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2618 Post requests in /req/. 1 25-Jan-16 03:43
4377 ShittyAnnie Your sexuality? 44 20-Feb-17 18:09
4577 Anonymous Do you like/fap to guro of your waifu? 2 20-Feb-17 02:07
2322 Anonymous personal fantasies 77 19-Feb-17 12:30
4587 Girl in halve Do what you want 5 19-Feb-17 06:55
4583 brokeninside I need a therapist 6 19-Feb-17 03:46
4550 Straitjackit So, are you happy? 12 18-Feb-17 23:42
4582 Anonymous Bring back thread 481 - CBT/Male genital mutilation? 2 17-Feb-17 21:58
4568 Anonymous Restore missing thread: 'Heart Thread' 3 16-Feb-17 16:45
3355 Anonymous Globalized fetishes 19 14-Feb-17 16:56
3422 Anonymous List of fetishes 19 14-Feb-17 16:26
4505 Anonymous I think I'm sexually cursed. 3 13-Feb-17 23:14
4352 Anonymous guro + self hatred? 31 09-Feb-17 15:26
3391 super serious poster Anyone want a torture doll? 25 07-Feb-17 01:00
3624 sad girl Where can a mediocre guro artist share their art? 6 05-Feb-17 23:04
4532 Anonymous Uploading and downloading from Mediafire 1 04-Feb-17 22:16
4453 Anonymous hello 4 19-Jan-17 17:20
4526 J Translating hentai/guro/ecchiwhatever 1 02-Feb-17 06:43
4340 Anonymous Kik guro chat? 8 01-Feb-17 10:15
4516 Anonymous Saving stories 1 01-Feb-17 04:21
4320 Eficient A littel help with proof reading 9 31-Jan-17 17:54
3722 Anonymous Kik group 4 31-Jan-17 05:19
2303 Anonymous Kik Chatting? 15 31-Jan-17 05:16
4480 Anonymous You find a fresh body sawed in half in an alleyway 9 31-Jan-17 02:06
4341 Anonymous Merry Christmas 4 30-Jan-17 07:47
4483 Candibalism hhh 4 30-Jan-17 07:06
3428 Anonymous Ladies Chat 9 29-Jan-17 04:55
3525 neobyzantium Why do you like Necrophilia? 14 28-Jan-17 06:14
616 Anonymous Why Is Male Guro Hard to Find? 68 28-Jan-17 06:06
4489 Executioner Anyone know what happened to Shotachan? 1 27-Jan-17 03:10
4044 Executioner A new Discord Board 5 30-Jan-17 00:36
3942 Anon.jpb Discordapp guro chat 5 27-Jan-17 01:49
4452 Jay Deviant Where to post stories 10 24-Jan-17 12:19
4164 Anonymous PLaces you go to find your guro stuff 5 20-Jan-17 07:00
4433 Odeck Any hentai with guro/snuff elements? 5 20-Jan-17 02:54
4449 Anon.jpg Discord groups in general 2 18-Jan-17 07:16
4254 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) Guro Music 5 18-Jan-17 05:06
3498 Narra Avlan More /lit pages 8 14-Jan-17 03:52
4226 NewGuy Origin of your fetishes? 22 10-Jan-17 12:00
3435 A_01 any deepweb links for real torture scenes? 18 06-Jan-17 14:21
3667 neobyzantium Question for Necrophilia fans 14 01-Jan-17 19:50
4372 Anonymous "Excution by Mafia" Missing 1 01-Jan-17 11:05
3702 Anonymous This fetish is making me insane. Please help me. 36 30-Dec-16 13:57
4365 [mod] Gurochan game. 4 29-Dec-16 19:06
3522 SEVEREDPENISCOLLECTION Question for scat lovers 15 28-Dec-16 16:19
4362 Heartbroken Your top heartbreaking deaths in anime. 1 28-Dec-16 22:52
3878 Anne Anyone out of the guro-closet? How did that go? 22 27-Dec-16 03:46
4326 Anonymous Missing 2 26-Dec-16 21:51
4297 Anonymous What kind of guro is this when you can travel inside a girl's body and explore her internal organs? 4 26-Dec-16 03:26
4346 Anonymous Pornative Website Taken Down? 1 25-Dec-16 19:59
4074 Anonymous I recently ate some vomit for the first time, ask me anything 26 25-Dec-16 19:30
3748 Anonymous Skype Group 4 24-Dec-16 02:43
4176 kira Am i fucked? 31 22-Dec-16 01:33
3367 Anonymous Setting 10 17-Dec-16 23:17
4002 Anonymous Taking my guro fetish public? 12 17-Dec-16 20:44
4291 Yogi Why am I obsessed with Penectomy? 7 12-Dec-16 17:28
3442 47 Great Find (Movie Clips) 12 12-Dec-16 10:29
3955 Anonymous 'It's for a book' - Ask/answer questions here 9 05-Dec-16 08:10
3532 Eterya A question about tags in /lit/ 9 04-Dec-16 19:30
3945 Anonymous Ryonaket 3 02-Dec-16 13:09
3972 [Mod] Gurochan game - easy text based 13 02-Dec-16 08:27
4121 Anonymous does your self harm fantasies stem from self hate? 9 30-Nov-16 21:13
4193 NewGuy Lost stories? 9 30-Nov-16 07:25
4185 Anonymous might this shit happen? 5 27-Nov-16 19:29
4177 Anonymous Scat 3 26-Nov-16 06:30
4165 Anonymous Ayaswan missing? 2 26-Nov-16 06:03
3917 47 Gurochan stability is rock solid (not) 7 24-Nov-16 18:36
3789 Anonymous how to find other ppl into guro irl 29 23-Nov-16 07:55
3847 Anonymous Self-harm 8 23-Nov-16 00:34
3949 Anonymous What is the best place to post commission info? (digital drawings) 2 12-Nov-16 08:09
4042 Aoi Hikari Any anime or manga like Strike Witches in terms of taking its own eroticism casually? 14 10-Nov-16 13:10
4050 Anonymous What if..... 7 07-Nov-16 08:47
624 Anonymous music! 41 27-Oct-16 05:58
4028 Anonymous (Survey /lit/) An executioner's story 2 25-Oct-16 16:34
3841 [Mod] Source of images - what to do 8 24-Oct-16 19:23
2019 Anonymous What's your job IRL? 71 24-Oct-16 01:53
4009 Anonymous Puchimas guro 1 20-Oct-16 15:43
4007 Anonymous Chat/vent/confess together on kik 1 20-Oct-16 12:30
3579 chaoz Old GUROchan Archive 4 20-Oct-16 11:37
3993 Anonymous Meat Puppets 3 19-Oct-16 15:40
3959 Anonymous Gurochan's Profitability 8 18-Oct-16 17:07
3813 art of death users 22 04-Oct-16 19:10
3965 james suffocation 1 03-Oct-16 22:30
3856 LucyLovesGore Any Interest in a Skyrim Guro Modded Screenshot LP? 6 02-Oct-16 01:02
3501 Anonymous Is there a word for beings that will eat other Sentient beings? 16 01-Oct-16 13:00
3787 Anonymous Guro group chat 2 30-Sep-16 01:56
3922 Psu3d0 What exactly counts as a guro image? 4 21-Sep-16 20:58
3906 Rosie Readable /lit/ 3 20-Sep-16 10:55
3909 M.A.D. Stay Grounded. 5 23-Sep-16 05:42
3864 Anonymous Search Terms for Pixiv? 6 16-Sep-16 05:12
3647 Anonymous Ask Gurochan: What does is feel like to be hit in the cervix? 9 07-Sep-16 15:17
3843 Anonymous Making money off guro erotic literature - is it possible? 5 07-Sep-16 00:14
3842 Anonymous Alternative Hentai Discord Server 1 05-Sep-16 17:40
3740 Anonymous Archive 15 07-Sep-16 08:27
3791 Unit731 Unit 731 cosplay 4 30-Aug-16 23:13
3819 Anonymous Other good guro websites? 2 29-Aug-16 22:35
3732 Waru Two Specific kinds of /s/ fetishes I seem to be into, now. 7 22-Aug-16 20:19
3513 Anonymous what is your favorite deep web link 3 19-Aug-16 23:20
3774 Anonymous can I find gay content here? 4 13-Aug-16 02:24
3646 chaoz Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds the blowfly girl story really hot? 5 03-Aug-16 20:50
3736 Anonymous Source of guro 4 30-Jul-16 15:30
3152 Anonymous Your dream world? 25 28-Jul-16 15:29
3676 Anon Weird scat story from a party I went to. 2 22-Jul-16 18:51
3668 neobyzantium Anti-decomposition serum 6 22-Jul-16 05:50
3679 Anonymous Guy Looking for Freaks to talk too 3 19-Jul-16 10:47
3680 Anonymous Guro Hentai 2 19-Jul-16 08:33
3652 Psu3d0 Internet notoriety 3 15-Jul-16 14:38
3240 ryonaloli Dino velvet in /3dcg/ 4 15-Jul-16 05:41
3657 TC Getting an error 2 15-Jul-16 05:42
3640 Straitjackit Finding yourself obsessed? 1 11-Jul-16 15:31

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I may as well start this thread since nobody else did.

Anyway, I hereby kick it off by asking, are there plans to reformat the site layout to be more like the old GC? Or some other plan? Or is it staying this way?
At the very least, I'd like if the header font were something prettier than that monospace we have currently. And perhaps smaller thumbnail images so we can see more stuff without making the page a mile long.
If help is needed for any of that I am willing to pitch in a bit. ;)
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Looks like it got removed by admin, but it was literally a picture of a fat kid and the picture put in his name, adress and whatever and it just said "what would you do with him." i got super scared and ran here basically since i don't think this site actually condone actually killing other people.
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Any requests posted into /dis/ will be removed.
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I'm bored and can't sleep and was lurking on /s/ when a thought popped into my head. This is a fetish server so it's based on jerking off to depraved- I mean *sex* right? Why not expand on that and list off our sexualities? I mean, might not be super relevant but idk it seems interesting.

As OP, I'll go first. I'm pansexual, which means I really don't care about gender, though I have a heavy preference for women. (I'm also a bit shallow when it comes to body types but don't exactly mind a plain face.)

Oh, and feel free to list your gender identity if you want, but, please for the love of God don't get into fights about "real genders" and "not real girls/guys" or I'll just delete the thread. I have -100% patience for that dumb shit rn.
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Guys I think I figured out Onix's sexuality
Could we please stick to the OP—this is "your sexuality," not "take on shit on that other person's sexuality"
(Yes, I know, >that's hypocritical, etc. etc.)
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This comparison is not quite accurate or relevant to intersexuality and the slur of hermaphrodite, but, like I said before, I'm not telling anyone here how to speak. Not my job.
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I am male and my sexuality is complicated.

I like lesbians. I don't want to fuck lesbians, I don't want to be around or watch. I get off on women's romantic and sexual attraction toward one-another.

I find it difficult to call myself heterosexual when I can't actually get off on the thought of me or another male interacting with a woman. Even though I have no problem with the male body and even find guys and dicks attractive on their own, It is a major turn-off to see men sexually or romantically touch women.
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I'm male, 18, and asexual. To me, that means no attraction to humans and an aversion to sexual acts, genitals of any kind and other (obvious) gender traits.

I'm a teratophile - an autoteratophile to be exact. I'm turned on by imagining my own body and mind to be of a monster or monstrous creature I'm attracted to, all my kinks/fantasies revolve around this. They are often ghoulish, gaunt and tall and often bipedal/humanoid but never anthromorphized.
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"never anthromorphized" I'm curios what this means to you. I think of any creature that has a mouth, 2 eyes etc. as anthromorphized. Furrys are antrophormorphic animals. Even the creatures from dead space seem anthromorphized to me, or, say... Goro from mortal kombat. Are these creatures without any living creature characteristics?
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Silly question I know, but wanted to know your opinions cuz I always feel guilty when I do lol.
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You are not alone. :)
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What is one of your greatest personal dreams and fantasies?
Whether it be a perfect guro scenario or just something you hope to achieve. Whether it be realistic or completely impossible...
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Find a really cute trap, preferably young. Force him to dress up in something sexy and get him on him knees. Then shove my thumbs into both his eyes as i force him to suck me off. Depending on how he does, i'll either force him to suffocate on my cock or slowly sink a long knife into his heart.
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I know I already have a lot of stories to write but I'm going to get at this one sooner, where she sees her limbs being blended and poured down a drain, after she's told that's how he'll dispose of her when he kills her.
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Fantasy /completely impossible/: Turn a dead woman, teen girl or child into my own personal love doll to use, play with and have sex with.

Play around with and have sex with dead women, teen girls and children at a morgue or funeral home. An alternate idea is that I dig their caskets up right after they've been buried, take out their bodies and take them away for use as love dolls.

Feel up and even have sex with a living child with their consent.

Be a vampire and hypnotize and seduce women, teen girls and children to come to me and I make love to them before I drink them dry and turn them into vampires to create a harem that I'd love and cherish forever.

Feel up and possibly have sex with a lovely female animal like a deer, antelope, kangaroo or Zebra.
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I'm not sexually attracted to females so I cannot relate to the most of you here. I'm also not into hearing screams and other aggressiveness, I just want a fresh dead body of a cute boy or an uncontious one.. I will remove his eyes, tongue and teeth. Then his arms and legs, cutting into smaller pieces. I wil stab him with love, fucking the wounds and also the hole where his eyes use to be. I will drink his blood, warm or cold it doesn't matter. I will bury my face in his organs and choke on it. I will eat his soft thighs and hand. Soon the boy will be nothing but a chunk of meat. I will fuck those remains as well and cook whatevers left for dinner. The bones will be used as a decoration.
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Seconded severely.
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Ok so let play, girls to, you find me in half but alive what do you do
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It depends on the situation and how you look like.
is it fresh cut or already healed.

In general I woud just interact with you and my action would depend on your behavior.
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Well cut with all the organs visible, and my lower half is in tights jeans,
I have my head on my jeans trying to go under to touch my self, and one rubbing my tits, trying to stay alive
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I woud first check what damage you suffered and how long you are going to survive first job is of course to stop bleeding in some way like plugging or tying severed arteries because I prefer you to stay alive for a bit longer.

And if you are in so good mood I woud as you for a blow job while I take off your jeans.
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I'll suck it good well I finger my self, trying to remember the pleasure
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But therapists are expensive so I'm hoping one of you wants to talk instead.

I've accidentally ended up in two relationships at the same time and if I end either then it will probably result in somebody committing suicide. I don't think there's any actual solution to the situation I've gotten myself into but I just need somebody to talk things through with.

If anybody is happy to talk to me or has any idea what I should do then send me a message on wickr at brokeninside21

Thanks in advance.
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Don't be a cheating scumbag :D

You just have to tell them what's going on and take the consequences of your decision (it wasn't an accident)

either that or don't worry about it and keep the secret bottled up til it explodes and is way worse. Could work.
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Lol maybe it was an accident for all I know but I'm having trouble seeing how that happens. "Man I wish I had a lot of love. Hate being single. WHOOPS oh shit what do you know, I got 2 now. Fuck."
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In that situation only good solution is "harem ending"
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or "nice boat" ending lol. hope there doesn't end up being any suicide but legit i don't think this happens by ~accident.
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How the hell did you get yourself in that situation?

In any case, I've gotta agree with emikochan. You need to communicate the situation to both of these people in as tender and non-autistic a way as you can put together. Even if it's not your fault somehow, make sure you're the one who gets the blame.
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Sincere question to you guys. I'm happy right now! Cuddling my puppy, enjoying some guro and playing some games! How are you guys doing?
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I'm a lethargic and easily dismayed sort of person, and people close to me have been giving me a lot of negative reinforcement lately, but I understand why my life is the way it is now and has to be that way for the time being, so I find small things to enjoy while making progress toward making things better.
So am I happy, in a deep and pervasive way? No.
Am I unhappy in a deep and pervasive way? Nah, just unsatisfied.
Right this minute I'm just bored xP
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I've noticed that answers amount to a moment by moment and collctive analysis. Most people seem to think one is either happy or unhappy in the grand scheme, but I'm thinking that's an unnecessary view.
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I view the happiness/unhappiness as maxims and minims of a sinusoidal function. We can modify the function a bit in life, but we're never going to have only happiness or only sadness.
The average is also not going to be in the middle...and it's the average that I think most people think about when they say they're happy or not with their lives.
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It is not really sinusoidal function it is mostly random.
we are happy when things are getting better(or expect then to get better in future) and sad when things are getting worse
the faster you climb more happy you are but also more risk you face to faill.

Theoretically you can have only happiness and no sadness if you manage to go up during your all life and then die when you are on the top of your achievements.
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I also wanted to add that I'll probably be much "happier" when Summer hits, but, eh. My current situation is so stressful and it seems pretty likely that more stress is just going to be added so I can't say for sure.

But here's hoping! (I've always been ever the oblivious optimist heh)
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Can't figure out why is disappeared, but I don't think it was supposed to.
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it fell off. Hit its bump limit, a new thread was created, and it fell off the board.
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A couple weeks ago, on /g/, there used to be a thread called 'Heart Thread', but it dissapeared... Could any admin look for it and try to restore it back? Thanks
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Could it have been deleted by the owner? Or was it large enough that it hit the bump limit and fell off?
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i don't know, it suddenly dissapeared
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