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Open post form
Pinned GUROchan Feedback
This is the thread for all sorts of feedback you might have on GUROchan.
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The poster-to-viewer ratio of GUROchan is well beyond 1:1000, so it makes sense to hide the post form for casual surfing.

It is now fixed in the bottom right corner so that you don't have to scroll all the way up to find it.
Site looks awesome now, and it's always been pretty mobile friendly imo - I almost always browse it from a phone. With the new look, however, the top panel is cutoff on the side - I can only see it up to /lit/, and the other options after that are not visible nor can I select them
I made a post on /rp/ and it had no image, so after I clicked post I got ported to an empty page. I thought it didn't work so I did that like 3 more times like a moron, and then also attached a picture and then when I reloaded the frame I saw that I posted 5 times.

Therefore, here's a possible idea: can a script be run to detect multiple posts in the same thread and automatically only keep the latest one?
Rare or uncommon fetishes
What fetishes of yours you've discovered very few people are into them? Or, which ones you think are kinda hard to find on sites/artwork? Let's find out if they're really that uncommon. You can include even those which have nothing to do with guro. These are mine:

*Laser deaths: A cute girl is cut, pierced, sliced or having any fatal wound made by a laser device. Specially when the hit gets almost unnoticed and the poor girl spents the last seconds of her life trying to figure out what the hell happened to her. Example: Sakuraoka's death in Gantz.

*Crime and punishment: After going through life commiting several crimes and atrocities, a cute girl is captured/confronted and executed/murdered. Extra points if she repents and tries unsuccessfully to save her life by begging for it. Example: Kisirian.

*Sexually experienced lolis: When a young sexy little girl is eager to have sex, seduces her partner and really knows what she's doing. Example: Can't remember right now but I've found very little artwork about it.

*Hot girl pays for sex: If she's young, hot and really cute; many men are dying even for talk to her, but she spends lots of money to have sex with her crush (who, by the way, doesn't really care about her). Example: Nothing that I remember. it's been a fantasy of mine since forever.

Do you think you have a fetish that is hard to find or quite unpopular?
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I also want to add...

Eating WHILE Shitting: Pretty much "what is says on the tin" (a woman eating WHILE shitting; not after, not before... DURING).
Bloating: No toonish stuff, no obesity fetish. Just seeing someone havint parts of their body inflate, body-horror style. Some of the character deaths in Fists of the North Star look like that, but I prefer bloating to be non-fatal.

Absurdly tight nets/restrains: I like to see the flesh kind of poking out outside of the restraints. Something about the weird curves they create.

Disfiguration+Nullification/castration: When a character loses most of his facial features, as well as his genitals. Can be magic or bullshit surgery, I enjoy both.

Noncon fleshcraft: Using someone's body as if it was mere clay, usually to reshape them partially or completely, against their will.

And I'm into guys, so most of the fetish listed are just impossible to find. I ended up drawing that mostly because I could rarely find that specific fetish material.
Ideal Fantasy Game
What sort of video game would you want to create if you had the manpower of a big studio (like Rockstar or EA) ?

A game concept that I've been thinking of and fapping to would be a game that plays like this:

You control a ship that's shaped like a buzzard saw and you move through an enclosed tunnel. There are obstacles in your way that you have to avoid, but also women that you can slice through in a myriad ways and combos - and by doing so you gain points for unlockables, such us ship upgrades, new babe models to snuff etc.
The game would have a sort of carmageddon vibe to it, but way more twisted. Perhaps the babes would start out fully dressed and mediocre looking and by farming points they could become hotter and less clothed.

I think it would be nice if the game classified babes into customizable point categories such as hair colour ( i.e brunettes 1 point, blondes 5 points, redheads 10 points, painted unicorns 20 and so on) or by chest size (increasing cup sizes=more points or the opposite).

This sort of game would be a feasible 3-4 year hobby undertaking for a single programmer, but it would take quite a bit of dedication.
The idea of a perfect mutilation system has been bugging me for quite a while now. It would have to support any potential way the body could be sliced, support body morphing so that the bodies are customizable, simulate internal injuries and the slicef sides should look realistic enough. Afro Samurai offered a glimpse of this idea, but it is far from perfect. If anyone with programming experience knows how the Afro Samurai system works, I'd really like to know too.

Now, on to other features that may be completely unrealistic( maybe ) for a one man army, but are still stuff I fantasize about.

-a fully implemented physics system for the bodies, so the ass or tits jiggle while you slice through the point babes

-ability to customize the types of babes and the clothes they wear

-a myriad ship upgrades and power ups that allow for maximum cunt splattering fun

-a dungeon expansion where you could convert your accrued babe slaughter points back into babes so you can use them at you leisure; this could be easily clonsidered a different game, that allows for fucking, fucking and killing, killing and fucking or just plain old slaughter - all doable with the ideal mutilable body, physics complete.

-ability to save the point babes instead of killing them, so yo…Post truncated. View full.
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I'd subscribe to that, please?

On topic: Play as a sentient zombie. Quarter your friends, put them back together, eat them, or go hunt some more fresh flesh. As you progress from town to town, you can gain abilities like using firearms, regenerate humane appearance, silence your moans, manage lesser fellows, use magic, and more. However, the humans also gets progressively stronger over time as they hammer out better and better military tech for the civilians faster with each town demolished.

Meaning you can torture them (or your friends ) more with more inventive ways. Oh, did I say you can control lesser zombies?

While I dream for that, sometimes I host a CSS server called Healthy Testy where you get a thousand health instead of a hundred. Come join if you see it.
Honestly, Mortal Kombat comes pretty close to my ideal guro game and just game in general. I love fighting games and guro too so yeah.

However if I was in full control, I would make something similar in concept, but instead it would be all 90% female fighters with different abilities and powers. Throw in some monster like characters for varied and different attacks/fatalaites/and plot stuff too I dunno.

But the difference is that my game would be REALLY detailed in terms of character models, physics and animations. Every character would have a unique body made for them so no drag and drop one head onto a generic body a variation in skin tone, height and build, and clothing would be realistically represented too with correct material types and fit. They would have everything you would expect to see in the human body too (bones, organs, a working real time blood system ect) and it all reacts as accurate as possible as it would in real life.

One character might have a smaller and slower beating heart. One characters lungs might be bigger and thicker as they are canonically fitter then another who’s are a bit ruined due to smoking, One character would have a completely different set of teeth and a smaller tongue ect. Everything internally about each character is unique ever so slightly to just so there is enough variation. I would probably have to limit the roster to like 10 people if thats the case, but i would much rather have 10 INCREDIBLY individual characters than 40 drag and drop template characters.

Weapons would be useable but they can be disabled if you loose/break your arm or hand/limbs, thus limiting your ability to use them so your moves then changes to punches and kicks and then even worse, desperate shitty moves like headbuting and biting. I suppose there would be 3 tiers that you go through if you get fucked up enough, so you want to stay in your weapon tier for the best amount of moves and range ect.

Therefore in these fights to the death, no two matches should ever would look the same as nothing is predetermined apart from the basic general animations and movesets.

A few examples

If character 1 slashes character 2 across the chest with a katana, then blood would spray realistically and land/cover whatever it hits, her clothing nd skin would rip and tear accurately based on the models positioning at the time, and depending on how deep it was, the cut could be shallow or DEEP to the point…Post truncated. View full.
You are the dean of a school for young women. Life is incredibly cheap, standards are high, and only the best get the honor of graduating. You make the rules, handle punishments, and provide motivation. Volleyball team didn't make the playoffs? Make an example of them. Lots of mini games you can play. You have to fundraise, and what better way than holding a big festival. Archery contests with live targets. A dunk tank, where the girls don't come back up, a slave auction, prostitution, and more! You have to balance getting your rocks off with actually turning out exceptional graduates, so your college doesn't get shut down.

Basically a combination management sim and porn game. A brothel rpg with more fantasy snuff/guro
Anatomy system for RPG games or 3D rendering
Lately I've been fascinated by the idea of body part lego, where bodies can be systematically designed by snapping together the appropriate parts. For example, we might have an RPG game where character creation allows you to create a two-headed cyclops centaur whose hind legs are steam-punk prosthetic machine legs. The idea isn't to just have a list of body plans like minotaur and mermaid, but to give the players a system for building up their characters out of pieces, like putting an extra hand growing out of their character's forehead, or an arm coming out of the middle of his chest.

The whole system would be computerized so that an RPG game could determine the capabilities of a character using rules based on what sort of body they have. The game would be able to calculate how fast a centaur would run based on how many legs it has, and it could have mechanics for how amputations affect gameplay.

Another possibility for such a system would be to automatically construct a 3D model to represent the person. It shouldn't be hard to take existing 3D models of people and break them apart so they can be re-assembled in any way imaginable.

Even though this is a simple concept, the details of such a system can be daunting. How does one make a list of all the places where someone might have an extra limb, especially when each extra limb adds more places. How do we organize all this information so that it's easy to understand and ready to use for a computer?

Has this already been done somewhere? Has anyone heard of something like this, or made something like this already?
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I have no clue, have you looked at makehuman.org?
It makes humans automatically and you can import that into blender for free.

for bodyparts dbarchive.biosciencedbc.jp/en/bodyparts3d/download.html
*Read from boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/archive/index.php/t-423644.html

Good thinking! Spore is an amazing game. The way that it allows such freedom to design creatures and then smoothly animates them is a wonder. In a way it is both less and more than what I'm hoping for.

The way that Spore allows you to drag parts around and precisely position them amazing and fairly unnecessary. If we want to give a person an extra pair of arms growing out of her sides, then there's really no need to worry over whether they are an inch too high or too low. The ability to add parts literally anywhere just makes the system more complicated than it needs to be.

Of course, Spore also has serious limitations. It has no system for amputations or bizarre non-biological parts like prosthetics or limbs made of inanimate materials like water, glass, or stone. There are a whole world of features I would want to add to Spore.

> Breaking and reassembling model is not really possible because 3d models are just hollow surfaces they have nothing inside.

Specifically, a 3D model is a mesh of edges and vertices. What we'd want to do is take that mesh and cut along its edges. For example, to make a centaur, we'd could take a model of a man, find a line of edges that run horizontally around his waist, then remove all the mesh below those edges. Next we take a model of a horse and do something similar around its shoulders. This would give us two partial models with roughly circular holes. We just need to line the holes up and adjust them to exactly fit with each other, and there we have a model of a centaur.

We can do the chopping up of models by hand, and then let the computer select the appropriate parts from the pieces we've made and fuse them together based on the body plan we give it. Mostly we'd be taking human models and cutting many holes in them so the computer can re-assemble them later as needed.

> Determining character capabilities is practically impossible because you can't even tell what kind of behavior will be optimal for that character.

That sound more like an interesting challenge than an impossibility. RPG games always tend to simplify things, so if we can't make the system totally realistic it still wouldn't be a total failure…Post truncated. View full.
Your dream world?
My dream world would be a world of anarchy where people realise the true value of human life, where we can kill, rape and eat eachother all we want.

Meat from little boys would be sold on the markets, same with little girls. It would be a world like today, but without the corrupt governments, taxation and other bullshit.

Organizations and businesses would still exist, and there would be a form of currency (blood, maybe?)

McDonald's would be made of ground up children <3 lol

what about you guys?
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I have a few dream worlds :)

One of them is a world where it's technically possible to clone, mass produce and speed-grow human females. Only human females. For whatever obscure technical/magical reason the process doesn't work on men or animals.

And the process has been perfected to the point where it is cheap, clean, reliable and the raw resources so plentiful that literally millions of females can be mass-produced on demand every year -- and the supply is only increasing. Meaning the cost and 'value' of any individual woman decreases to the point where it's really of no concern if a thousand or a million women are killed / tortured / snuffed in every conceivable way.

And of course this process can be controlled so that females have the exact personality, desires, behaviour and physical attributes required for whatever purpose. Wild nymphomaniacs, devoted slaves, high or low intelligence, women with no pain receptors, or women whose pain receptors all manifest as pleasure...everything can be tailored to a man's (or corporations) tastes.

So it's a world of game shows where men compete to see how many women they can slaughter in 10 minutes with a knife, or bare hands, or clubs, or chainsaws, etc. Where women are cheaper to grow and produce as food for animals then vs versa. Where men can order any size, shape, or age of females and do with them whatever they please (with the females being genetically designed to assist in this).

All laws concerning violence or crimes 'against women' are stricken from the books. There's no point. If a female is injured or dies she's simply replaced with another on demand. All men of all social/economic levels are entitled to a weekly female 'stipend' of X number of women to do with as they please. No man goes without. Fast food restaurants often give a free female with every purchase of a 'happy meal', that sort of thing.

Surplus women are typically ground up for fertiliser, feed, or mass slaughtered in hilarious and novel ways for TV shows. No concern is given for the age of the female. Big market for loli's of course.

Females are cloned, incubated, grown and sold on store shelves. Ordered over the internet, delivered to your door (like milk by the milkman), etc.

Of course normal coupling is allowed, and in fact encouraged to provide genetic diversity and new 'templates' for future fashionable 'lines'.…Post truncated. View full.
My dream world? Hm... A utilitarian, transparent government which focuses research funding for what needs it most. And of course having countries repeal all their extrajurisdictional laws so people can legally go to another country and torture children to insanity or death while they're there with no legal reprocussions. I'd far prefer that to any world where people are "worthless", because it's not as fun to see fear in the face of someone that already knows that they are fucked. I find it much better to experience true and unexpected terror.
My dream world is where heroin is sold over the counter and doesn't produce withdrawals.
Grave robbing, anyone?
My biggest fantasies is digging up dead girls and then violating their corpse. Or getting into a mausoleum, open the tomb, then enjoying the contents within. I prefer dead girls wearing burial dresses in coffins or similar containers. I also think of corpse pussy as wine; The older they are, the better. So, what do you think, everybody?
p.s. White burial kimonos is the best!
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Holy fuck where do you live? I'm not even into necrophilia and that makes me rethink things.
I'm willing to offer my wife. She's not even dead and damned if I can tell the difference in the bedroom.
That's why I'd prefer to fuck someone immediately after killing them, when their body is just lukewarm and their skin is still soft, before rigor mortis sets in (Iess than 4 hours after death). One of my most persistent fantasies is smothering my daughter to death in bed with a pillow and sleeping with her body, cuddling her, kissing her, caressing her, talking to her. A real draw is the fact that even after death she'd still feel so human, being alive just minutes earlier, waiting for a goodnight kiss from daddy with not a worry in her mind. Not that I'd actually do it, but damn I wish I could.
Room with a Dial Killing 0..100% of Humanity (Thought Experiment DP(B)-1)
You have a dial from 0 to 100. Once pushed, it cannot be used again. You can:

-Leave without pushing it, leaving it for potentially someone else.
-Push it at zero, saving humanity from it ever being used.
-End all human life.
-Purge a percantage of humanity.


Save humanity from the worst 1 in a hundred? Leave just the best? When is it suicide?
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I've been wondering about such notions as what happens to their kids. They get autoheaven? W/e.

But I take issue with your targeting left adn right but not the centrists or moderates or apathetic. I remember the Bush years, and while I begrudge the Left and Right for A LOT...

The centrists were really bad during the Bush and Obama years, saying the populations were acting similarly when the left was being pussies if anything. Being treated like you're dogmatic makes many people dogmatic, why not if you deal with the price of it anyway, right? So many liberals turned far more dogmatic, learning all the wrong lessons from the last 2 presidents. The left is now too concerned with Identity politics and says Bush wasn't so bad, despite murdering hundreds of thousands of people.

Also fits the guro theme though...

Hmm I'm not that political so I guess I meant that as a bit of a cop-out like "I'm not too far that way, and not too far the other way. So all those that are too far from me will die." Nut jobs do exist at every point on the political spectrum I'm sure.

Maybe I'd change it to just those persons of whatever political stripe would be most inclined to want to 'boss people around and tell them what to do' (a phrase I heard used in a book or something). And the psychopaths/sociopaths, those with zero empathy for others. The easily offended could disapear too.

I dunno, mainly I wanted to mention the kids/dogs thing. But setting the dial to a certain percentage and having the 'extremely not my type' people disappear would be an interesting thought experiment. For a generation or two we'd have less extremes of behavior perhaps, then be back to square 1.

In truth I'd set it to zero and walk away. The 'law of unintended consequences' scares the heck outta me. And I'm not a killer. There's that.
Considering idea about children while they may be innocent but their parents or caregivers may be assholes and murdering those assholes will pretty much kill those children too.

In same way murdering someone you don't like, may cause lots of pain to someone who you actually like and don't want to hurt.
As it woud be not very nice to kill your friend's dear wife who is a feminist just because you hate feminists.

But I guess if extermination is performed according to my standards those kinds of things should not happen because friendship takes priority over morallity.
any deepweb links for real torture scenes?
or any good torture site in clearnet would be helpful too ...
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anyone have real videos of girl's heads exploding or girls being decapitated? all i find are a few cartel vids - that's it.
They are virtually non-existent. You will find far more on regular websites. Try theync, liveleaks, bestgore, and sites of that type.

Sorry, but "redrooms" are a hoax. There is no such thing.

It's pretty much only cartel videos, and some related ones like gang executions, but they're all low quality. There are a few good ones though, like a young woman having her neck twisted and being stabbed repeatedly in the belly with a machette while she's still alive, before being decapitated.

Sure you are, and you are a girl, yes?

If you were a serial killer...
Hi gurochan, I'm currently running a survival guro RP where the players are young women trying to stay alive and escape from serial killers. If you were to create a serial killer:

1. Do you have a 'type' that you would go after? For example: prostitutes, school girls, aspiring fashion models, nurses etc. And why?

2. Would you have a M.O?

3. What would you keep from your victim as trophies? Undergarments, a lock of hair, or in some cases nipples or the clitoris. Etc.

4. How would you like to be called?

5. Any further info?

Id love to hear what you have in mind! And I'll post an example of the one played by one of the players very soon.
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1. No. Anyone who doesn't defend themselves well enough. Anything, even. I'd kill animals.

2. Quick and violent. Kill in whatever way is most efficient in terms of silence and danger to self. It's nice if they have enough time to feel fear and panic, though. I want to see that twisted look on their face.

After that, mutilate the face of the corpse. Rip into it with whatever I have. My teeth even. Take their identity away, and reduce what was a person into just a lump of inanimate. Steal everything they were.

3. Nothing but the flesh I'd end up consuming, I suppose.

4. The Mojave Ghoul? Sounds funny.

>Have you ever seen a really beautiful painting and just felt this almost irresistible urge to slash it up and burn the pieces? Annihilate it and leave nothing even identifying its existence? That's what I feel when I see a human being. Every single time. It's so beautiful on the inside, every working part and pulsating lump of tissue...
>1. Do you have a 'type' that you would go after? For example: prostitutes, school girls, aspiring fashion models, nurses etc. And why?

I'd go for anyone who's fat. The fatter, the better.

>2. Would you have a M.O?

I would leave the heads at the crime-scene.

>3. What would you keep from your victim as trophies? Undergarments, a lock of hair, or in some cases nipples or the clitoris. Etc.

Anything I could use to make human tallow I would keep, otherwise, I would ditch it or burn it.

>4. How would you like to be called?

No clue. Make up a name.

>5. Any further info?

I would use human fat to create tallow, and use the tallow to make candles that I could burn to worship the god of fire.
i'd kill people and after eat them(guts and blood)
Question concerning use of real pics in RP?
Are there any rules against linking to or uploading images of real people (such as models, porn stars, celebrities, etc) for a character description in the RP and Literature boards?

(Sorry if this is the wrong area, but I can't see anywhere else to post questions about the rules.)
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So, if the picture of a real person isn't gore, it would be fine?
As long as they're over 18, and you link, not post it, it should be. (And if you really have to, there's always the workaround of mentioning the site and ID where the image is located like "imgur and hgELRDJ jpg" without ever linking anything directly).
Uploading real images is not allowed (gore or not), but there's nothing against linking them. I'd recommend clearly marking it as such, though.

Age doesn't matter, unless it's pornographic.