Frequently Asked Questions
What is guro?

The term “guro” is a shortening of “ero guro” which itself is a shortening of the term “ero guro nansensu,” wasei-eigo for “erotic grotesque nonsense,” and originally referred to an artistic movement that took flight in Japan in the early 20th century. The modern definition of guro has evolved slightly since then as it has worked its way into different media but still stays true to the original concept.

Guro does not refer solely to gore, rather it is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide variety of frequently erotic, artistic deviancy often with negative subject matter such as, but not exclusive to, death. Guro is an exploration of the depths of extreme fetishism and deviant hedonism.

What are the rules?
  1. First and foremost: we value quality before quantity
  2. Do not post anything in breach of the U.S. Law
  3. Do not post any real-life imagery (artistic depictions are fine)
  4. Overly simplistic drawings or “toons” are not welcome
  5. Do not request artwork outside of the Requests board
  6. Name threads sensibly (subjects may be edited by staff)
  7. If unsure–post; staff members will delete it if it’s wrong
Gore & Death
A board for images featuring gore, blood, death, torture, pain, suffering, etc.
A board for extreme, weird, or otherwise lurid material that does not involve scat or grievous wounds.
A board themed around pissing, shitting, and vomiting. Mild material is allowed everywhere, but high-octane scat must be confined to this board.
A board for guro-related furry artwork. Do not post furries on other boards.
A board for uploading your own artwork. Threads on this board are centered around artists as opposed to themes.
A board for 3D computer-generated imagery. Make sure it is entirely computer-generated, especially if it depicts children.
A text board meant for suggestions, complaints, ideas and discussion.
A text board for all kinds of literature in theme with the image boards. Please put some effort into tagging your stories properly.
File Sharing
A board for file sharing via any convenient means (despite the name, it is not limited to peer-to-peer file sharing networking): BitTorrent, DC++, eDonkey/Kad, Share, IRC DCC offerings, etc.
A board for guro-related requests. This includes both requesting more of a particular theme if you do not have enough to start your own thread elsewhere, and commisions.
A board for role-playing with fellow GUROchan visitors.
Do you report to authorities?

No, never.

Do you keep logs?

Yes, we keep HTTP access logs for the last 24 hours. We also store IP addresses of posters in the database for three days.

How do I protect my privacy?

Use Tor with our hidden service.

I have been banned. What do I do?

Bans seldom last longer than several days. You have two options: contact staff or wait.

What is “sage”?

“sage” is a keyword entered in place of e-mail to prevent a thread from bumping.

Why won’t my tripcodes appear?

Because we are not fond of tripfagging.

Can I use markup in posts?

Yes, but don’t make a habit out of it.

Slant (italic) text, for emphasis
Bold text, for strong emphasis
Spoiler, visible only under mouse pointer
Headers, primarily for stories in Literature
Horizontal line.
Where has my thread gone?

It was deleted by either staff or automatic cleanup.

Why I cannot delete my post by password?

After making a post, you have three days to change your mind and delete it. Then it becomes public domain material. If you really want something gone, then contact staff and explain your reasons.

How do I contact GUROchan staff?

Use the Discussion board: GUROchan Feedback thread. Alternatively, you can contact GUROchan administrators via e-mail:


All urgent matters must be discussed on IRC.