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guroccubus.jpg: 95.31 KiB, 1024×1024

As you may already know, Pixiv has a huge treasure trove of guro content under the R-18G tag. While that's great and all, it is very hard to look for a specific fetish, since... Well, I don't speak Japanese. I've found this problem as well when I want to put tags on my own gallery there.

So I have started this little guide, for fun. And, hopefully, it will help out my fellow people of guro inclination.

<-- Meet, Guroccubus. For each post she appears in, she will demonstrate a fetish, along with its corresponding Japanese tag. This is, essentially, a translation project.

I will continue to add to this list as I find more. If you know some other Pixiv R-18G tags that should be here, let me know and I will have Guroccubus demonstrate :-).

Note, this is NOT to be confused with a request thread. You must provide the Japanese characters as well as its English translation, and it must be something that returns results on Pixiv.

At some point, I may just put all this in a website for easier consumption, but will wait until there are more entries.

So, let's get started...

(Original thread here - https://gurochan.ch/g/res/20504.html) (No longer available)
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In terms of tools, it's been just SAI Paint Tool, mostly. I only ever use photoshop for word bubbles.

The images you see here are done pretty quickly, mainly because they are small, simple, and have the same color palette. For the other works I do, it can still up to a few days work of hours to complete.

Though, in the end, it's not the tools you use, its the skills you learn that helps with speed. You are probably finding yourself taking a long time because you keep finding things that you are not satisfied with. Or, you just have a hard time with a certain body part/proportions, etc. I would suggest, start picking one thing that you dislike about your work. Then practice that part until you see an improvement. Then choose the next thing. Then the next. Don't be too eager to get a finished piece out there. Even a rock band doesn't perform in front of an audience without good practice. So, uuh, to summarize.... Practice. And practice right.
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gore4.png: 511.85 KiB, 1200×1452

Hey if you need art drawn hmu at spicysnail69@gmail.com
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About $30
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About $30
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About $30
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About $30
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Snail do you do furries? or even girls with cat ears?
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snake.jpg: 519.53 KiB, 1357×1920

I don't know why but my old thread is gone.
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Definitely the best artist here IMHO. ^-^
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I wanna say how much I love your stuff every time you post something, but I think half the thread would be me replying.
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未命名-1.jpg: 647.93 KiB, 1280×1600

Thanks. I am really happy that you like my works.

There's no more old sketches to upload therefore there might not be updates on this tread for a while.
Maybe I'll color some of old sketches here if I have time.
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Darn, well I'm looking forward to more things from you in the future.
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datchiko.jpg: 920.13 KiB, 1920×1357

Salute to Dutchiko again.
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avvy.png: 4.44 KiB, 100×100

Sup nerds! So... just deciding that I might as well just get all my snuff / guro in one place. I've had a few people treat Neptune n I like separate people... but thats not the case!

I'm just merging the furry and non-fur accounts into this- hopefully the final transfer, and I know there has been plenty of them x3

If anyone wants to hit me up or check on commission opening, find me here, on Discord! Dot-Matrix #8814
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60885298_p0_master1200.jpg: 335.2 KiB, 755×1000

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60885298_p1_master1200.jpg: 79.79 KiB, 612×810

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fasajflasjflk_23klj.png: 306.56 KiB, 844×998

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1485889702.dot-matrix_sent….png: 869.36 KiB, 1000×969

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com.png: 634.38 KiB, 777×900

a commission
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0.2.jpg: 21.42 KiB, 600×585

Hey, guys. First time posting here, bringing some poor offerings. I've just started trying digital over a years-long rigid loyalty to pen and ink, and turns out it's a lot easier to try out making the fantasies I've looked to others for when they're not on a piece of paper.

Anyway, there are a lot of artists on this board and they're enormously more talented than me, but I'm looking to improve - if anything, guro is good for studying the human form!
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CoCWIP2.jpg: 252.54 KiB, 1000×700

More clash of clans, the game I've never even played.

Barbarians like to keep an enemy barracks standing after a raid if it's producing some archers, so they can blow off some steam.
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winter guard loosely sketc….jpg: 296.4 KiB, 1024×640

If anyone is still here, expect a lot of content from the solidly forgotten Soldier of Fortune II. The best gore in an fps, supposedly, and from what I've played that's absolute true - and one of the mods changes all the enemies to females...

Late night sketch of a snow guard.
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Nice, the PC version of this game is great, I found the console command for spawning some female side character you presumably encounter later in the game (I didn't bother playing it, just fapped to it). I spent hours dropping her into levels full of NPC enemies and letting them gib her
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industrial 1 cropped.jpg: 137.67 KiB, 800×740

Low-effort industrial war scene.
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Great to see some SOF guro art. The first two games were gloriously unrepentant in providing large numbers of nameless female enemies to obliterate.
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doggy_gore_fun.png: 59.43 KiB, 1466×722

turns out my last thread has vanished completely because I didn't touch it in fucking months and I can not for the love of me remember what the last thing I posted in it was!

And I've done a LOT of shit since then.

So I'm gonna pick up from some arbitrary point in my collection of guro

here's some MS-PAINT guro done using the lasso select tool to start things off
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emiko_smol_because_gurocha….jpg: 1.87 MiB, 6400×1580

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holy shit, that actually worked.
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NOMPF_gurochan_edition.jpg: 1.53 MiB, 2580×1989

i tried to attach the second image with >>16157 since I saw that >>16156 posted but that didn't work... hmmm
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sweet stuff!
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YOU'RE sweet stuff >;3
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Sabrina.jpg: 60.51 KiB, 550×768

I´m new to drawing so please be kind. I´m better at writing and those are some of my characters. Sabrina, Miranda and Tina. They are all lesbian as I am. So please no real cocks. Strap ons are okay though. Sabrina and Miranda are in love and Tina is their friend. Be as wicked as you like just in the end a life roasting and the heads on a plaque please.

Feel free to just write or draw them.
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>>15899 You certainly have a right to complain, but he/she can post or do whatever he/she wants as long as the board's rules aren't violated. Now fuck right off :)
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May I make a suggestion on your drawing style? It's not horrible but it could definitely be improved with better use of shading. Your shading is too little/too confined to the edges which gives that flat "paper doll" look. Simply covering a larger area of the drawing with shading will solve that, you can use irl photos as a reference.
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Thanks! I´m new to drawing and just try. I´m working on the above described pictures but it´s taking time :( I´ll try to get better at shadows too.
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So, how it is going?
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Not good :( all drawings I do look bad. I have the picture in my head but it won`t come out. I wish I would be better. But I wont give up! :)
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Cammy.jpg: 724.95 KiB, 2296×3375

First when I update it, it dates 20.08.08! And now it's gone??? The hell is this buggery!!!!!
Admins! plz check the site's clocks and even more PLZ restore my freaking thread!!! I saved it as html at the last moment, so contact me at DA if you need it:D Will be much obliged:D
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You're so good at drawing tracer! More tracer please!!
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Urban Guerillas.jpg: 713.53 KiB, 2109×2910

Some dudes for a change...

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DQxBTP.jpg: 452.9 KiB, 1722×2916

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Really nice. I like it!
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Nice, it's great to see male stuff for a change. I hope you do more.
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bargirls_NET.jpg: 599.41 KiB, 1500×871

Hopefully this one sticks around, I've missed this comforting pink background =p

Just going to post my latest commission :D Though it'll mostly be sketches in this thread :)
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dinnerdreams.jpg: 316.37 KiB, 1341×747

>>15297 aw thanks :) that's not me on the plate, but that is me on the bottom left carrying it XD

Speaking of though, I had a certain dream on christmas eve, just couldn't help but fantasise about being christmas dinner

you might like :)

>>15298 Shantae is an awesome game and awesome character, and that mermaid factory in the new game...feels like one of us inspired it haha. Commissioner tony will be glad you're enjoying the picture! That one turned out super well I think.
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deetrophies.jpg: 1.02 MiB, 1520×1508

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I call dibs on your lower half.
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You are really creative! Incredible thread!
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chickens2.jpg: 83.86 KiB, 512×768

>>16125 Thanks a bunch Eros :)
>>15764 Enjoy!

apologies for the lack of posts recently, just haven't had a chance to draw anything serious (there's a bunch coming though :)) Here's some automated watercolour of a sketch i did a while back.
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comissionInfo.jpg: 328.42 KiB, 1600×1000


Yep! Commissions are now open!

It took me a while to figure out the pricing. I had to factor in taxes + transaction fees + conversion rates... All the ugly stuff :-(.

Just send me an email to get started!

Go to my pixiv gallery to see what I can do:

Also check out my stickied Guide to R-18G:

My old thread is here:
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I remain hopeful that slowing down doesn't mean none!

Best of luck with your vanilla stuff. Honestly, it's probably best you don't tell us what your normal work is since the rest of the world doesn't look too fondly on our tastes and being associated with it might cost you some opportunities. There's a very real possibility of one of us perverts trying to blackmail you into doing more guro stuff.
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Thanks for being a good customer ;)

I want to keep this identity for guro stuff only, so I'm not going to mention too much. Definitely something more story oriented.

I don't actually remember posting too much non-guro content. :-) Thanks!

Agreed. I have to reinvent my style for the normal stuff to make sure I'm not too recognizable. I never thought about the possibility of black-mailing from a fellow guro fan. It's the non-guro SJWs that I'm worried about.

And yes, this doesn't necessarily mean there will be no more guro content from me. I might just pop in now and then.
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Shit i was thinking it will be more like you will just do more normal art not go almost completely "noo-guro" and even changing your persona. :/ I tale you this - if you dont do it for some company then dont cut all your ties with this grotesque stuff or someone WILL blackmail you at some point. Just admit to it and ignore it if you wont do more of it then ppl will ignore the fact.

Still its SHIT news that you will be going. I loved your little series, your Mouse Trap is my all time favorite! I just got hit by such a depression wave after reading this news that i'm super sad now. :( No more mouse girl ass or monster girls murdering the shit out of each others from you... Just thinking about it makes me super sad!

But its your life and you have an amazing talent so i must agree its true it would be a waste if you only made guro content for the few of us enjoying it here. I can only hope that from time to time you will drop us some little gifts.
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One of the best, most consistent artists this site has seen in a good long while. You'll be sorely missed but hope you find success with your new projects!
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ah it's a shame you are leaving us Veiled, it's been a wonderful journey with you, best of luck!
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