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4452 Jay Deviant Where to post stories 10 24-Jan-17 12:19
4480 Anonymous You find a fresh body sawed in half in an alleyway 2 24-Jan-17 10:01
3525 neobyzantium Why do you like Necrophilia? 13 23-Jan-17 19:28
4377 ShittyAnnie Your sexuality? 28 23-Jan-17 09:11
4340 Anonymous Kik guro chat? 5 22-Jan-17 07:28
4164 Anonymous PLaces you go to find your guro stuff 5 20-Jan-17 07:00
4433 Odeck Any hentai with guro/snuff elements? 5 20-Jan-17 02:54
4453 Anonymous hello 4 19-Jan-17 17:20
2322 Anonymous personal fantasies 66 19-Jan-17 03:40
4449 Anon.jpg Discord groups in general 2 18-Jan-17 07:16
4254 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!) Guro Music 5 18-Jan-17 05:06
4442 OnerryOccaway asd 3 18-Jan-17 03:54
4044 Executioner A new Discord Board 3 16-Jan-17 19:20
3498 Narra Avlan More /lit pages 8 14-Jan-17 03:52
4352 Anonymous guro + self hatred? 28 13-Jan-17 12:56
4226 NewGuy Origin of your fetishes? 22 10-Jan-17 12:00
3435 A_01 any deepweb links for real torture scenes? 18 06-Jan-17 14:21
616 Anonymous Why Is Male Guro Hard to Find? 65 05-Jan-17 19:50
4341 Anonymous Merry Christmas 3 02-Jan-17 07:22
3667 neobyzantium Question for Necrophilia fans 14 01-Jan-17 19:50
4372 Anonymous "Excution by Mafia" Missing 1 01-Jan-17 11:05
3702 Anonymous This fetish is making me insane. Please help me. 36 30-Dec-16 13:57
4365 [mod] Gurochan game. 4 29-Dec-16 19:06
3522 SEVEREDPENISCOLLECTION Question for scat lovers 15 28-Dec-16 16:19
4362 Heartbroken Your top heartbreaking deaths in anime. 1 28-Dec-16 22:52
3878 Anne Anyone out of the guro-closet? How did that go? 22 27-Dec-16 03:46
4326 Anonymous Missing 2 26-Dec-16 21:51
4297 Anonymous What kind of guro is this when you can travel inside a girl's body and explore her internal organs? 4 26-Dec-16 03:26
4346 Anonymous Pornative Website Taken Down? 1 25-Dec-16 19:59
4074 Anonymous I recently ate some vomit for the first time, ask me anything 26 25-Dec-16 19:30
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4320 Eficient A littel help with proof reading 8 22-Dec-16 17:09
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4002 Anonymous Taking my guro fetish public? 12 17-Dec-16 20:44
4291 Yogi Why am I obsessed with Penectomy? 7 12-Dec-16 17:28
3442 47 Great Find (Movie Clips) 12 12-Dec-16 10:29
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3955 Anonymous 'It's for a book' - Ask/answer questions here 9 05-Dec-16 08:10
3532 Eterya A question about tags in /lit/ 9 04-Dec-16 19:30
3945 Anonymous Ryonaket 3 02-Dec-16 13:09
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4121 Anonymous does your self harm fantasies stem from self hate? 9 30-Nov-16 21:13
4193 NewGuy Lost stories? 9 30-Nov-16 07:25
4185 Anonymous might this shit happen? 5 27-Nov-16 19:29
4177 Anonymous Scat 3 26-Nov-16 06:30
4165 Anonymous Ayaswan missing? 2 26-Nov-16 06:03
3917 47 Gurochan stability is rock solid (not) 7 24-Nov-16 18:36
3789 Anonymous how to find other ppl into guro irl 29 23-Nov-16 07:55
3847 Anonymous Self-harm 8 23-Nov-16 00:34
3949 Anonymous What is the best place to post commission info? (digital drawings) 2 12-Nov-16 08:09
4042 Aoi Hikari Any anime or manga like Strike Witches in terms of taking its own eroticism casually? 14 10-Nov-16 13:10
4050 Anonymous What if..... 7 07-Nov-16 08:47
624 Anonymous music! 41 27-Oct-16 05:58
4028 Anonymous (Survey /lit/) An executioner's story 2 25-Oct-16 16:34
3841 [Mod] Source of images - what to do 8 24-Oct-16 19:23
2019 Anonymous What's your job IRL? 71 24-Oct-16 01:53
4009 Anonymous Puchimas guro 1 20-Oct-16 15:43
4007 Anonymous Chat/vent/confess together on kik 1 20-Oct-16 12:30
3579 chaoz Old GUROchan Archive 4 20-Oct-16 11:37
3993 Anonymous Meat Puppets 3 19-Oct-16 15:40
3959 Anonymous Gurochan's Profitability 8 18-Oct-16 17:07
2303 Anonymous Kik Chatting? 13 08-Oct-16 06:40
3813 art of death users 22 04-Oct-16 19:10
3965 james suffocation 1 03-Oct-16 22:30
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3906 Rosie Readable /lit/ 3 20-Sep-16 10:55
3909 M.A.D. Stay Grounded. 5 23-Sep-16 05:42
3864 Anonymous Search Terms for Pixiv? 6 16-Sep-16 05:12
3647 Anonymous Ask Gurochan: What does is feel like to be hit in the cervix? 9 07-Sep-16 15:17
3843 Anonymous Making money off guro erotic literature - is it possible? 5 07-Sep-16 00:14
3842 Anonymous Alternative Hentai Discord Server 1 05-Sep-16 17:40
3740 Anonymous Archive 15 07-Sep-16 08:27
3791 Unit731 Unit 731 cosplay 4 30-Aug-16 23:13
3819 Anonymous Other good guro websites? 2 29-Aug-16 22:35
3732 Waru Two Specific kinds of /s/ fetishes I seem to be into, now. 7 22-Aug-16 20:19
3513 Anonymous what is your favorite deep web link 3 19-Aug-16 23:20
3774 Anonymous can I find gay content here? 4 13-Aug-16 02:24
3646 chaoz Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds the blowfly girl story really hot? 5 03-Aug-16 20:50
3391 super serious poster Anyone want a torture doll? 21 02-Aug-16 05:49
3736 Anonymous Source of guro 4 30-Jul-16 15:30
3152 Anonymous Your dream world? 25 28-Jul-16 15:29
3722 Anonymous Kik group 3 27-Jul-16 11:48
3676 Anon Weird scat story from a party I went to. 2 22-Jul-16 18:51
3668 neobyzantium Anti-decomposition serum 6 22-Jul-16 05:50
3697 Anonymous Hidden service #12 2 22-Jul-16 05:22
3355 Anonymous Globalized fetishes 17 20-Jul-16 16:47
3679 Anonymous Guy Looking for Freaks to talk too 3 19-Jul-16 10:47
3680 Anonymous Guro Hentai 2 19-Jul-16 08:33
3652 Psu3d0 Internet notoriety 3 15-Jul-16 14:38
3422 Anonymous List of fetishes 17 15-Jul-16 06:26
3240 ryonaloli Dino velvet in /3dcg/ 4 15-Jul-16 05:41
3657 TC Getting an error 2 15-Jul-16 05:42
3624 sad girl Where can a mediocre guro artist share their art? 5 12-Jul-16 10:13
3640 Straitjackit Finding yourself obsessed? 1 11-Jul-16 15:31

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I may as well start this thread since nobody else did.

Anyway, I hereby kick it off by asking, are there plans to reformat the site layout to be more like the old GC? Or some other plan? Or is it staying this way?
At the very least, I'd like if the header font were something prettier than that monospace we have currently. And perhaps smaller thumbnail images so we can see more stuff without making the page a mile long.
If help is needed for any of that I am willing to pitch in a bit. ;)
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is there a search function? how to?
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Any requests posted into /dis/ will be removed.
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Where I can find myself an old guro illustrator that is willing to take care of a deranged 14 year old.
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can I*
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Hi there. I posted a story - Baby Crush - on the lit board... but I'd love to find somewhere more permanent to publish my sick and twisted stories. Every time I do, they get taken down.

I've tried in vain to get an account as ASSTR, but it doesn't seem to be functional.

Anyone have any advice?
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Thanks for pointing me to StoriesOnline, though; Finding a site that both allows snuff and doesn't have the age limit at 18 has been hard enough.
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>>All characters depicted are 18 or older, even if otherwise specified


Legal bureaucracy in a nutshell.
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Yeah, but the annoying part about StoriesOnline is that it's not free. I wouldn't mind so much if it was a single charge, but a monthly fee? That's a bridge too far for me. Even if you post stories, they still charge you, which I think is complete BS.

You can't win them all, I guess.
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Thanks for all the comments. I'm going to try StoriesOnline... looks like it's basically free, but there is a 'premium membership' one can pay for. I'd certainly post everything I wrote for free.

I have tried to email ASSTR to see what's going on, but haven't ever heard back.
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Someone on another forum tried to register on ASSTR in March, and still got no response. It's a shame to see such a long-running and unrestricting site getting abandoned...

Maybe you can put stories there with the help of someone already registered? I found these collections that include snuff;



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Cleanly cut at the waist so that there is a top half and bottom half.

Being the sickfuck you are, you absolutely must bring it home. Problem is the police are coming so you only have enough time to bring home one of the two halves before the rest is found and confiscated.

Top or bottom which do you chose?
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I'm not really sure if discussion is the place to be opening this topic, but anyway. I'd go with the top half.
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What is it about dead women and girls that attracts you to them whether it's ones in anime/manga or live action tv shows?

For me, it's both physical and spiritual. With dead women and girls, you have complete control over them and you can do whatever you want with their bodies /but only in fantasies/. In other words, having a sexual partner who can't reject you is appealing even if it's just a fantasy.

Also, dead girls and women in eternal slumber look pure and innocent and deserved to be loved and adored by all. It's like they've achieved a state of beauty and purity in death.
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Not necessary.
It is not attraction to corpses after all
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Technically, necrophilia is a broad category of fetishes covering all kinds of death related things, but I think the common vanilla world usually thinksit's just the fucking of dead bodies. Depending on where you want to stop when exploring the roots of the word i tself it could be as vague as "a like for causing harm", but that's stupi.d

I'm going to have to agree with N0n3 a lot on this one. I love the thought of having a woman submit without limit and die for me as part of that submission. In my fantasies I take whatever I want, alive or not, but it's more fun for me when she's alive because of how willing it is. Her dieing for me is so intense and erotic. It's such an extreme thing to do in order to demonstrate submissiveness and obedience.

I enjoy the idea of using the fresh corpse. Since I could already take whatever Iwant from her body it's something of a "I might as well while I still can" sort of thing I guess, but also a chance to do things I can't do with her alive.

Cold and rotting is gross. I don't like that kind of necro.
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Don't know if I count in on this discussion, but tossing in my two cents from the flip side of the coin.

I like the idea of necrophilia also because of the lack of control and the inability to say no, but from a submissive stance. I like the idea of being used even when I'm gone (preferably tortured/gutted beforehand) and then being tossed when I go cold. I like the idea of total and complete submission to another person, the fact they can use my body and even if I want to say no/stop, I can't.

All in good fantasy of course.
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I honestly can say that I don't know why I have an interest in the act (as if I've even done it to begin with. It's all fantasy for me). As of now, I can't bring myself to go to funerals or go visit graveyards because, for some reason or another, deep down inside, I get scared. Pretty lame, right?
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This is not broad because necrophilia is about dead bodies. regardless if they are rotten or fresh.

I think main idea is that body has to be unresponsive so necrophilia probably can include dolls as well.
while if decapitated/mutilated body is still responding by some magic or even if we get to know what "corpse" thinks, it is not necrophilia
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I'm bored and can't sleep and was lurking on /s/ when a thought popped into my head. This is a fetish server so it's based on jerking off to depraved- I mean *sex* right? Why not expand on that and list off our sexualities? I mean, might not be super relevant but idk it seems interesting.

As OP, I'll go first. I'm pansexual, which means I really don't care about gender, though I have a heavy preference for women. (I'm also a bit shallow when it comes to body types but don't exactly mind a plain face.)

Oh, and feel free to list your gender identity if you want, but, please for the love of God don't get into fights about "real genders" and "not real girls/guys" or I'll just delete the thread. I have -100% patience for that dumb shit rn.
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I'm both bisexual and bigendered. Not that I'm offended by being referred to by my physical gender.

.... People have to actually be trying to offend me before I'll be offended, normally.

But hey! Literally both gay as fuck AND straight as fuck at the same time, here!

........... now if I could only find some nonfictional girls to lust over...
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Straight/heterosexual white male here...no particular preference as far as women in guro or in general..just want them to have a nice face, and to have a little 'meat on the bones' or for the curves/fat to be in the right places(tits, ass etc)
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I'm a male pansexual or bisexual, whatever I just don't care about gender. I'm a twink and not that masculine, would have wished I were born a girl and really want to be one but probably won't end up doing something about it.

I don't have a preference for a particular gender but I don't (sexually) like children or anyone below the age of 16, they just don't appeal to me sexually. Also, I don't like very muscular men and would be selective towards fatter men, but don't mind a muscular or reasonably chubby women.

Romantically I could be in love with anyone, it all depends on the affection, I have loved people from both genders and I don't think gender is a criteria for me. Also, I don't like being a top in penetrative sex and I think that might be an issue in my future relations with women.

In terms of guro/gore I only like it when only females are involved, my ape brain sees danger and competitiveness when seeing a male being killed or whatever so I can't enjoy it, especially that I consider myself submissive so that makes things harder.
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You dont care about gender but prefer women? Sooooo then your straight or Gay if your a woman yourself ? Why do you tumblr fags have to complicate things?
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I like guys & girls (but don't have much experience with latter). I don't tend to have a specific preference for looks when it comes to relationship crap.
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Drop your username and ill add you.
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SaiyajinX is my kik username.
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I Opened a chat with you.
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some fetishes are really hard to find, and GUROchan is a good place to find some of those.

What is you fetish? and what is your usual website and sources routine?

i usually use gurochan, 4chan, and furaffinity, to find some genital torture\castration\mutilation and such.
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My biggest dark fetish is consensual beheadings and post-beheading severed head fucking.

It has always been difficult for me to find this particular combination, but I think I've had the best luck recently on pixiv.net. However, being a Japanese site it can be quite difficult to search even though the navigation and user-interface are all in English.

Pixiv has on the right-hand side of the screen (when viewing a single piece of work) a short list of three pictures similar to the one you're currently looking at, so when you find a picture you like you can reload that page a few times to quickly gather a small number of other pictures to view. This also chains, so when you're viewing each of those new pictures, on the right-hand side of the screen is three more. Veild616 and e50gun are a couple of my favorite artists there.

Gurochan has been a great place to get an eclectic mix of good content, but not necessarily consistent or complete when looking for particular things or collections. I do like it here a lot though and often find things here that I can't (or can't easily) find elsewhere.

I've also been on the Dark Fetish Network (DarkFetishNet.com) where you can find groups and forums dedicated to some particular fetish. Many of the members share there work there and nowhere else because the site is Facebook-like and people simply post to their profiles or their groups. Much of the content I've seen there I haven't seen here or elsewhere.

Finally, g.e-hentai.org is an amazing site for finding collections of pictures, even guro. I've found massive collections taken from hentai games, compilations from/of artists, and even read whole comic books and hentai manga. When you open a gallery and it warns you that the content is "offensive to everyone" it's a good sign that you've found one containing guro or some other dark fetish. This is only very occasionally wrong.
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i use tumblr. sometimes it can be hard to find exactly the kind of thing youre looking for though, and the more extreme stuff gets deleted sometimes. its still definitely worth giving a look though.
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My fetish is to die by hanging. Climb up on a chair. Insert my head to the noose and tension the rope. Thereafter to be tied and to kick you my chair. Dying slowly, painfully and handcuffed to asphyxiation. Long time twitching and kicking in the air. Like die in front of spectators or for the camera. Best for spectators and the camera too. Difficult to find.
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Gurochan is my go to now and i stick to what I like (execution and necrophilia under /g/ 3dcg) and maybe checkout something new on a whim if a thread isn't active often.

4chan is okay but due to a BS permaban I can only lurk now..
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So does anyone know any hentai movies/ series where there is death included?
These kind of hentais are really hard to find. Only ones i have found so far are:
and one of the bible black episodes

And i dont mean any hentais where monsters are killed. It must be human death ;)
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Mnemosyne: Daughters of Rin doesn't expressly have much snuff on screen, but a major plot point is that the heroine has to fight an ongoing urge to let herself be snuffed (in a specific manner which I shall not spoil here).
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Thanx. I'll chek it out :)
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I'm sorry, I don't know the name. There's an anime featuring doctors which has at least one scene that ends in death, and shows necrophilia the male isn't aware of.

If you went on Sankaku Complex and searched for "Animation" and "Nurse" you'd end up finding it. But I don't think it's tagged with snuff or guro since... Well since no one wants to admit they're watching snuff.

(Sigh I should've tagged it when I saw it, I just thought of that.)
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If we talk about hentai and not just anime with gore, I guess that will be "Bondage game"
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