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15499 Neptune Estate Neptune Estate Refurbished 12 16-Jan-17 20:03
14066 shitwank PASTEL GURO ? 4 13-Jan-17 09:52
12572 anonomous scat sketcher scat sketchers scatty poo shit art. 134 12-Jan-17 03:22
14750 Anonymous gurofreckles 12 11-Jan-17 12:40
10225 Anonymous loli scat art 183 11-Jan-17 09:53
15145 Fig my doodles 16 11-Jan-17 07:10
15394 Islandface Guy drawing girls pooping and farting and whatever 25 08-Jan-17 15:43
4163 Anonymous Monster Prey 149 07-Jan-17 09:03
11830 Anonymous Superheroines 51 07-Jan-17 09:03
6406 Eva tentacle stuff 81 07-Jan-17 06:47
5074 NicknameHere Very young, huge, evil, harmful and violent futanari mistresses on very young males... mostly. 333 06-Jan-17 22:03
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2104 luffy Luffy's art 95 05-Dec-16 01:13
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13244 Hedgehodge Hedgehodge Monster's Kinda Underwhelming Thread Resurrection 49 02-Dec-16 18:55
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13417 Anonymous Community Project - Disney Princesses 29 23-Nov-16 06:30
14525 Phan If you spend enough time on pivix, you would find 10k+ guro pic 8 19-Nov-16 03:52
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13654 kekito kun mangaka my drawings 3 17-Sep-16 05:41
13612 kekito mangaka back again for comission 3 13-Sep-16 20:29
13611 Zee Zee's art - Dipper guro and various boys 3 13-Sep-16 11:26
11418 Yuno-chan My artwork - Varied themes. 19 10-Sep-16 10:33
13448 Anonymous overwatch girls 10 04-Sep-16 10:52
12510 Tokei porkly 58 03-Sep-16 22:49
10643 LITD Studios My Stuff 13 11-Apr-16 00:24
13174 Anonymous some nipple-games? 1 22-Aug-16 12:50
11143 Missgorehound Guro artstuff [taking commissions alwayssss] 17 20-Aug-16 01:25
923 DanAc Male Meat 59 20-Aug-16 00:27
12500 /u/GuroDood GuroDood here, I take requests sometimes 34 18-Aug-16 04:51
1377 PsychoAiko Aiko's Guro Game 3! 128 16-Aug-16 05:54
12842 Anonymous Formally Twisted Doodles 77 15-Aug-16 22:11
12728 Pooper Guro Artist links. 8 12-Aug-16 15:04


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guroccubus.jpg: 95.31 KiB, 1024×1024

As you may already know, Pixiv has a huge treasure trove of guro content under the R-18G tag. While that's great and all, it is very hard to look for a specific fetish, since... Well, I don't speak Japanese. I've found this problem as well when I want to put tags on my own gallery there.

So I have started this little guide, for fun. And, hopefully, it will help out my fellow people of guro inclination.

<-- Meet, Guroccubus. For each post she appears in, she will demonstrate a fetish, along with its corresponding Japanese tag. This is, essentially, a translation project.

I will continue to add to this list as I find more. If you know some other Pixiv R-18G tags that should be here, let me know and I will have Guroccubus demonstrate :-).

Note, this is NOT to be confused with a request thread. You must provide the Japanese characters as well as its English translation, and it must be something that returns results on Pixiv.

At some point, I may just put all this in a website for easier consumption, but will wait until there are more entries.

So, let's get started...

(Original thread here - https://gurochan.ch/g/res/20504.html) (No longer available)
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I'm Japanese
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Lust Moon extras1.jpg: 236.15 KiB, 1100×1200

Hello, I'm making sketeches, digital paintings and animations which I'd like to share here. i prefer realistic style and range from softcore pinups to bestilaity and guro.

if you like the content check my out tumblr page. if you'd like to me to makes certian picture or simple animation/gif with favourite character let me know by mail or tumblr. animations with voice take a lot time but depending on complexity i could make it for relatively low price.


this pic is work in progress from my first longer animation "Lust Moon". its availibe to download on tumblr in 1080p, about 70 mB. its 3 minutes long (the longer, guro version) and features x-ray, breast lactation and vore.

it took over 100 hours to make, i made it from so many avi and wav files sounds my video editor at end of project was crashing notoriously.

hope u enjoy! :D
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cass gif beat up.gif: 1.86 MiB, 354×480

cassie from MKX pain endurance test

rar with wallpapers and higher res gif;



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gore clean gif1 lr.gif: 814.52 KiB, 330×514

gif from "Lust Moon" extras;
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It's just too bad none of those blows struck her cunt.
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Inica - Beheading-net.png: 1.4 MiB, 1024×1141

I'm a terrible artist but, as you might have gleaned by my trawling in other artists' threads, I'm a passable colourist. In this thread, I'll post other people's pictures I've coloured.

First, a picture from Andlex's pixiv: Inica executed
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Milli - full.png: 1.55 MiB, 1500×1500

Picture was too big
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Sulyana - full.png: 539.2 KiB, 2000×2000

And the last for this batch. I actually forgot to write the long-form of her backstory, but long story short, she wanted to assist her sisters' profession as snuff courtesans, but she felt Paladins are too stuck up and Priests are too physically weak. Luckily, from the Mists of Pandaria come monks who preach mens sana in corpore sano.
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Mother of god, there's so little Warcraft stuff out there, you're a god send! Can't wait for the night elves, keep up the amazing work! ^^
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shantaeguillotineprank.png: 341.64 KiB, 838×1000

Did someone say Poe art that got coloured!
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shantae_and_friends.png: 598.37 KiB, 839×1000

This one was a lot of fun as well. I look forward to finishing the next pic ^_^
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HeadWallSmall.jpg: 462.21 KiB, 1920×1080

Commission work.
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riverEXTRA5.jpg: 495.59 KiB, 1698×2400

Some girls have their heads mounted, some have theirs fucked in both ends (and then some), and some just get tossed. Poor River.
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Wow. River died again :D
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shantaeguillotineprank.png: 1.05 MiB, 2166×2586

She's going to get awfully good at dying at this rate.

Meanwhile, here's an old picture I never colored and never followed up. I need to draw more Shantae.
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She's going to have to get used to it. Speaking of which . . .


. . . lined commission from someone who simultaneously pushes me to my limits and gives me some of the most fun ideas I've had the pleasure of drawing.

Keep on the lookout for a much prettier colored version in Ashgale's thread. Also, shoutout to him for subtly forcing me to clean up my sketchy lines.
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shantae_and_friends.jpg: 447.62 KiB, 1062×1266

File was too large. Once more!
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chuncamm33.jpg: 384.83 KiB, 1526×763

Wheeeee. Won't post hog wild yet incase of initial server instability. Never know when someone will reverse the polarity, don't cha know. Yah betcha! Good to see its back up.
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At about more starwars or Nintendo girls?
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mistydawncombo2.jpg: 143.03 KiB, 869×1178


They'll usually come around. Sabines been in discussion with tvb and I have the first season on dvd just not gotten to it yet (i'm bad at that) and nintendo characters like saria and so on are always on my list (though maybe not for guro, malons a good cowgirl.)

Last nintendo thing I did relevant to this site (did jessie doing pikachu on my tmblr just a bit ago.)
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mistyvore.jpg: 300.35 KiB, 751×864

Idea I had awhile back i decided to do the "after" of. Figure between the cooking and the slow digestion, it'll be a week or so before she starts looking digested. Meanwhile Charizards bouncing around and battling with its stomach full of misty. Idea was it was consensual and the little thing sticking out of her is monitoring the progress via Tracy.
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tomoyoanimated.gif: 596.8 KiB, 836×1027

Blegh wasn't gonna post this, but something for tvb I did animated. Not upgrading it and not an open invitation to ask for lolish stuff. I kinda aged forwards tomo as is ^^:. Figure a few people will have wanted it.
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> Figure a few people will have wanted it.
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khloealiapohcumshower.png: 1.71 MiB, 1080×1920

My old thread died, and then I accidentally opened a new one in /s/ instead. This time I'll get it right.

Anyway, here's Khloe Aliapoh from FFXIV.
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lisetteparasiteweb.png: 500.38 KiB, 692×1000

This took longer than I thought it would.
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colours are amazing just that the inner trypophobe in me is scared of those breasts haha. amazing still.
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angela balzac/hatsune miku/some goth-loli stuff please?
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Would you mind doing anything of Beverly from Mr. Pickles dying? Or Dexter's Mom KIA'd?
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Weissschneehaggard.png: 166.61 KiB, 429×800

Some /f/ material of Weiss Schnee from RWBY.

I am working on something for both of you, but I definitely won't be drawing Beverly true to the style of Mr Pickles, because TBH the whole cartoon looks pretty hideous.
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ebj.gif: 109.93 KiB, 256×256

I always have a thing for willing participants artworks, but I don't really find many of those, or maybe I just don't know where to look. Eitherway I resorted to drawing some myself. sadly I'm bad at art.

This is the latest one I did, started out promising, but end up having to resort to the spray tool for the important frame.
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Love these.
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Love these.
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Does someone have these archived or something? I'd love to see more of them but just in case I dont want them to disappear
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Think you could do one who's tits get cut off?
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Really wish this guy would do more. love these.
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Cammy.jpg: 724.95 KiB, 2296×3375

First when I update it, it dates 20.08.08! And now it's gone??? The hell is this buggery!!!!!
Admins! plz check the site's clocks and even more PLZ restore my freaking thread!!! I saved it as html at the last moment, so contact me at DA if you need it:D Will be much obliged:D
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What was 'Woohee!!!.jpg'
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I'm having a hard time messaging you on pixiv at the moment. I keep getting a little red box that says "You can't submit this comment." Do you have an e-mail address I can reach instead?
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Is it you monstarkook?
If not please use my DA(m00zg.deviantart.com) for contact:) It's quirk of mine to keep my mail under the radar:D
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It is indeed. But then I remembered I had your email from our old conversations so everything worked out.
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No new m0zg stuff? T_T
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medicshot4.jpg: 2 MiB, 1400×2100

Hi there,
To some frequent Gurochanner might remembered me. lol
I'm back!
Let's start fresh again..

If anyone want to commission me, contact me at anguroart@gmail.com
I prefer to draw girls killed in fighting, explosions, torture or something along that. And please don't ask for too much details, I'm not good at it if someone giving too strict directions, I did refunded once and I'm sorry to that person. Truly apologized.

So let's start!
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pelvicthrust.png: 308.6 KiB, 1191×667

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good! veri nice!
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Well done
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morque6.jpg: 1.76 MiB, 4092×2893

a random doodle..
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q120_060.jpg: 447.09 KiB, 1181×1748

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32332022_p0.jpg: 439.4 KiB, 739×860

- All artists welcome!
- Only request once.
- Do not request drawings of real people.
- Be patient, not all requests will be fulfilled, it all comes down to plain dumb luck.
- Take it easy and please be nice to the drawfriends! Remember, they do these for fun.
- Drawfriends, don't hold back, if you like a request someone else already did, feel free to do your own take.

How do I request?
-Put "requesting" or "/r/" on your request
-Provide references and names in one image/post.
-Don't spam or bump your requests.
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1459100507457.jpg: 485.02 KiB, 2760×1640

Sometime ago I saw someone requesting guro of this girl on a preceding drawthread in /req/. However, I know neither her name nor what franchise she's from. Anyone know?
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That's Galileo, from Eiyuu Senki (a game full of major historical people, all of them anime girls).
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Cx9YZ8nXcAAQuzE.jpg large.jpg: 168.55 KiB, 1376×2048

Requesting Orchid from Killer Instinct 2 - fucked from pussy through to her mouth, wide eyed and horrified.
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IMG_2948.JPG: 36.03 KiB, 480×360

Requesting Beverly from Mr Pickles murdered in any way possible. Beheading, gutting, Ass to mouth impalement, ripped apart - you name it.
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textgram_1484322812.png: 483.48 KiB, 1080×1080

Requsting weiss choking ruby and ruby haveing a big smile or weiss beating up ruby and putting her thumb in her eye
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