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SFM Animations and Scraps: The Fourth
Third thread reached it's bump limit, time for a fourth thread.

-First Thread: https://www.gurochan.ch/3dcg/res/1931.html
-Second Thread: https://www.gurochan.ch/3dcg/res/5180.html
-Third Thread: https://www.gurochan.ch/3dcg/res/8840.html

Tavern Trouble

Far in the wilderness of the riverlands lies a quaint little settlement. Far from the troubles of war in the nearby country, the settlers hoped to live in peace in the rural lands. However, the village was preyed upon by a tribe of lizardmen a few years after it's construction. The beastfolk mostly caused minor trouble with the townsfolk but as time went on they became far more dangerous. Petty theft of food escalated to theft of gold, weapons, and armor, until eventually villagers went missing. With most of the settlers too invested in their new home or simply incapable of building elsewhere, they found themselves in a difficult situation. Unable to fend off the lizardmen themselves, the town invested enough funds to place a bounty for anyone capable of protecting the town from the invaders. Mercenaries began traveling to the town, the well armed and experienced adventurers stayed in town as each group planned how they would wipe out the village. Most were there just to take advantage of the isolated town's desperation, drinking ale and sleeping in inns for free. Their presence in the village alone deterred the lizardmen from raiding the town for several days, so it was a small price the townsfolk were willing to pay.
One such adventurer attracted to the promise of gold was a lone adventurer from the south. A curvy and tall woman, even the other beautiful wenches and visiting mercs paled in comparison. The gawking eyes of the village could all but see the confidence radiating from her skin exposed by her slutty outfit. Many parties residing in the town offered her a place in their group, many of which were simply men desperate to earn her favor. She denied them all, spending her nights boasting of her past feats of valor and how she would slaughter the invaders herself. The residents and visitors wondered how someone with such little armor could ever expect to fend off the tribal beastmen.
The night before the adventurer planned her attack on the village, she heard a woman scream for help in one of the outskirt cottages. Rushing to the rescue, the cottage's doors and windows were barred shut, the screaming continuing inside. The screams turned into pleas of mercy before going silent. Unable to break the door down herself, two other mercs came and helped finally break down the door. The adventurer and mercs rushed inside with their sword drawn. The cottage was completely silent. The adventurer decided to search the upstairs while the other two would search downstairs. Despite finding signs of a struggle and a large spray of blood, there was no corpse. More importantly, there was no attacker inside. She suddenly heard the door slam downstairs, and two short cries before the slicing of a blade silenced them. The adventurer rushed downstairs to find the two mercs dead. One had her throat slit open and was slumped against the wall, the other with her breastplate torn open and a puncture over her heart. The adventurer tried to stay calm, holding her blade in a defensive stance as she searched the room. She didn't think to look up.
The lizardman leaped from the wooden ceiling and tackled the busty adventurer, knocking the air out from her lungs. As she wheezed in pain and tried to regain her footing, a swipe of the beastman's tail launched her and her blade towards the fireplace. Landing backside up on two barrels near the fireplace, the adventurer found herself too weak to move. Just as she began to catch her breath and started to lift herself from the barrels. She felt the beast leap behind her onto the barrel and plunge her own blade through her shoulder. The blade pierced through between her soft breasts, blood splattering across her pale skin. The beast didn't even wait for her final breath to take advantage of her, ripping the thin strip of cloth that covered her crotch aside and thrusting it's long cock inside. Overwhelmed with pain and shock, the adventurer lied helplessly as the invader defiled her. As blood trickled down her blade to the floor and her breath grew weak, the beast twisted the blade which sliced her heart. She gave one final weak and painful gasp before finally the whore was put out of her misery.
The door once again barred and out of earshot of any other villagers, the murderous lizardman used his new cumdump hours into the night, the pale vixen's corpse soaked head to toe in it's spunk. Once the sun began to rise and it finally seemed satisfied with it's kill, the beastman carried the corpses through the hole in the roof it clawed open earlier that night, taking it's prizes back to share with the camp.

Angle A: https://my.mixtape.moe/twkewm.webm
Angle B: https://my.mixtape.moe/nnwrkw.webm
Angle C: https://my.mixtape.moe/kfyajm.webm

Download: https://mega.nz/#!Z9AwDQ7b!jQUFvnZvYQu4Zy2SncP5Dc3khgTFAZVdWyWTxKgnJEw
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Requesting a part 2 of the animation OP did with Meryl from MGS with a few goons having fun with her corpse after she got snuffed. Mouth, pussy, ass, hole in her head, dicks wherever they can fit! Maybe ones in her nipples too since her tits are probably big enough to fit a cock inside?
Any chance to get something new/old in VR?
If it comes to me - it can be just fixed angles to watch it in 3D.
Hey, since we are killing off waifus, could you make one about haruka from senran kagura getting earfucked from both sides and dripping out cum, like the valentine and rosalina earfucks? I think there is a SFM model out there. Nice work as always!
My first series
Here I will post my first image series.
First picture is from the middle of something like 30 in total.

After quite long delay I made some pictures. I hot to use powerful GPU card for some time, so rendering is almost instant now.
Current series are somewhat related to one of KillerX ancient works when he was under different name because I really liked that girl character. I wonder if anyone will be able to guess them.

Unfortunately needle bulge morphs are insanely hard to do because of deformer problems in daz3d so pictures look somewhat plain.
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I changed lighting setup a bit so not rendering is considerably faster

Now it is time for this girl to take her revenge :)
The Initiation
To join the Secret Society of Maidens the initiate must kill a male in a knife fight. Darina was created and ready for the story.
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Killing children (reloaded)
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That's actually one of the reasons I like cunt shots. I also like the idea of a girl being shot there, but surviving. Just because of the scar it would leave.
Though I'm not into this, your art would probably look a lot better without the shitty filter.
Crazy Rich Guy
His parents died in a plane crash and left him with a fortune and nothing to do. He had set up to move to Argentina, hoping the teenagers would come back before he left.
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I remember during WWII when my father was an air raid warden, we were supposed to keep a used bathtub in the garage in case there was a death from bombing in the neighborhood. The body was to be place in the water until picked up. We only had one air raid, February 25, 1942, search lights, anti-aircraft guns and everything. They didn't shoot it down and it flew on south toward orange county.
I hope the bath oils I put in will keep them from getting wrinkly. I'll be ready for them again by the time I get back.
My 3D Pics
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After the predators filled their bellies for another night, she has lost her allure even to them.
During the next four weeks there will be few or even no posts from me. But those of you who like my stuff, don't worry, I will be back after that.
Index (Links) To Early's Stories and Postings
I will index my series and stories here where you can follow the link, like >>????
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An excellent idea. Thanks!
The initiation for a girl to join a secret sorority is to kill a boy in a knife fight. The high school boy chosen, Alexi, had raped one of the members the week before. Both were scared. Anything could happen.

3D Hanging thread
Didnt see any general hanged girls thread in the catalog of 3d so might as well make one.

Here, a treat of videos I found from the web. 6 women being hanged by the gallows, the quality of the animation is better than what you usually get with amateurs who dont have motion capture tech of their own.

If anyone knows the artist on these and where one can find part 5 would do a huge favor!




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The Tragic side of Funnybizness
I guess I will be posting my creations on the 3dCG board from now on. I will be showcasing all of my projects and even have little stories consisting of Guro, Ryona, Necro, Lolis, Shotas, basicallyu everything a pervert would want lmao!

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Someone else just told me the same thing. I saw Pestilencesfm was "under review" so I'm going to have to see if there's another way for my to receive contributions since we all love what we do and have bills to pay lol
Okay its as I thought...I think mine is still up bc I never post my stuff directly on Patreon. I'm safe bc share it elsewhere :)
Do you have a animation simular to this picture?;fileindex=36038021;xres=org/13_singokubuto_18b.jpg
GI's Executed
They were on a good will mission. After surrendering, they assumed there would be a negotiated release the next week. Something went wrong.
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This is just the beginning. Wait until hundreds of men and boys have access to her body in the town square.
There will be no sheets laid over these bodies to hide their nudity. Nor will a strike be made to recover the bodies. The President ordered the affair closed and any publicity to it scrubbed.
Truck will be parked in the town square, where they will be left on display with six other of their comrades from the failed mission for three days. Is this the way you would want you son or daughter by be killed, somewhere in a country whose name you cannot pronounce?

eyeteeth's doomed heroines
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yes i am still making Lara Chang, i don't have a comic for her in my queue but it will be her turn again sometime soon :D

as for commissions i have not performed very well on the last few so i am taking a commission hiatus, i have too many of my own projects to work on atm!
Sarah & Clementine loli 3d
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This is the end of this scene.
The same client asked to see her die with a shotgun to the head, the scene just basically branches out into this after he cums on her face. I'm not going to upload the whole scene ;) but here's a teaser.

Contact me for commissions or set purchases at residentryona@yahoo.com
Hint: He cums on her naked violated body with her just lying there on the ground with her head blown off.
The Artwork of Kathyrne
Hey Everyone,

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of Kathyrne but I figured I'd throw up a thread for her! She's the artist behind many busty heroines and their brutal demises. I'm gonna add some of her old work that I've saved here and there, feel free to do the same!

She actually just setup shop on Patreon so if you like what you see here consider supporting her there! She'll be posting almost daily
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SFM Animations and Scraps; The Third Thread
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it might be the browser your using. If you let it load it works fine:)
Yea I think that did the trick, Just switched to Chrome and let it load
Kind of a pain in the ass however
Might also be too many things on your computer, computer age, ping/broadcast for server making difficulty load so check those too:)
Early's World
From now on this will be my main posting site. Most of the images will come with a story.
I'll start with an Indian raid on a Great Plains family farm or homestead.

It is early morning and the boys are returning to the cabin for breakfast after tending to the animals in the barn. There is the swish of arrows and loud thuds as they hit the targets.
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We finished our shower and dressed. Richard was waiting for us in one of the chairs. Mr. Wilson went upstairs to shower and dress. He has an appointment in Beverly Hills. He wanted me to share what he thinks you need to do, now. Now that you know how to have fun.

“A month ago, I was sitting where you are having experienced the play dead game myself. My dead partner wasn't someone I would have chose myself, but still, I experienced the joy of being messed with and not being able to do anything about it. You face a problem. You want to do this again with each other, even actively. This is called homosexuality. You would be tagged as gay. But, you really aren't gay. It is just exciting to share your young fresh body with another. If you were still doing this at forty that would be another story. We can add girls to what we are doing here. You talk about soft and smooth and having a place to put your dick that is warm and wet... Anyway, Mr. Wilson's point to you is to enjoy this experience while your bodies are young and fresh and maturing into handsome men.

“Your problem now is, where can you find a place to do this for an hour or two or even adding more people to the event? Your can't. So he is offering you his basement to use. You ask. He will make the arrangements and even add a different twist to the games. Videos and photos will be taken, but they are a part of his private collection only. As you can see, he doesn't need the money by selling them. So, you have the phone number and email address. Would you want to discuss doing this next Wednesday at the same time?” 

I looked at Roy and said grinning, “How about tomorrow?”

They both laughed. “We could,” Richard said, “but trust me, it is more fun when you build up a strong desire to do it again. A desire that builds on you and drives you nuts so that you can hardly stand the waiting.”

“That's fine with me.” I said. “Sure.” Roy replied.

“You two don't even know each other and you are the best of friends, but no sexual contact until it is organized for next week. Agreed?”

We both nodded. “Okay, we'll see you next week. Park you cars in the garage in back and come on down yourselves. Mr. Wilson will be talking to you early next week, but you call him. No parents answering the phone to a strange man asking for their kids.

We shared phone numbers and email as we left. We hugged again and left in our cars.
Onix, good question. Hmm....yes, it is. And it is the only story that is a whole story with a full text. The others have stories, but with brief comments or story line and mostly text on the image. I had them coming back for their second session, but couldn't figure out what to do with them except kill them...lol.
Oh, there is another where they live, The Art of Playing Dead. It is the story of a baby sitter who encourages four kids to play naked with each other. Two boys and two girls.