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6899 poser amateur short drowning 13 13-Jan-17 17:43
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7682 Anonymous Lara Croft Scat 10 10-Jan-17 16:39
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370 Anonymous Beheaded 43 05-Jan-17 01:40
6641 rediculo Self mutilation 24 02-Jan-17 15:48
8827 Pussy Destroyer Futa Genital Mutilation 1 02-Jan-17 01:42
43 Anonymous Penectomy and Castration 122 02-Jan-17 01:33
3888 Anonymous Keeper stuff 109 01-Jan-17 16:06
5180 OP SFM Animations and Scraps Continued 807 04-Jan-17 07:58
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3248 Anonymous Can It Be Done? 3 30-Dec-15 19:17
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sc10.jpg: 229.83 KiB, 1600×1333

Here I will post my first image series.
First picture is from the middle of something like 30 in total.

After quite long delay I made some pictures. I hot to use powerful GPU card for some time, so rendering is almost instant now.
Current series are somewhat related to one of KillerX ancient works when he was under different name because I really liked that girl character. I wonder if anyone will be able to guess them.

Unfortunately needle bulge morphs are insanely hard to do because of deformer problems in daz3d so pictures look somewhat plain.
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Any chance of a debreasting or cunt mutilation?
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Any chance of a debreasting or cunt mutilation?
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In fact yes , but no "cunt mutilation"
I am just thinking how to make it happy ending after all that ;)
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Why such gory bloodthirsty kind of stuff? I remember once seeing very good 3D series involving much simpler and imaginabler scenario's like humiliating a girl by stripping her naked in public to be punished, spanked, for all I care whipped. Cutting into breastmeat and other such gory stuff is for me at least an erection-killer.... Am I the only one to feel this? Does anyone have some really erotic things involving n/c stripping and sexual punishments of a 3D girl character like the one this thread started with (or younger)?
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Hmm why are you complaining here?
Also there is not even anything gory posted yet LOL
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sandi0000.jpg: 195.77 KiB, 1224×942

Wayfarer is one of my favorites. Can we share some of his work?
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Guro != gore. Oversize insertions isn't /g/ material, but fine for /f/. So if you don't want 3D on /f/, it goes here.
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Has anyone seen the Girls Whited set? Anyone want to share it?
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>nigger shit
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This is fantastic stuff man! please dont listen to sad bitter people and keep posting :)
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Chest Burster.png: 1.29 MiB, 1024×1024

This thread is for chest bursters or weird alien deaths
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1333317 - Asari Ashley_Wil….png: 1.84 MiB, 1920×1080

I'm back
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strange.jpg: 605.56 KiB, 1920×1080

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deader.jpg: 918.65 KiB, 1920×1080

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guro.jpg: 871.79 KiB, 1920×1080

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20170107163904556.jpg: 1.01 MiB, 1920×1080

Is here anyone using Illusion's software? This is quite useful.
I'm just decided to upload my works to here and Pixiv.

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absolutely fucking amazing work!

im curious though, how did the last girl die? or did she?
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Unfortunately, that thing is impossible with this software so I can't do that even if I want to.

She was dead by deepthroat asphyxiation. Is that scene looks strange? If so, I will portray that situation another way in next time.
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So is this without mods? or do you edit in the effects after?
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Blood and squirting effects are made by graphic tool. Some of clothings are from clothing mods.
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AngleA.jpg: 48.4 KiB, 1920×1080

Seems the old thread has stopped bumping again, guessing something to do with the recent downtime.

First Thread: https://www.gurochan.ch/3dcg/res/1931.html
Second Thread: https://www.gurochan.ch/3dcg/res/5180.html

Sonya Split

Angle A:https://my.mixtape.moe/fbwfdi.webm
Angle B:https://my.mixtape.moe/mqgktt.webm
Angle C:https://my.mixtape.moe/cggvxf.webm
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What's the point in victim POV?

You just won't see anything just a shaking camera facing a wall,the sky or the ugly killer that will turn you off

I'd rather let OP work on more projects rather than letting him waste time on a bad feature.
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It's not my thing either, but victim POV would for those who want to imagine them selves as the victim, it would be for subs who are into guro and snuff
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More beheading would be very good!
Your stuff is great, btw.
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This was by far the best one I've seen of yours, great job

I'd love to see some more Juri too everything about that model is great, a longer "Ryona" session before the end or maybe just some sex acts before the end as well would be amazing
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This, we need a D.VA decapitated blowjob
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sssfexsweeedl.png: 1.27 MiB, 887×887

request it
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auhsduhfushfd.jpg: 1.58 MiB, 1920×1440

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hy my life
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22.jpg: 1.32 MiB, 1600×1280

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Now it's getting interesting.
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scene 1 intro.jpg: 539.18 KiB, 1024×1536

Been making an XNALara choose your own adventure thing on the side for a while. Figured I'd finally post it here! Hope you enjoy!
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Thank you! This is amazingly hot! I especially loved Kasumi being popped. Excellent stuff! :-D
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Awesome stuff, do you do requests?
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Glad you guys like it!

Go ahead and post the request. No promises, but if I like it I'll make it :)
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Great work! Love it. Need more please.
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I was wondering if you would be willing to do something with Palutena from Kid Icarus. Scenario can be something like a group of female adventurers enlist/summon the Goddess Palutena to help them, and she tries her best to protect them. I would love to see her be beaten/dominated, something either with a necksnap or choking her out with a blowjob.
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Ripped Test 021.jpg: 563.37 KiB, 1080×1920

After some thoughts i decided to repost some of my stuff at GUROchan again. I'll start with my oldest renders and getting up to date over time.

No going to post full set here, only samples or mini sets. My full sets can be found at http://depravityrepository.org/forums/ & https://exhentai.org/ . Just search for Garethan and they should pop up

The picture here is showing a newer piece. Since there are no ripped apart body pieces for DAZ Studio I'm creating one for my own use. With my limited knowledge it takes time but am happy with the outcome so far.

Hope ya all enjoy them. More coming up the next few days.
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Pls. younger little tits girl
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Re: Female Victory
Would you consider one where the females *want* to be murder-fucked and torn into pieces and enjoy it? Consensual snuff is super hot ^_^
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Sorry, not gonna happen. Loli isn't my thing and i will never use models which people could mistake for minors.

Sorry, can't warp my mind around the concept that someone want to be butchered. The non-concensual is kind of essential for me to work.
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The Village - Entrance -10….jpg: 277.73 KiB, 1000×578

Not all human villages are good to spend the night. Those drow's and elfin's learn it the hard way.
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holy fuck, that elf on the far left is just in the hottest pose with her legs up like that. hell yeah :D
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Gym Tales FPZ3D-0-0.jpg: 62.83 KiB, 1200×675

Like title said: no trading offers, just friendly posts of free sharing

Story: Gym Tales
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gn088.jpg: 168.19 KiB, 1920×1080

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would love to see more!
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would love to see more!
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Excellent work, I love the fights f/f of it artist.
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Amazing thank you very much for the share.
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