them up in a clearing out in the woods. Their friends lit the fuses and ran off to the other side of the field. They watched as the brother and sister exploded seconds later, showing the area with fire and blood.

Huh, that Pink Mist thing was real.

The naked girl was dragged onto the scaffold. Her expression shifted from anxiety to terror at the sight of a man resting an oversized sword on his shoulder. She was forced to her knees…

“Cut! We can’t have that…”

“Can’t have what?!”

The director approached her.

“Your obvious… Excitement[.”

“Seriously? You’re worried that some people would see [i]that[i] before I… Paint the set with my blood?!”

“Everyone would notice, you’re practically dripping!”

“Well, isn’t that something they’d like to see?”

“It’s out of character. Just take care of it...”


She stood up, and dragged her executioner off the set.


The somber couple were led to their tiny observation chamber, and walked in front of the one-way mirror, seeing the guillotine waiting behind.

As soon as the door closed, the woman lifted her skirt, dropped her panties, and started rubbing herself with one hand while leaning against the glass with the other, while the man pulled down his pants.

Just as he slid into her, their chamber went dark. A girl in casual clothes and handcuffs was led to the guillotine, tied to the bascule, lowered, and beheaded. He quietly grunted.

They emerged from the chamber, only slightly disheveled.
The gift

Having passed the wire around her neck and the base of her limbs she stepped inside the small pool filled with rubberizing liquid. The feeling of the cable causing a tingle in her loins in anticipation.

She watched at the previously placed camera, smiling deviously "I hope you will enjoy your anniversary gift, honey", said, and released the cord that held the mechanism. Immediately the 500kg weight started falling and the wire tensed, neatly cutting her head and limbs. As her severed parts fell in the pool, her last thought was "I know you will".
This is a continuation of the ultra short story I made on the USS thread. I like the concept very much, but at the end, this took many months to finish. Enjoy, and do leave comments of any kind!


I lied in the bathtub. My feet rested on the head rest, my camera sitting next to it. The tap dripped hot water onto my face, its wisps of steam condensing on my boxcutter's fine blade. "Bye, world."

I grasped my neck and felt my pulse. Two arteries, two cuts. It hurt, but I didn't care anymore. The hot water washed the blood away, carrying my life within.

I felt my body cooling.

I embraced death's lethargy.

... Then I felt no more flowing blood.

I rose from the bathtub, my fingers inside the open slits on my neck. "What the...?"


I grasped at the slits on my neck, dribbling lukewarm water to my bare chest. Not blood, water. I had drained my blood down the drain, yet I was still here, looking at my deathly pale reflection on the bathroom mirror. Mirrors don’t lie, yet I was here, alive. I managed a whisper, “Why...?”

They say that if you die in your dream, you will wake up on the higher level, usually real life. But I couldn’t die.... The cuts hurt, but the pain had dulled a bit. But it still hurt like hell, and they also said that you don’t feel pain in your dreams. I didn’t know who to believe anymore, not even myself.

I sat on the wooden dresser, the boxcutter on my hand. The blood.... My blood on the cutter had dried to flakes, which I promptly peeled and dusted it off my bare thighs. A faint metallic tang reached my nose, one too familiar now.

I turned toward the mirror behind me and eyed the slits. I had tried to pull the skin together before, but there was no blood to glue them so they just flapped limply like dead meat, closing on itself. I touched a finger, trying to feel the insides of my neck. Reaching the artery required me to cut through a layer of muscles first, and it had felt a little different since I cut it. The interior of the arteries felt smooth to the touch. I stuck a finger in the gap and waited for some other sensations, but none came. Rubbing around, my fingers felt the skin shifting from the inside. I pinched the folding skin and slipped my nail between the layers, then pressed my fingers deeper into the open fold. My fingers met each other in front of my throat, pressed tight against the taut skin.

I toyed with the flap of skin. Aside from the weird floating feeling, it felt like slick, rubbery leather, almost artificial. The Adam’s apple below it was more like dried glue, sticky yet slippery. I rubbed the cartilage, wondering whether I’m curious enough to open it and see what’s inside. After cutting the flap of skin loose, I tapped at my throat with my cutter. There was no significant sensation, so I tapped harder and harder. The cartilage suddenly gave way, leaving the cutter blade embedded inside my throat. Had I not lost all my blood, I would have choked, but all I did was stare at the hyperventilating reflection on the mirror. I poked at the lodged cutter before pulling it out, and whistles came out of the hole as I breathed. My finger slipped inside and was met by the vocal chord. Curious, I tried to speak, but the vocal chord was blocked by my finger. The bizarre sensation of the clenching chord drove a shiver of pleasure inside me. I used to wondered whether throatfucking was actually pleasurable, but now I didn't. My finger went deeper, the full length of it now inside my throat. I probed around, holding back the reflex to cough.

The sound of trickling water caught my attention. I peeked inside the bathroom, finger still inside neck, and found the bathtub overflowing with hot water. I took out my hand and waved at the wisps of steam. Taking the camera and the cutter, I went inside and set the camera up for another round of recording.

I took my place back in the tub. My head throbbed with anticipation of what was going to happen. Relaxing myself, I took a shallow breath, each shallower than the last until I finally stopped breathing. I kept my breath in as long as I can, which turned out to be as long as I want. The familiar burn on my lungs didn’t feel as urgent as it was before.

I stayed in my position for a few minutes, bobbing my hands on the surface while I held my breath. A few minutes later, I decided that I had procrastinated enough from doing whatever I wanted to do now. I exhaled, pinched my nose, and noticed a tickle on my throat. I cupped the slit with my hand, remembering that air can get through it. So what’s the point of me holding my breath? Grumble.

With the cut taped, I could now properly hold my breath. I lied in the bathtub, exhaled as much as I can, then, with my hands gripping the edge of the tub, submerged myself. Under the surface, I sucked all the water I could into my lungs, prompting my reflex to choke. My hands twitched, but I forced myself down. Air bubbled out of my mouth and nose, pushed out by the pressure of water. Soon after, the last bubbles of air left me, leaving me only water to breathe.

My chest felt heavier with every breath I tried to take. Numbness enveloped my body. My mind cleared itself from the intrusive thoughts I had since God knows when. I finally had some peace of mind, at last.

Then I felt.

My heart.


No. No. Why couldn’t the world spare me some silence? This must stop!

I could stop it.

Grabbing my cutter, I stabbed at my chest and felt my chestbone dent under the blade. A pang of pain flushed through me, but that was it. I continued by dragging the blade down. As the blade sank inside my stomach, nausea and some other numbed feelings filled my chest. The sight of something rising from my stomach stopped me. Intestines? I reached for it, but it slipped away.

Then the smell hit me. It smelled like stale fat, only so strong it felt like it rubbed itself into the inside of my nose. The taste didn't help, either. Even with my numbed senses, I could feel the acrid bile and the bittersweet taste of digestion.

I shook my head, focusing on what I must do. My heart beat merrily, unknowing of what was to come. I rummaged inside myself, but the rest of the useless organs resisted me and my cutter, annoying me even further. I put the cutter and start pulling at the organs, but they were harder to pull out that I thought. Locating the connective tissue of each blob, I sliced at them with my fingers. They did not cooperate.

Frustrated, I took my cutter and bit it, trying to snap off a small piece of the blade. I jerked the cutter, snapping the blade, but the rest of the blade raked along my face, cutting deep into my nose and almost clipping my left eye. I discarded the cutter and rook hold of the small piece of the blade, then went inside then continued cutting out the organs, leaving out the digestive organs because I didn't want more intrusive smells and God knows what else inside my stomach floating around the bathtub. During the process, I bumped my hand to my spine, sending a shiver of pleasure along it.

Finishing the last cut, I began pulling the loose organs one by one. I clearly recognized the spleen, a lump of liverlike tissue. I dumped it on the bathtub floor. The liver proved too big to take out, so I widened the cut on my abdomen down to my pelvis, taking care not to let the blade slice into any more intestine. More intestine slipped out from me and floated, now looking like a grotesque curtain that blocked my legs from sight. I pulled out the liver and pushed the rest aside.

Tracing the main blood vessels into the thorax, I bumped into my diaphraghm, knocking the nonexistent wind out of me. My faint heartbeat made itself known through the muscly membrane. I placed the blade and started cutting upwards, stopping just below the sternum. The deflating lungs sucked more water inside the ribcage, somehow making me feel more bloated and weak.

I grabbed my heart. The resistance of my hand on my heart was crystal clear in my mind. Pulses of lethargy filled my mind as my heart throb. I liked it. Maneuvering my fingers to the top of my heart, I slowly sliced my heart free from myself. My body spasmed and convulsed as I cut the blood vessels, reflex struggling for the last time.

At last, I had no more distraction. I held my heart, still tough and unyielding. Now it's just the warm water, the numbness, and my emptying thoughts. Felt so good to have some peace of mind...
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I want to read about that encounter. He finds a literally heartleas bloodless duct taped girl zombie and treats her like an oddity barely put of the norn? That's why I started thinking he might be zombie response team.
This is terrifying, I mean very much. This is like something you can sell for real, what a fine horror story, I really feel it.
I could see nothing, my captor had replaced the tape on my eyes. The cold, damp air felt like it would drown me if I tried sleeping. The tape wrapped around my naked body hadn't loosened up even a little bit. Blood and dread of my captors clung to me like my sins do. At least I killed one of them.

Still, this was it. They, whoever they are, had caught me. I knew I should have known better than to peek from the windows back then. They arrived right when the morphine wore off. They were clad in those white armored hazmat suit, the kind used by the radioactive bomb crew I once saw in the news. The environment crew must have reported me to some higher ups, who then ordered my capture. How else can you explain the armor? They knew I'm immortal. They weren't prepared for me, though. When they grabbed me, I pulled back and elbowed the helmet, before grabbing the nearest surgical instrument and stabbed them on their weak spots. The next one that showed up promptly tased me and tied me up in the basement.

They took Sarah too. My only real friend, struck to death right in front of my eyes. For some reason, they tied her up too. These... demons, what would they do to her? Would they...

NO. STOP. Lord, these dark thoughts were getting worse.... They kidnapped me too; I must steel myself.

Most of the pain I had had had subsided, but my insides still felt like a mess. My wounds had all closed up since I took the morphine, which might mean there's a roll of tape in me. No wonder it felt so weird. I loved how morphine took the pain right off my mind. Lord, I wish I had more of them.

Ha ha, wishful thinking. All I could do was lie here and hope to die, even if I couldn't.

Ages later, the steel door opened to the captor, the clangs of their armored boots coming closer with each step. I let a disgraceful grunt when he lifted me off the floor. They took me upstairs, handcuffed my hands, and released me from their grip, letting me stand awkwardly. The rough concrete floor surprised me as it dug into my feet. I pulled on the handcuffs and ascertained that the handcuff chained me to the wall by a relatively long chain, giving me some freedom of movement within the cell. I chose to stand still, fearing repercussions if I did anything wrong. I'd better escape with less scars.

The captor stripped the tapes off my body, exposing me bare. I had gotten used to that by now. I must. He pulled tape off my eyes last, letting me see again. The room was small, spartan, and certainly felt like a holding cell. The pristine white wall housed one single noble lamp, complementing the white concrete floor and the childish blue mattress near the door. Across the corridor was a cell just like mine, devoid of any furniture. A hose lay next to a toilet below me, the water bowl empty yet clean. It was almost as if they had prepared all this for me.

The captor towered in front of me, their helmet hinting at nothing behind. They stayed for awhile, possibly examining me before leaving me alone in my new prison. The cell was left open, but of course the chain wasn't long enough to reach the door. I sat down on the mattress and started shaking. This was my whole life now. The punishment for the sin of a murderer. Probed and experimented on in a lab until Lord knows when. I couldn't even begin to imagine what would they do to me. I once watched a movie about immortal people who can bounce back from death easily. Their government took them and used them for drug tests and crash tests, and tortured them when they had free time. Would that be my fate, too? Yet a part of me was also curious about my… condition. Am I really immortal? This was not the best way to find that out, but I ran out of choice. They might be able to tell me what I am after all.

Still, I didn't want to be a lab rat like this. Unfortunately, I could only hope to escape. I needed that hope, or else they will break me, kill my sanity. My escape efforts must be all out. I need to find a way to break out of these chains, get around the captors, or contact someone I could trust. No point contacting the authorities when you're captured by them…. But who could I trust? Sarah was dead. My parents were offshore, doctoring rich people in a cruiser. No, no, they might be in it as well. I couldn't trust anyone anymore now.

God, all these thinking hurt my head. I lay on the mattress and closed my eyes. A little rest might help. The shackles on my wrists and the chains made lying down awkward, but I had to make do. There was not much I could do right now.
Buzzard's Fire Emblem Fics
I'm going to post what I've written so far here, so it's all in one thread rather than spread out. And any additional work will be posted here as well!
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I've never seen any FE Suicide Fics or pics either. And I really think it's something that is missing. I really hope someone will do something like that. :)
Hope you come back soon was over in images and there was an update of veiled616 I want to ask if you do fic of pics
Waifu wars
I'm a guy with a fondness for VS debating shows like Death Battle or super power beat down and after watching the most recent episode of death battle where (spoiler warning) a rather lovely Renamon met a gruesome yet sexy fate I thought hey why not mix my love of VS debuting with my death fetish. The result was Waifu Wars. The rules are simple enough. Two fictional female characters will be put in a fight to the death with no armor or clothes and you get to decide who dies. If you like the idea let me know and if this concept gets enough positive reception I'll reveal the first fighters and begin working on the fight.
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I just watched the season 7 finally of Supernatural and I must say it had it all. Interesting character interaction, funny moments, epic moments, a great cliffhanger and most of all a sexy death. Oh and voting ends in 6 days
Who do you think I should put Wonder Women against?
Voting is closed
Cynophobia (Dog girl, Dog/f, MMF/f, reluctant, non-consensual, pet play, minor scat and urine)


Fear and Loathing in Dog Cages

This story is based off of and inspired by the image "Cynophobia", by Danaume, as well as by the short description, by Dabler595, that accompanies it, which one may find at this link:

An account (free, and totally worth getting) at HentaiFoundry may be needed to view it.

If you're just here for the doggone dog on dog-girl sex scene, please proceed directly to parts 8 or 9.

1 - The Attack

A shrill, high pitched scream of pure panic and terror rang through the house. Mr. Matheson, who had been on his favorite recliner, having a nice, lazy, Sunday afternoon nap, jolted out of his seat at the sound. He stumbled up and looked around for a moment, confused, his body ready for action but his brain still catching up, when the second scream, one that was even more panicked and insistent than the first, tore trough the air.

It was coming from the back yard.

Mr. Matheson leapt forward at the sound of the second scream, sprinting towards the rear of the house and the back yard. His heart surged, racing as adrenaline flooded into him, as he burst out of the home. From the amount of noise being made by whoever was screaming, he expected to find a scene of mayhem and chaos, perhaps even a pool of blood and a body or two.

What he found instead was his teenage daughter, cowering on top of the picnic table, as the neighbor's dog frolicked and ran around the yard, happily exploring and snuffling everything he came across.

"Samantha, you nearly gave me a heart attack!" Mr. Matheson exclaimed, his voice a little rough from fear and the short, rapid sprint.

"What on earth are you yelling about?" he asked.

"Daddy!" Samantha cried. "Make him go away! Make him get out of the yard!"

The girl was covering her face, cringing really, with one hand, while the other pointed towards the object of her apparent fear: the neighbor's dog.

Said dog was currently rolling and squirming happily on the lawn. His short tail was wagging, and his whole body was wriggling in delight, at the feel of the cool, green grass against his pelt of short fur. When he noticed that Mr. Matheson's attention was on him, he issued forth a little joyous bark towards the man, his mouth open in a doggy smile, and wagged his tail and squirmed his body all the harder.


"Oh, of course." Mr. Matheson said, as his body deflated from its adrenaline fueled fight or flight instincts.

The neighbor's dog had jumped the picket fence, yet again. His daughter, who had probably been sunning herself on the grass, if her bikini top and brief, cutoff shorts were any indication, was scared of dogs. Naturally, instead of doing the reasonable thing and simply retreating into the house and asking someone else to deal with the canine intruder, she had utterly panicked and started screaming bloody murder.

Granted, the dog was quite large, probably even heavier than Samantha herself, but that was no reason to startle ten years of her father's life from him, and make half of the neighborhood think that someone was apparently being brutally murdered at the Matheson house.

"Samantha, come down from there." Mr. Matheson said, frowning at his daughter, his irritation as being so rudely shocked awake from his nap obvious. "And quit your hysterics. I know that you don't like dogs, but there are limits, young lady, and you are testing them."

Actually, saying that his daughter didn't like dogs was something of an understatement, sort of like saying that the ocean was a bit wet. Samantha was absolutely terrified of the animals, even of the smallest, most harmless of terriers, and couldn't stand to be near them at all.

"Daddy, please!" Samantha said, her voice tight with worry and fear. "He'll get me! Get him out of the yard first!"

"Oh, for goodness sake." Mr. Matheson said, rolling his eyes.

"Bruno, here boy!" he called, a moment later, to the dog.

Bruno perked up at once, and leapt up, his tail wagging so hard that his whole rear end was moving in time with it, and raced towards Mr. Matheson. The dog ran several excited circles around the man, his clawed paws digging into the turf and kicking up bits of grass, before he finally came to a halt before him.

As Mr. Matheson reached down to pet the dog, Bruno bounded up on his hind legs, planted his front paws on the man's thighs, and stretched up to give the man's face a doggy kiss, slobbering all over him.

Samantha cried out again at this, clearly expecting the dog to do something like go for her father's throat.

"Daddy, watch out!"

"Blech!" Mr. Matheson spat, half amused and half disgusted, as he wiped the dog spit from his face with one hand and ruffled the happy dog's ears with the other.

"Bruno, you are a menace!" he said, his tone light and clearly not serious.

Mr. Matheson then spent the next minute or so rubbing and petting the ecstatic dog all over, ignoring his daughter's continuing stream of fearful warnings and cries of alarm.

"Alright, boy, lets go." he finally said, hooking a couple of fingers under the dog's collar. "Lets get you back home."

Mr. Matheson led the dog towards the neighbor's fence, which really wasn't tall enough at all. The young dog had the power and energy, with a lot left over to spare, needed to make the short jump over it whenever he felt like it. Samantha, still crouched on the picnic table, was almost directly between Mr. Matheson, Bruno, and the fence, and he and the dog passed within just a few feet of the girl on the way.

Samantha looked increasingly alarmed as the dog approached, and started begging and pleading with her father.

"Daddy, no! Keep him away, please!"

Mr. Matheson paused, sighed, and gave his daughter a level look as he held firmly on to the wriggling dog's collar.

"Samantha, Bruno isn't going to hurt you. I know that you're scared of dogs, but this is ridiculous." he said.

"Daddy, please, get him AWAY!" she cried in response, backing as far away as she could from them while still staying on top of the picnic table.

"Samantha, why don't you try coming down from there and petting Bruno?" her father asked. "I guarantee that he won't hurt you, promise."

The girl's only response was to start hiccuping in fear, her chest hitching rather alarmingly. It looked like she was nearly in tears.

Mr. Matheson shook his head, clearly disappointed with his daughter. He then led Bruno to the fence, hoisted the heavy hound over it, and received one last doggy lick to the face for his trouble.

"There, you're safe now." Mr. Matheson said to his daughter, his words dry. "Really, Samantha, this is getting to be a bit much. We need to do something about this irrational fear of yours."

"Daddy, he's huge!" Samantha replied, as she cautiously descended from the picnic table. "He could eat me in, like, two whole bites."

"Daughter mine, if I've said it once, I've said it a million times: please don't exaggerate. It just makes you sound silly."

"Oh, ha ha, dad, very fun.." Samantha started to reply, shaking her head. She interrupted herself though, giving out a frightened squeak, her eyes widening dramatically. Then she darted towards the house's back door, in full, rapid retreat.

Mr. Matheson turned around, unperturbed, to see what had startled his daughter so.

Bruno's head, peeking over the fence, was what. The dog let out a happy bark, pleased with himself, as Mr. Matheson snorted in amusement.

"Yep, we need to do something about that girl." he said quietly to himself, as he walked back towards the house. "I think I know what might help, but I'd better have a talk with her mother about it, first."

2 - Facing Your Fears

Mr. Matheson brought up his idea at dinner that evening. His wife, who had cooked the excellent meal his family was currently engaged in eating, looked up curiously as he cleared his throat. Christopher, his son, looked at his father as well, his expression mildly interested. Samantha, who had been picking listlessly at her food, and who still seemed to be a bit shaky and traumatized by her encounter earlier in the day, also looked up.

"Samantha, your mother and I had a talk this afternoon, about your reaction to Bruno." he said.

The girl shuddered at the dog's name, clearly uncomfortable talking, or even thinking, about him.

"From what we understand, most fear stems from ignorance, from a lack of understanding." Mr. Matheson continued. "People are scared of the dark, for example, because they can't see what might be in it. Shining a light into that darkness, though, illuminating and revealing the unknown, makes that fear go away."

"If one comes to know and understand something, even something that might seem terrible, then one is much less likely to be so afraid of that thing afterwards." he finished, looking pointedly at his daughter, and then to the window overlooking the neighbor's yard.

"Um, okay, I guess.. I guess that makes sense." Samantha slowly replied, looking warily back and forth between her parents.

"So, if you spent some time trying to understand dogs, how and why they act the way they do, then you might not be so afraid of them, right?" Mr. Matheson asked.

"I know all I need to know about dogs already!" Samantha replied, heatedly. "They're big, they're mean, and they're scary."

"And, they've got huge teeth!" she finished, pulling on the corner of her mouth with a finger, revealing her own teeth, in demonstration.

Mrs. Matheson sighed, then spoke.

"Dear, take your finger out of your mouth. That's disgusting."

"That is exactly the kind of response that has your mother and I so worried." Mr. Matheson said, looking serious. "You're blowing your fears about dogs all out of proportion. Dangerously so, even."

"Daddy, please." Samantha said, with a small, derisive snort. "I think that's a bit of an exaggeration."

"Dear, you screamed so loud this afternoon that your father thought you were being murdered." Mrs. Matheson said, reasonably. "He could have tripped and broken his neck while he was sprinting out to go "save" you. And from what? From a friendly dog, one that was still a puppy less than a year ago, that wouldn't hurt a fly."

"He got there just in time!" Samantha said, her face growing red. "B-Bruno could have killed me!"

Christopher rolled his eyes and snickered at this, chuckling softly, his opinion on Bruno's dangerousness quite evident.

Samantha rounded on her younger brother, glaring at him furiously.

"Oh, what do you know, you little..!" she started to say, before being cut off by her father.

"That's enough." he said, firmly. "Samantha, you can't go on like this, reacting completely irrationally and panicking every time you come across a dog. Your mother and I have discussed this, and we think that if you took some time to really understand dogs, that you might be able to overcome your fears about them."

A look of sheer terror crept slowly across Samantha's face, as she looked at her father in growing horror.

"You're.. you're going to get me a dog, aren't you?" she asked, her voice small, almost whimpering in fear.

"What? No, no, nothing like that." Mr. Matheson replied, shaking his head. "How would that help?"

"No, Samantha, YOU are going to be the dog."

Both Samantha and Christopher blinked at this, apparently completely nonplussed by their father's casual statement.

"Um.. what?" Samantha ventured, after a moment or two. "What do you mean?"

"I think that if you spent some time as a dog, living as they do, you might understand them better." Mr. Matheson said, nodding at his daughter. "You might even lose your fear of them entirely."

"I.. what?" she replied, her evident confusion only mounting.

"I talked this over with your mother, and she agreed with me: we think that this might be the best thing for you." Mr. Matheson explained. "I had her pick up a few things for you, to help you adjust to being a dog, while she was out shopping earlier today."

"You're.. you're going to make me into a dog?" Samantha asked, disbelievingly.

"The family dog, yes." Mr. Matheson agreed, nodding again. "Hopefully, after being a dog for a while, you'll have more empathy, and feel much less fear, towards other dogs."

"Oh, that makes sense." Christopher said, nodding his own head in agreement.

"It.. It does?!" Samantha asked, looking incredulously at her brother.

"Of course it does, dear." Mrs. Matheson said.

"But, I don't want to be a dog!" the girl cried, wringing her hands.

"Well, of course you don't." her mother replied, shaking her head. "That's what we're trying to fix, isn't it? Your irrational fear of dogs and anything to do with them."

"But.. but.."

"No 'buts', Samantha. It's settled." her father said, firmly. "This is your last meal as a girl, as a human. After dinner, your mother is going to take you to the laundry room and put your new doggy accessories on."

"Then, after that, you're going to stay a dog until you've lost your fear of them." he finished.

Samantha looked at her father, stunned, her mouth hanging open.

"How long do you think that will take, dad?" Christopher asked, absently, as he resumed eating dinner.

"Not too long, I think. A few days, or a week, or two, probably." Mr. Matheson said, waving his hand in a vague, dismissive manner. "Or a year. However long it takes."

"But.. But I.. don't want.. to be a.. be a.." Samantha said, weakly, her shock at her sudden demotion to family pet quite evident on her face.

"It's decided. No 'buts'." Mr. Matheson said again, his tone iron. "Now, eat your vegetables, Samantha."

"This really is for the best, dear." Mrs. Matheson said to her daughter, reaching over to pat her on the arm.

"And besides, you'll make such a beautiful dog!" she continued, smiling fondly at Samantha.

As the rest of her family returned to eating their meal, Samantha sat rigid in her chair, still not quite believing the conversation that had just taken place.

Surely, she thought, surely they couldn't be serious.

3 - The Transformation

They were serious.

Mrs. Matheson led her daughter, who was still stunned enough to not resist her mother's commands and instructions, to the laundry room after the meal was over.

Her mother had a bag, which had the logo of a local pet store emblazoned across it, sitting on the washing machine, waiting for her. The very first thing that Mrs. Matheson pulled out of the bag was probably the most shocking to Samantha. It was a dog collar.

It was HER dog collar.

Samantha started trembling all over at the sight of it. Her mother mistook Samantha's trembling for excitement, and beamed at her daughter, proudly showing her the thing which would render her from a human girl to a mere pet.

"I got you a nice one, dear. It was very expensive, but I think that you're worth it." Mrs. Matheson said, setting the collar aside.

She then pulled out more things from the bag. There were what appeared to be crude, mitten like gloves, as well as a fluffy, dog-like tail attached to some sort of large, black, pear shaped object, and finally, several straps and odd flaps of various sizes, thicknesses, and designs. Everything seemed to be made out of the same heavy, brown leather.

"Paws first, I think." Mrs. Matheson said, sorting through the pile of pet gear.

"Mom.." Samantha started, sounding more than a little lost and out of her depth. "I don't want to be a.. be a dog."

"Well, I wasn't so sure about this idea myself, dear, but you know your father." Mrs. Matheson admitted. "Once he gets set on something, there's no changing his mind."

"And, you have to admit, he made some good points, too. You really do need to learn to relax around dogs, Samantha." She finished. "I mean, having my daughter scream and go into hysterics every time she sees a chihuahua is a bit embarrassing for for me. Surely you can see that, right?"


"No. No more 'buts', like your father said, dear." Mrs. Matheson said, firmly. "Now, let me see your hands."

In but a pair of moments, Samantha's mother had the vaguely paw shaped leather mittens on her daughter's hands. They had straps that, when secured around Samantha's wrists, locked them into place tightly.

"How's that, too tight?"

"I guess they're.. okay?" Samantha answered, uncertainly.

"Good. Now, try to take them off."

Samantha, who was already growing to dislike the feel of the rough leather against her slim, un-calloused fingers, eagerly complied with her mother's instruction. Unfortunately, the gloves allowed her almost no finger movement, and she was unable to so much as budge the straps securing them to her wrists.

"I.. I can't!" Samantha said, alarmed.

"Perfect, then." her mother replied, satisfied. "Lets get the rest of these things on you."

"They sell this kind of stuff at the pet store?" Samantha asked, shaking her head in consternation at the pile of gear that it seemed she would soon be wearing.

"Oh, they had quite a large selection, actually. I got just the basics for you." Mrs. Matheson answered. "The clerks there were very helpful when I told them what I needed. Such pleasant girls."

"They even told me that, if you don't work out, they could sell me a replacement for you, quite cheaply." she continued. "Apparently, they're a bit over stocked at the moment."

Samantha eyed her mother, her expression a mix of surprise and disbelief. Before Samantha could ask for clarification on just what she meant, though, her mother gave her daughter a new instruction.

"Okay, now, down on your hands and knees, please."


"Well, dogs don't go around walking on two feet, do they?"

"I have to be on my hands and knees the whole time?!" Samantha asked, her tone outraged and offended.

"Yes.. er, no. What I mean is that you'll be walking on your paws and knees. Dogs don't have hands, after all." Mrs. Matheson explained.

Reluctantly, Samantha complied with her mother's command, and knelt down on the floor before her. Samantha's face flushed with embarrassment as she looked up at her mother's form, which loomed tall above her, from her new, lowly position.

"Good. Now, hold still."

Samantha's mother then slipped two wide, heavy straps around her daughter's legs, and used them to secure her ankles to her thighs. This left Samantha balanced on only her knees and her new paws, with her bare feet wiggling uselessly in their new place at the bottom of her rump.

"Hmm." Mrs. Matheson hummed, looking at the remaining items in the pile of gear. "I think that the gag is probably the best thing to do next."

"And before you ask, yes, you have to wear it." she said, looking down at her daughter severely. "Dogs don't talk."

"Mom, please.." Samantha begged, looking up at her mother hopefully.

She was, somewhat ironically, unconsciously making puppy eyes as she did so.

"Shush. Hold still." Mrs. Matheson commanded.

The gag was a deep red ball, which was mounted on yet more leather strapping. Without any ado, Mrs. Matheson simply inserted it into her daughter's mouth, lifted her medium length hair out of the way, and tightened it's straps securely around the back of her head.

"There we go. Now I don't have to listen to any more whining." Mrs. Matheson said, sounding somewhat relieved.

Samantha whimpered at this, her large eyes still begging her mother to undo what she had done.

"Well, except for that kind of whining." Mrs. Matheson said, laughing lightly. "But that's okay, because that's the proper way for a dog to whine when it wants something."

"Okay, just ears, tail, collar, and leash to go."

The ears, which turned out to be the odd leather flaps, mounted on what was essentially a hair band, slipped onto Samantha's head easily enough, but the tail came as something of a shock to the girl. It quickly became apparent that it didn't simply strap on to her.

Samantha first knew something was wrong when her mother started cutting her clothes from her, using a pair of large scissors. Samantha squirmed at this, but her mother simply ignored her daughter's feeble protests, and snipped her bikini top, cutoff jean shorts, and finally even her panties cleanly off.

Soon enough, Samantha was as bare as the day she was born and flushed beet red with embarrassment, gagged, naked, and kneeling at her mother's feet.

"No, dogs don't get to wear clothes, either." Mrs. Matheson said, answering the obvious question on her daughter's face. "Now, turn around so I can put your tail in."

Samantha complied, slowly, looking over her shoulder the entire time, her worry easily readable on her features.

Then her mother stuck the bulbous, rubbery end of the tail into her bottom.

It was, thankfully, already lubricated. Due to it's shape, it slipped into her rear entrance without too much fuss, though it's size still stretched her out far more than she could have prepared herself for. Her shriek of surprise at the intrusion was muffled by her gag into a simple, yipping sound of protest, and she collapsed on to the floor afterward, shaking. The girl's hips squirmed and rolled, in a futile effort to dislodge the tail now set deep into her bottom.

"There we go. Just one last thing to go, Samantha, and then you'll be a dog."

Mrs. Matheson picked up the collar and showed it to her daughter again.

"The girls at the pet store said that this is the perfect collar for a new, untrained dog." she said, stroking the heavy, strong leather proudly. "It even comes with a remote control of some kind."

"Well, lets get it on you. We've spent enough time in here; I'm sure that your father and brother are eager to see just how well you've turned out." she continued. "Lift your head up, dear."

Samantha just shook her head at her mother, her eyes beginning to water, as she looked up at what was about to become the only symbol of her status in the world.

"Now, now, don't be like that." her mother chided. "It really isn't as bad as you seem to think. Just imagine, in a few days or so, you'll probably be cured of your silly fear of dogs completely, and you'll be able to go through the rest of your life with a new, improved outlook and a better appreciation for them."

Samantha looked up at her mother for a few more moments, her eyes still begging, then gave up, her body sagging limply in defeat.

Mrs. Matheson patted her daughter on the head, stroking her hair for a moment. Then, she slipped the collar around Samantha's neck, threaded the end through the buckle, and cinched it secure.

The collar wasn't too tight, but it certainly wasn't going to slip off over the girl's head; it was obvious that it wouldn't be coming off anytime soon.

The last thing Mrs. Matheson did, after attaching a leash to Samantha's new collar, was to collect girl's discarded clothes and casually dump the now unneeded and useless scraps of garment into the trash bin. Then, tugging on the leash firmly, she left the laundry room and Samantha behind, and led the family's new dog out into the world.
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This was a very hot little story. I love the transition into a dog plus the acceptance everyone else did. It was a nice change in the story I usually read, thank you. I enjoyed it a lot.
Cynophilia, a fan-sequel to Cynophobia

Chapter One : August 31st

 Josephine Hudson swallowed over the lump in her throat as she saw her reflection in the glass door to the local shelter. For the what felt like the first time, but was probably the dozenth, she pushed hard against the steel handlebar and heard the familiar jingle of the bell letting the woman at the desk know someone was coming in. Josie turned and blew a kiss over her shoulder at her boyfriend, Christopher Matheson, as he drove away in his dad's beaten-up old car. He had groaned to her for weeks that he was supposed to his own car for his eighteenth birthday but the shelter fee for Sammy had set the family luxury budget back a while, and then it was another thing, and then another. And his Dad was still sticking to that stupid 'farm in the country' story.

 "Welcome back, sweetheart," said Ms. Carlin, the animal shelter's only notable employee to speak of, and Josie's best friend's mother. "Back again to see poor Sammy?"

 Josie nodded and smiled, feeling the heat beginning to flutter in her stomach.

 "You've been so kind to the poor thing over these past months." Ms. Carlin frowned, her eyes brimming with a kind pity. "I shouldn't be saying this, sweetheart, but, perhaps it's best to say your goodbyes today." She paused with her mouth open as if she wanted to say something more comforting, but sighed and closed her mouth. It was understood.

 Josie shuddered. She nodded silently as she signed into the visitor's book for a final time. She casually flipped back through the sign-in pages, seeing her own signature multiple times per week over this past summer.

 'Wow, have I really spent all this time here? I need to thank Chris for driving me all this time,' she mumbled to herself as she closed the book, smirking as she pictured a couple of ways to thank her boyfriend. "Okay! I'll head on back now!"

 "Alright sweetie. Shout if you need anything!" Ms. Carlin pressed the button behind the desk to buzz Josie through the thick metal door separating the front office from the shelter itself.

 As the door shut behind her, the welcoming barks began as the friendliest dogs jumped up in their cages, pacing, panting, and wagging their tails. Josie smiled and petted a few she was familiar with through their bars as she made her way toward the back.

 Stopping short with a happy gasp, "You are so cuuuute. Yes you are! Little babies!" She squeaked as four little week-old puppies waddled their way to the front of the cage. She stuck her finger into the cage for the littlest puppy to adventurously nibble on. "You really do look just like your dad," Josie turned her head to the cage next to theirs, "Don't they, mommy?"

 Sammy whimpered through her muzzle gag, shrinking nervously away from Josie's gaze. 'Oh no.. '

 Josie crouched down to Sammy's level and looked at her kindly. "Come here girl. Let me pet you." She narrowed her eyes at Sammy as she hesitated. "Now."

 Sammy slowly crawled toward Josie, her swollen breasts heavy beneath her. Josie reached into Sammy's cage and gently stroked the new doggy-mother's hair, cooing and shushing to comfort her. "Good doggy... Good girl... Shhhh." Sammy closed her eyes, desperate for the affection, hoping that this time Josie wouldn't-

 "Iiiee!" Sammy yelped, muffled through her gag as Josie pinched and pulled her sore nipple. Josie tugged at Sammy's nipple, forcing her until she was pressed up against the bars of her cage, and grabbed the poor girl's engorged breasts.

 Josie bit her lip, her face flushing slightly as she rolled Sammy's nipples in her fingers, squeezing her breasts roughly, without any concern for the dog girl's discomfort, giggling when milk began to dribble out of her nipples. "Maybe you should have been made into a cow." she said thoughtlessly, to Sammy's dismay. Her heart was pounding in her stomach and the heat from behind her pubic mound was spreading up to her blushing chest and face as she looked around nervously, checking to make sure nobody was looking, although she knew from her dozen or so previous visits she was totally alone. A few of the male dogs began attentively sniffing at the air. Josie kicked off her flipflops to the side and slipped her flowery summer dress over her head of wild brown hair, showing her bare petite breasts and lack of panties. She lifted her arms up over her head, stretching her fully nude petite form lazily before sliding her fingers slowly down her body to her warm, wet lips.

"I'm pretty sure I, like, left a wet spot on the seat of your dad's car when Chris drove me over here today."

 Sammy looked away, red in the face, tears in her eyes at the thought of her old family that had abandoned her here. She hoped now that she had given birth they might take her home. Maybe she could even be human again, although she often bargained to herself that she would stay a dog for the rest of her life if she could just come home again.

 On her hands and knees, facing away with her ass and slit exposed towards Sammy's cage, Josie slipped her left hand beneath her body and began rubbing her fingers around her lips and clit. "Mm... You're so hot Sammy.. You're not a person anymore..You're a piece of property. You got... oh.. pregnant with Bruno's pups.. and abandoned.. fuck.. Left here because you were inconvenient! Oh god..." Josie paused, her eyes closed and her back arched, slipping a couple of fingers inside herself, she let her torso fall down onto the floor, her ass still in the air. She ground her clit hard against her fingers, bucking her hips while Sammy tried not to watch or listen, and not to cry. Josie let her tongue fall out, panting in unison with the male dogs that were scratching against their cages, trying to get at the female that was clearly desperate to be bred, her scent getting them riled up. "So fucking.. hot.. you.. you're.." She whined as she flicked her clitoris between her two fingers, rubbing around it furiously at the thought that, "Tonight... Sammy.. you're gonna.. oh gawd.. you're being put down!"

 As Sammy blinked, her brain trying to process what she had just heard, Josie moaned and slid her fingers out of herself, her body twitching desperately, begging for just a bit more as she hung on the edge for what seemed like hours in her sex-dizzy head. Slowly, Josie collected herself, whining for her self-denied release, as she turned to smile back at Sammy, who was silently sobbing in the corner of her cage closest to her puppies.
 Josie took a few moments to collect herself, fix her hair, and get dressed. Her face was still bright red, her body was shimmering slightly from sweat, and she could feel the heat and moisture between her legs very slowly descending from its peak. She blew Sammy a kiss goodbye, feeling needy, swollen, and more animal than human. Dark thoughts and conflicting, overlapping fantasies swam through her lust-clouded mind as she took a deep breath and pushed the heavy iron door open once again, putting an innocent smile on her face.

 "I'll see you tomorrow morning sweetheart! I'll have to work late with Sammy, unfortunately. Magenta's outside ready to pick you up!"

 "Thanks Ms. Carlin!"

 As Josie walked outside into the early summer evening she was greeted by the loud honk of a pickup truck and a familiar voice shouting, "Heyyy bitch! Happy almost nineteenth birthday!"

 "Oh my god Mags your mom is like right inside."

 "Don't worry about it, get in, get in! Quick, I've got you an early present!" Magenta rolled up the window to the pickup truck to keep the air conditioning in while Josie went around the truck to get in.

 "So what'd you get me?" Josie asked, peering behind her redheaded friend at the inside of the truck as she closed the door behind her. Magenta was holding something behind her back....
Aww, that's sweet and hot. I liked it a lot.
Superhero Rivalry (/g/, light-hearted, mild violence, large breasts, debreasting)

Superhero Rivalry

"Now that you're officially a member of the team, it's time for me to show you our secret weapon," said Novahawk with a little smirk, her glowing green eyes wandering up and down Hyperbunny's athletic body.

"Huh? We've got a secret weapon?"

Hyperbunny hopped up from the couch with a big grin. She was 18 years old, bouncy and perky, always smiling, with long blond hair and perfect skin, and her costume included long ears that would often flop down in front of her face. Her costume was both backless and strapless, the fuzzy white bullet-proof fabric held to her large breasts and flat belly by specially designed adhesive. The suit stretched to give her total freedom of movement and make her breasts very bouncy. It wrapped around to cover her firm butt with a fuzzy ball to represent a bunny tail. Bare legs showed off her powerfully muscular thighs, and a low cut revealed the tops of her breasts and most of her cleavage.

"That's right. Let's go down to the vault and I'll show you."

Novahawk was the leader of the team, 35 years old with sharply defined features and short brown hair. She wore a slim jetpack on her back with mechanical wings that folded neatly away when not in use. Her costume was twin strips of tough red fabric that looped over her shoulders and under her crotch, connecting to her jetpack in the back and tied together by a zigzag of lacing down her front. The lacing was loose enough to give a wide window into her cleavage. Her breasts were by far the largest on the team before Hyperbunny arrived. Novahawk's flawless orbs were firm and athletic, held tightly in place by her costume without a trace of bounce.

"Say, Novahawk, you're not jealous because I'm stronger and faster than you, right?" Hyperbunny frowned and fidgetted with one of her fuzzy rabbit ears.

Novahawk forced a laugh and rolled her eyes. "What? No, of course not. What a foolish thing to say. Why would you ask that?"

"It's just that everyone here is super friendly, but you seem to glare at me an awful lot."

"Ridiculous. I do not."

"Okay!" Hyperbunny suddenly grinned and started bouncing along as she walked beside Novahawk.

Novahawk scowled and glanced sideways at Hyperbunny's huge bouncing breasts.

"Must you walk that way?"


"I'd honestly like to know where you got those ridiculous breasts. Did they grow when you got your powers?"

"What? My breasts?" Hyperbunny's big blue eyes blinked rapidly as she looked down at her chest. "Oh no, I've had big breasts since I was 15."

Hyperbunny counted on her fingers. "The hyperatomic energy accident just gave me super jumping powers, and super speed, super strength, unbreakable bones, and the ability to burrow into the ground. Why? Did your breasts come with your powers?"

"I was born with my powers."

"Nice!" Hyperbunny giggled. "You can shoot fire from your hands and eyes, right?"

"I am also super strong and super fast, and I can fly."

"Oh, right, but not nearly as strong or fast as I am. And I can jump as high as you can fly, right?"


Novahawk rapidly typed a code into a keypad, then the room rumbled and lights flashed as a giant steel door slowly swung open.

"Wow. This place is amazing!" Hyperbunny giggled as she ran into the vault, bouncing from display case to display case, pressing her breasts against the glass as she peered at the confiscated weapons of various supervillains.

"This is what I wanted to show you," said Novahawk as she entered another code into the keypad of a safe in the middle of the room.

She pulled a shiny red energy pistol out of the safe and aimed it at Hyperbunny. Instead of a barrel for bullets, the pistol had a little cup and an antenna, much like a miniature satellite dish.

Hyperbunny blinked. "Is that a gun?"

As Hyperbunny took a few steps to one side to get out of the line of fire, Novahawk turned the pistol to keep it aimed at Hyperbunny's chest.

"It's an energy destabilizer. It does nothing to ordinary people, but it rips the energy from the bodies of superhumans so that they permanently lose their powers. Naturally we only use it as a last resort against overwhelmingly dangerous villains."

"Oh... uh... I see." Hyperbunny nervously tugged on one of her rabbit ears. "So... Why... uh... Why are you pointing it at me?"

"Worried about losing your powers?"

"Little bit, maybe."

"In that case, I've got a deal for you." Novahawk pulled a tiny vial of glowing green liquid out of a pocket hidden in her suit and tossed it to Hyperbunny. "Catch."

"Huh? What's this?"

"Don't worry about that. I just want you to pour it onto your breasts."

"What! Why? What will it do?"

"Do you want to have superpowers or not?"

"You're not much of a hero are you? I can't believe how mean you're being."

A loud sizzle and crack of thunder filled the air as a bolt of light struck the wall just above Hyperbunny's shoulder. She shrieked and ducked, covering her head with her hands, her rabbit ears bouncing wildly.

"That was just a warning shot. You've still got your powers for now. Do you want to keep talking, or are you going to do what I tell you?"

"Okay, okay! I'm doing it! Jeez."

Hyperbunny scowled and wiggled the stopper out of the little vial, then stared at the glowing liquid inside.

"Oh please, oh please, oh please, don't do anything bad."

She squeezed her eyes shut and turned her face away as she slowly tipped the vial toward her chest.

"Hurry up! Do it!"

"Here, catch!"

The glowing green liquid flew between the laces in the front of Novahawk's costume. Her cleavage smoked and sizzled as the fluid splashed across her skin. She screamed and staggered backward.

"No! You idiot! What have you done?"

Thunder cracked as she pulled the trigger again. The wall behind Hyperbunny smoked and sparked as she disappeared from where she was standing. She bounced beside Novahawk in a blur of motion.

"Super speed, remember?"

"No!" Novahawk snarled as she swung her pistol around. Hyperbunny grabbed Novahawk's wrist. Bolts of light flew toward the ceiling as the two women struggled with the gun.

"Did you think I'd let you take my team away? Any fool could see how they gathered around you. Did you think I'd put up with being ignored like that?"

"That's not my fault! I was just being friendly! Why are you so mean?"

"You empty-headed bimbo! I've seen how they look at your tits and how they gawk at your powers. Well I'm going to take both those things from you right now!"

Novahawk used her left hand to grab another vial from inside her costume. She ripped the stopper out with her teeth. The vial swung toward Hyperbunny's exposed cleavage.

Hyperbunny shrieked. "No!"

She slammed her bare foot into Novahawk's belly. Novahawk grunted and went flying across the room. A glass display case shattered against Novahawk's back. Shards of glass rained down, slicing shallow cuts in Novahawk's flawless skin.

Hyperbunny dropped the destabilizer gun to the floor and pulled her suit down to expose her breasts. She frantically rubbed her skin and stared at her chest. Her nipples were small and pink, standing firmly erect from all the excitement.

"Oh, oh yes, they're safe! Nothing got on them! I get to keep my breasts!"

Novahawk groaned and blinked open her eyes. "Damn you!"

She slowly sat up and looked down at her body. "I'm bleeding! If you've given me a scar...!"

Her words caught in her throat and she suddenly grabbed her breasts. She groaned hard as the firm flesh began to swell, bulging forward and pushing out between the laces of her suit. More of her bare skin was pushing out the side of her suit as her breasts grew.

"No! The chemical! This wasn't supposed to happen to me! Help!"

Novahawk fumbled to get her hand on her communicator and yelled, "Help! Help! In the vault! Bunny attacked me and poisoned my breasts! I need immediate medical attention! Come to the vault now!"

The laces twanged as they snapped. Her bare breasts sprang forward out of her costume, veins bulging, green fluid leaking out of her swollen nipples. Novahawk clutched her breasts with both hands and wailed.

"This can't be happening! Not my breasts! It's not fair!"

"It is too fair, you jerk!" Hyperbunny yelled and gave Novahawk a few quick kicks.

A blazing beam of blue light suddenly struck Hyperbunny and lifted her off the ground. It wrapped around her like a giant hand, pinning her arms to her sides, her bare breasts bouncing wildly. "Hey!"

Laserforce flew into the room, projecting the blue light from a crystal in his chest. His enormously muscular chest was bare to expose the crystal, and he wore glowing blue pants that did little to conceal the size of his very large genitals.

"What's going on here?"

"Hey! It wasn't me! She's the one who did this!" wailed Hyperbunny as she squirmed.

Dr. Electrode ran into the room. She was a slender woman dressed in a skin-tight black suit that covered every inch of her body, even her mouth and eyes. It clung so close to her skin that it cupped each of her modest breasts, showed the points of her nipples, and conformed to every detail of her vulva.

She raised a hand wearing an electronic glove and a beam of light scanned Novahawk's hugely swollen breasts.

"We need to get Novahawk to the operating room stat!"

Spacewarp appeared out of a ripple in the air. The slender young woman wore a black and white suit with a swirl pattern across her medium-sized breasts.

"I'll take care of it," she said as she put one hand on Novahawk's shoulder and the other hand on Dr. Electrode.

Novahawk, Spacewarp, and Dr. Electrode instantly disappeared into a ripple in the air as bits of broken glass clinked to the floor.

Dr. Roboto entered the room, a muscular man completely covered in highly polished steel. He had glowing white eyes and tight black briefs barely covering his large manhood. His eyes grew huge as he spotted Hyperbunny's bare breasts.

"Uh... Novahawk said on the radio that she was attacked by Bunny. I find this highly improbable. I calculate the odds at 1.5%."

Laserforce scowled and lowered his beam of light to bring the squirming Hyperbunny closer. She bit her lip as he glared at her.

"You've got some explaining to do, Bunny. Talk fast."

Two floors up, in the medical center, Dr. Electrode's gloved hands worked fast across Novahawk's tightly swollen breasts. Soon a dozen plastic tubes were sticking into Novahawk's breasts from all directions. Bubbling green liquid quickly drained through the tubes and into the sophisticated electronic operating table she was lying on.

"Yes, oh yes," moaned Novahawk, her eyes closing as she rubbed her breasts, "The pressure is going down at last. I don't know how much more I could take."

"This is not a cure, Novahawk. All I can do is stabilize you by relieving the pressure. If you leave that operating table, the pressure will start building again."

Novahawk frowned and opened her eyes. She tried to sit up, but the tubes pulled tight, yanking on her giant breasts and forcing her to lie down again.

"What? You're saying I'm stuck like this? How long will it take you to make an antidote?"

"I'm sorry, but it's impossible. The toxin has spread to every cell of your breasts and it regenerates itself even as we drain it. There's no way it can ever be totally removed."

"Damn you! I don't want your idiotic excuses! Just fix my breasts!"

"I will work on the problem, Novahawk. Please, try to relax for now. Excitement can only worsen your condition."

An hour later, Laserforce entered the room wearing a frown. His glowing blue eyes locked on Novahawk's hugely swollen breasts for a moment and the bulge in the front of his tight pants grew a little, then he grunted and shook his head.

"Novahawk. Wake up!"

"Uh? What? Have you found the cure?"

"No, we've been talking to Bunny."

"She attacked me. You can't trust anything she says. Look at what she did to my breasts."

"How would Bunny be able to do something like that? Her father is a physicist, but she only ever studied art. Are you telling us she's a secret chemical genius?"

"No, of course not! The idiot must be working with someone. Maybe the Overlord gave her the poison to use on me."

"Why would he do that? The Overlord has threatened to kill you many times, so why give Bunny a poison that only affects your breasts?"

His eyes flicked down to her chest again and his pants grew a little tighter. She scowled and glared at him.

"Isn't this bad enough? He wants to hurt me, and just look at what has happened to me."

"We all know you're jealous of Bunny. Everyone has seen how you look at her."

"Damn it! You fool! It's not true!"

Bunny slowly entered the room with her hands clasped in front of her breasts and her blue eyes toward the floor.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry this happened to you, Novahawk. I really looked up to you. I don't understand why you were so mean to me, but I forgive you for trying to poison my breasts and take away my powers."

"You can't take her word over mine! I'm the leader of this team!"

"Not anymore," growled Laserforce, "We've all agreed that you can't be trusted in this base. You have to leave."

"Damn it! You can't do that to me! This is my base and my team! You won't get away with this!"

"Be reasonable. We're not taking away your powers or sending you to jail. We just need you to be a solo hero from now on."

Novahawk clenched her teeth and glared hard at him, her green eyes burning brightly.

Laserforce cleared his throat and backed out of the room. "Now that we've made that clear, I'm going to go help pack up your things."

"Yeah. Uh... I'll help to," said Bunny as she quickly bounced along after Laserforce.

Novahawk glared at Dr. Electrode. "You have something to say to me, too?"

Dr. Electrode sighed and shook her head slowly. "There's only one thing I have to do now. I'm very sorry."

Her slender black-gloved finger tapped a key on her computer, and then the gentle hum of Novahawk's bed stopped. The flow of glowing green fluid through the tubes gurgled to a halt. Novahawk tensed and groaned as her breasts began to swell.

"Oh, you can't be serious! Turn that machine back on right now you spineless weasel!"

"I'm sorry, Novahawk, but you did this to yourself."

"No, you moron! You're doing this to me! If this happens to me, then I'm going to make sure it happens to you, too! I don't care what it takes; you're going to pay!"

"There's nothing I can do for you now."

"Stop! Don't turn your back on me! Wait! You damned fool! Come back! This can't happen! You can't let this happen! No! My beautiful breasts!"

Dr. Electrode frowned deeply as she stepped into the hall and pressed a button. The door slid closed with a soft hiss. She closed her sightless eyes and lowered her head as she waited.

There was an audible pop and then a ear-splitting wail from inside the operating room.

Dr. Electrode opened the door to find the floor around the bed covered in blood and gooey clumps of white fat. Novahawk was kneeling on the floor with her arms crossed over her chest, hugging herself and keeping pressure on the wounds. Tears ran down her cheeks and she openly sobbed.

"You bitch," said Novahawk in a shaking voice, "Look what you did to me. I'm ruined."

"There are options available. I will summon a helicopter to take you to a hospital that specializes in mastectomy reconstruction. I'm truly sorry it came to this."

"Fuck you."
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She'd intimidate Bunny into confirming the story under threat of losing her powers.

This would not work because Hawk cant use the gun in front of all team
also how they are supposed to work together from that time?

>>What expectations do you mean?
I already explained that. We all may have some ideas what will happen next but you limit those options without any need.

>>I look forward to it.

Not sure when I will be able to do that since writing stories take lots of time.

So it seems that Novahawks plan worked ta some extent, Bynny's boobs got smaller after all LOL
> This would not work because Hawk cant use the gun in front of all team.

One does not need to be holding a gun to use a gun to intimidate someone. Just threatening to get the gun later can be enough. In Novahawk's mind, Bunny was going to be cowardly and stupid and do everything she was told just to avoid any risk of being shot. This is how organized crime stops people from talking to the police without having to continuously hold a gun against everyone's back.

> How they are supposed to work together from that time?

Novahawk wanted Bunny to leave the team, so Novahawk was planning to make their working relationship as terrible as possible. She never expected Bunny to stay after being threatened and losing her breasts.

We never got to see how Novahawk imagined the whole encounter going because it all went terribly wrong for her. It might be a fun story to write, but unfortunately I will be too busy to write for a few days. Perhaps later.
In this situation threats to do it later will not work, because if the team believed Bunny's words, that's game over for Nowahawk she will not be able to use that gun anymore ever.
And unless Bunny is totally brainless she will know that.
If Nowahawk wanted to kick her out it would make more sense just to tell her to leave while threatening to use that gun if she refuses.

there is no reasonable situation possible how that plan could work
Of course this does not matter in this kind of story since nothing what superheroes do makes any sense anyway LOL
Sayo-Nara (Doki Doki Literature Club, m/f necro)
I didn't know how long I spent in her room. I felt numb for what seemed to be eternity. I just saw Sayori hang there for… God, I don’t know how long. Eventually, I began to feel something.

I looked at Sayori’s pajamas. Her shirt was slightly unbuttoned at the top. I remembered how I had to button her top. Her cute little giggles as I struggled with her top, my fingers pretty much tickling her shirt. Then there was her smile as I adjusted her buttons.

“It means my boobs got bigger again!”

I felt slight throb in my groin. Was I… Was I getting hard? I looked down and noticed my penis beginning to rise. I looked back to Sayori. Her shirt was pulled on the right side, showing me her bare shoulder. As my eyes gazed down, I noticed a slight bump on her chest. Immediately I thought about what she had said when I adjusted her top that day.

While I had some regret in accepting her feelings, there was an even bigger regret of not being able to say yes sooner. Not being able to love her sooner. It was too late…

Or… Perhaps it isn’t…


What am I thinking?

This is my childhood friend! I shouldn’t have this thought about making love to her corpse!

But the more I looked at her, the more that thought grew. I’m not sure what took over, whether it was her sad face, seemingly scolding me for letting her depression get to a point where she took her life, or whether it was the way her shorts clung onto her waist, outlining what appeared to be her vulva while showing off her long legs and dangling feet.

I decided to toy with the thought. Just enough to button her top. She probably would have liked that.

I got onto her bed to get a boost and put my hands over her shirt. I adjusted the collar and buttoned it. My head bobbed closer to her to get a better look. I ended up staring down her chest where I saw her bare breast. I froze. I just began to stare at it. It was a small bump compared to Yuri or Monika’s breasts, but definitely bigger than Natsuki’s.

I felt myself dive forward towards her, my feet slipping on the edge of the bed. Shit! I grabbed on to her to break my fall. Her arms, moved by momentum, swung up and hit me on the back. For a brief moment, I remembered that hug she gave me yesterday. It was as if she came to life and held me. Then I fell.


I got up and noticed I was on top of Sayori’s body, the rope connected to her net now pulled off from the ceiling. She still kept that sad look. I imagined what’d happen if I fell on top of Natsuki. She’d call me an idiot and hit me. Sayori might not have been that rude, but I doubt she’d like the whole “falling on top of her” thing, even if she was in love with me.

But here? She gave no response. And she never will. I trembled.

Do I really wanna do this?

I saw her mouth. Her jaw slightly ajar, leaving her mouth open just a tad. I saw her soft lips.

We were barely a couple for a day.

I never got the chance to really love her.


No. This is my only chance to really love her.

I wondered if she often fantasized about her first kiss. God how I wish she was at least conscious to know that I’d fulfill it.

My lips touched hers. As they connected, I felt her skin. Slightly cold. I shivered, yet I kept my lips locked on hers. My body relaxed as my hand reached hers. Her fingers felt slightly wet. I looked at them and noticed the blood.

W-where did the blood come from? A quick look, and I saw a possible cause. Around the neck were red marks. They weren’t bruises caused by the rope, rather scratch marks. My body tensed up a bit. She tried to hang herself, but tried to back out after the point of no return. That’s why her shirt was loose. She struggled to live.

Had I got to her house in the morning like I had thought, then maybe I’d stop her from taking her life.


Now I had to deal with this.

I began to cry, burying my head into her chest. Memories of her and me began to flood back. The day we first met, the day she got me to join the literature club, that moment when she got injured and I tried to help her…

My last moments with her was what caused me to take a step further.

Calming down, I began to unbutton her shirt. Once done, I opened it, revealing her bare chest. I took some time to stare at her chest. My hands tremored as I struggled to get at least one of them to grope her. After a moment, my hand pressed against her breast and I began to squeeze. She didn’t wince, screech, or even giggle. She felt nothing. My other hand began to touch her stiff nipple. Her areola was smooth to the touch and once my finger passed her nub, I couldn’t help but play with it, to the point where I even began to lick it.

I immediately pulled back. Not only was her skin cold and pale, but it didn’t seem to taste good. However, it was enough to get my penis stiffer than a stick in the mud. I could just jack off on her chest, wipe my cum, dress her up and leave her be…

But then I saw her eyes. They were lifeless, half closed, but they stared at me. I could almost hear her beg for more.

My hands stroked down her chest, glancing over her belly, before going to her shorts. My hand went underneath the waistband as it brushed through, to my surprise, her small set of pubic hair. My fingers stopped once they felt the line that was her vulva. I then began to rub up and down, petting her groin like a cat. Eventually, my middle finger began to slip into her slit and I began to just finger her, using my remaining arm to grab hold of her.

Maybe it’d be better if I pretended she was alive and we were doing foreplay.

“Sssh… It’s okay…” I whispered to her, imagining a series of cute whimpers from her. I kissed her on the cheek, then again on the mouth. This time, my tongue came out, entering her mouth and licking her tongue. I felt disturbed with her dead, expressionless look towards me, so once I was done kissing, I closed her eyes.

Her mouth was now a little wider, lips parted enough where I could see the top of her front row teeth. My hand pulled out of her crotch. A little wet from her fluids. I looked at her. Surprised she didn’t void her bowels when she died… Perhaps she went to the bathroom before killing herself.

I decided to continue. My hands took each side of her shorts and pulled them down to her feet, revealing her vagina. I began to take off her shirt and shorts. Once I was done stripping her, I laid her on the bed. I took the time to look at her naked body. The only thing she had on her was the cute bow on her head.

The way I posed her, it looked like she was a sleeping princess, ready to be awoken with a kiss. I knew this was impossible, but I decided to kiss her anyways. My hands felt up her thighs as I began to spread her legs. I took a few moments to prepare myself and to prepare her.

I took off my pants, exposing myself to her, not that she would ever know. My thumbs prodded her vulva for a bit to get them to part and show me her vagina. Once I saw her pink pussy, I spat into it. I lubricated her vagina with my fingers until it was somewhat wet. I then prodded my penis into her, gently guiding it until…


I slipped it in. There was some resistance, but I managed to break it. The rest of my dick slipped in easily and I could notice why.

Her hymen broke, a bit of blood serving as the rest of the lubricant needed.

I froze for a bit.

I’m actually doing it.

I’m having sex with Sayori… Not in the way I wanted, but I’m doing it…

She’s my first time… And I have the distinct honor of being her first and last.

My heart pounded. This was too much for me to bear. But I need to do this. I need to share my love…

No. Missionary on her bed isn’t gonna work for this. I pulled out and lifted her nude body off the bed. I then noticed the cow plushie she had lying by the foot of the bed. I laid her down, back propped against the cow as her legs overlapped the cow’s own hind legs. Her bottom portion was jutted out by the udders, enough to show her spread vagina.

There, that made me feel more comfortable. I dove in and began to thrust into her. Gently, I rocked her body back and forth, her arms draped over my back. I went slowly, bumping her a few times into the cow.

“Sayori… I love you…” I said to her. I remembered her telling me she loved me. I smiled as I kissed her forehead. “I’m sorry for not doing this before… Had I known you liked me…” I shed a tear. I should be enjoying this, not breaking down into tears. I drove myself closer into her, her legs lifting up and rubbing against her hip, feet dangling in the air.

My hand grabbed her foot, my palm touching her soft sole. I moaned softly as my other hand stroked her chest, grabbing her breasts when it closed in on one. My heart raced as my penis began to throb.

“F-fuck! I’m… I’m gonna…” I pulled out and began to jack off. Her legs dropped, landing in a position where it looked as though she was sitting on the cow, her feet pointing inwards. My jizz rocketed out of my dick and sprayed all over her chest. Despite this, my dick felt ready for a second round. But, before I could give in, an idea was born.

I took out my phone and took a picture of her. I then went to get a tissue and wiped the cum of her chest before I turned her onto her belly. The cow fell over, thus her nude body looked like it was mounting the cow.

Round two.

I inserted my dick into her vagina again, this time being more vigorous with the pounding, pretty much grinding the front of her body against the cow.

“Y-yeah! One last ride…” I said as I continued to pump her. I reached and hugged the cow, squeezing both the plushie and her close to me. Faster… Faster!

No! This… This is my last time. I need to make this memorable. So I went slower.

I bit the rope around her neck as I moaned. I soon felt her nipples again. While I went slowly, my plunges were going deeper and deeper, to the point where I could feel her womb at one point. I felt somewhat happy she wasn’t alive. I’d feel bad if she was in extreme pain.

I hated myself for feeling happy, though. She’s my best friend… She’s my girlfriend… After today, I’ll never see her again…

I’m going to miss her.

I cried… That’s when I noticed my penis throbbing… No! Shit!

I pulled out, but it was too late. I saw my cum glob out of her vagina, onto the cow. I immediately ran and got more towels to wipe the cum off the plushie before it stained, then proceeded to clean her vagina until I saw no more cum. Once I knew she was cleaned, I took another picture.

I decided to take one more picture, one where she’s on her side in bed, as though she’s sleeping. Then I decided to dress her up and leave her on the ground. With one last kiss on her lips, I then ran out of her house.

I will miss h-


I entered the literature club, waving to Monika, Yuri, and Natsuki. As I smiled, I couldn’t help but notice something from the corner of my eye. It was on the corkboard.

“Hey, Monika… Was that… always there?” I asked her. She turned to see it, as did Yuri and Natsuki. Natsuki took a moment before she gagged upon looking at the poster of a naked teenage girl propped over a cow plushie, her vagina gaping open as cum was sprayed on her chest. Though her eyes were closed, the pale skin and overall limpness of the body implied this was a corpse.

I had no such gut feeling, and to my surprise, neither did Yuri or Monika. In fact, Yuri blushed.

“Oh, yeah. That’s a new addition. It’s sort of a motivational poster of sorts. Helps stir the imagination.” Monika said. The only kind of motivation it’s giving is to my dick… Which should not be happening considering I’m looking at someone’s defiled corpse.

And yet, I don’t feel repulsed after the first few moments. Natsuki just groaned.

“Well, guess I’ll just pretend to ignore it.” She then turned away to her manga.

“Do you think she went to our school?” Yuri asked. The girl looked to be around my age… Maybe?

“I’m not sure. I just found this and some other pictures a few days ago and thought it’d be of use.” Monika said. Wait… There were more?!

“Um… Do you mind if…” What am I thinking? I’m about to ask for her to show me those photos!

“Oh! I didn’t know you were that kind of person.” Monika then smirked. She gave a glance to Yuri, who seemed to be in a trance with the picture. “Don’t worry,” Monika glanced back to me. “I can help with that inspiration you got.”


I smiled as Sayori, the Literature Club President, sat down in front of me.

“Thank you for everything you did… I mean it.” She told me. She then proceeded to hug me. “I… I knew what happened when… When I lost myself in that sea of sadness… You were there, but I was already gone… Yet, you still decided to share your love to me. Even if I wasn’t there, you loved me…” I had no idea what she was saying. She just kissed me on the cheek and whispered into my ear.

“But… next time, I wanna be alive when we have sex… Okay?” I blushed and fell off my chair. What!? Wanna be alive when we have sex!? What the hell’s she talking about!?
extreme titgames
I´ve found a good story. It was published in Yahoo/debreast

Part 1. M/S Topless

Jana couldn't believe how excited she was. Just yesterday at her birthday party her friends had revealed her that they had booked a luxorious cruise aboard the M/S Topless for four and they were leaving the very next day. Being the teenagers they were, there was no question about their intentions of heavy partying and general foolishness. Jana was expecting quite the weekend filled with alcohol, sunshine, beautiful women and endless dancing.

This was to be Jana's first time aboard the famous party ships that they had so many times adored at the city harbour while wondering why all the cruises had age restrictions and wouldn't allow anyone under 18 aboard. Afterall this was a very liberal society based on the views of their ancestors one and a half centuries ago. They had shaped the entire world according to their beliefs and preferrences. This is why Risa Nine was one of the most liberal colonies in the Federation. Very few regulations and directives applied here. The entire world was dedicated to fulfilling desires and lust. The terraforming of the land had been planned so that the entire world was basically one huge white sand beach.

Jana's friends were all older than her. Krissy was 19 already and had definetly been to many cruises, but never really revealed anything to Jana about the parties she had had. Erica had also just turned 19 last month and she too must have had her share of off-shore fun. Keeley was just three months older than Jana and this was to be her first cruise too.

To Jana the ship ahead of them looked almost unreal, it was so massive. Hovering forty feet above the ocean waves was the M/S Topless, a full mile long luxury ship, filled with bars, nightclubs, restaurants, gamehalls, swimming pools and spas. The massive craft even had it's own sand beach on the top level, and beneath it one hundred and sixy floors of entertainment still shrouded in mystery, just waiting to be explored by Jana and her friends.

Jana was well aware that this cruise would also be very sexual in nature. She had been very intimate with her three best friends since their childhood and they were openly lesbians, just like almost every other female on this planet they called home. This was the social structure of Risa Nine and had been so since the first founding mothers arrived with their technology that gave them the ability to shape the landscape, control the weather and reproduce through genetic cloning.

Jana's mothers had produced her as a brunette, just like Krissy. Basically they were clones of their mothers, with slight genetic improvements, that their mothers had chosen for them. Extremely feminine bodies were the only way to go in Risa Nine. Jana, just like her friends sported a massive set of natural - well, as natural as genetic manipulation foes - set of perfectly shaped breasts, very slim body with fine muscles and the face of a goddess. Jana had a pair of double gees tipped with pale pinkish nipples. Her friend Erica's mother had been slightly less ambitious and so Erica carried a pair of F cups to go with her golden hair. Krissy had double gees like Jana, but with slightly darker nipples. Krissy also always wore a pair of glasses even though it was merely a fashion statement, since there was no way she could have been born with bad eyes and even if she had, they could have been fixed in just a moment by a simple genetic reconfiguration at the local mall. Keeley was the one of them that was always drawing attention with her looks. She had a striking purple hair and her mothers had chosen her to carry an astonishing set of KK -sized breasts that were tipped with the most inviting puffy pink nipples.

The air taxi would soon be at the enterance of the M/S Topless and it would be time for the teenage friends to join the festivities among the other over nine thousand hot bodies.
Part 2. Boobs

"Passangers, please enter the registration area and follow the blue line on the floor."
The female announcer's voice made Jana feel even more excited. This was it. It felt like she had been waiting for years.
"Now, as you enter M/S Topless, please, remove all clothing above waist line. "
This came as no surprise to the girls, as they had already followed Krissy's example by taking their tops off at the air taxi. Actually toplessness was not at all uncommon on Risa Nine, much the opposite. Afterall there was no real need to wear clothes to keep you warm when summer never ends and even at night the temperature remains rather warm.

"After you have displayed your tickets and gotten your stamps at the registration table, you are free to enter our main entertainment deck. Have fun."

As the announcer had finished her instructions Jana noticed there were only two people before them in the line - a couple in their twenties both strikingly beautiful brunettes wearing only white jean skirts. Jana gave Keeley a friendly slap on the bottom "Lets get this party started, hey!" Keeley responded with laughter and by shaking her ass as if it was continuing to bounce because of the slap. Keeley took her payback by slapping Janas left boob from beneath rather forcefully. "Hey, you'll get your chance to play with those later in privacy!" Jana responded.

"Tickets please." Chirped the petite brunette behind the counter. Krissy showed her their tickets, and then proceeded to bend over the counter, resting her ample bosom on the wooden surface. Then she received a stamp on both of her tits, just above her light brown nipples. The small stamps were the shapes of two pink hearts. For some reason this made Jana giggle and she followed her friends example soon after.

"Alright girls, lets get moving. So much to see. Our luggage will be taken to the suite from here so we might as well get to business. What should we do first?" Krissy was quick to take the lead, as she was clearly the most experienced cruise tourist of the four. "I really wouldn't mind a drink, all the queuing has made me very thirsty. I know a nice place to get you guys to the mood." They all agreed they could use a drink and Krissy led the way.

As they headed towards their destination, Jana became well aware of all the breasts around her. No matter where she looked, there were topless women displaying their heaving chests and most of the stores and restaurants had referrences to breasts in their names. She was in heaven. She had always been very fond of breasts. She loved fondling breasts and having her own breasts fondled. She could even describe herself as a boobfanatic. It was not unusual for her to use one of her friends' breasts as a pillow when they were sleeping at each others places.

Jana had missed the fact that they had arrived at the restaurant that Krissy had in mind for their refreshments. She was looking at the sign above the doorway. "Milkshake Jugs" was what the sign said. Once again Jana was giggling. Krissy yanked her inside. There, before them was the counter, filled with icecream vats and and all sorts of sweets. None of these got the girls attention. Their eyes were locked on the wall behind the counter and the seven pairs of massive breasts sticking out of the wall. All fourteen basketball sized mounds were attached into clear tubes in which flowed a constant stream of white creamy milk. "Wow" was all Jana could say. Keeley gasped and almost screamed "I LOVE this place! Amazing, those are real? There are actual women behind that wall? Being milked? Wow! Never knew it before but this might well be a fetish of mine."

Krissy smiled, as she knew the two were new to all of this. She also knew that the girls on the other side of the wall were very real and very much volunteered to be there. Afterall, she had been milked in this very same restaurant four months ago with Erica. "Yep, very much actual and very much enjoying it, my friend. Just takes one pill to make a girl produce milk for three hours straight. I produced nearly thirteen litres. Erica only managed ten. They say their injection can make it almost permanent." Krissy watched as the two youngest of them stared mouths open and in a loss of words.

"Freakishly hot. I really want to try that." Jana had regained her ability to speak. "Me too! I can easily beat thirteen litres in three hours!" Kelly joined in. "Hold your horses, my lovely little wannabe cowgirls. Lets sample some freshly squeezed girl milk first. We have the entire weekend ahead of us. Besides there will be this cruise opening seremony at the main beach in just two hours. We really don't want to miss that one."

"Alright then, lets have those milkshakes, shall we. Four Lactashakes - the house special flavour, please." Erica made the order as the redhaired beauty behind the counter lined four large mugs below the taps in the milkshake machine. Jana noted that the mugs had a very specific shape, and it was that of a downward pointing breast. Once again there was a faint giggle.

"What is the 'house special flavour' exactly?" asked Keeley. Erica was very quick to reply "Vodka - plentiful". After the first sip, the girls could only produce moans and sighs of approval. The creamy, foamy texture accompanied with just the perfect sweetness had them hooked.

Meanwhile Jana had noticed on the counter half a dozen of what looked like jars full of pills. She was quick to ask the sales girl if these were the ones that made a girl turn on her milk production. Quick nod and the sale was done. She knew these would prove to be a source of fun back home.

The shakes were soon downed and the girls stepped out of the store after one last time admiring the row of boobs being milked slowly bouncing as the machine sucked their nipples and then let the pressure fade only to begin again.

"Now what say we get something solid to eat before heading on the beach. Something fatty and filling, maybe even fried? We know the perfect place, Erica and I, don't we? My treat this time, hahaha." Krissy kept laughing, to what Jana and Keeley did not understand. Erica also giggled and reached around Krissy to squeeze her boobs playfully. Jana's attention had already been diverted as her eyes examined a shop window displaying jewelery, clearly designed to be worn on nipples and a rather peculiar piece of machinery, that she could not understand the purpouse of. The device was being displayed under spotlights with a sign above it "Year 3077 is here". The device looked to her like like a foot long cylinder that had curvy blades extending outwards from its bottom end. Whatever it was, she had already fallen slightly behind from her friends and had to keep moving to catch them. Krissy's promise to treat them to a snack sounded very inviting to Jana. She was starving.
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A few months later the results of that night were clearly visible on Candices and Sandras swollen bellies. One night they were sitting with Mark and his friend Tony in Sandra's and Mark's living room, sipping a glass of wine, talking about the exciting night that day. It was a winter evening and they talked about that other night they spent at the Cut Club. Remembering the wall and the grinder, Candice suddenly felt hot shivers coming up her spine and wrapped her cardigan more tightly around her belly. She felt an inner urge rising ..... She looked at the others with dreamy eyes: " I want to go back there again ...". 


Tony had never been to the Cut Club before and didn't quite know what to expect. With some reluctance he opened the heavy door to the club and gasped at the view of the large glass wall with the grinders and the intense action at the wall above. Aaron and the two heavily pregnant girls followed him, eager in anticipation for the things to come. 

They watched a very athletic guy and two adorable female companions approaching one of the holes in the wall where a stiff cock was sticking out and eagerly waiting for some action. one of the blonde beauties was massaging the cock while the other took care of the beautifully built man. massaging his balls and penis. While the action became more and more intense, our four friends, watching the scene, started massaging each other. Tony and Mark took care of the swollen and milk-filled breasts of their girlfriends while they were  staring fascinated to the wall, anticipating what was to come. 

While the action became more and more intense and you could hear the joyful moans and cries, one of the girls suddenly pressed the button. 
Mark stared fixated at the display behind the glass which was splattered by Aarons blood and intestines. He was so aroused that he came heavily again into Sandras mouth. Both were utterly fascinated by the eagerness with which Aaron and Jessica had sought their fate, but didn't feel ready yet to submit to the wall and the utter beauty of the grinding process.


A few months later the results of that night were clearly visible on Candices and Sandras swollen bellies. One night they were sitting with Mark and his friend Tony in Sandra's and Mark's living room, sipping a glass of wine, talking about the exciting night that day. It was a winter evening and they talked about that other night they spent at the Cut Club. Remembering the wall and the grinder, Candice suddenly felt hot shivers coming up her spine and wrapped her cardigan more tightly around her belly. She felt an inner urge rising ..... She looked at the others with dreamy eyes: " I want to go back there again ...". 


Tony had never been to the Cut Club before and didn't quite know what to expect. With some reluctance he opened the heavy door to the club and gasped at the view of the large glass wall with the grinders and the intense action at the wall above. Aaron and the two heavily pregnant girls followed him, eager in anticipation for the things to come. They noticed that the club hadn't changed much since their last visit. They entered the dance floor, where today only two couples danced, with soft sensual music in the background.  

They watched a very athletic guy and two adorable female companions approaching one of the holes in the wall where a stiff cock was sticking out and eagerly waiting for some action. one of the blonde beauties was massaging the cock while the other took care of the beautifully built man. massaging his balls and penis. While the action became more and more intense, our four friends, watching the scene, started massaging each other. Tony and Mark took care of the swollen and milk-filled breasts of their girlfriends while they were  staring fascinated to the wall, anticipating what was to come. 

While the action became more and more intense and you could hear the joyful moans and cries, one of the girls suddenly pressed the button. 

Apparently the guy behind the wall had chosen the slow option, because our friends could hear him moaning from their position below. While the girls in front of the wall were waiting to harvest his cock and balls they continued to stroke their companion until he was rock-hard. A glimpse later the cock and balls fell into their hands and one could hear the trap doors open and a male, beautifully built body plunging towards the grinders, which were going into full motion. One  could see his hand heavily rubbing the gaping hole at the place where his cock and balls had been. He was quickly devoured by the merciless grinders, his blood and pieces of flesh splattering against the glass.

Tony masturbated heavily at this exciting sight, he suddenly felt the strong urge to submit to the grinder himself and get devoured by it. 


As he was new to the club, Tony watched with awe the action above and behind the glass wall. Candice resumed to massage his cock, while Sandra and Mark massaged her pregnant belly and her milk-filled udders. Sandra whispered to her: "Have you seen the new special section for preggies up at the wall? I wonder what exciting things they offer for us ...". Candice nodded and said: "yes, I heard they have special selection options behind the wall for preggies." Both got very wet at that perspective and even more keen to walk up to the second level. The open question was however whether they would go first behind the wall or their male companions. It turned out that Tony apparently was very eager to be done himself whereas Mark wanted to watch the girls being done as an additional stimulant for himself to ease him into the wall. 

However, at the moment the slots were quite busy five were filled with female tits, whereas one had a cock hanging out and one was empty. Apparently one of the two girls had gone behind the wall whereas the other girl was apparently discussing with her male companion who should go first. Obviously she had convinced her friend, because he disappeared behind the door, carrying with pride his stiff cock. Seconds later, the beautiful manhood came out of one of the previously empty holes. The lady remaining started massaging the cock and noticed that our four friends were watching her with considerable interest. She twinkled invitingly towards them while continuing to stroke the stiff cock.

The four did not hesitate. The girls stripped off their soft maternity cardigans and their skirts whereas Tony and Mark got rid of their trousers and t-shirts. They put the clothing in one of the bins at the side of the room, suddenly realizing that there was no way back now. Jewelry and watches were collected in a separate box. They slowly walked up the stairs to the upper floor, arriving there they were welcomed by the lady who introduced herself as Jane. 

They immediately found out that there was an intense chemistry between them. Jane looked with awe at the swollen bellies of the two girls and asked about when they were due. It turned out that both were due for delivery soon, which aroused Jane tremendously, especially the fact that they were instead eagerly pursuing their own grinding. Candice was more of a brunette with brown eyes, a round and cute silhouette, whereas Sandra was the classical Blonde, sleek and slim with blue eyes. However, both had enormous milk-filled udders due to their advanced stage of pregnancy. 

The two men, Tony and Mark, both had attractive and athletic bodies, with well trained nice looking bellies. Tony sported brown hair and dark, attractive eyes, whereas Mark was blond, blue-eyed, Teutonic looking. Jane found all four of them very sexy and looked forward to what was to come. 

They suddenly realized the best way to get free slots at the wall was to ease the holders of the tits and cocks behind the wall into eager submission by gently massaging those priceless trophies. They agreed to fill the empty slots then one by one. They wouldnt miss the action because the floor beneath the wall was also transparent plexiglass with full view of the grinders.

The three girls started to massage the cock, while Mark and Tony started to stimulate a pair of gorgeous big breasts. The cock became very big and stiff, whereas the nipples of the udders became hard and upright. Jane suddenly felt the urge of riding that cock, she gently slid it into her dripping cunt, and started heavy movements. You could hear heavy moaning of a male voice behind the wall, then suddenly Jane yelled because a big load had been spurted into her vagina. She quickly pointed at the red button, gesturing to Candice to press it. Candice quickly pressed the button, the result was a loud "thump", the guy had chosen the quick option and the cock and balls fell into Candices hands.

Everybody looked down through the glass floor, where the grinders started whirring up. The girls started masturbating themselves at the sight, and also caressed their breasts and bellies. Suddenly you heard a sharp noise, the trapdoors had opened and a body fell down between the rotating drums. The glass floor was immediately sputtered with blood and gore, after a few minutes automatic water hoses washed the remnants of the man away, and everything looked nice and clean again. 

A spot behind the wall had become vacant and Sandra and Mark decided to fill it. Whereas Sandra wanted to test the special options for preggies, Mark wanted to support her and be later done together with her. 

They both disappeared behind the wall and suddenly three holes opened, two smaller ones where Sandras swollen breasts appeared and a larger one, where her stretched belly showed after some seconds. You could hear heavy moaning behind the wall, apparently Mark had taken Sandra from behind.  

Tony immediately started to fuck Candice from behind as well, whereas Jane started working on the tits and belly of Sandra, which she gently caressed. Besides the red button alongside the tits a second button appeared above the belly, apparently to trigger action there. After a brief exchange with Tony and Candice Jane decided to press that button first.

After a few seconds a loud ripping noise could be heard. Two knives had entered the belly from below. An assistant brought a flat bowl and a knife and handed it to Jane. Suddenly Candice had an idea, she laid down besides the bowl, directly under Sandras belly about to be cut open. 

Sandras belly popped half open and Jane began to scoop out the contents with her bare hands. Candice began vigorously smearing herself with the gory innards and blood. When Jane opened the uterus with her knife, Candice began rubbing her belly vigorously with the bloody mass, until something big and slimy popped out and fell on her belly. Candice almost orgasmed and pointed at Jane's blood-smeared knife with a pleading look in her beautiful face.

Jane began slowly to cut open Candices belly, the innards wobbled out and mixed with the bloody gore coming out of Sandys belly. In the meantime Tony took care of Sandys breasts, until the nipples were rock hard. Then he pressed also the button besides the tits. For the uterus content the assistant brought a special silver bowl where the parts were carefully collected by Jane. Tony received the breasts slowly when they popped out of the wall and a minute later the grinders started whirring again. When the trapdoors opened one could see two bodies falling into the grinder, apparently Mark was anally fucking Sandra while falling to his death with her. The amount of gore and blood spurting against the botton of the plexiglass floor was astounding. Jane and Tony carefully disemboweled Candice completely, since she was not able to get up any more, they asked the assistant for an alternative method to have her submit to the grinder. With a smile the assistant pointed to an extra trapdoor in front of the wall which allowed direct descent to the grinder if desired. She also brought a battery driven hand blender for the content of the silver bowl which was put into immediate action by Jane. Tony laid down besides Candice and asked Jane to manually cut off his balls and cock.  Jane carefully castrated Tony with her knife and put the cock and balls into the bowl where it was pureed as well with the gory mess already in there. Meanwhile the assistant poured the liquid content of the silver bowl over them and they smeared each other with it and also swallowed some of it.  Then Jane gently pushed the button connected to the trap door Candice and Tony were laying on, and one could hear the grinder beneath whirring up. Seconds later the trap door opened and Candice and Tony plunged into eternity .... 
School Selection
Disclaimer: just a horror fetish, entirely fictional, don't do anything that will harm somebody in real life.

School Selection

[non cons]

A loud whistle caught Nina's attention. She stopped her crawl and started to tread in the water. After a few moments Nina saw what was going to happen. As the other students stopped swimming their teacher signaled to get out of the water. “All girls are required to go to a changing booth and wait there for the meat inspector” said the coach, “the boys will continue with 4 laps of the butterfly stroke”

Nervously talking the girls quickly went to the changing booths. Nina sat about halfway down the line. “Shit I hope they don't pick me” thought Nina. A soft crying from her right assured her of a better chance, only 25% was selected from each class. She heard the meat inspector getting closer every few minutes. He was only a few lockers away from her now and she heard him say, “swimsuit straps off your shoulders and stand with your face to the wall”. Nina put the straps off her shoulders, better make it easy for the inspector, she thought. Suddenly she heard another girl crying in the booth next to hers. “Nice” she thought, that was Emily, she never liked her.

“Name” said the inspector as he opened Nina's door. “Nina, ID number 230867” said Nina. “Thank you” said the inspector, I see you already put your straps down, very nice, can you turn your face to the wall” “sure sir” said Nina and she turned her back to the inspector. The inspector checked her butt, “nice and firm” she heard him say. The inspector made her turn around and started peeling her swimsuit down. Softly he took her breasts in his hands and checked them. After a confirming mumble he pulled Nina's swimsuit to her feet. After a quick look on her pussy he said: “I'm not sure can you wait for 10 minutes, keep your swimsuit off” “of course sir” said Nina. The inspector went to the next changing booth.

“Shit” thought Nina, “I might be meat within an hour or I can be free for the rest of my life”. A strange thought occurred to Nina: this was her last chance to have an orgasm. She sat down naked on the little bench and started to rub her pussy. Within a few minutes she reached the point of no return. She took a deep breath and tried to keep quiet as her orgasm took control of her body.

Minutes later the inspector opened her door. “Can you come out and get in this line?” said the inspector. “Of course sir” said Nina and she saw 2 other girls from her class. “What do you think?” said the inspector to his assistant. “Well that one seems to be nice and sporty, good meat I bet,” said the assistant and he pointed to Nina. “The other two are a bit bigger, I think they'll have a nice yield,” said the assistant. “All three of you, what sport and how many hours?” said the inspector. “Swimming and fitness” said Nina, “about 4-5 hours a week”. The girl next to her said: “nothing besides school sport, so about three hours a week” and the last girl said: “bicycle racing, about 6 hours a week” “Second girl, what was your name?” said the inspector. “Kyla” said Kyla. “According to my data you play softball, about 5 hours a week” said the inspector, “our society doesn't need people who lie, you are selected” “no no, please I was afraid that you would take me earlier if I did a lot of sport” said Kyla. “I would've taken Nina if you would have been honest” said the inspector, “take her away”. The assistant guided Kyla away. “Ladies I'm sorry that I let you pose naked but you were the girls I wasn't sure of” said the inspector, “and Nina, I wouldn't have taken you, Kyla was not cooperating and needed to be taught a lesson, I just said it to make her feel worse as a extra punishment” “no problem sir” said the girls. “Well then get dressed and we'll see you in the pool.

Quickly the girls put their swimsuit back on and went back to the pool. A crowd stood around the showers and when the girls looked there were already three girls hanging with a noose around their neck. They had thrown nooses over one of the pipes on the ceiling. The fourth girl was being prepared for hanging. It was Nadia a cute looking girl from Nina's class. She seemed not to care too much, she casually handed her arms so that they could be tied together. When they were done with her she positioned herself under the rope and nodded to the butcher that she was ready. With firm pulls he hoisted the girl by her neck. She started kicking her legs but there was not a single tear to be seen. The three girls who were already dead clearly had been crying. After a few moments Nadia's legs kicked way less powerful, and suddenly the group could see her urine flowing. She was nearly gone. Kyla was pushed to her knees by the butcher. “What are they going to do to her?” whispered Nina to Paul, “she's Jewish, and will be drained of blood, it's a tradition” said Paul. The butcher pulled her head back and suddenly he pulled the knife along Kyla's neck. A spurt of blood flew out of the cut and the butcher let go. Kyla fell to the ground and grabbed her throat she was making wild movements but after half a minute it stopped. The butcher took a hose and sprayed the blood through a little sink. The assistants started to collect the girls and loaded them into cooling crates. As quick as they had come they were gone.

The rest of the girls came home proudly with their release form, they were free humans now.
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Mica's Beheading

Mica heard the heavy metal key turn in the lock,and then heard footsteps down the passageway that led to her cell.Her heart began to pound and she felt her palms dampen.She knew whose footsteps she heard.Her hand flew to her throat,and she sat down on the edge of her bed.Her fears were realized a moment later.A hand reached down with a key to open her cell door..He,whom she so feared,wore a large,black leather hood that draped on his shoulders over his long-sleeved white shirt,cufflinked at the wrists.A large white linen handkerchief,adorned with a wide,black lace border spilled gently from his upper shirt-front. He looked at her without speaking. She looked back,then asked, "Are you the Lord High Executioner,come to do justice"? He nodded,and said quietly,but authoritatively,"Yes,madame,l am come to cut off thy head from thy body under the auspices of just law.I shall first ready you,then take you to the scaffold to sever your head before all those present ". Mica asked how many would be there to see it done.The executioner told her that usually there were a dozen or more men,and and a dozen and a half to two dozen women. "Perhaps thirty-thirty-five will see your head chopped off before them.
Mica was dressed in a long black,ankle-length skirt,and wore an elegant white shirt with enlarged,poofy sleeves,and wide lace cuffs.All the buttons were in place to the top,crowned by a high collar.The executioner took a step toward her and held her shoulders,now trembling noticeably."Mica,fear thee not for l have only just now sharpened the axe well,that it may cleave thy flesh with good and swift mercy.You will mount the eight steps of the scaffold,be brought to the block that shall hold thy neck whilst l raise the axe.Thy face shall be covered and then thy head lopped cleanly off a moment later.Thou shalt suffer little.Thou knowest that l must then pluck from the basket thy bleeding head,and display it to all present''. Mica nodded,starting to cry quietly,but the executioner turned her by the shoulders quickly and bound her hands behind her with two leather straps,then bade her sit.
He took shears and cut off almost all her hair,leaving only a large tuft on top by which to seize her severed head.He created a single,braided portion,explaining that her head would hang by it's hair for several days before burial.The floor of the cell was soon covered with clumps of long blonde-brown hair.He then took a large burgundy mob cap with a wide,lace ruffle and put it on her head,arranging it evenly,then pushed her back on the bed and snapped his fingers twice.His assistant,a woman in her early forties,entered the cell and approached Mica with a heavy diaper."Many women and men need a good diaper at the end.It is well known that Catherine Howard urinated all over the public scaffold a moment before her neck was laid upon the block.Raise up thy buttocks and receive the diaper.Thee will be glad when thee kneelest at the block''.Mica,somewhat red-faced at being diapered,complied and was soon bound snugly in the tight diaper,and her skirt again raised to her waist.The assistant left the cell when she had finished.The executioner brought her to her feet.He asked if she had anything to ask or say before she was brought to the scaffold.Mica was as pale as paste.She asked the executioner to untie her hands to allow her to get a fresh handkerchief from her drawer."I need to blow my nose desperately,and l don't want them to see my nose dripping when my head is held up",she pleaded. "Oh,my poor dear'',said the executioner,mildly distressed at her plight,"I am happy to get a handkerchief for you.You had only to ask".He walked to the drawer and pulled it open,then selected a large white lace handkerchief,and placed it in her bound hands to hold. He snatched his personal handkerchief from his shirt front and put it to Mica nose for her to blow."I assure thee it is clean,and properly perfumed". Mica nodded and blew her nose well,then he cleaned each nostril carefully,and tuck his handkerchief,now soiled,back into his shirtfront.She could still smell his perfume in her nose.
''It is time,Mica",he said ominously ''Come with me".He smiled and squeezed her trembling shoulders,then urged her forward to exit the cell.He turned her to the right and then opened the door at the end of the passageway.After a few steps,Mica uttered,''Oh my dear merciful Jesus",as she saw the scaffold grow nearer,and saw the assistant veiled and kerchiefed at the top of the stairs,arms folded across her chest.The crowd was as the executioner predicted,and enthusiastic.The buzz of chatter quickly died down as Mica mounted the dreaded scaffold.She was now truly fearful as the terrible moment of judgement came closer yet.The assistant seized her at the top step and she and the executioner brought her straight to the block.She was put kneeling at the high Tudor block,a strap placed around her legs above her knees and her feet spread far apart and tied off so that she would remain kneeling after her head had been severed.''oh God'',she cried as the executioner bent to her ear,and whispered,''You are just fine sweet Mica .In only a moment or two,it will be over''.She saw the assistant place the basket upright to receive the horrible fruit of execution.The executioner unbuttoned the top several buttons of her blouse and then slowly drew the top down to bare her soft,white neck,and her upper shoulders and back,and three-quarters of her breasts.Mica wet herself and her sphincter went completely relaxed.Her diaper filled in only a moment and,the back of her long skirt bulged.She heard the executioner's voice say gently,''lt's alright to soil thy diaper dear Mica--only you and l will ever know,my sweet.She felt the executioner's powerful hands take her shoulders and press her forward to lay her soft,pulsing throat upon the block.The assistant covered Mica's face with a large,black,lace-bordered handkerchief,,and brought the back of the mob cap up to her hairline to keep her neck entirely bare for the axe..She saw nothing more.There was the sound of the axe,concealed beneath the straw,being scraped on the oaken floor of the scaffold as the Lord High Executioner drew it forth.Mica shuddered at the sound,then heard the crowd go quiet,then a brief rustle of the executioner's clothing.A moment later she heard the sound of the axe,raised high,then brought down,the executioner grunting from the effort.The flesh of her neck was cleaved in two,severing Mica's head from her shoulders.She tried to cry out but couldn't.There was a feeling of ice coldness on the back of her neck,then she couldn't feel any of her body,but felt a thump against the top of her head,Just a few seconds later,and a cheer rose from the onlookers,accompanied by shrieks and squeals from many of the women.There was a tugging on her scalp as her head was held up high in the executioner's hand,arm extended,the blood-drenched mob cap having fallen off as he lifted her head to be shown.Her black lacy blindfold was snatched off and Mica's eyes,fading very slowly,beheld the men and women in the crowd,and her ears heard the squeals and cheers.Her lips tried to move to speak.She was fully aware that justice had been done.The stump was stinging badly as all went black.
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The Hive: A Duke Nukem Horror Story
The constant breeze was humid and warm, felt almost alive. It was too dark to see, but and the way it touched the more sensitive areas of her body made Libby realize that she had been stripped naked. Very slowly, her eyes started to adapt to the gloom.
Libby felt dizzy. She tried to stay calm, to figure out where exactly she was: Near the wall of a large, circular chamber with weak lighting she now started to perceive as bluish green.
Only it was no chamber: Every surface was glistening like wet skin, translucent even at some places, and fine veins seemed to cover everything. Inspecting the ceiling was like looking at a giant mushroom's head from below, lamellae spanning from the outer walls to the center, where things that looked like large eggs lined the slimy ground.
And everything seemed to be breathing somehow, moving in a slow rhythm, like a giant organism.
While all of this was disturbing, it played but the smallest role in Libby's discomfort.

The actual horror emerged from the sight of all the other women and girls around her, arranged in a large circle along the wall. Even with her 24 years, most of them looked younger to her, and none much older. All of them were naked, their arms and legs held in place by some kind of tentacles that seemed to grow from the organic walls of their prison.
Some were moaning, some sobbing, the tears of some running in silent fear. Most were still unconscious, though. Libby counted about two dozen.

All she could move was her head. She felt the warm, slippery wall touching her back as well as the tentacles that bound her arms and legs to it in a degrading manner. And while Libby’s sense of touch seemed fine, her ability to move was not. The tentacles holding her in place seemed weak enough for her to rip free, but when she tried to do just that, her limbs only answered with a slight tingling sensation. The women weren't just bound to the wall. They were being held in place, their limbs paralyzed. The realization made her feel even more violated.


Only when that voice broke it, Libby realized how pressing the silence had been.
"Yes, I hear you". What else should she say? She looked towards where the voice came from, directly to her left, but the tentacles and bumps in the wall between them made it impossible to see the other girl's face. The only thing for Libby to see were the pink-nippled tips of her breasts. C-Cups, about the size of Libby's own. Judging by her voice, she concluded the girl was still in her teens.
She sounded as desperate as Libby felt. "Wha-What do you think they'll do to us?"
Libby hesitated: "I don't know". That, however, was not entirely true.

The Invasion had been the darkest chapter in the history of Earth. Twelve Years ago, aliens had almost taken over the world. They had sacked entire cities, killed thousands of people and kidnapped women of child-bearing age. Nobody really talked openly about what they did with them, not even the media, but everyone knew. It had been one man, Duke Nukem, who had single-handedly defended the planet back then. The whole incident had led to the creation of the Earth Defense Force, or EDF, and Duke Nukem's ascension to superstardom. But even Nukem had not been able to save any of the women the aliens had taken. But she did know what they were going to to do them. Libby fought back tears and panic. Was she about to die here? Or worse?

"Hello? Are you still there?"
Libby hadn't noticed she had stopped breathing for a moment, but the other girl's voice brought her back to reality.
"Yes, I'm still here". She inhaled, tried to focus. "Listen, we have to get out of here." Obviously.
"I've tried", said the other girl, "but I can't move. My arms and legs, they... they just don't seem to work... You?"
"No", admitted Libby. She felt kind of embarrassed when she realized she was having a conversation with some girl's nipples, so she asked: "What's your name?"
"Cl- Claire".
"My name's Libby".
Their heartfelt introduction was interrupted by a strange, wet sound coming from the center of the chamber. To her horror, Libby saw that the things in the center of the room were indeed eggs, really large eggs, and now they were hatching.

She had not seen anything like the hatchlings in her life. Their bodies reminded her of ants with something attached to one end that looked like an alligator's jaw. The other end had a weird-looking opening. Libby couldn't say which was the front and which the back. Quickly they hatched, one after another, five, six, seven, eight of them, and slowly they began to crawl towards some of their human victims. To Libby’s relief, none approached Claire or herself. The voices of the kidnapped women grew louder. A young brunette a few feet to her right opened her eyes when the organic tendrils holding her in place started moving. Slowly, the green tentacles forced her body down, her legs forward and spread them, as if to welcome the creature crawling towards her. The girl screamed for help, tears now running down her face, powerlessly being forced into a position that left no doubt about the alien's intent. The same happened to the seven other girls these weird ant-like creatures crawled towards. When something that could only be huge penises erupted from the openings on their bodies, fear became pure hysteria.

"Oh God, no, please, don't!", screamed the brunette, when two tentacles wandered from her legs to her groin and spread her labiae apart to reveal the pink inside. The creature showed no mercy. None of them did. Simultaneously, all eight of them forcefully rammed their phalli into their victim's unprepared womanhoods. High pitched screams of agony and a sprays of urine welcomed them inside, but they didn't react to any of it. Next to Libby, Claire let out a scream that almost made it sound as if she was being raped herself. Either oblivious to the women's suffering or enjoying it, the aliens forced their now blood-soaked members deeper and deeper into their vaginas, following an almost mechanical rhythm. Judging by how long their phalli had been, they didn't stop until they reached the womb, or even entered it. Probably from the shock, the women's screams died down and gave way to the sickening, squishing sounds of their bodies' ravaging. Libby couldn't bear to watch any longer. Claire kept muttering "Oh God, no..." next to her, her voice but a whisper amidst the sounds of agony coming from the raped women around them. Libby shut her eyes, trying to think herself away, trying to keep her sanity.

How had she gotten here?
They had been celebrating her promotion. Libby was a full police officer now. Her best friend Tiffany had said it would be a great idea to celebrate at a renowned bar, Duke Nukem's Titty City, but Libby was sure that idea had come from Tiff's stupid boyfriend, Carl. He was an asshole. But then again, most men were. Tiff used to jest that Libby hadn't turned out gay because she loved women, but because she hated men. The aliens had appeared when they had just ordered their second drink.

She wasn't sure when the raping had stopped. Hesitantly, Libby opened her eyes.
The Impregnators had removed their members from the eight women's vaginas. Now they were sticking in their mouths, and you could see their victims swallowing something every few seconds. They were no longer in the degrading missionary position, but standing upright, their legs and arms now covered almost entirely by the pulsing alien mass. They seemed calm, their gaze empty as if they had been drugged, or their will had been broken entirely. Perhaps both.

While Libby puzzled whether there was any hope left for the poor girls at this point, a hatch opened. The light that fell in had a purple hue compared to the greenish surroundings of the incubation chamber. And now she was sure the same aliens from twelve years ago had returned. These, she had seen before. On the news, back when she was a child, in school and documentaries later. At Titty City, she had even shot a few of them with her service weapon. The first one was an alien assault trooper and looked somehow like a human-turtle hybrid. The second one was what had later been called a "Pig cop", although this one didn't wear a uniform and was certainly no colleague of hers. It resembled an enormously muscular man with a boar's head. They strode around as if they owned the place, inspecting each girl as if they owned them as well. They halted next to a Hispanic looking girl who was still unconscious. They mumbled something, then nodded and freed her from the tentacles that were holding her in place. The Pig man hoisted her naked body over his shoulder and the two of them continued their lap along the wall of hostages, stepping over the feeding Impregnators as if they were the most normal thing in the world. They only seemed to aim for girls who hadn't been raped yet. Their next stop was a sleeping blonde with freckles going all the way to her large breasts. The trooper put a hand between her legs, again nodding in approval, after which the pig man took that one on his other shoulder. They were coming closer. Libby didn't know what to think. 'Don't pick me'? 'Pick me?' Which fate would be worse? But they passed Libby without a second glance.
Claire wasn't so lucky.
"No, please, not there, don't!"
She was the first one they chose who was conscious, and they were having a great time because of it.
"Leave her alone, you fucks!", Libby heard herself scream. She did not know where that had come from.

The assault trooper took a step towards her and met her eyes. His alien mouth didn't look like it, but somehow she knew he was smiling. He grabbed Libby's breasts, one after the other, and squeezed. Hard. She knew better than to give him the satisfaction of showing her pain.
He grunted some words, and the pig man stepped beside him with another girl, probably Claire, on his shoulder, now lying on the unconscious Latina. He carried three women as if they weighed nothing.
The two aliens debated, as if to discuss whether the pig man could hurl all four of them. Apparently he could, because Libby was freed from her tentacle shackles. They seemed to retreat just by the touch of the alien hands. The pig man heaved her onto the freckled blonde and carried the four women towards the exit of the incubation chamber.

When Libby turned her head sideways, a pair of beautiful green eyes welcomed her. "Claire?" she whispered. The blond girl nodded, tears running down her face. Naked and unable to move, Libby, Claire and the two other women were carried deeper into the dark depths of the Hive.
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Hey, keep these chapters coming! Great work!
Those breasts are going to get her killed, she ought to take them off somehow ;)
This is completely and utterly fantastic. It hit all of my buttons, specially the alien rape. Thank you!
Hermione goes for seconds on Girlmeat (F/F, M/F, Deep Frying, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, D/s, willing)
Hermione goes for seconds on Girlmeat
Tags: Harry Potter (Series), F/Self, F/F, M/F, F/M/F, Exhib, Bondage, Consensual, D/s, Deep Frying, Snuff, Cannibalism, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter

Hermione clutched the galleons tight in her hand as she climbed the stairs to the Gryffindor Girls' dorms. Her heart raced in her chest as she thought about what she was about to do. Ginny wasn't just an acquaintance like Luna, Ginny was her friend. She was her only female friend. And Hermione was going to feed her to Harry. Hermione knew Ginny wanted it but she was still second guessing herself. What if she was wrong? What if Luna was wrong about the redhead? The strange thing was, despite her qualms Hermione didn't think she cared. Even if Ginny didn't want to be dinner, Hermione intended to buy her anyway.

The memory of Luna's unique taste on her tongue tempted her, but the chance to end another girl's life, to know that she died to bring her pleasure? That was the real temptation. If everything went well, maybe she and Harry could sample even more of the catalogue. Of course, that meant not only getting Harry to accept Ginny as meat, but also to enjoy himself enough to want to repeat the experience; just like Luna had done for Hermione...

Hermione shook the idea from her head. Now wasn't the time to remember past conquests. If she focused too much on Luna she'd end up playing with herself all night as she hid behind the curtains on her bed from her dormmates while thinking about the blonde. No, she had a job to do now.

A few more steps landed her at Ginny's dorm room, five galleon coins in hand. Hermione opened the door. Ginny was lounging on her bed, still fully dressed, with several of her dormmates in varying states of preparing for bed around her scuttling to and fro.

"Hey Ginny, can I talk to you in private?"

Ginny looked up from the copy of teen witch magazine in her hands, smiling lasciviously when she caught sight of Hermione.

"Sure thing, Hermione," she agreed. "Why? You have some... excess energy you want me to help you burn off after tonight's dinner?" the redhead teased.

"Just... come with me, okay?" Hermione blushed as she asked her friend to follow her.

"Of course," Ginny happily agreed as she languidly slid off her bed and joined Hermione in the doorway.

Hermione led the redhead to an out of the way reading nook she liked to use to study. It was rarely used and no one ever came by to bother her when she was reading in it, which made it the closest thing to truly private she could find in the Gryffindor dorms.

"So, was dinner really what I thought it was tonight?" Ginny asked, eagerly.

"Luna asked me to share with you," Hermione admitted, struggling not to give in to her embarrassment.

"And the rest of Gryffindor?" Ginny asked with an eyebrow arched.

"I... may have gotten carried away," Hermione admitted, a slight blush tinging her face. She certainly hadn't been planning to share Luna with anyone before her split-second decision to end the blonde's life like that.

"So? How did it feel, snuffing her?" Ginny asked, eager to hear all about it. Unfortunately for her, that wasn't why Hermione had asked the redhead to follow her.

"First, let me ask you a question," Hermione replied. "Luna told me that it was your catalogue I found last night in the common room. Why?"

Now it was Ginny's turn to to be embarrassed. "I was sort of hoping Harry would find it," the redhead admitted.

"So you just left it there?" Hermione inquired tryong to keep her tone non-judgemental.

Ginny just blushed. Realizing now that what she had thought was a sure-fire plan to get Harry to buy her may not have been as flawless as she had assumed.

"Do you even want to be snuffed?" Hermione asked, curious to know the answer, even though it wouldn't have any effect on her plans for her red-headed friend.

"Maybe?" Ginny asked. "I'm not sure..." she trailed off.

"But if it's by Harry?" Hermione prompted, trying to understand her friend's intentions.

"Then definitely," Ginny stated authoritatively. "I want him to eat me."

"Harry was really impressed by tonight's dinner you know," Hermione stated. "He even gave me the five galleons I asked for when I told him I knew where to get more."

"Really!?" Ginny almost squeaked, barely able to contain her excitement.

"Really," Hermione assured her. "Of course, Harry's expecting another phenomenal meal, and I can't feed Harry anything less than Luna was..." Hermione trailed off, building a picture in Ginny's mind. After all, this wasn't just about what Harry wanted, Hermione wasn't doing this out of the kindness of her heart. Cooking Luna had been such an incredibly erotic thrill and Hermione had only offered to help Harry cook another girl (not that he knew that was what he had requested) to get another taste of that experience. "Do you mind if I check your meat?" Hermione asked, wanting to see just how open to Hermione's requests Ginny really was.

"Right here? In the common room?" Ginny asked, shocked. They were in a secluded corner, true, but their fellow Gryffindors were seated in the same room all around them.

"Are you embarrassed?" Hermione asked, keeping her voice merely curious. "What does meat have to be embarrassed about?"

Ginny blushed. "You're right," the redhead agreed, not sure she actually believed the sentiment, but knowing that she needed to follow Hermione's instructions if she wanted Harry to have her. Nervously, Ginny steeled herself before lifting the hem of her robe with one hand and guiding Hermione's fingers beneath her panties with the other, hoping that her body blocked the view of anyone looking their way.

"You're wet," Hermione declared as her fingers probed the outside of Ginny's moist sex. The redhead's panties were damp and clung to her flushed lower lips. "Was it eating Luna that did this to you? Or..."Hermione trailed off curiously.

"B-both," Ginny replied, her breath hitching as Hermione drove a finger into her virgin slit. "Will you be eating me too?" The redhead asked, looking around nervously to make sure no one else noticed what Hermione was doing to her.

"Definitely..." Hermione replied, savoring the was Ginny's sex pulsed against her finger as she slowly drove it in and out of her friend. "I wouldn't want to miss out," Hermione explained, "and Harry needs someone to ease him into this. He'll never agree to it without me helping. You know that, right?"

Ginny flushed with embarrassment, the foreign feeling of Hermione's finger inside of her sending a rush of unexpected and somewhat unwanted pleasure through her veins. "I'd just hoped..."

"You could seduce him? Like Luna did me?" Hermione ask, arching an eyebrow.

"Yeah," Ginny admitted. "It wouldn't work, would it?" She asked, slightly depressed at the thought.

"Not without me helping," Hermione agreed, crooking her finger to pull Ginny closer by pressing her finger tip against the redhead's sensitive inner walls.

"W-Will you?" Ginny asked, struggling to deal with the new sensations Hermione had introduced her to. She'd masturbated before of course, but she'd never put anything inside. She'd been saving herself for Harry.

"To get a piece of you?" Hermione asked. "Definitely." The brunette bookworm withdrew her finger with a wet 'plop' that rang loudly in Ginny's ears. She stared straight ahead, certain that the sound had attracted attention, but unwilling to reveal herself by looking around. Hermione's finger was dripping wet with Ginny's juices. The older girl was absolutely heedless of any onlookers as she licked her finger dry. "Mmmmm..." she moaned quietly. "You already taste like you'll be worth cooking," Hermione informed her friend, sending a shiver of fear up her spine. "Of course, if you want this to work, you will have to follow a few rules..."

"Anything," Ginny desperately agreed.

Hermione smiled. "That is just what I wanted to hear."

Hermione paused, looking Ginny in the eye to gauge her sincerity. "We won't be eating you immediately. We all just had dinner, and there are some preparations you'll need to take first. This will only work if you do everything I tell you to, otherwise instead of both Harry and I eating you, it'll just be me. Do you understand?"

"I do," Ginny agreed.

"First, I want you to stop eating. That piece of leg you took earlier? That's your last meal. From now until we eat you you're not to take a single bite of food. You can drink water. That's it."

Ginny nodded. It seemed harsh, but it made sense if Hermione didn't want to clean her out before cooking her. It was easier to get her to do it herself.

"Next, don't tell Harry about this. Don't even hint at it. This will only work if I guide him to it carefully. Okay?"

"Yes, Hermione," Ginny acceded. It made sense, especially since her last attempt at getting Harry to buy her had only resulted in Hermione buying Luna.

"Finally, give me your knickers."

"Now?" Ginny asked, her eyes widened in surprise.

"Yes. Right now," Hermione's tone would brook no argument. "From this moment until the moment Harry and I snuff you you are not to wear any sort of underwear. No bra either, but you can take that off back in you dorm room."

Ginny stared at Hermione, she was absolutely serious and the thought was making her more than a little wet.

"Hurry up," Hermione chided. "Meat doesn't need knickers."

Ginny's sex gushed a little at Hermione's words. There didn't seem to be any other option besides obedience, not if she wanted to give herself to Harry. Surreptitiously, Ginny lifted the front of her robe and revealed her panties to Hermione.

They were red, sporty almost like a pair of boy's briefs, and little golden snitches flitted to and fro across the fabric. They were also incredibly eye catching. Between the Gryffindor red and the gold, Hermione could tell why Ginny was nervous about being seen.

"Take them off, or I'll do it for you." Hermione ordered.

A chill sped down Ginny's spine as she realized Hermione was serious.

Quickly, but not so fast as to be immediately obvious to anyone looking in their direction, Ginny pushed her panties off her hips and let them fall down her legs to the floor as she flashed Hermione in the process

Hermione was still staring at her expectantly as she dropped her robe.

Taking the hint, Ginny bent down and picked up the crimson knickers, handing them to Hermione.

"Good," was the only praise she got for her compliance. "Now go upstairs and get rid of that bra, and shave. You don't want Harry to discover a hair in his food when he eats you, do you?"

Ginny turned to go, her cheeks flushing crimson with embarrassment.

"Oh, and one more thing," Hermione interrupted, causing Ginny to turn around once more, keenly aware of what she wasn't wearing beneath her robe. "Here you go," Hermione stated, handing over five shining gold galleons. "Don't spend them all in one place," she teased.

"By the way, there's one last rule. Feel free to play with yourself, in fact, I encourage it. But under absolutely no circumstances are you allowed to cum. Not until we start to cook you. If you're constantly aroused you'll taste much better, and you're sure to hold Harry's attention."

With that, Hermione sent Ginny on her way with a firm grope of her ass to get her started.

The next two and a half days passed in a blur for Ginny. She was constantly turned on. Between Hermione's suggestion to masturbate as much as she wanted and Hermione's prohibition against underwear Ginny was slowly being driven insane. Her pussy was constantly flushed and dripping, her nipples always erect. Hermione occasionally pulling her aside to 'check her meat' certainly wasn't helping.

Ginny had no idea when her end would come or what it would be, and the distracted and appreciative looks she was getting from boys and even some girls had doubled, driving her to constant distraction. Her schoolwork was definitely suffering, though Ginny assumed Hermione wouldn't be keeping her around long enough for that to become a real issue.

Yesterday was a Hogsmeade visit, and Ginny had almost been driven to madness by the way every last breeze seemed to caress her flushed and unprotected cunt. She barely managed to pull herself together long enough to get a surprise for Harry with two of the galleons Hermione had bought her with. A surprise she'd put through its paces by herself, both in the secluded parts of the village and throughout various parts of the castle. She'd barely had enough sense of mind left to send the remaining three galleons home to her mom with a note explaining that she wouldn't ever be coming home because Harry and Hermione had bought her for dinner. Her mother wouldn't hold it against them, especially since she'd almost been purchased when she went to Hogwarts so many years ago.

The fact that she hadn't been able to eat anything since the section of Luna she'd had Thursday night wasn't helping Ginny's mental state at all. The blonde girl's taste lingered like a phantom on her lips, reminding her of what she'd soon become.

So it came as an unexpected relief when Hermione pulled her aside just before breakfast and told her to meet her outside the room of requirement after lunch.

"Don't worry," Hermione reassured the redhead. "I'll make sure Harry skips it. After all, we have special plans for dinner."

The rest of the day was spent in an almost panicked state of arousal. These were the last few hours she had left to live. The last few hours before Harry ate her. Ginny practically bolted up to the owlry. After all, she had a gift to send and she couldn't put it off till tomorrow.

Ginny didn't say any goodbyes. Her Brother would be a bother, Luna wasn't around anymore, she wasn't all that close with any of her classmates, and there'd be time for more... intimate goodbyes with Harry and Hermione at dinner.

Ginny's heart leaped. She was going to be dinner. Absently she wondered what Hermione had planned for her as she finished sending her gift. With any luck it would arrive at breakfast tomorrow.

There wasn't much to pack. Her schoolthings were all in her trunk, and Hermione had already confiscated all her intimates. Which left her nothing to do for the next couple hours save to play with herself and contemplate her fate.

Ginny considered breaking Hermione's rule and letting herself cum many times over the next couple hours, but the brunette's warning kept resounding in her mind. If she came, Harry might not eat her. In the end she heeded her friend's advice. Her sex was well lubricated, but still ready for more. Ginny left to meet her fate.


Hermione was nervous. These past few days had been fun, especially seeing the way that Ginny was slowly getting more and more worked up by the restrictions she'd given her, but now it was actually time to go through with it. She'd already started by making Harry study through lunch with her in the library in order to increase his appetite. She'd promised to make it up to him with a special dinner, and now, despite knowing just how eager Ginny was to be eaten, Hermione was worrying that the slightly younger redhead wouldn't show.

"Hermione!" Ginny shouted down the hall, rushing toward her friend and possible executioner.

"Ginny," Hermione replied, trying to hide how relieved she was to see the other girl. "What are you wearing?"

"My school robes?" Ginny asked, confused and struck by a sudden sinking feeling at Hermione's question.

"You're wearing clothes?" Hermione asked just to confirm.

"Yes," Ginny agreed.

"Meat doesn't need clothes, Ginny. Get rid of them."

"Here!?" Ginny asked, nervously looking up and down the corridor to make sure there were no other students around.

"Yes here. Now strip," Hermione ordered.

Hastily, Ginny complied, doffing her robe as well as the rest of her uniform, leaving it lying in a heap at her feet, and her naked and shivering in the drafty Hogwarts hallway.

Hermione looked her friend over, assessing the girlmeat she'd bought just a few days ago with a hungry, leering gaze.

Ginny was thin, but lithe and athletic instead of willowy like Luna. Her perky breasts were the size of large oranges, or maybe grapefruits, slightly more than a handful each and topped with a pair of what Hermione knew from the last couple pf days to be incredibly sensitive nipples; both if which stood firmly at attention.

Ginny's sex had been shaved completely bare, and then smoothed over with magic to leave no traces of hair behind. Hermione sort of missed the completely untamed burning bush Ginny had started this journey with, but there was no way that she was going to shave the redhead herself, even with magic, and while Hermione could separate and protect the hair on the girl's head by simply not touching her face, Hermione definitely planned on sharing Ginny's girlsteak with Harry.

"Wonderful," Hermione remarked, staring at Ginny's moist and incredibly juicy-looking camel-toe. "You almost look good enough to eat raw."

Ginny shivered at that. She certainly wasn't looking forward to the pain of being cooked, but being eaten raw was even worse...

"Have you decided how you're going to cook me?" Ginny asked, firm in her intent to follow through, but still nervous about the details.

"Yes," Hermione replied smiling. "But I think I'll keep it a surprise."

Hermione bent down and began tearing long strips of cloth from Ginny's skirt. Ginny wanted to protest, to tell Hermione to knock it off because she needed that and the bookworm was quickly making the skirt indecently short, but then it hit Ginny that she didn't need it. That she was meat now, and she probably wouldn't be wearing any more clothes ever again.

"Stand still," Hermione instructed, approaching with several long strips of what used to be Ginny's skirt.

Ginny followed instructions, and as a reward, Hermione used one of the long cloth strips to blindfold her and another to tie her wrists together, just tight enough to not cut off her blood-flow.

Hermione released her, blind, naked, and helpless, and began to pace back and forth in front of the secret entrance to the Room of Requirement. Once, twice, three times and the portrait of Barnabas the Barmy swung open, revealing a room that Ginny couldn't see.

"This way," Hermione ordered, leading the blindfolded redhead gently by the wrist through the open portal. Ginny had no idea where she was going, but she could hear Hermione opening a doorway when they stopped.

“Exactly as I imagined it,” Hermione confirmed to herself. “Alright, hands above your head.”

Ginny complied, and Hermione manhandled her into position. She could feel something made out of metal against her bound wrists as Hermione secured them to something. Hermione tugged, and Ginny was instantly hauled off her feet into the air. She kicked, once, twice, and then she felt Hermione grab her ankles and tie them together as well.

“This should be perfect...” Hermione mused. “I'm going to get Harry now. He can't know you're in here. This is absolutely crucial, do you understand Ginny? The last few days have primed him to think about sex, and about how sexy you are. He's also Hungry from skipping lunch, but none of that will be enough if I can't introduce him to the concept of eating you gently. If he knows you're here before I'm ready to reveal you, it will ruin everything. You'll still be eaten, but I'll be dining alone tonight instead of having you as dinner for two. Do you understand?”

Ginny nodded, unwilling to make a sound.

“Good. We also need you even more excited, but we can't have you cumming...” Ginny couldn't see the wand movements through her blindfold, but she recognized that incantation! That was a numbing spell!

Almost instantly, Ginny's cunt began to tingle as the spell set in, keeping the redhead locked in a perpetual state of arousal even as the spell's main effects kept her from ever reaching relief.

“If you're good, I might take that off before you're completely cooked,” Hermione teased. “Now remember, not a word, just stay still and be quiet.”

Ginny nodded, the numbing charm already working it's magic on her as Hermione shut the door and walked away.


“So, you just want to show me this thing you found and then we'll get dinner?”

“Exactly,” Hermione replied to Harry's question. “I found it earlier in the common room under one of the armchairs.”

“Okay then,” Harry agreed, “As long as there's food at the end of this. I studied all through lunch because of you and not to sound like Ron, but I'm really hungry.”

“Don't worry, I'll make sure we both get dinner, after all, I was there studying too, remember?”

Harry nodded, watching as Hermione paced back and forth in front of the portrait of Barnabas the Barmy, the door to the Room of Requirement.

The room beyond the painting was strange, there was a large glass case on display, vertical, maybe a bit taller than he was. In front of it was the most comfy looking couch he'd ever seen, and in front of that a small table with a single magazine laying atop it.

“Is that what you found in the common room?” Harry asked, eyeing the glass tank, along with the strange glass tube protruding to some sort of holding tank full of a thick golden looking liquid next to it.

“What?” Hermione asked, confused for a second. “Oh! No! Not at all. There's no way that would fit under one of those chairs. What I found is on the table.”

Harry strode over, curious to see what his friend had found that was so interesting, Hermione following hopefully behind.

“What! What is this?” Harry asked, shocked as he noticed the nude girl strutting across the cover. “The Hogwarts Meatgirl Catalogue?” Harry read, disconcerted. “Is this... some sort of nudie mag?”

Hermione stayed quiet, letting Harry explore the magazine on his own for now, content to watch and step in if needed.

“Is that Angelina!?” Harry asked, flipping to a random page and seeing the mocha-skinned beauty bound in netting on a tray in front of an oven, her dripping pussy clearly visible to the camera. “Is she... she looks like a ham about to be roasted!” Harry yelped. “Is this real?” Harry asked. “No, wait. Who else is in here?” He asked interrupting his own question.

“Why don't you take a look for yourself?” Hermione urged.

Harry was too distracted to question Hermione's odd response. The taboo allure of the pages in front of him held him.

“Daphne, Hannah, Cho!?” Harry cried out, staring at a picture of his Asian crush, oiled up, and reclining in a giant wok. “This can't be real, can it?” Harry asked incredulously. “Are you in here too Hermione?”

Hermione's eyes widened at the thought. “No! No, I'm definitely not in there,” Hermione hurriedly replied. “I was just as surprised as you when I found it.” Not to mention the fact that she had absolutely no interest in being on the meat side of the transactions in the catalogue. What would her spread even look like anyway? Her naked in the library on one of the tables surrounded by cookbooks?

“This can't be real...” Harry muttered to himself, his eyes repeatedly straying towards the lascivious pictures on the page. “Why would anyone do this?”

"There are interviews next to the pictures," Hermione pointed out.

Harry blinked, just noticing them for the first time. "I want to follow the family tradition, to feel the water boiling around me, turning me into a delicious Abbot stew just like it did to my mom and my grandma," Harry read incredulously. "This can't be real, girls don't sell themselves as meat in the wizarding world, I'd have noticed, right?"

Hermione looked at Harry. It didn't sound like he was actually asking the question. More like he was reassuring himself. Taking advantage of his distraction, she shrugged off her robe and placed it off to the side where it wouldn't interfere.

When she turned back, Harry was still staring at the catalogue, the growing bulge within his pants bearing testament to his true opinion about the magazine.

"You know, when I first found this, the curiosity over whether it was real or not almost drove me insane," Hermione stated.

"Did you find out?" Harry asked, desperately.

"Are you sure you want to know?" Hermione asked. "I can see your reaction to the catalogue," Hermione added giving a long lingering glance at Harry's pants. The boy-who-lived blushed at her frank appraisal of his state. "Tell me honestly, Harry. If you found out that the catalogue was all just some bizarre wizarding world version of a girly mag, that none of the girls in it were actually for sale, would you be relieved, or disappointed."

Harry started to object, but something in Hermione's voice stopped him. She wanted the truth, not just what he thought she wanted to hear. "I'm... not sure," Harry admitted.

"Well, why don't you take another look at the catalogue and we can figure it out together?" Hermione suggested. "I may not be in there, but there are other girls you know."

"There are?" Harry asked, surprised.

"There are," Hermione assured him, leaning over into Harry's personal space and flipping the page.

Alicia Spinnet stared back at them. The brown-skinned girl was just as arousing as Hermione remembered her to be; rubbing her sopping wet pussy up and down the length of her half transfigured broomstick-spit, her thick, meaty lips clearly visible as they poked out from behind the shaft. One hand was on the metallic broom, the other on one of her generously bared breasts, her fingers pinching and rolling one of her thick puffy nipples.

"Oh... wow..." Harry muttered, the strength of his erection growing at the sight.

Hermione reached down, sliding her hand beneath the waistband of Harry's pants and grabbing his throbbing member. She didn't do anything with it, just held it, engulfing the warm rod in the soft embrace of her fingers.

"H-Hermione!" Harry exclaimed in shock.

"My name is Alicia Spinnet of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team," Hermione read, ignoring Harry's shocked objections. "And I'm selling myself to raise money to buy new brooms for the team."

Hermione could feel Harry throbbing beneath her touch, and she wasn't about to give up the chase now.

"With my athletic body, I'll make the perfect spit-roast. I'll even transfigure my own spit for you to do me with. If you want, you can even cook me below the bleachers at the pitch. I promise to put on quite the show. After all those years riding a broomstick, I'm looking forward to riding a spit," Hermione finished.

"She's only 20 galleons you know, you could easily afford her." She felt Harry's dick jerk in her hand. "And it certainly feels like you're interested," Hermione continued, giving his cock a light squeeze.

"I-" Harry hesitated.

"Still not sure?" Hermione asked. "Maybe you'd like someone younger?"

Hermione took the catalogue and flipped to a page she knew extremely well.

"Luna!?" Harry cried out in shock, as he stared at the blonde's lewd display. "Is she..?"

"Fucking herself with a carrot as big as her arm?" Hermione finished for him. "I think she is. She certainly looks enthusiastic about it," Hermione smiled fondly.

"I haven't seen her in days," Harry realized. "Do you think she was..?"

"Sold? Cooked? It's possible," Hermione grinned. "Does that thought turn you on?" Hermione asked. "It certainly feels like it does," she added giving his cock a quick rub.

"Maybe..." Harry admitted.

"Lets play a game then," Hermione whispered seductively. "Aside from me, since I'm not in it, and Luna, who may have been sold already, which girl do you most want to see in the catalogue. Which girl would you definitely buy if you knew she was for sale?"

Harry scrunched his face in thought. His mind immediately went to Hermione, but she had already told him she wasn't for sale, then Cho, but their last romantic encounter hadn't exactly turned out well. "Ginny," he admitted, turning to look Hermione in the face as he answered.

Hermione controlled her expression, making sure not to react at all, even when she noticed the excited yelp coming from the closet at Harry's declaration. She'd have to punish the redhead for that, she almost gave the game away. "Ginny? Ron's little sister?" Hermione confirmed. "How naughty..." Languidly she flipped through the catalogue until she found the right page. "That Ginny?" Hermione asked.

Ginny was right on the page, exactly as Hermione had last seen her, sitting completely naked, legs spread, on the top of a cutting board in the Hogwarts' kitchen. Her body was completely unchanged, the faint dusting of freckles on her breasts, her visibly pink virginal snatch complete with the flaming red bush that Hermione had ordered the real Ginny to shave off completely. It was definitely Ginny, and Hermione could feel Harry realizing that as well.

“Hi, I'm Ginny Weasley, and I'm selling myself to make some money to send back to my family to help out with expenses. I don't actually have a favorite way I think I should be cooked, so feel free to use me in whatever dish you think I'd taste best in. I've been saving myself for Harry Potter, so I'll probably still be a virgin when you buy me. Some people say that virgin girls taste better though!” Hermione read aloud. “She's just five galleons. Do you want her?”

“Five galleons?” Harry perked up. “You asked me for five galleons a few nights ago when I asked you what we had for dinner. You said you could get more of it...”

Harry's eyes widened as he put the clues together. “Did you buy Ginny!?”

“I don't know,” Hermione teased. “Did you want me to?”

“Oh, Merlin...” Harry muttered. “Yes...”

“Really?” Hermione asked. “You want to eat the naked little redhead in this catalogue?”

“Yes...” Harry agreed.

“You want to see her cooked, to see her snuffed, naked and squirming the whole time?”


“Do you want to help?” Hermione asked, “Help cook me her? Help me snuff her?” Hermione could feel Harry's cock bucking in her hand. “You heard the interview... she wants you to do it. She's even been saving herself for you...”

“Yes! Dear god, Hermione! Yes!” Harry shouted.

“Well then, it's a good thing the catalogue is real then,” Hermione replied, letting go of Harry's cock as she walked over to the small, almost unnoticeable closet set into one of the walls of the room. She opened it with a flourish, revealing the naked, squirming, blindfolded form of Ginny Weasley, hanging by her wrists from a hook inside. “May I present to you, our dinner.”
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I loved the pacing, the paranoia when she was in the halls and the slow decent into mostly willing meat was amazing.
I also love the pacing. This one is about Cho thinking she was having innocent fun and now accepting she screwed up and the game is real.
Thank you all for your kind words. Yeah, I'm pretty happy with the pacing that I ended up with. I just haven't had a lot of time to write recently.

My plans going forward for this story are basically to have Cho get to see the dish she made eaten in the great hall, followed by a couple of vingette scenes of public exhibitionism and Hermione reinforcing her ownership.

Also a side plot in the background with Ron and Megan Jones.