Frequently Asked Questions

What is guro?

The term “guro” is a shortening of “ero guro” which itself is a shortening of the term “ero guro nansensu” (wasei-eigo for “erotic grotesque nonsense”) and originally referred to an artistic movement that took flight in Japan in the early 20th century. The modern definition of guro has evolved slightly since then as it has worked its way into different media but still stays true to the original concept.

Guro does not refer solely to gore, rather it is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide variety of frequently erotic, artistic deviancy often with negative subject matter such as, but not exclusive to, death. Guro is an exploration of the depths of extreme fetishism and deviant hedonism.

I think I like guro. Is it normal?

Yes, if you ask some of us. No, if you ask general public. This question is philosophical, decide on it yourself.

How do I avoid getting banned?

By abiding by the rules. They are not particularly complicated.

I have been banned. What do I do?

Don’t evade it. Reflect on why you were banned and reform. The majority of bans we get are a result of simple negligence to read the rules, and rarely last more than a few days.

If you think you were banned by mistake, then join our IRC channel and ask for a moderator/administrator. Be patient.

What is “sage”?

“sage” prevents the thread from bumping while counting towards the post limit. This can be used if you contribute something of minor importance to the thread.

“sage” must be used in the e-mail field on its own.

Help! My thread is gone!

Before starting the thread again, please make sure:

Why won’t my thread bump?

It has probably reached the post limit. Feel free to create a new thread about the same topic, we encourage positive contributions as long as they respect the rules! Better yet, you may even link to the older thread(s) in the OP so that users can still benefit from it while it is alive.

I found a rule-breaking post.

Report the post. Please make sure to include a valid reason.

I posted somewhere I shouldn’t have or something I do not want public any more.

If you misposted, you can delete your post(s) by marking the checkbox of each relevant post, navigating to the bottom of the page, and pressing the “Delete” button. If you didn’t set a password, or forgot it, or noticed it too late, you may report your own thread with an explicit reason. Bonus points awarded if your report says where it should go. Don’t make a habit of picking the wrong board out of sheer laziness.

Don’t forget that you can—and should—also report threads created by somebody else that were posted on the wrong board. They will not get banned for this as long as the material is suitable for GUROchan.

Do you keep logs? Are there any circumstances under which you’d give your logs to law enforcement?

We keep HTTP access logs for a week before they get securely deleted. However, IP addresses associated with posts are currently kept in the database permanently; this will change in future–they will expire. There are absolutely no circumstances under which anyone would be reported to the authorities for content they post or what they view on the site. We may report IP addresses that appear as a source of any sort of attack. If you are concerned about privacy, then consider using a VPN or Tor with our hidden service.

Do I need to fill in all fields when posting?

No. All fields, except for the image upload field on imageboards for new threads, are optional. However, it is recommended that you fill in the title and comment fields when creating new threads to provide explicit information and make them easier to find. You should also fill in the password field if you want to be able to delete a thread/post.

Title field
Should only be used when making a new thread. Provide simple and straightforward information: a clear discussion topic for /dis/, the title of your story for /lit/, artist/author/content type for /req/, /p2p/, and imageboards.
Name and e-mail fields
It is recommended to keep both fields blank unless you want to prevent a thread from bumping (see “What is ‘sage’?”)
Comment field
Text comment for a post. Optional for picture-containing replies in existing threads on non-text boards.
File field
GUROchan is not your average teenage imageboard. Do not use it to post macro pictures or face the potential consequences. Use this field to upload pictures that are on-topic and allowed here. /req/ is an exception if you don't have anything at all to contribute but you should try to provide as much related material as you can to ease the search.
Password field
Use this field to be able to delete your thread/post at a later time. Currently, passwords are stored indefinitely, but this is likely to change in future, so assume that your password may expire after a week or so, rendering the thread/post in question non-deletable. If you forget your password, you can report your post (include the reason), but be aware this may result in a ban for misleading if you aren’t the original poster.
How do I use markups in my posts, like bold, italics, etc?

GUROchan employs simple markup syntax that is a mixture of BBCode and MediaWiki-like:

Header (use it for story titles in /lit/.)
Smaller header (use it for story chapters in /lit/.)
[b]Bold text[/b]
Bold text. Do not abuse for emphasizing.
[i]Slant text[/i]
Slant (italic) text. Preferred over bold text.
[spoiler]Spoiler text[/spoiler]
Spoiler text (visible only under mouse pointer.)
Horizontal line.
Please remember: GUROchan is not a forum, it is an imageboard. Use markup sparingly. Do not useMediaWiki-like tags for bold, slant, and spoiler—they are deficient by design and will be phased out eventually.

How do I contact GUROchan staff / provide feedback?

For any general and non-urgent feedback you should use the /dis/ board; before posting, please check the existing threads—you may find one with your question/observation already stated, thus saving yourself (and us) the effort of having a redundant thread. Alternatively, you may contact GUROchan administrators via e-mail: ryonaloli's e-mail for ryonaloli, and enclaved's e-mail for enclaved (who is known to neglect checking it.)

All urgent matters must be discussed on IRC.