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sc10.jpg: 229.83 KiB, 1600×1333

Here I will post my first image series.
First picture is from the middle of something like 30 in total.

After quite long delay I made some pictures. I hot to use powerful GPU card for some time, so rendering is almost instant now.
Current series are somewhat related to one of KillerX ancient works when he was under different name because I really liked that girl character. I wonder if anyone will be able to guess them.

Unfortunately needle bulge morphs are insanely hard to do because of deformer problems in daz3d so pictures look somewhat plain.
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You are not far off of what I imagined.
I probably will change that idea a bit to give some action to both tits at once but in general it is interesting.

Also your dialogues are pretty good too.
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Good job on the shota and lolis. Will they break out the knives next, and start "surgery"?
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test1.jpg: 608.37 KiB, 1050×910

Since this actually is transition form one body model to another and I have to decide on poses and locations as well it is taking a bit more time.
But here is preliminary version of what will happen later.

You can post suggestions how to make this look better in terms of what adjustments I should make or what poses, emotions and clothes to use.
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Wow, great.
There is only text missing.
Like from the Boy "The tits are fine, no problem feelable after the injection"

Maybe stuffing the Baseball bat in the pussy before they "examine/fuck" the tits?

And before they stick the cocks into the tits the Girl can ask if the doctor can check the inside of her enlarged breasts with his Special tool?

"Doctor, can you please check the inside of my breasts, they tickle a bit after the enlargement"

"Sure. Nurse! Can you please help me with the other tit?"

And since this is gurochan, my i suggest that they cut of one of the breasts after it to "send it in the lab for further inspection"

There are a lot of good dialoges with it.


Boy: "Could we send one of the tits for further inspection to our lab?"
Girl: "No Problem, is the transport or the cutting expensive?"
Boy: "No, this is without charge, the insurance will cover it"
Girl: "Perfect. You can cut my tit off now"
Boy: "Thanks, this will be a huge step at science" (the Boy removes the tit at this picture)
Girl: "Can i have the tit back after the inspection" (the Boy has the severd tit in his Hands at this picture)
Boy: "Yes, please write your adress on it" (the Boy gives the servered tit back to the Girl at this picture)
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This was just test picture.
He cant just stick his dick into her breast.
Before that, they have to make a hole using knife or something.
My plan was to make it as the game where they skewer each other with various objects until finally if comes to that.

Cutting tits is a bit too early (unless this is just picture unrelated to the story). I have better stuff to do with them than just cutting and throwing away, so that kind of stuff will happen in the end only.

If you want that so much I think black haired girl could lose one of her "nipples" because I also want to do Nanashi style loli breast bondage
and then it will be technically simple to do go further without any loss.

Or I could suspend this story and do something about previous one with maids. which is supposed to be far more gory and more than just tits are going to be cut. (but it will still take some time to get to the gory stuff)
I wonder if anyone recognized my attempt to create 3d version of Mai-chan :)
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EVM.png: 821.32 KiB, 1280×720

Not first go whit SFM.
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>>10787 Dude wb! You were missed!
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Will you do the incest thing mentioned above? Anyways you are great!
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Amazing artwork! Do you think you can release any of the .dmx files for any one of the animations? I am really interested in how you animate
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wonderful art! could u make a 3d video about hanging? l think when girl hanging and poop herself is a very interesting things
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Is there more of your DOA stuff coming at some point? That stuff was out of this world
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20170107163904556.jpg: 1.01 MiB, 1920×1080

Is here anyone using Illusion's software? This is quite useful.
I'm just decided to upload my works to here and Pixiv.

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Oh my god!

Can you do more with the gas mask girls? More strangling, more intimate deaths, more suffering from them?

Some of the best uniforms and action I've seen! Good work!
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Please make a story comic involving this picture
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ANY chance you an make these into animations?
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AngleA.jpg: 48.4 KiB, 1920×1080

Seems the old thread has stopped bumping again, guessing something to do with the recent downtime.

First Thread: https://www.gurochan.ch/3dcg/res/1931.html
Second Thread: https://www.gurochan.ch/3dcg/res/5180.html

Sonya Split

Angle A:https://my.mixtape.moe/fbwfdi.webm
Angle B:https://my.mixtape.moe/mqgktt.webm
Angle C:https://my.mixtape.moe/cggvxf.webm
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And something like Feral Feast >>8034 would be 10 out of 10. I'm counting on you OP!
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can i know where did you get the models of aether foundation please?
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Missing headless fucks so much
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i was hoping see cynthia there, next time will be :p
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maxresdefault.jpg: 83.99 KiB, 1280×720


I got a suggestion.How about a scene where after MKX Johnny Cage does his "Here's Johnny" fatality on a female character,then fucks the hole.

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2017-03-27_183133.png: 1.16 MiB, 920×559

QUOOM.COM SITERIP / Rip QUOOM.COM site Author : QUOOM.COM Translator : no publisher's website : quoom.com distribution Type : Comix Censorship : No Genre : 3DCG, Guro, Group, BDSM , Torture Language : English Resolution pages : 652x652 Number pages : 2293 Format : JPG Description : Rip QUOOM.COM site. In the times of the Holy Inquisition mankind many terrible weapons have been invented for the torture and execution. Among them are "The chair of the Witch", "interrogation chair", "Brazier", "Faceted count", "Dyba" and "Press limbs." Today you'll see them in action. The young girl's body will be subjected to the severest test, and it does not matter, princess or an ordinary girl maid - salvation will not be anyone! Prepare to immerse yourself in the incredible world of 3D inhuman fantasies! In reality, you will not see this ever
download file


24 Hours-1 24 Hours-2 Bride Captured Assassin Celtic Princess Doomed Emperor's Revenge Enemies of Rome-1 Enemies of Rome-2 Enemies of Rome-3 Enemies of Rome-4 Enemies of Rome-5 Enemies of Rome-6 Fallen Patrician Fate of spy a Goyas Ghosts Guerilla Girl House is of Spirits Iciny Queen Inquisition the Jedi Bastila

QUOOM.COM SITERIP part2 / Rip site QUOOM.COM Part 2 Author : QUOOM.COM publisher's website : QUOOM.COM distribution Type : Comix Censorship : No Genre : 3DCG, Guro, Group, BDSM , Tortue Language : English Resolution pages : 652x652 Pages : 2665Format : JPG Description : Rip QUOOM.COM site. In the times of the Holy Inquisition mankind many terrible weapons have been invented for the torture and execution. Among them are "The chair of the Witch", "interrogation chair", "Brazier", "Faceted count", "Dyba" and "Press limbs." Today you'll see them in action. The young girl's body will be subjected to the severest test, and it does not matter, princess or an ordinary girl maid - salvation will not be anyone! Prepare to immerse yourself in the incredible world of 3D inhuman fantasies! In reality, you will not see this ever

download file

Jolanda's Ordeal
L…Post truncated. View full.
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is this link safe? I hope so because this looks awesome
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just tested, link seems to be safe.
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The link is 100/100 security
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Screen shot 2017-03-28 at ….png: 60.8 KiB, 761×280

..safe except for the forced malware download.. yeah, except for that
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The reason is popup ads
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001.jpg: 1.37 MiB, 1920×1080

Hey everyone! I'm Sapik... I've been doing some 3d porn for a year or so, but a little more vanilla, with another nickname... But recently I've found this site and well, I have a sick mind... hehe...
So, This is my first attempt for gore and I must say I'm not good enough in drawing for blood effects in post-production... And with Daz, the only way to do fluids is with meshes, and I think is not good enough for my standards... So, I'll do my best, hope you'll understand... And enjoy...
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Thank you for your comments! And sorry for the delay! Between my actual real job, some family issues and an upcoming move, I couldn't find time to work in this!! No interest lost! Just no time... I'll be posting more pictures, I'll promise!! Sorry again...
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Fans can be so demanding...
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Sapik, you are a great artist! This is a great work, with great attention to detail. Continue, please, no rush to want to conclude too early this exciting story. Little Ellie must try everything and loyal Igor will surely break her virgin pussy and totally devastate the small butt
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No problem, we here at gurochan have no problem with waiting.
Good art deserves time and please do not rush anything. Make it at your own pace.
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I am afraid that Sapik enjoy more torturing us, with a grueling wait, rather than the beautiful little slut :-)
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1333317 - Asari Ashley_Wil….png: 1.84 MiB, 1920×1080

I'm back
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alice 1.jpg: 428.17 KiB, 1920×1080

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morigan.jpg: 1.06 MiB, 1920×1080

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hawt.jpg: 702.88 KiB, 1920×1080

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hope.jpg: 647.92 KiB, 1920×1080

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Nice. :D
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shot0001.jpg: 148.09 KiB, 1280×720

I'm wondering why there isn't more of mmd stuff around...

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How about a video for Kagamine Rin?
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15813150.jpg: 725.95 KiB, 1264×1040

Made. With yellow quick hanging. When the body falls. Long hanging when the rope is pulled. I'll try to do it with red. ^ ^


File Name: Y-GR(2in1).rar File size: 26.7 MB
Warning: Adults only.

It is on the waiting list. 50/50 probability of success.

I wish that one remained alive.

Maybe later. ^ ^
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little rigid, but so these is good stuff
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I love your art

Also I think I will leave this here...


A discord board of mine and I would.be delighted if you join us as we are fast growing
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Ripped Test 021.jpg: 563.37 KiB, 1080×1920

After some thoughts i decided to repost some of my stuff at GUROchan again. I'll start with my oldest renders and getting up to date over time.

No going to post full set here, only samples or mini sets. My full sets can be found at http://depravityrepository.org/forums/ & https://exhentai.org/ . Just search for Garethan and they should pop up

The picture here is showing a newer piece. Since there are no ripped apart body pieces for DAZ Studio I'm creating one for my own use. With my limited knowledge it takes time but am happy with the outcome so far.

Hope ya all enjoy them. More coming up the next few days.
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he... noone else but anonymous leaving comments .... now thats bad for a chan :-).

Ah, anyway

I found it difficult to find your stuff elsewehere, despite your hints. And I prefer process over massive gore - instead of seeing a bloodsoaked staff in the end only, I would prefer seeing the girl to take that staff in in a few progressing images.

But still - The Village is one of your best works. The gathering(s) while imaginative - are just too absurdly gorish in most parts, and Sold Down has similar problem. I also can't quite fathom those seas of cum, evn thoough I understand they are part of genre sujets.

Anyway - your work is some of the best around, and thanks for posting.
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Hello Garethan. Your latest set is... I can't even find words to describe the raging erection I had when I saw all the pictures over at depravity repository. The background and characters are rendered in way better detail and the lighting is spot on - a definitive improvement since your first works. Thank you again for posting these here too, otherwise I wouldn't have known you're still rendering.

Also, if I may ask...will you upload the last whole set on exhentai or anywhere else?
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Your are one of the best 3D guro artist for me. Your work is awsome anyway. The actually set is like a "wonderbag" for me. I'dont know what will happen to the next girl in the next time. Hope for the cruelsomest way to kill her. I esspecially waiting for the drow on the right site. Hope for belly-cutting. The bucket below her is waiting for a bunch of drow-insides. Maybe all will come out until she is completly empty :D
So she will have some space for her head or maybe the limbs of one of her girlie friends?
Whatever: Sad for her, good for us!

Keep on working Garethan :)
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well i love your work, even though i don't have much to say ^_^;;
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I hope you still read here?

>>10634 np. Hope ya enjoy the rest as well.
Yes, they are great!

>First one done. The snuffing of the ladies turned bigger than I anticipated so gonna post each one seperately. Hope ya enjoy the little texts I put in between.

[from depravityrepository]

Thanks for posting them when they are ready and not waiting for the full set to complete!
And yes, I like the text as well. 😋
Some text might be redundant but you give good hints for details. E.g. I like "Behind him Ama'hal's daughter hadn't even noticed the demise of her mother, to busy enjoying the rough fucking she received." or "Three bitches dead and two by their own weapon. Maybe I should keep that up, its fun killing them with their own weapon, the slave thought."
Just great fun!

> And am still looking for a guide how to merge pictures under Photoshop CS6. Anyone knowing a good guide?

[from depravityrepository]

Sorry. Don't know it it helps, I'm using ImageMagick for this. It's free to use (OpenSource).

> And with no one else leaveing comments, criticism or opinions i don't bother here anymore.

If you REALLY want criticism... Well, I think you might try to improve the leaking cum from the elfs pussies.
It doesn't look like fluid for me. At first I thought they still had some sort of stick left inside...
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mercy3.jpeg: 1.18 MiB, 1920×1080

I've been dabbling in SFM for over a year now, but decided to turn my hand to snuff! Commission from anonymous. Enjoy ( '-')
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Witcher succubus getting used for target practice.

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